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The Kundalini Energy is the hidden latent energy of fire, Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe

The Kundalini Energy is the hidden latent energy of fire, Unlocking the Secrets of the -Universe

In order to activate the latent energy in the Kundalini, I believe two things must happen. Initially, Shiva must kindle the fire that starts the whole process going and propels the Kundalini to leap up and begin moving. Kundalini is aroused particularly by a spark of fire that con-stellates in muladhara, the instinctual realm. It is the fire that brings spirit to matter, the fire of light within the dark recesses of the root chakra. The life force becomes activated through the intake of breath, the spark of life that brings consciousness to instinctual life. The redness becomes a brilliant burning red that sends sparks urging the Kundalini on to the crown chakra, quinta essentia of spirit. Secondly, enough energy must accumulate in this muladhara-lumbar area to awaken the serpent.

The goal will be to eventually unite these pairs of opposites, the downward heavier energy and the lighter more upward one. The downward, backward-flowing energy connects us to matter and the upward, lighter energy to spirit. Spirit and matter may once again unite in glorious harmony.

The arousal of kundalini, in its true sense, does not simply imply the ac-tivity of a hitherto sleeping force, but actually the start of a new activity by changing the whole system to adapt it to a new pattern of conscious-ness through changing the composition of the bioenergy or subtle life force permeating the whole body.

When Kundalini begins to unwind she ascends as a serpentine stream of fire through the spinal canal and into the brain, where she stimulates the activity of the pituitary body.

Then try to feel this same electrical energy descend from the brain to the base of the spine as you inhale and rhythmically ascend back to the brain with each exhalation. When you thus succeed in awakening and controlling this nerve force at the base of the spine and “feel” it moving up and down with each expiration and inspiration, you have at your command a vast supply of power which you can direct and use as you may desire. This power is Kundalini, a magic physiological energy which energizes and electrifies the brain and releases its latent genius and vastly increase its capacities.

Kundalini is Cosmic Life Energy in the human body, which lies latent within the nuclei of all cells. Through its slow release, this energy releases the fire of life. By yogic practices, this cosmic energy is concentrated first within the spinal canal and then in the brain, which is what is meant by the awakening and ascent of Kundalini. When yogis are able to live for months under the ground without breathing, it is Kundalini that keeps them alive. When the Serpent Fire is released, it burns up all the dross of the body, immortalizing the cells as it purifies them. Kundalini is latent interatomic energy existing locked in the nuclei of all atoms which compose the nuclei of the cells of the body. It is really interatomic energy, and its source is cosmic radiation. Since this tremendous power, once awakened and placed under voluntary control, which it is the object of Yoga to achieve, can be used destructively as well as constructively, initiates who possess knowledge how to do so guard their secret jealously, lest it fall into the hands of the unworthy who may misuse it.

As the Kundalini or Serpent Force is released, it ascends up the spinal canal as etheric energy, which vitalizes the six centers or chakras as it pierces them and passes through them, generating electric currents that pass to the corresponding sympathetic nerve plexuses and associated endocrine glands. Kundalini rises from center to center until it reaches the pineal gland. It is described as a central fire that rises up through the spinal cord to the brain, causing it to become electrified and to glow in the center of the brain.

The ascent of Kundalini encounters difficulties at the “three knots,” particularly the abdominal knot, which may be attended by pain. These “knots” are where the sympathetic and central nervous systems join, where Ida and Pingala cross the spine, and are the points at which the Chakras converge. The wand of Mercury, with the coiled two snakes crossing each other at the points of the wand, illustrate this relation. The union of Kundalini with these Chakras is the path that leads to liberation. When it reaches the brain, Kundalini imparts to it extended or cosmic consciousness (Samhadi).

When Kundalini is in the brain, the yogi must use all his powers to retain it there, as the natural tendency is to return to the point of its origin at the base of the spine. The longer this is done, the nearer does he come to the perfect state in which it can be permanently retained in the brain. Liberation is not attained by stirring up Kundalini and fixing it in any of the lowest centers. Liberation is attained only when Kundalini takes up its permanent residence in the brain. After remaining there a time, some yogis lead Kundalini down to the heart center. Great power is gained by a yogi who can retain in Kundalini in the brain three days and three nights.

