The Journey about aging, fear of death, longvity, immortal youth

When physicists designed experiments to determine whether light is a wave (a form of energy) or a particle (a form of matter), the result showed that, in effect, both are true. The answer is “it depends how you look at it.” The way in which the experiment is designed and observed affects the outcome. (The philosopher, J. Krishnamurti, often stated, “The observer is the observed,” as was also pointed out by the scientist, Werner Heisenberg, in his well-known Uncertainty Principle. The Bhagavad Gita talks about learning the difference and relationship between the “field” and the “knower of the field.”) Light is both a wave and a particle, with qualities of energy or matter, depending how we observe it. Regardless of how much energy or matter you remove from Earth, it remains essentially the same. This is because it is already one side of the polarity. When energy is added back into matter, it recapitulates the stages of matter’s creation as it coalesced down from light and seems to follow the levels mapped by chakras. For example, if we slowly add energy to a solid, it remains essentially the same until a specific critical quantum point is reached; then it jumps to the next level or plateau—liquid.

Continue adding energy and it goes through the stages of fire and gas. Releasing the energy of gas, like splitting the hydrogen gas atom, is the last material stage before a quantum leap that yields a release of wave energy (sound), information, and light that merge back with the oneness of energy. Earth-matter; water-liquid, fire-gas, sound-waves, and light are stages along the way. The seven corresponding levels, which relate to the chakras, are (1) earth-solid-matter; (2) liquid; (3) heat-fire; (4) gas; (5) dematerialization into wave energy or sound; (6) mind-thought, consciousness, information; and (7) infinity—oneness, pure energy, everything, and nothing. Earth spins in an outer spiral arm of our galaxy. Seen in this way, the planet Earth is a cooled manifestation, or lower frequency, of the same energy that created it.

We are made up of numbers of layers called the chakras; points, energy centers, wheels, in our bodies that act as sites of transformation. The second chakras is the locus for th ego and emotions. This is also the level of reflection. It is like pool of water in which the real self exists only as a reflection. This reflection has a life of its own, and acts indenpendently of the real self. This life we are living is based primarily on ego and emotions. As earth is a reflection of heaven, so the ego is a reflection of the real self. Therefore, in our efforts to grow beyond the earth we must attempt to overcome the level of reflection that comprises the ego and emotions.

Humans is trapped by the second chakra´s spell: it holds humans real Self as prisoners or hostages. By freeing oneselves from the domination of this level, one can attain a highr level of clarity and enlightment. There is a difference between the emotions that spring from the second chakra and those that come from other levels. It is as if each of our levels is connected to a different mind, and this “second chakra mind” is largerly in control of our daily self. Enlightment and liberation comes when one overcome the second chakra´s control and domination over the rest of our self. This chakra keeps control and domination through act as a generator of illusions, pain, suffering, negativity and fear. It orginates in the second chakra because it is negative. The second chakra is also what opened the door to duality, to the knowledge of good and evil, and duality is the state of ego-consciousness (the reflection of real self) that then became connected to the earth plane consciousnes and the three dimensional concept of everything.

There is another aspect to this level; it operates as a social bond. We connect to society and to the world at this level, and when humans through the second chakra spell becomes trapped and held as a prisoner or hostages, the collective ego which itself is trapped in the personal/individual “mind prison-matrix” starts act like a prison guard of the second chakra when one free oneself from the second chakra.

Humans get trapped and caught in up in looping cycles of negativity; and the only way out is to reach higher within ourselves, learning to think vertically, to look upward, in short, to operate from the “love-frequency” and not the “fear frequency”, operate from love instead of the emotion of the second chakra spell of control. We need to learn to not dominate, and not to allow ourselves to be dominated.

Humans is locked into a prescribed formula of time. The goal is to control life span and energy/frequencies.

The second chakra is also described by some to be located over the spleen. The element of this chakra is water, therefore, the chakra corresponds to bodily functions having to do liquid; circulation of blood, urinary, elimination, sexuality, and reproduction, as well all the qualities of water on earth and all water in humans, such as flow, formnessless, fluidity. This chakra is the center of sexuality as well as emotions, sensation, pleasure, movement, and nurturance. In the Tree of Life, the second chakra correspond to Yesod, the sphere of water and moon (and gravitational forces). Its associated celestial body is the moon which pulls the ocean of water to and fro in dualistic rhytmic motion. Water is everywhere; and everywhere there is water, the moon has some control over it. Emotion and self-image are therefore all under the control of the water element. It controls the mind and the emotions, and through emotions the amygdala (watch-tower) can indirectly be controlled by the “fight and flight” reaction, or through a stressful enviroment, or using constant sounds/noise as disturbances, the glands can through emotions be controlled so they they releasing hormones in stressful enviroment or when other using fear-mongering methods to gain domination, and interference with sounds or frequency sounds can change breathing and heart-rate, in same way synthetic telepathy or voice to skull technology can create sleep deprivation.

If one convert emotions to what humans, earth, planets, moons, stars and universe is made of is; energy, vibrations and frequencies. The secret is that lower vibrational frequencies (in the beginning before a transformation starts) controls the other frequencies from progressing because lower vibrational frequencies holds the fear-frequency. So one must overcome fear and negativity to be able raise and change this lower vibrational frequency-matrix. The third chakra is just the great powerhouse of energy, it is also the the transformation-center (fire) that transforms (purifies) earth-grounded related elements (matter and water) to a lighter air-based lighter element (air and ether).

The third chakra is the transformation center; Fire instructs in developing will and intention. Fire purifies and changes the form of that which passes through it. It is the dorrway from the tangible to intangible. Consciousness is the higher identity of the real self that is changeless and immortal. The self disentangles itself from the repressed material in the psyche as the repressed material gradually becomes conscious. The ego is entangled to negativity, fear and insecurity, so the goal with disentanglement is liberation from these “control emotions” in the second chakra, and raise above the ego to the real Self.

The mind in its totality is the interfacing instrumentality that is connected at one end with the brain and bodily processes of the person with which it is associated. At the other end, the mind is poised to receive the light of consciousness that illumines its content.

Thus, the mind is the surface that reflects consciousness, the ground from which the contents of one’s cognition spring, the seat of ego, and the storehouse of past actions and their effects. Because of such a complexity, the reflections of consciousness in the mind are subjected to bias, distortion, and misinterpretation. Further, the person misconstrues the ego as the self. The human mind lives in the prison of the ego. The ego’s only desire is to keep us (the real self) in the dark and state of slumber, and the subconscious will spare no tactic to protect one from any discomfort, and it will invoke some amazingly creative ways and go to extreme lengths to keep one in your comfort zone. The comfort zone for the physical ego is the 2 dna strand, and humans has 10 spiritual dna strands unplugged or disconnected.

The functioning mind with its ego gets entangled by its own complexity. Entangled, the mind becomes unsteady and distracted. Exposed to the incoming stimuli in the form of sensory inputs, excited by the internally generated imagery and conditioned by sathsktiras and vasantis, the mind is constantly in a state of flux. It is unsteady and prone to tension and turbulence. Such congenital unsteadiness is the source of distortions in one’s perceptions. The unsteadiness causes turbulence on its surface and prevents the mind from faithfully reflecting consciousness. The goal is to make the mind become steady and the ego under control through the higher Self. Through meditation one can achieve cognitive exellence and reach transcognitive states to gain control over the sensory processes of the ego and mind in the second chakra. Fear is the major complex of the second chakra. When the second chakra is stagnant, closed or sealed, feelings of separation and isolation tend to prevail. A fundamental desire of the second chakra “mind” is the survival of the species. This is associated with an unconscious fear that the species might not survive. This is then related to the belief system of death and not immortality. Fear of exstinction or fear of death working as automatic subsonciousness self-destruction programming because the real Self/Soul is immortal. Fear of exstinction or fear of death holds humankind caught, entrapped, or imprisoned in the lower state of vibrational frequencies. The second chakra is perpendicular to the ground and spins counterclockwise. However, the clockwise spin of the first and third chakra tends pull the second chakra energy downward. The element of the second chakra is water and the associated affect is fear. If negative emotions can distort a molecule of water, imagine what they can do to the water mind (the water moon chakra). Humans are more than 70 percent water. If one harbor negative thoughts about oneself and contain 100 pounds of water, this can weigh heavily on the psyche.

