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The kundalini has a very powerful effect on the human organism. whole and complete while maintaining our day-to-day responsibilities. Kundalini Yoga is a sacred technology that is greatly needed at the present time. It is direct, powerful and simple.

The Kundalini power can only be known by Master Yogins, but some times even ordinary Yogins can see it, however not as clearly, as long as the inner eye is not open. When the Yogin has opened the inner eye, then he sees the different Chakras and the energy of the Kundalini, which is Life of Life, and Light of Lights.

The universe is just a great thought in the mind of God. If God just stops His dreaming, the universe will dissolve immediately into God.

For a dreaming man the dream appears to be a total reality. The dreaming man forgets everything of this awakened universe and even the existence of his physical body in this world. Man has the power to dream and create his own dream universe. Similarly this universe is simply a great dream of God and the creatures are just active images or puppets in His Universal Dream.

Maya is different from an illusion or delusion. Maya cannot be removed by our human intellect and without the grace of God. Maya is the power of God, which creates an illusions and delusions, to separate the creation from the creator.

Our eyes can see but cannot talk or hear. Our tongue can talk but cannot see or hear. Similarly our ears can hear, but cannot talk or see. One sense organ cannot do the work of the other organ. The God and the Divine can be grasped only by awakening of Kundalini through devotion and true sadhana. Love and devotion unites us with God, but Maya separates us from God. Maya completely vanishes only when Kundalini Shakti arises and meets the Lord Shiva sitting in Sahasrara (thousand petalled) Chakra at top of the skull.

All the modem Psychologists like Freud Sigmund, Jung C.G. and others devoted their life to study only the human behavior, conscious, subconscious, unconscious mind and sex instincts etc, which all are under Maya. These Psychologists can be considered simply as Behaviorologists but not as yogis.

They were not at all concerned to seek God. To understand the ultimate cause, realm of Soul, Spirit and Mind is beyond the comprehension of these so-called Psychologists of today. Their theories are childish, far from truth and create hindrances in the path of yoga. No man can realize God, Spirit, Soul and Mind, unless he loves and seek God, day and night, and follows the path of yoga.

So for an aspirant, who wants to realize God, it is better for him to avoid the study of the subjects like psychology, which may adulterate his mind. Otherwise it will be difficult for him to wash away the misconceptions created by these subjects.

For an aspirant a clean slate like peaceful mind without any thought is better than a mind full of billions of unwanted thoughts and worldly learning. I advise to read only the Scriptures and the literature of the saints, saviors and those who have really devoted their life in the pursuit of God. Ignore the literature and the ideas of worldly people unconcerned to God.

Remember a yogi wants to achieve everything in the universe by renouncing petty little things, but a bhogi (worldly man) is satisfied with the little petty worldly things and renouncing God who is the giver of everything. So a bhogif_21 sacrifices everything in lieu of petty things is more renounced person than a yogi. Is it not so? Remember: “Our proud of little learning and sallow knowledge is our biggest enemy and a dangerous virus to learn more and to know the absolute reality of the universe. Through the science whatever we have learnt or learning is only about the creation. It is just a glimpse of the dream of God, which provides us a little information. The whole universe and all the creatures are the images or puppets on a 4-dimentional screen of space and time, projected by a universal stereoscopic holographic hidden projector in the mind of God. Due to Maya, we are misinterpreting the dream images as the reality, which is false.”

Kundalini means circular coil like that of ‘serpent’. That is why the word `serpent’ is associated with it. A serpent is powerful with its fangs and poison. Those who know, how to tame serpent power, can tame the serpent. The Serpents live hidden inside earth and behind bushes under the ground. Kundalini is latent and dormant vital force in human body, resides at Muladhara. When aroused it pierces various chakras and unites with Lord Shiva in Sahasrara which leads to self-realization. Kundalini does not belong to our physical, astral or mental plane and cannot be found there by the doctors, scientists and psychologists. Kundalini belongs to a still higher causal plane, which is beyond the concept of matter, time and space.

When the Kundalini sleeps, its static power sustains the world consciousness. But when it is awakened the yogi loses all consciousness of the world. He enters into causal world and passes into the formless universal consciousness. Yogi loses his physical body consciousness and enters into his causal body. When the Kundalini wakes up the yogi apparently sleeps for the world and loses his body consciousness. He goes to Samadhi state, which reveals the secrets of spiritual forces and God.


As all the six chakras are cleansed, the Kundalini energy will rise and reach the thousand-petal lotus or the Sahasrara chakra. Located at the top of the head, when the Kundalini energy reaches the crown chakra, you attain complete realization of the Truth or the Higher Power or the Universe, whatever name you may call it.

The ego dies here, and you are merged with the wholeness of the universe. This is the experience called Samadhi, or enlightenment. Your perception about life and the universe changes entirely.

With the opening of certain dormant brain centers, some more clearing of the subtle body occurs here. People often experience sensations such as crawling, burning, itching, tingling, and vibrating. Some people report feeling a mild sensation of someone drilling in their head. The only way to move out of these sensations is to detach yourself and have full faith in the process.