The secret of awakening Kundalini is to open the entrance of the spinal canal, which is ordinarily closed at the base. This is an internal operation which is achieved by yoga methods. Usually the coiled Serpent closes the Gate of Brahma, while sleeping in a coiled condition at the base of the spine. To awaken Kundalini, this Serpent must be aroused from its slumber. In (ether wards, this force must be raised from its latent, potential, inactive state to one of activity and then brought up to the pineal gland which it causes to glow by electrifying it. While Kundalini sleeps at the base of the spine, one lives in a world of illusion, but when awakened and ascended, and after absorbing all the Tattvas (planetary vibrations) of the Chakras, one reaches a higher state of consciousness (Samhadi), which occurs when Kundalini ascends to the brain.

The Hatha Yogi who arouses Kundalini gains various occult powers and enjoyments thereby. At every center to which he leads Kundalini, he exper-iences a special form of bliss and special powers. Carrying Kundalini to the pineal center, he enjoys supreme bliss, which, when permanent, gives com-plete liberation. She who “shines like a chain of lights” – a lightning flash -is “in the center of his body,” is the “Inner Woman” to who reference is made when it was said, “What need have I of any outer woman? I have an Inner Woman in myself.” The Yogi then unites himself with his own female principle – his higher self.

“Awakening: The strands of your newly activated DNA that comes after successful meditation form a new code, which literally begin to vibrate and change your experience of reality. Everything appears lighter in luminosity and weight. The new codes vibrate with a whole new aspect of creation that was previously closed off to your comprehension. Your brain will quickly accommodate all the new input and fire up neurons that didn’t exist previously. Suddenly, your consciousness will see and sense beyond three dimensions of space and the rules of that world will no longer apply with the same limitations. The work you have done in your life to this date has been in preparation for allowing your encoded program to become active.

All self reflection and pushing yourself to view the world beyond e awareness of your identity and searches within for deeper meaning that we try to achieve through meditation, will allow you to be open to the finer frequency vibrations and will attune you with what is coming. According to Indian saints, the energy that helps fire the neurons remains coiled in a serpent like form at the base of your spine known as Kundalini. With meditation, this energy starts rising along the spinal canal, firing neurons on its way. When it reaches the brain, all the neurons are fired and the person gets surrounded by a halo and develops divine vision. That is why Indian Gods are depicted with a halo. Flower-shaped energy whorls called chakras that existed in successive order in the central channel of the body in the spinal cord, through which life energy rose and helped man transform from materialism to spiritualism. Molecular vibration can be increased by the firing of the Kundalini energy system Therefore, as genes change, our morphology changes.

When one is advanced enough one can with concentration and an intensive thought, reach someone across the world anywhere by just thinking about them. This is to us known as telepathy. One is just as easily able to obtain any element from the universe, minerals for example if one’s body needs that instead of actually taking tablets.

All this is possible, however, it is not as easy as it sounds. It requires many years of diligent practice, the development of the higher mind and abstract thought, and above all the spiritual faculties. This can only be developed over several life times. Through reincarnation, all work physical and spiritual that is done and whatever faculties are developed during any one life time, are carried over to the next life span.

The divine germs sleep within our seminal system, awaiting only the time to be fertilized by the fire, in order to give us consciousness as gods.

Only a few adepts succeed in working the kunclalini as fax as the sahasrdra, near the brain. The complete process is known as shat-chakra-bheda, ‘the six chakra piercing’. Some yogis hold that the kunclalini has only to break through three ‘knots’ (granthi), namely, the muladhara or base (the knot of Brahma), the anahata or heart (the knot of Vishnu), and the Ajna  or eyebrow (the knot of diva), to reach the sahasrara. Contact between the kunclalini and sahasrara results in the flooding of the whole being with indescribable bliss.

The subtle energy of Kundalini merges the internal female and male energies in each of us and leads to the transcendence beyond both. Kundalini is the story of the gods, the god within each of us.

Kundalini Shakti is an evolutionary energy shrouded in mystery hidden by symbolic codes occult practices and religious dogma. Formerly reserved for high level priesthoods and royalty, this ultimate self-empowerment practice can be developed by an open and willing participant through self-disciplined practice. Yet the Kundalini fire can also be activated by Shaktipat which is hands-on touch that transmits energy through the meridian lines from a person who has experience and demonstrated competence with Kundalini activation.

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