When the student in spiritual teaching loses the fear of water (emotions) and gains psychic powers, along with control over the five senses. He or she gets full knowledge of astral entities and the ability to annihilate impurity. Eventually, the second chakra master conquers death. This is the final gift, the ego release from the fear of death.

How can something be created, be born or die, if the Self/Soul is immortal?

Insights removes darkness and illuminates. Insights manifests in the multitude of light. Insight opens the third eye and travels through the Crown of the head. Insights reveals the path to salvation. It brings cosmic visions. Insights removes gravitational force of the earthly matter from the human kind and elevates the human kind to a higher platform. Reality is a panorama of infinite possibilities projecting out from the center of pure consciousness. Consciousness creates realities, and they do on different vibrational frequencies in many dimensions.

In the system of spiritual practice, the perfection of the body and mastery of the mind are not goals in themselves, but only means to a higher goal of the realization of the true Self. Levitation, is never taught as a goal in itself but a partial means toward Self-liberation and Self-realization.

The aging process is promoted by the downward moving energy apana that is connected with the force of gravity. Gravity and time literally pull us down in life.

The aging process is promoted by the downward moving energy apana that is connected with the force of gravity. Gravity and time literally pull us down in life. One who is able to stop the downward flow of nectar becomes immortal in the physical body. He or she gains victory over disease, deacy, and death and is able to stop the process of aging, thus remaning ever young, full of vitality and stamina. When this chakra is closed, sealed, or are not activated (not opened), the nectar becomes negatively poison to the body system. Awakened or opened of this chakra, on the other hands, ensure that the nectar becomes the nectar of immortality and life will then be filled with bliss, joy and happiness. When the fifth chakra (throat chakra) is inactive, this sweet nectar is allowed to run downwards into the third chakra (solar plexus-manipura chakra) and consumed, resulting in physical degeneration.

From this viewpoint we learn the downward energy (apana) results in aging and physical degeneration, and this downward energy apana is related to gravity and the gravitational pull of energy (or frequency). What happens if one start thinking about the law of gravity as a psychological vibrational state of frequency, and this personal power of gravitational force actually could be changed through simply learn to use the own Mind through Awareness and Consciousness.

I.K. Taimni interprets this as meaning that Udana (fifth chakra) is obviously connected with gravitational pull of the earth on the body, and by controlling this particular prana it is possible to neutralise this pull. Man’s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. The psychic body has no weight, and, therefore, gravitational forces cannot work on it.

There is a metaphor that can be used to describe the journey from nonabiding to abiding awakening: that of a rocket ship. A rocket ship takes a tremendous amount of thrust and a tremendous amount of energy both to get off the ground and then to break the gravitational field as it travels through the sky and ultimately into space.

If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth, the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down.

As a metaphor, we can think of the egoic structure, or the dream state, as the Earth. The dream state has a gravitational force; it has the tendency to pull consciousness into itself. This gravitational force is really what one is dealing with throughout the entirety of the spiritual journey. Awakening is breaking free of this gravitational force. Initially, it may simply be leaving the dream state, awakening from the dream state of “me” and separation and isolation. But because we’ve awakened does not mean that consciousness has gotten past the gravitational pull of the dream state. If we haven’t gone completely beyond this gravitational field, we’re going to be pulled back toward the experience of “me” and the perception of separateness.

Using the metaphor of the rocket ship is a way of thinking about the process of awakening. The dissolution of the ego takes time. While the moment of awakening is a process that unfolds thereafter – the process of getting beyond the gravitional force of the dream state. This process, this greater individualization can override and shed one´s ego, and become a kind of superself that has the ability extend the individual consciousness beyond the constraints, into a form of communication with the Divine Consciousness or Universal Consciousness.

The apana – energy has a downward flow – and the second water chakra spins counterclockwise and pulls down energy or gravity forces to Earth. The aging process is promoted by the downward moving energy apana that is connected with the force of gravity. Gravity and time literally pull us down in life. One who is able to stop the downward flow of nectar becomes immortal in the physical body. He or she gains victory over disease, deacy, and death and is able to stop the process of aging, thus remaning ever young, full of vitality and stamina.

From this viewpoint we learn the downward energy (apana) results in aging and physical degeneration, and this downward energy apana is related to gravity and the gravitational pull of energy (or frequency). What happens if one start thinking about the law of gravity as a psychological vibrational state of frequency, and this personal power of gravitational force actually could be changed through simply learn to use the own Mind through Awareness and Consciousness.

The third chakra is the transformation center; Fire instructs in developing will and intention. Fire purifies and changes the form of that which passes through it. It is the dorrway from the tangible to intangible. Third chakra (fire) transforms the heavier tangible (duality) earth-bounded elements earth/matter and water to the lighter intangible air-based element (air and ether), and at same time intangles itself from the four lower bodies that has attraction and pull to gravity.

If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth (gravitional force of matter), the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down. The state of sixth chakra also symbolize the victory over Death, and the Apocalypse therefore represents the change of frequency, or from duality to Oneness.

This is the everlasting victory when one become immortal, and one can then say one is a master over the mind, or Consciousness over matter. The inner rocket journey symbolize the expansion of Consciousness, and each elements or chakras represents a certain Consciousness. Man is then not bounded to The Earth/Body/Ego and gravitional forces of time and space, but free in the Universal Self Consciousness.

The subconscious will spare no tactic to protect one from any discomfort, and it will invoke some amazingly creative ways and go to extreme lengths to keep one in your comfort zone.

It is important to understand that the comfort zone is like a magnet … a gravitational force that doesn’t allow one to stray far away from one´s comfort zone without conscious and powerful effort. Like the rocket that needs a sustained powerful force to blast through the earth’s gravitational pull, a person must forcefully push against his or her usual thoughts and behavior and sustain that effort to break through his or her personal gravitational pull. But … AND HERE IS THE KEY … every person must do his or her own “pushing” to sustain achievements. This is exactly why it is so critical that every key person (actually every person in the organization if fiscally feasible) have their own personal customized strategic plan. The customized personal strategic plan is the blueprint for exactly how, given their personal strengths and weaknesses, a specific individual can break through their personal gravitational pull and make needed changes while achieving critical objectives that support the organization’s master strategic plan. The bottom line is that conscious and unconscious efforts to resist change will undermine and sabotage the greatest of plans if proper attention is not given to supporting the change process from the very start.

The gravity perspective could be symbolized through a body with a soul and the Third eye perspective could be symbolized through a soul with a body. This could be related to scriptures; For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. If one experience life through the perspective a body with a soul the perceptions is formed by the ego and matter, and if one sees life through the perspective as Soul with a body it identfies itself with the Divine Self and Third Eye. The treasure and heart symbolize the difference between the Ego/body identification and Self/soul. Where the heart is will also change the gravitional forces and change the whole journey of life and change the direction of life.

If the state of the Third Eye represents liberation that is above space and time, and then space and time is part of the graviational force, so must Third Eye represents the spiritual state of Consciusness that is not controlled through law of physics or the law of gravity. So to be able eto open the “Third Eye” one have to learn control the forces of apana and udana (downward and upward going energies) that creates the gravitational pull downwards. Apana, the downward breath, is located in the first chakra, and Udana, the upward breath, is located in the fifth chakra. When the gravity between (Apana and Udana) is neutralized or learned to be mastered the sixth chakra is the state of that is above space and time, and then the transformed psychic body has no weight, and, therefore, gravitational forces cannot work on it. This is what open´s the Third Eye and sixth chakra.