The kundalini has a very powerful effect on the human organism. whole and complete while maintaining our day-to-day responsibilities. Kundalini Yoga is a sacred technology that is greatly needed at the present time. It is direct, powerful and simple.

It is important to understand that Kundalini Yoga is concerned with preparing the body for the kundalini energy to rise up through the Sushmana (the energetic spinal column). The scientific aspect of Kundalini Yoga is designed to provide you with the experience of your highest consciousness through the raising of your kundalini. Kundalini is your latent spiritu-al potential. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, this psychic nerve centre is awakened; its revelation is the release of your true potential. For this energy to awaken safely, body and mind need to be strong and able to deal with this very powerful change in consciousness.

Meditation is also a very important part of the practice. This allows the body and mind to process the journey of the kriya. The energy has travelled along a certain pathway, awakening, dispelling and moving your energetic bodies. The meditation process is a lesson in inner awareness. Sometimes the meditation will have a breathing technique to enable the mind to quieten as you turn inwards into the realm of feelings and emotions. When this happens you will be able to observe your thoughts as they come and go. This is the start of the practice known as ‘becoming the watcher. it is through this method that you become master of the mind.

The real inner heat gained through concentration melts the kun-dalini in the central channel, and this produces bliss, which is then used to understand nonduality. The unified bliss and wisdom of non-duality consumes superstitions and ego conflicts. We do not have bamboo, pine, or olive trees to burn as our inner fuel, but we do have plenty of ego garbage and superstitions. The main function of inner fire is to burn all our delusions and superstitions and allow a non-superstitious, simultaneously born great blissful wisdom to grow. All nonconducive energy is burned by the inner fire, and only the useful energy remains. Our meditation causes tremendous energy to be absorbed into the central channel, which automatically draws in all the garbage from the other channels. Upon entering the central chan-nel, this negative energy is transformed and perfected so that it can no longer harm you.

When there is a moderate to strong spin of energy at the crown chakra, a person feels spiritually connected. This person will know how to meditate deeply and will have a sense of peace.

At this level they have overcome the force of gravity and can be light as a feather says ancient texts: Low vibration makes the body heavy and higher frequencies makes the body less attached to the force oif gravity and desne matter. In a low vibrational state the body can´t levitate, but that is possible at the highest vibrational frequencies because the bound to gravity and matter is broken. Gravity can be broken through medittaion/yoga practice.

The unbalanced and blocked state of the Crown Chakra is characterised by a sense of intense earthly gravity, resistance to the spiritual realm and fear of self-dissolution. This state of imbalance is first and foremost caused by a lower Chakras imbalance -when lower Chakras have still not awakened to their spiritual aspects and potential. When the lower Chakras, especially the three lower ones, draw all one’s attention to psychological and worldly matters, they keep one’s life-force busy and even drain it. Thus, there has to be some lower Chakras resolution and relaxation to allow the force of Kundalini to rise all the way to the Crown Chakra. The presence of spiritual teachers or occasional experiences can make a person, even in a blocked Crown Chakra state, able to open it momentarily. However, as long as one’s major interest and engagement in life are worldly by nature, this prevents the sufficient energy needed for Crown Chakra balancing and opening.

When the seventh chakra is fully open, every layer of ego attachment falls away as one dies to their old self. This is when ascension occurs. The very molecules of the body transmute to pure vibratory energy, so that one can literally choose the age of their body. This person can also bilocate (appearing in two or more locations at the same time).

When one has the power to transmute matter into energy and energy into matter, this enables her or him to perform remarkable feats, such as walking on water. Food can be produced out of thin air. One can perform miraculous healings. But then, one is not likely to want to attract much attention, being neither a martyr, a saint, nor an egotist. This person’s spirituality is omnipresent, and since he or she lives constantly in The Light.

Since the Crown Chakra is the least physical amongst the Chakra system, it is less associated with actual physical systems. However, physically speaking it is definitely related to the pineal gland, as well as to the upper part of the skull and the gap between the two halves of the brain. The pineal gland, which controls the wake/sleep modulation (through its melatonin production), is in this way related to the seventh Chakra, as this Chakra is the one that is responsible for our differing states of consciousness, including the transcendence of all states. The Yogis called it “Turiya”, the fourth state, as opposed to the three states of consciousness: waking, sleeping and dreaming. This fourth state awakens the dormant spiritual capacity of the pineal gland. The gap between the two halves of the brain symbolises once again final transcendence of duality – moving to the state between and beyond any subject / object relationship towards a perfect “oneness consciousness”.

The Sahasrara is described as a lotus flower with 1,000 petals of different colors. These petals are arranged in 20 layers, each layer with approximately 50 petals. The pericarp is golden and within it a circular moon region is inscribed with a luminous triangle, which can be either upward- or downward-pointing.

Often referred to as a thousand-petaled lotus, it is said to be the most subtle chakra in the system, relating to pure consciousness, and it is from this chakra that all the other chakras emanate. When a yogi is able to raise his/her kundalini, energy of consciousness, up to this point, the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi is experienced.

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