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The Keys to the Universe: Are you searching for enlightenment. Do you want to expand your consciousness and actualize your inner resources? Do you want to experience the transcendant dimensions of your existence?

The Keys to the Universe: Are you searching for enlightenment. Do you want to expand your consciousness and actualize your inner resources? Do you want to experience the transcendant dimensions of your existence?

Are you searching for enlightenment

Do you want to expand your consciousness and actualize your inner resources? Do you want to experience the transcendant dimensions of your existence?

Explore the human potential for personal and planetary transformation through KUNDALINI, EVOLUTION AND ENLIGHTENMENT

These were the Goddesses that Kundalini manifests, as well as Her primal form as Maha Shakti, the great power, that takes the form of Maha Kali, the Black Goddess. It is this highest power that dissolves the universe as She merges into the sahasrara, creating it once again as She descends from that transcendent realm. Each and every one of us has the innate capacity to know this spontaneously and directly by the grace of Kundalini. No artificial visualizations can compare with this direct knowing.

Why is Mother Kali so radiantly black? Because she is so powerful, that even mentioning her name destroys delusion. Because she is so beautiful

VIBRANT WELL-BEING, overwhelming ecstasy, effulgently enlight-ened consciousness, the summit of human evolution, pathway to an endless eroticism, the Great Procreatrix, the deification, regeneration, and immortalization of the body, the somaticizing of spiritual aspirations, the teleological freeing of soul from flesh via the literal unwinding of the mortal coil into its constituent elements, the lost wisdom of the serpent of Genesis and the fuel of all human genius, the energy of the Dionysian revelry, the spiritual side of DNA, Christ’s fiery baptism and that of His followers ever since, the seething cobra sheltering Lord Buddha such are the ancient and modern claimed manifestations of kundalini, literally, “the mother of all creation and of all yogas.”

Indeed, kundalini has ancient Vedic references in terms of an inner sunlight, an inner soma (nectar of immortality.

While we are transmuting, we are working toward a development of al/ parts of out nature. We are not trying to throw away our mind, even though in the Eastern philosophy it is said that the mind is the slayer of the red. The mind is the slayer of the real only when it is a slave to the senses.

When it becomes a channel of the higher forces of the soul. it is an essential aid to illumination.

The Kundalini energy a so-called serpent fire, is a that which will help to bring an awakening and correlation to each whirling center of force within us. From this preliminary understanding we will learn bow to receive in a balanced manner the energies from the universe around us. This not only involves. attaining Cosmic Consciousness. but also it involves the ability to receive, express and react to everybody and everything, because as living beings we are responsive, to all the other tangles in the universe.

This is why we must lean, how to learn how to respond and to react to other people and other situations . . . how to become a strong force au that other people and situations cannot disrupt this ‘very subtle organizes force that we are building into greater and greater controls.

If the fish represents the Higher Self or Solar Center, then the job now is to bring spirit into the everyday world — to spiritualize the material. The choice we face is either gross materialism or the bringing of energy in from inner dimensions to enlighten and trans-form the material plane as we know

Kundalini activation has already begun in many receptive people, especially those doing the Inner Guide Meditation.

The philosopher Teilhard de Chardin (1959) believed that humanity was evolving toward a transhuman state he called “noogenesis,” a state characterized by the birth of a planetary mind aware of its destiny.

If, indeed, the subtle bioenergy known as kundalini underlies these transformations, it may serve as an evolutionary device that “mutates” humankind into loving, compassionate, altruistic, and spiritually inclined beings who have attained a planetary consciousness. Thus kundalini can generate a new kind of human being characterized by a noetic understanding of the universe.

It is the ascending fiery stream of Kundalini the flame of the Dragon that, upon reaching the pineal gland, fuses the grains of brain-sand therein and “confects” (produces) the Stone of the Wise. It is the descending elixir from the stone the universal medicine that transforms the physical body. Kundalini is an integrating and illuminating power. As it rises, it draws into itself the powers of the chakras the inner metals purifying, uniting, and sublimating them in its ascent.

As the Emerald Tablet reminds us: “As all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things arose from this One Thing by adaptation.” The tablet refers to Kundalini again when it says, “It ascends from earth to heaven, and again descends to earth: and revives the strength of the superiors and of the inferiors.”

Evolutionary transformation is already in process.

Kundalini is awakening across the planet now. But she doesn’t make an appointment and can take over our lives in a flash.

As more people invest themselves in spiritual practices like meditation and prayer, planetary evolution surges, and the power of self-healing and group consciousness increases. Kundalini energy overhauls and reorganizes our body structures, emotions, and life force. Our nervous systems are upgraded to higher frequencies of light. We are changing and evolving so fast that eauilibrium is challenging.

Evolutionary upgrades challenge and empower us to thrive.

Peter Horttanainen

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