If the opening of third eye (intuition and wisdom) is what takes one above space and time and insights is what removes and illuminates, and this manifests in the multitude of light, what is gravity if third eye intuition and insights removes gravitational force of the earthly matter from the human kind and elevates the human kind to a higher platform? If the gravitional force can be affected, changed and neutralized through insights and intuition of the third eye, does this mean the body computer program is programmed to the three dimensional world, and the information processing unit (the brain) and the hard drive (the cells) become controlled through the prevailing fear paradigm and this is what disconnects humans from the source “Third Eye” that holds the key that can re-program the body-computer that has shut off humankind from their infinte consciousness.

Like everything else in the Universe, the human being is essentially made up of energy and information. By now it will be clear that we are dense energy or “matter”. The next questions could be where information is in human beings and how it works. It is argued that humans have different information archives for the different bodies.

Humans were thought to have five bodies, the physical body being the densest of them (annamaya); the next would be the vital body (pranamaya); the following one was even subtler than the previous ones, the mental body of movement of mind and thought, or (manomaya). Finally, if we stick to the four bodies that science admits do exist, was the body of supramental intelligence (vijnanamaya). So it seems clear that scientific points of views and that of ancient wisdom are very similar. Yet Perennial Wisdom adds a fifth body to the equation: (anandamaya), body of Grace and joy, made of spiritual joy, ecstasy and happiness.

Many cosmologists believe that we live in a “Multiverse”, and this has prompted some thinkers to assert that a soul might well have developmental experiences in many different mental and physical worlds. Therefore the body and mind are not the ultimate human reality. They must be deeply valued, but only as a tool and to meet the needs of one’s true Self: the evolving soul. According to the latest findings of scientific and transpersonal psychology research, the very essence of Mankind can be said to consist of a “higher consciousness”. As soon as human beings travel through any internal development, they can feel the existence of this reality and, finally, experience it directly and clearly. The Self exists as a higher vibrational level than the other three bodies —physical, emotional-vital, and mental— and needs a tool to express its will through these three lower-vibration levels.

The psychic body has no weight, and, therefore, gravitational forces cannot work on it. The ego is attract to matter and therefore strengthens the biological, physical, emotional and psychological bands to the gravitational forces and materialized world, and the real Self (astral or psychic body) is not attract to matter and therefore can liberate oneself from the state of matter and the matrix. The subtle body doesn’t get affected by any gravitational force, and the real self is not attracted to Matter in same way the ego is identifies itself as the body of matter as the real self.

It seems gravity is loosening its powers over the physical body when the vibrations or frequencies is raised to a higher state of Consciousness. Each of our four bodies operates at a different level of energy, with the physical being the lowest and densest, and the gravitational force has strongest influencial power over the physical body.

I.K. Taimni interprets this as meaning that Udana (fifth chakra) is obviously connected with gravitational pull of the earth on the body, and by controlling this particular prana it is possible to neutralise this pull. Man’s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. The psychic body has no weight, and, therefore, gravitational forces cannot work on it.

Knowledge and belief systems about gravity can limit the mind in science that binds the mind to matter, and science of yoga teaching how to advance, liberate, disentangle the gravitational forces from matter. Fear is like gravity, it pulls down life by suppressing belief systems and fear doctrines. Fear of death is what binds the mind to matter, in same way gravity binds matter to itself, and the ego-mind is the “fear generator” of death and the ego mind is also the “matter-generator” that attracts the mind to matter. And both fear and matter is controlled by low vibrational frequencies and this creates the Matrix Mind and entraps humankind in the second water chakra of Control.

He or she who overcomes fear and negative gravitational forces understands that the Self/Soul is immortal.

In the system of spiritual practice, the perfection of the body and mastery of the mind are not goals in themselves, but only means to a higher goal of the realization of the true Self. Levitation, is never taught as a goal in itself but a partial means toward Self-liberation and Self-realization.

Spiritual teachers learn that Man can overcome death

“When a man can identify himself with his undying nature, which is one with God, then he overcomes death”. What Man on Earth has learned is to identify himslef with his dying nature of the body and ego, not the undying and Immortal Self/Soul. Since Man has known himself and become conscious of death, the greatest wish of all has been to become immortal. This represents the spiritual progress from the three dimensional world to the fifth dimensional world.

The power of spiritual life to in some way overcome death. Then energy never can be destoryed just be transformed to another State, if one study frequencies from low to high, there is seven basic frequencies, and every frequency represents a level of Consciousness and dimension. When something transforms from one state to another it symbolize the transformation processs and change between the old and new state. Everything moves in cycles in this world and universe, and when one era ends a new starts growing.

The Ego identifies Life as the Body as the Source of life -and Matter is what surrounding this thought pattern as a body with a soul. The Self identifies life as Consciousness as the Source of life – and Light is the unified field thought pattern as a soul with a body. The primordial source of life energy is independent of localization as units. The energy of life is a radiance from the field of consciousness, which is the mode of the Presence of Divinity that manifests in physicality as Creation. These two perspectives creates a view where The Body is identified with Death and The Self is identified with Life. What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters, compared to what lives within us. The Kingdom is within. The Pathways holds the keys to all the portals of the universe. When we reach inside our hearts and minds, we move toward the awe-inspiring beauty and truth of the Universal life. Directed by the forces of life, we have nothing to fear when consciousness flows from within.

True Immortality, however, isn’t something that we should be searching outside of ourselves but within. One can put his name in history through a huge variety of deeds, good or bad, but a name is just an illusion, just like our identity and personality are as well. The true and only immortal element in a human is his spirit, which by impersonating different entities and expressing himself through different souls, travels through time, from one reality to another, in a never ending cycle of life and death. It is the spirit that becomes the master and the disciple, the king and the slave, the man and the woman, the strong and the weak, the loved and the hated, in order to truly develop a clear perspective of self and learn to discard the ego, while expressing a contradiction inside the drama that is life. In this drama, some times he represents what he fears, and other times who imposes that fear, as well as the one that receives the most and the one that offers plenty. The conscience of self is immortal and never ceases expanding.

Immortal Youth

The body literally and completely returns to dust in less than one year; and during this period, a new body is built, molecule by molecule. 2. Conscious cooperation with this change is the secret of Immortal Youth. 3. Old age and somatic death are brought about by conditions that can be effectually prevented. The influence of certain numbers has exercised a remarkable effect upon man. Many writers, in expressing their opinions and beliefs, are ruled by the influence of numbers. No one seems able to explain the reason of this.

The number Seven has always swayed superstitious people. Jacob served Laban seven years for Rachel. Pharaoh dreamed of the seven fat kine and the seven lean kine; then he dreamed of the seven tars of corn, rank and good, and seven thin ears. blasted with the east wind. The Yogis of India divide the body into seven vital etheric centers, (I) The sacral plexus and glands at the base of the vertebral column, in the sacrum. (2) The hypogastric plexus and the glands which are located in the abdominal region. (3) The solar plexus. (4) The cardiac plexus and the glands in the region of the hart. (5) The pharyngeal plexus and the thyroid gland, which are located in the throat, as well as the parathyroid glands. and the glossopha-ryngeal nerves of the tongue and pharynx. (6) The pituitary plexus and the gland in the brain, and the naso-ciliary plexus between the brows. (7) The pineal plexus and gland in the brain. The seven vital etheric centers. which Hindu philosophy calls the seven chakras, are said to be the “Seven Seals” of Moses. In the spiritual passages of various religious books, they have been termed the -seven hidden doors.” the “seven holy temples.” the “hidden locks and keys.” the “seven stars,” and similar names. The seven chakras correspond to the seven colors, and the seven notes of the musical scale on the physical plane. Out of this influence of the number Seven has come the belief, expressed by some authorities, that Seven Years are required for the cells of the body to be completely renewed. The discovery made in recent years, that the Universe is ruled by Immutable Law, is sweeping away the swaying su-perstition of primitive people. In weighing and solving the Phenomena of Life, men an coming to consider the Fact of Existence, and not the superstitious belief in certain numbers.

The body fluids are constantly bathing every cell of every structure, supplying each with new material to replace its waste and wear from use. The process is occurring incessantly in every cell, in both bones and muscles. The whole body is renewed as often as its billions of cells are renewed. The great question is, How much time is re-quired to renew the cells? A correct answer to this question solves the problem. The living organism is a vast aggregation of cells. The cell forms the component parts of every tissue, whether soft, as muscle, or hard, as bone. The blood itself is a great mass of cells. the smallness of which is astonishing. The red-blood cell is about 1/3000th of an inch in diameter, and about 1/1600th of an inch in thickness. Thousands of these tiny cells are grouped together in one drop of blood. Less than a thimbleful of blood contains five thousand million of them. The cell is the working-unit of physiology no less than of morphology. It is the limit of human knowledge as to the composition of either vegetal or animal structures. It is so small as to be visible only by the aid of the microscope.

Beyond the cell, Science knows nothing of organized matter. The length of time required to renew the body, is the length of time required to renew the cell. It is not definitely known how long it takes to renew the cell. With some knowledge of the smallness of the cell, we are constrained to infer that less than an hour is required for its complete renewal.

The renewal may occur several times an hour. If the cells are renewed several times in an hour, then the body is renewed several times in an hour. Gaze has allowed a year for the completion of the renewal process. We are will-ing to agree that his allowance of time is amply sufficient, according to which, man has a new body annually. We cannot agree fully with the second proposition. It is open to much argument. The student knows this, if he has followed closely the lines of the preceding lessons.

Gaze believes that Immortal Youth will rise from ‘the effect of what he calls “conscious cooperation” with the con-stant cell changes occurring in the body. That is good, so far as it goes. But Gaze makes man’s part in the process too simple. He thinks man’s duty is ended when, by “conscious cooperation,” man daily suggests to himself, or to his body, that “new, perfect atoms” are being substituted for the “old ones,” in the body’s renewal processes. He adds:

“In order permanently to renew the body, the Mind must be in harmony with the change, but this humanity hitherto has failed to do. In positive contradiction to the law of renewal, man has steadfastly believed the body to be grad-ually growing older until no longer able to perform its function.”

We agree that the Mind must be in harmony with the change. But we hold that man’s physical conduct as well as his mental, must also be in harmony with the change. The student saw the sad results that occur, when the Law of Change is not observed and obeyed. The illustration of the River and the Engine explained this. It requires more than harmony between Mind and the Law of Change to produce Immortal Youth. The body. like the River and the Engine, is a physical instrument, com-posed of Matter. The KIND of Matter supplied to the body, for use in renewing its cells, has as much influence in deter-mining the condition of the body, and the length of its exist-ence, as has the KIND of Matter supplied to the River and the Engine, in determining their condition and the length of their existence. Gaze is prone to place the bulk of the burden upon the saying, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” He reverts to the old-line psychology, wherein Mind is said to rule supreme. and is entirely independent of Matter. He exalts Mind, while he degrades Matter. Gaze makes this statement:

“The necessary equilibrium between the processes of waste and of repair in the physical system is wanting. New, perfect atoms are not substituted for the old ones. and the system is unable to dispose of the accumulated substance that inter-feres with the various vital processes. This constitutes the basis of ‘old age,’ and is a certain forerunner of somatic death.”

The substance of the citation is good. But in his work, Gaze prescribes no positive rules for the correction of the condition, further than to fall back on “Mind.” He attempts to show, by certain references to hypnotism. that “conscious cooperation” of Mind and Matter will produce the “necessary equilibrium,” and Immortal Youth will become a reality. Gaze is a modern Psychologist pure and simple. Psychol-ogists have found that it is far easier to gather in “vibrations,” and get “in tune with the Infinite,” than it is to live in harmony with the requirements of the Law. They have forgotten that the Law is, Ye shall reap as ye sow.

They have carried much beyond its legitimate limit the adage, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Psychologists discovered that man is not starching for Truth. Experience proves that people are willing to pay good prices for being hoodwinked, but are not willing to change their mode of living, however harmful it may be. There is but one course open to the Teacher of Truth. He mast leave man to follow the line of least resistance. and retire to the shelter of his vine and fig-tree. If he at-tempts to teach Truth, he will have no audience. Or. if by chance men stop to hear him, what he says will arouse their anger, and they will want to stone him to death, or crucify him. So man continues to fool himself with the art of suggestion. He is too blind to see that it requires more than subtle suggestions to fool Eternal Intelligence.

In Lesson No. 2, Elementary Orthopathy, the relation of Mind and Matter is well discussed by Shelton. In Lesson No. 23 of the same course, the subject of Psychology is considered.

This the student should now review. Psychologists have tried for twenty centuries to construct a Science of Mind. Failure has crowned every effort. They are divided at this hour into a multitude of schools, still at variance about the very elements of their subject. Not one proposition has been established to the satisfaction of the schools. No two of them are able to agree even upon the fundamentals of their theory. The Idealists hold that Mind is all, while Matter is merely an illusion. They seem to forget that there is Matter without the manifestation of Mind. But there is no Mind without the presence of Matter. In this respect at least. Matter is pre-eminent to Mind.

Man knows nothing of Mind that is devoid of Matter. He knows nothing of Mind that is not bound up in Matter. Apparently, Mind and all its qualities are indissolubly connected with Matter. Mind is the Brain in action, and nothing more, says Broussaris.

From Matter we rise to Mind by means of the Brain, says Tuttle. Outside of the nerve centers, there is no Mind. says Prof. Bruhl. Prof. Buchner observes: the activity of the breathing organs, or the word digestion is a collective word for the activity of the digestive organs.” Man must be regarded as a unit. His body is composed of Matter. Like all other machines, its movements and functions rise from the presence and operation of Force. In making the body and maintaining its existence, one is as essential as the other—there must be both Force and Matter. Even then, Force would not work orderly, unless ruled by Intelligence.

Orthopathy holds that the action of Vital Force upon Organized Matter produces all functions of the body. These functions are mechanical, physical, mental, and vital.

Mind is as truly the effect of the action of Force upon Matter, as is the blood or the bile. It can be regarded as nothing more than a special mode of motion occurring in the brain cells, due to the action of Vital Force. Man’s mental capacity cannot rise above the condition and capacity of his brain, the organ of mentality, the organ of thought–but not an organ that thinks, as some believe.

The condition of the Mind depends as fully upon the condition of the Body, as does the condition of the Body depend upon the condition of the Mind. The relation existing between the mental and the physical is of a strictly reciprocal character, the most intimate that man can conceive, wherein the mental acts by return or response to the impressions received by the physical from its environment; while the physical, in turn, acts by response, as these impressions are translated into mental effects by the action of Vital Force upon Organized Matter.

The relation existing between the Mental and the Physical is so intimate. that normal blood will build a normal brain that will express normal thoughts: while abnormal thoughts will react through the brain upon the blood to such extent, that serious changes will occur in the chemistry of the blood. It is now common knowledge that the mental states of anger, hatred. jealousy, fear, worry, despondency, love, joy, influence the excretions of the glands. producing a definite chemical effect upon the blood, and through the medium of the blood. affecting every cell and nerve of the body.

The result is favorable or unfavorable, as the mental state is fa-vorable or unfavorable. Naturalists assert that the venom of reptiles is generated by the influence of anger and fear: that the substance is rapidly collected in a special receptacle, and thence discharged at the object of its anger and fear. It is further explained, that the same process occurs in the human body. In the absence of a special organ to receive the substance, it is dispersed in the blood, acting against us instead of for us. In unusual instances of anger, there occurs a chemical change in the blood.

The gastric fluid is not excreted, the muscles of the stomach and intestines become partially paralyzed, making digestion not only faulty, but impossible. There is on record the case of a woman, while eating, being handed a message of grief. This was so absorbed by her consciousness. that a chemical change occurred in the blood of her body, to the extent that the food which she was eating when the message arrived, not being digested, became caked, and the woman died within twenty-four hours.

Medical literature reports instances where women have so poisoned their nursing infants. during fits of anger, that the little ones have died. Patients go to health resorts and experience improvement. They attribute this to a change of air and a change of drinking water. The improvement perhaps results from a change of environment that changes the patient’s mental suggestions.

Mineral water and mountain air have received credit that is largely due to the mental state which is improved by the change of environment. leading to improvement of the physical.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. I have not found so great faith. no. not in Israel. Go thy way; and as thou halt believed, so be it done unto thee. Thus speaks the Philosophy of the Ages, based on knowledge gained from the experience of man.

We must BE before we can DO. We can DO only to the extent that we ARE. What we ARE depends in a high degree upon what we THINK. For we first think, then act, and our Acting is governed by our Thinking. All that man is or may become, he grants unto himself. There is no limit to his possibilities; but he can receive no more than he will permit himself to have. lie fixes his own limitations; for no limitations exist as to Vital Force and Infinite Matter.

Man thinks from the day he is old enough to think and reason, that he is born to die, as do the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air. As he thinks. so he believes; and as he believes, so he lives, and so it is done unto him. “We are born into a world of error—of physical and mental limitations. No sooner do we come into being. than these limitations and conditions, detrimental to eternal living exist-ence, are thrust upon us.” observes that great teacher, Dr. Claunch. And no man tries to dodge the thrust.

Man can not tell to what extent the Mental influences the Physical. There are startling examples in history to indicate that through the influence of suggestion, the Mental is capable of causing processes of Physical Function that are either detrimental or beneficial, depending upon the character of suggestion in a given case.

It is only in recent years that the potency and extent of the influence of the Mental on the Physical is beginning to be recognized This influence can be directed into constructive channels as well as into destructive ones. If fright. fear, worry, sorrow, suffering, hate, anger, etc.. arc mental states that have destructive tendencies on the body, then faith, hope, happiness, love, joy, cheer, and so on, are mental states that have constructive tendencies on the body. It is through the constructive mental states that good results are obtained by divine healers, spiritual healers, mental healers, hypnotic healers, christian science healers, medical healers, and other healers.

The same influence that produces destructive tendencies, will, on a reversal of the lever, also produce constructive tendencies. The same faith that removes the mountain from the path, will also place the mountain in the path.

Every second of time, Vital Force, ruled by Eternal In-telligence, is weaving subtle Atoms into the structures of Brain and Nerve, Muscle and Bone, that these may serve as a machine for its expression and operation.

By his mental conduct, by his thoughts and desires, by his physical conduct, by his breathing, drinking. eating, and the general use of his body, man may help or hinder the weaving process. The fact that the body, instead of its growing old, is constantly renewed hour by hour and day by day, is something that has failed to receive adequate attention and investigation. The existence of this constant change should be recognized, and man should build into his thoughts the suggestion that each year he has a new body, in the literal meaning of the statement.

Instead of this, man thinks that each day he grows older, and he acts in accordance with his thinking In time these thoughts show the effect of their work; foe they are built into every fiber of the body, and are expressed by and in every act and movement of the body. We can not disregard with impunity the axiom, As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. It is man’s failure to realize the constant renewal of the body, that leads to the false belief that the body grows old. As this belief becomes fixed upon the Mental, the effect thereof is impressed upon the Physical, thus producing the picture of man’s mental contemplation.

It is a dangerous doctrine which teaches man that faith and prayer can conquer the degenerative effects on the body, that rise from such maltreatment as feeding it soft lead, and giving it of water to drink that contains fine sand, when it calls for material to repair and renew its wearing and wasting parts.

Perpetual Youth will come from the condition of (I) Perfect Correspondence as between the (a) Organism and its (b) Environment. This state will appear when man has ac-quired that profound knowledge, which will enable him to have and to hold (2) Perfect Harmony as between the (c) Mental-self and the (d) Physical-self.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your Mind.”

Visualization is the process of making mental images. The image is the mold or model that serves as a pattern from which man’s future emerges. He is today the result of his past thinking. He will be tomorrow what he is thinking today. By a process of constant adverse contemplation and sug-gestion, extending through the entire genealogy of the race, man builds into his blood, and thru his blood into his body. bones, and brain, the degenerative mental processes that gradually help to degenerate his frame, and finally help to destroy it.

By constant adverse suggestion, man so interferes with the normal function of the body, that it develops into a distorted condition, from which flows a process of decay that sinks it into the grave. Thus man murders himself.

The belief and fear in Death is the principal mental state that must first be subdued. This state alone is responsible for much damage resulting to the body. Fear makes the face pallid, retards or quickens the heart beat, changes the character of the body’s fluids, and alters the body’s functions. Fear puts wrinkles in the face, whitens the hair, and hurries man to his grave. The Bible, from beginning to end, contains one continuous admonition to cast out Fear. However, the student is carefully cautioned against falling into the sad error of believing that the influence of sugges-tion, faith, prayer, hope, can overcome the influence of the Law.

Why has man always sought for the fabled Fountain of Youth? flow did the thought originate, and why does the thought persist, like the continued voice of one crying in the wilderness, that youthful Vigor and Vitality should not fade, but continue to flow through the human frame until the last; and. eventually, that a time will come when even the great enemy Death shall be conquered, instead of being sub-mitted to? The Christian Scriptures. which we take as wonderful his-tory. foretell of a time when a new Earth is to come forth: that there shall be no more short life-spans, “nor an old man that hath not filled his days;” that a man I® years old shall be as a child. The ancient Sage continues:

“They shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them. “They shalt not build, and another Inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat, for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their bands.”—Isa. 65:21, 22.

The Prophet takes a retrospective view of the distant past, when man sat under his vine and lived a thousand years; then he peers into the distant future, and sees a time returning, when man shall again sit under his vine and floret, and live a thousand years. This is the new Earth that will come forth. It is the work of the Law of Cyclicity, mentioned in Lesson No. 8. Chapter No. 22.

Even now the pendulum is swinging in that direction. Established institutions have sensed the change, and are frantically striving to stop the swing. Their existence depends upon keeping things as they are. If they fail in their fight, their doom is sealed.

Going on. we read of a time to come when there shall be neither pains, nor sorrow, and no more death (Rev. 21:4). Also, that the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death; that death is swallowed up in victory; that the sting of death is sin. “and the strength of sin is the Law” (1 Cm. 15:26. 54).

On what facts, if any, are these statements based? The facts are, and they come to us from the early experience of man. In the Christian Bible it is related that Ilaran died before his father Terah in the land of his nativity (Gen. 11:28). According to the chronology of this literature. the event here recorded occurred more than seventeen hundred years after the days of Adam—and it is the first information found, in all these years, to indicate that any person, until then, had died before his father. This knowledge was transmitted orally down thru numberless generations, from father to son, before the invention of writing, coming down to us in the form of carvings, day tablets. and papyrus rolls.

We began these lames with the ‘moments.
(I) There is no old age: and (2) there is no natural death.

More than three thousand years ago, the Prophet pro-claimed that (I) A man of 100 years old shall be as a child. and (2) the sting of death is sin. He further says. “The strength of sin is the Law.” That statement may not be clear to the student.

We have previously explained it thus: (I) Death is the result and end of Degeneration. and (2) Degeneration of the body arises as the direct result of man’s misuse and abuse of his Temple. This destructive conduct the Prophet calls Sin.

Student, think not that we are attempting to establish the truth of our theory by recourse to the Christian Bible as the word of God. Sages, saints, and saviors unnumbered. as shown in Lesson No. 25. Elementary Orthopathy, have lived and died in grappling with the problems of human origin and human destiny. The fruitage of their labors, preserved in the philosophies and scriptures of all races, has been bequeathed to succeeding nations, a legacy of sacred and philosophic lore.

The Old Testament has been culled from thousands of pages of ancient writings, and from the legends and allegories of ancient races. Hence, the Christian Scriptures, while not the word of Cad, are far greater than the interpretations given to them. These ancient Seers made many other statements. which were toned and tempered to fit the condition of the time, but which ate now rejected, because the condition that called forth the statements. have long since passed away. Hesiod is another ancient man of learning, who lived about a century later than Homer. He states that there was a time when man enjoyed Perpetual Youth, sinking into his ‘death-sleep without pain. He confirms what the Prophet says in the Bible. and the Prophet confirms what earlier men de-clared. Before the dawn of the Christian Era.

Horace. about 65 . B. C. said that fevers were unknown until Prometheus discovered Fire., which led man to beating and cooking his food.

We quoted Newton as observing: “Man, at his creation, was endowed with the Gift of Perpetual Youth: that is, he was formed not to be a sickly, suffering creature, as we now see him; but to enjoy health, and to sink by slow degrees into the bosom of his parent Earth, without disease or pain”. Lesson 31. Chapter. 92

Another ancient writer stated that early men were healthy, and their days were long: that returning years still saw than in their prime; that the length of their life-span was so great, that counting their days wearied even the wings of Measuring Time.

Strict universality is the infallible test for distinguishing Truth from Falsity. All the early writers appear consistent in their claims that primitive man was large, strong, healthy, and long-lived. None of them makes any statements to the contrary. These writers also declared that the human race is suf-fering from a general process of decline and degeneration. There is not one general instance recorded in any age, to show definitely that man is evoluting physically, instead of devoluting. or that the length of the life-span is increasing. instead of decreas:ng. In our own history, a brief, retrospective glance is suf-ficient to show in a startling manner, that man is devoluting and degenerating. both as to his physical proportions and lost of psychic abilities and powers.

These are instances of human development which may be interpreted as showing that occasionally the process of biologic inheritance reverts back to earlier types, and presents evidence to prove that man originally was of much greater stature than he is now. We are thus given a glimpse of the Giants of ancient days.

“Man has degenerated from a normal time of existence of from some hundreds of years, to the present average dura-tion of less than two score years, and from being a race of giants, to the modern dwarf and cretin.

We have considered the process by which Man received the sublime message of Perpetual Youth, and passed it down thru the countless generations of the past. Let us now trace the various Ages of Man down thru the corridor of Time, as they come to us in the form of information from the Traditions of the Ancients.

In the primitive brain, deep impressions were made by vibratory waves from his Environment, when Perpetual Youth was more than a dream. These impressions were preserved in the brain-cells, and have been transmitted by inheritance from father to son. This is the source of the wonderful message of Perpetual Youth. This is the manner in which it has come down to us.

From ancient texts we get a glimpse of this fact from traditions regarding the Ages of the Earth, divided to to Ages of the Golden, the Silver, the Copper, and the Iron.

The Golden Age lies far back in antiquity. It covered 4.800 Solar years, each of which contains 360 of our years—making the length of this Age 1,728,000 of our years. This Age was the most wonderful and spiritual. Gold literally abounded during this remote period. In Genesis 2:11. gold is said to abound in the whole land of Havilah, which land was watered by the river Pison. The word Havilab means to bring forth and to supply strength.

The Silver Age succeeded the Golden. It lasted for 3.000 Solar years, making the length of this Age 1,080.000 of our years.

The Fall of Man, mentioned in all ancient literature, oc-curred during the Silver Age This event is described by the ancient Hindu philosopher as being the result of a strong attraction and worship of the Unreal or the Relative In the Golden Age man knew nothing but Truth. But in the Silver Age a system of erroneous teaching sprang up, which led man astray by deceptive appearances. Believing in this, and confounding the Relative with the Real, he fell from the original purity.

The Fall consists in the fact, that man becomes so deeply attached to the Relative (Flesh), that he considers it The ALL as explained in Lesson No. 8, Chapter No. 23. Yet, he knows that Flesh is only Inert Matter, profiting nothing because it is quickened, and subject to the law of disintegration. Modern science still lives in the belief that the Physical Man is the Real Man, and positively denies the existence of the Spiritual Man (Life Principle).

The days of the Silver Age, while not so happy as those of the Golden, were yet wonderful and joyful; for it is not until the period of the Copper Age, that ancient literature records any information of warlike people and ferocious beasts.

The length of the Copper Age is estimated at 2.000 Solar years, or 720.000 of our years.

Next comes the Iron Age It carries man down to the very bottom of human misery and degradation, wickedness and corruption. But the days of the Iron Age are numbered. Their course is nearly run. Man is waking from his sleep. He is rising to a higher plane.

The Dark Age of ignorance and superstition is passing. An age of great knowledge and wisdom is dawning. In the Golden Age, man enjoyed Perpetual Youth, and lived for thousands of years. His food he gathered from the Tree of Life, while other living creatures subsisted on the green herb (Gen. 1:30). The Silver Age began when The Great Sentence was passed upon man—(1) Cursed is the ground for thy sake; (2) in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; (3) in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground. And still he lived nearly a thousand years All this sorrow and suffering. wickedness and corruption, until now unknown, and yet no turning back. At no time of his existence has man turned aside from his downward course. In this day he continues to bring forth new inventions. the effect of which is to produce greater suffering and misery.

Came the Copper Axe. with its wickedness and corruption (Gin. 6 5). with its drunkards and gluttons (Prov. 23:20, 21), with its human life-span shrunk to 120 years. to be followed by the Iron An. in which the life-span dwindled down to 30 years, and men, sinking far below the brute, murdered one another by the most fiendish methods. In agony and despair, man has sought for relief. He has come at last to realize that the Hell he has pictured in his theology is the product of his own work. and that the Heaven he longs to see must be made by his own hands. With his back against the wall, man has reached down deep into his brain. In the Kingdom Within, he finds the glorious impressions of the Golden Age. made on the brain-cells of his early Ancestors, by the harmonious Environment of that Grand Day. In the human brain cells, presersed there for the race, is the marvelous Message. It tells the study of the times of peace and plenty, of joy and happiness—the Golden Age of Perpetual Youth.


Having traced Existence down to the point and appearance of Unity, we must pass beyond the boundaries of pure science, into the realm of Scientific Philosophy, as we follow the line of descent of the eternal message of Perpetual Youth. In this course it is true that our conclusions will not bear that certainty which goes with observed facts; but they will belong to the class philosophic hypothesis whose courses are guided by facts of inference. This does not decrease their validity, nor render them void. It simply shows that there is a limit to the trust we may place in them, and a possibility of their having to be abandoned later in favor of more accurate conceptions that new facts at some future time may reveal. Some authorities hold that man, at birth, is devoid of all knowledge, and gains his knowledge from experience. Immanuel Kant, the great German philosopher, says:

“That all our knowledge begins with experience there can be no doubt.”

With that declaration he opens the Introduction to his Critique of Pure Reason, and adds: “For how is it possible that the faculty of cognition should be awakened into exercise otherwise, than by means of ob-jects that affect our senses, and partly of themselves produce representations, partly rouse our powers of understanding into activity, to compare, to connect, or to separate these, and so to convert the raw material of our sensuous impressions into a knowledge of objects, which is called experience? In respect of time, therefore, no knowledge of ours is antecedent to ex-perience, but begins with it.”

The scientific world has never questioned this theory as to the beginning and foundation of human knowledge. The edu-cational world has accepted it as final and conclusive; and, thereafter, we find continued, a pursuit of Knowledge as the cumulative result of experience. We have shown in Lesson No. 10, Chapter No. 28, Law of Polarity, that the influence which prompts man to seek the companionship of woman, is as much a proposition of chemistry and the power of polarity, as is that which propels to union the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen to form molecules of water.

Goethe clearly formulated the conception of cells, molecules, and atoms, in which appear the elements of so-called Consciousness He held that the motives that govern human actions and affinities. are but those found in the cells of the body. Haeckle and Vogt followed him, when they extended these qualities and attributes into inorganic substances, which again declared the great Unity of all things. Where. when, and how this influence was impressed upon the Atom, are propositions which we shall not attempt to explain. It is sufficient for our work to know that the Atom is so impressed. In Lesson No. 5, Chapter No. 15, we said that the con-duct of the Atom, as it seeks vibratory correspondence with other atoms, must be recognized as an intelligent act; and that the intelligence is not a quality inherent in the Atom. It is a general principle that we have called Eternal Intelligence, and has existence as truly as has the Atom.

With these preliminary remarks, we come to the question Can there he Intelligence without Knowledge? Knowledge is defined by Webster as “a clear and certain perception of that which exists. or of truth and fact”

The same authority defines Intelligence as “the quality of knowing or understanding; knowledge; wisdom: perception.” If man, at birth. is devoid of all knowledge, then it follows that he is devoid of all intelligence, for, according to Web ster, there is no place to draw a line of demacation betweer Knowledge and Intelligence.

Kant further says: “But, though all our knowledge begins with experience it by no means follows that all arises out of experience. “It is a question that requires close investigation, and is not to be answered at first sight—whether there exists a knowledge altogether independent of experience, and even of all sensuous mpressions?”

Had Kant gone deeper into the subject, it would have become apparent to him that there does exist a knowledge altogether independent of experience.

For if Human Knowledge begins with experience, then Man is inferior in the scale of Living Creatures to the insect, the bird, the calf, cat and pig The hornet has always known how to make paper. It was never taught; it needed no experience. If knowledge begins with experience. whence came the knowledge of the hornet to make paper? No chemist knows how to make honey, regardless of his chemical experience.

The bee has always known how to make honey. It was never taught; it needed no experience. If knowledge begins with experience, whence came the knowledge of the bee? Birds have always known how to build nests, and each kind of bird always builds a different and certain kind of nest. They were never taught; they needed no experience. If knowledge begins with experience, whence came the knowledge of the birds? Migratory birds in the north fly south in the Fall to escape the cold of Winter. as explained in Lesson No. 5, Chap-ter No. 16, which the student is urged to peruse again.

They do this without experience. Experience does not give the new-born pig its knowledge to seek its mother’s breast for the first time for nourishment. Experience does not give the tiny kitten its knowledge to dig a hole in which to deposit its bowel and bladder excretions, and then to cover these excretions with dirt. As we descend in the scale of Existence, even down to the lowest Atom, there appears unmistakable evidence of the presence of a Principle of Intelligence that guides all things.

Heredity controls the form of man, and Environment shapes his thoughts; but what power is exercised over him by that Eternal Intelligence, which has impressed forever upon the Atom, the influence that prompts it to seek vibratory correspondence with other atoms? Dr. Willard Carver observed the existence of a Universal Principle of Intelligence, and says that man receives impressions of this Intelligence through the channel of Intuition. He says: “We are limited in our acquisition of knowledge to intui-tion—deduction. There is no other, there has never been another, there never will be another channel through which we may receive universal Intelligence. We must get universal truth, if at all, through intuition.”—Psycho-Bio-Physiology. p. 117. All physical bodies are composed of Matter. Man’s body is physical, and is composed of Matter.

There is no Intelligence in Matter, as the word Intelligence is commonly used and understood. Therefore, then is no Intelligence in Man. At this point the student is referred to Lesson No. 5. Chapters 15, 16. 17 and 18. in which we have traced through physical bodies the operation of a mysterious element called Intelligence. It is there shown that Intelligence arises as an Eternal Principle of Existence. and appears in connection with the action of Vital Force upon Matter. It is also shown there that the conduct of plants. insects. and animals of the lower order, is fixed, definite. and certain. because their conduct is subject wholly to the Law of Eternal Intelligence. by which these things are guided, and from which guidance they are incompetent to deviate or stray.

We shall now consider further the effect upon man of (I) Heredity, and (2) Environment.

The student should refresh his memory here by referring to the Law of Vibration (Elementary Orthopathy, advanced Orthopathy). The Process of Heredity, we have seen, carries with it. in a direct line of descent, the mental traits and physical characteristics of the Ancestors by consanguinity, that is, persons related by blood and birth.

We have seen that the vibratory-waves of man’s Environ-ment rule his conduct not only. but that from such source he gains all his primary knowledge. Any other knowledge that he may exhibit and express, is secondary, and arises as a varia-tion of this primary knowledge. The impressions made by vibratory waves coming from the Environment, are registered in man’s brain-cells. as we have explained.

These impressions are translated, by the process of Vital Force acting upon matter, into what is known as Thought. Consequently, the Thought must and does cor-respond with the Environment from which come the vibra-tory-waves. The Thought is merely an interpretation of the Environment. Every instant of his existence. Man is subject to stimula-tion from his Environment.

Every thought rises from the influence of the constant stimulation of Environment. Every action of the body is in accord with the thought. The effect of the stimulation remains impressed upon the brain cells. The impressions may lie dormant and passive for years; but they may, at any moment, upon suitable stimula-tion. become active.

The effect of the vibratory-waves of Man’s Environment. stored in the human brain cells, is not merely a small segment of the present. It includes the impressions of the years and centuries. It includes all the experience of the race. that has been received by the brain from Man’s remote ancestors. and passed on and on. by the process of Inheritance. Thus we say, and with truth. that the destiny of the race, from its beginning, is indissolubly bound up in the human brain. The history of Man is recorded in his brain. as in a vast book, full of hieroglyphic symbols. Enviroment, made upon the brain cells, are passed on, through process of Heredity.
This is the actual process by which Man’s brain is made to contain his history, from the dawn of his appearance on Earth, down to the present day. Hence we can truly say that Man knows all, even though there may be many things that he cannot explain nor understand.


We must return once more to Spencer’s classic description of conditions necessary to make possible the state of Perpet-ual Youth.
“Perfect correspondence would be perfect life. Were there no changes in the environment but such as the organism had adapted changes to meet, and were it never to fail in the effi-ciency with which it met them, there would be eternal existence and eternal knowledge.” We have discussed the proposition of Heredity and Environment. and observed some of the effects these have and leave on man. What Heredity does for man, is determined for him, and lays beyond his control. No man can select his own parents, nor control their conduct and mode of living. If their mode of living is such as leads to degeneration, their children suffer as a result.

Every man, to a large extent, can choose and control his own Environment. His relation to it, however largely determined by Heredity in the first instance, is always subject to alteration. So great is man’s control over Environment, and so radical its influence over him, that he can direct it so as either to undo, modify, perpetuate, or intensify the earlier hereditary influences within certain limits. No living creature can long endure in a hostile Environment. No living creature could come into existence in a hos-tile Environment. Man did not appear, until the Earth presented a hospitable Environment for his appearance and existence.

The condition of his body and the length of his life-span depend upon Heredity and upon the relation existing as between him and his Environment. Plants, guided entirely by Eternal Intelligence, and ani-mals of the lower type, where Individual Intelligence oper-ates more in conjunction and cooperation with Eternal Intelligence, are free from the influence of Will and Desire. They remain in harmony with their Environment, to that extent, and for them this is Perfect Existence. The very lowest class of Insects are guided entirely by Eter-nal Intelligence. They do not suffer from that physical de-generation which affects man and mammals, and which Sci-ence has been unable to prevent.

Such Insects do not grow old. They do not degenerate. They do not die of disease. But, having attained. by a series of gradual stages, the culminating point of their development, making their organism produce at this point its maximum re-sults, they die a quick death as soon as they have drawn from their existence all the good that they can receive, and imme-diately after having assured the future of their species. Insects never know that slowly-approaching decrepitude which comas upon man, whose body is too tough to be killed by doctors and drugs in its younger years. Insects never become helpless charges to fill charity homes.

The migratory birds, guided by the promptings of Eternal Intelligence, leave the northland in the fall, fly directly to the South without hesitation, and there find the conditions that are favorable for their existence and sustenance. In the beginning, man was not less endowed than plants, bees, and birds. If the favorable conditions arc there, which the birds seek in the South, and the birds not only know it. but go and find it, shall we believe that the conditions of Per-petual Youth, which man is incessantly seeking and some day hopes to find, do not exist? We shall not believe that the search for the Fountain of Perpetual Youth springs solely from the reaction of humanity “to a natural impulse, which is the dread of the infirmities of age and the horror of death.- We shall not believe that birds may follow the urge of “animal instinct?’ and find that for which they search, while man is mocked in his efforts.

Man appeared on Earth as the weakest and poorest armed, physically, of all living creatures. But to compensate for this deficiency, he was given that which no other animal has in the same proportion and degree. He was endowed with great brain capacity, concerning which we said in Lesson No. 23, Elementary Orthopathy:
“Who that has cast but a single glance at the powers and properties of the most wonderful of all organs, of which un-fortunately so many authors and educators scarcely know the proper use. can refuse to endorse what iluschke says:

“‘In the brain lies the temple of the highest that is of in-terest to us. Yea, the destiny of the whole human race is in-dissolubly bound up in the 65 or 70 cubic inches of brain-mass, and the story of mankind is recorded therein, as in a vast book, full of hieroglyphic symbols.’ The human brain is the highest and fairest blossom of all terrestrial organization. It is far more than an organ of di-gestion. assimilation, or excretion. It is the mightiest forma-tion of material combinations. It is that part of Matter, so highly and so elaborately constructed, that it exhibits in its function the most marvelous phenomena that proceeds from the human organism.”

The Brain of man makes him Ruler of all living creatures. It is the brain of man that lifts him high above all other animals. It is the human brain alone that is sufficiently perfect to meek.: the glorious message of Perpetual Youth. The liver of the horse or the cow is as remarkable and complex in structure as is the liver of man. So are the kidneys. the lungs, and the other glands. But the Brain of the horse or the cow, and of all other animals, is far less complex and far less perfect than the Brain of man. Man’s Brain is the storehouse of knowledge, the regulator of the intricate mechanism of his body, the director of his destiny. It possesses far greater Power than any man has yet developed and used. The more the brain is developed by use, the thicker becomes the gray matter. It is said that no man, at death. is found to have developed more than two per cent of his brain cells. Of the two percent developed, less than two percent is used constructively. The remaining 98 percent of the two percent of the brain developed, is used destructively. This could explain the relationship between the use of 2 dna strand (2-3%), and the other 10 dna strands (97-98%) of total 12 strands as junk dna.

The body degenerates from lack of use. This is a fixed rule. with no exceptions. and applies to each and every part of the body. It is found in the saying:
For whosoever bath, to him shall be given, and be shall have more abundance; but whosoever’ bath not, from him shall bc taken away even that he hath.” (Mat. 13:12)

If man uses well that which he has, to him shall more be given: but he that uses not that which he has, from him shall be taken away even that he has. Man’s brain appears to be degenerating from lack of use. This is seen by comparison of modern human skulls with the skulls of the Ancients. Many years ago near Cro-Magnon, France, certain human bones were found, and the skulls were remarkably large. The brain of these representatives of some primitive race of about twenty thousand years ago, was much larger than that of the best human brain of today. Due to man’s marvelous brain capacity, Individual Intelli-gence has developed in him to that high degree, where he is able to meet, master and control his Environment. By the use of his wonderful mentality, man has triumphed over all living creatures not only, but he has been able to exist, sustain himself, and progress in the midst of an Environment so unfavorable to living organisms, as to have caused other creatures, one after another, to succumb and disappear.

Birds and beasts can find safety only in (lien from an um hospitable Ensironment. Man alone possesses the mental capacity that enables him to change the Environment to serve his needs In she arid regions of the Earth. where the shifting sands are parched with heat, where no other creature can exist. man by means of irrigation. has turned barren waste into beautiful gardens and productive groves. No other animal has been able to accomplish such work. Because of the smallness of the brain capacity. the Individual Intelligence of other animals cannot develop to such high level. All other creatures are subject to the influence and conditions of their Environment.

Then they cannot control nor change. ewn though their existence depends upon it. Man stands pre-eminent and alone in this respect. The history of the Earth shows that even since man came into being. many kinds of animals have perished Only a few thousand years ago. several species of powerful mammals. such as the cave bear, the ober-toothed tiger, the mammoth. the aurocb, the giant stag. became extinct. In physical en’ doormat these were far superior to man in equipment for defense and resistance. But they lacked his marvelous mental capacity.

We observe how much more greatly is man endowed. in many ways. than are plants. tax and birds. In him the development of Individual Intelligence reaches its highest peak He is emancipated from all restraint: he is the sole dictator of his course and director of his conduct. This perfect freedom was intended (or his higher elevation and evolution. It was intended to guide him to Eternal Knowledge and Eternal Existence. Bees and birds are directed by the influence of Eternal Intelligence.

Man marvels at their display of knowledge. and the perfection of their work While they live in harmony with their Environment. and pursue a healthy. happy life, he finds himself in the midst of a hostile linvironmsnt. and groans under the burden of his maladies.

The misery of man aroused the attention of wise Solomon, and constrained him to utter these words of warning: “For in much wisdom is much grief; and be tbat increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow. Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright: but they have sought for many inventions.”—Eccl. 1:18 and 7:29.

Something is sadly wrong when much wisdom means much grief, and the increase of knowledge is the increase of sorrow. It means wisdom misdirected; and knowledge based on error. It means wisdom and knowledge that lead in the wrong direction, that subvert and obstruct the true course of things.

It means the production of the innumerable ‘inventions.” as man strives to ‘Improve on Nature.” When the weight of his Inventions” crushes him to earth. he calls for help and cries, O Father. say: me from my sins! He clutches at the false doctrine of base institutions. bent only upon profit and power, and is led onward to greater degradation

Science is remaking our lives. pipes a silly World of Medicine. Science is improving on Nature, pipes the deluded World of Invention. Science is wonderful, pipes the deceived World of Humanity. To remake “our lives,” to “improve on Nature.- means to transgress Universal Law. For it means to attempt to sub-vert and obstruct. and change the true course of Eternal Formation From such display of wisdom comes much grief, from knowledge thus gained comes much sorrow. It is wisdom misdirected: it is knowledge based on error.


Eternal Intelligence strives in various ways to teach man the right road. But in his ignorance he fails to grasp the mek sage. He continues to search in his inventions for the Secrets of Life. He knows not that the Kingdom of God is within.

So he casts his whole being into his inventions, as he struggles to escape from the miseries of his own making. Mis-education leads man to believe that his Environment is trying to destroy him; and he works to find ways to save himself from this imaginary foe. There is no enlightment from without.

In the human brain is revealed all things. “If that which thou seekest thou Emden not within thee. thou wilt never find it without thew” Even to himself. man is an impenetrable mystery.

His body and being rise from the operation of Vital Force upon Infinite Matter. under the direction of Eternal Intelligence.

But he is content to view and study the Matter only, while disregarding the Directing Law, and denying the existence of the Animating Force.

If man were taught to know himself as he is. if he were taught the great lessons of Life. his sorrow and misery would vanish forever.

Fear. worry, discord, would flee with wings into the darkness, never more to return. From the fading embers of perishing manhood. would rise the Perpetual Youth of Eternal Godhood.

Man is detenoating, but he will not disappear. The King of the Visible World is just waking from his long slumber. By the Golden Thread of Knowledge. Humanity and Divinity are being drawn closer and closer together. Sensing more surely the subtle Truth, that All is One. More than ever before. the propelling influence of Perpetual Youth is stirring the heart and brain of man. It seems to come as a long, remembered fragrance, wafted by a gentle zephyr from the Homeland, and the Human Brain responds in joy, gladly seeking that Grand Country from whence it comes.

There is little of profit in these lesions for him who is unable to rise above the general opinions of the day. But for him who makes the knowledge contained in these lessons His religion, there will be opened a World of Beauty and Splendor.

He will rise to that exalted Plane. where Living Existence brings Peace and Pleasure. Knowledge is Power. The conditions of Perpetual Youth will rise from Eternal Knowledge. But Eternal Knowledge rises only from the Light of Eternal Truth. In conclusion, this is the formulary of the Law: (1) Eternal Knowledge based on (2) Eternal Truth leads Man to (3) Eternal Life.

Even now, at the end, he knows that he has only scratched the surface. The student is urged not to stop here, but to use the facts uncovered as a foundation for further work. May the Blessings of a Healthy Body and a long life be yours.


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