The Hidden Secret with Gangstalking How They Can Synchronize

I have been gangstalked for over 6 years in Sweden and have time to study these behaviors very close and for long time observing them and here is my conclusion:

Hidden evil in The State of Sweden

To understand the gangstalking process better to explain it better


Gangstalking secrets

  1. How can gangstalkers seems to know things about your life without knowing you?
  2. How can they sychronize with your activties or know when you leaving or going so they can synchronize with you?
  3. How can they interacting with you when you watching tv or listen to radio and seems to know you are listening? Because they talkes about things happening in your life everytime you listen.
  4. How can one gangstalker behaving in one way in one place, and if you going to another place another gangstalker behaving in same way?
  5. How can they revealing things/inormation live in front of you or near you or around if you doing, saying, making, watching, listening, speaking, calling or do something?
  6. Why do targeted individuals feel they are watched 24/7 wherever they go or what they do?
  7. How can they shadowing, following or tracking you when you moving around in your apartment without be there?
  8. If you thinking about something, how come you can see some form of sign about it somewhere?
  9. How come the gangstalkers acting, behaving, speaking in same way without education about these things?
  10. How come young children or older people 60-80 years old also seems to be infected and making gangstalking?
  11. Every people who partcipant in gangstalking can´t get money for their activities
  12. If these people dont have any advanced education about these complex things – how come they are involved and how come they can do same thing for year after year. They have just one interest to destroy and harm, and disturbing and interfering, terrorizing
  13. How come ordinary people can advanced things about Neuro-linguistic progamming, and how to create anchors or chaining as in Gangstalking for a example. It is advanced psychology. This knowledge coming from darker entities in them and not from themselfes. This dark entities acting like like wicked one by doing same meanless thing day after day and year after year. This is their meaning in their life.

There is (maybe) some gangstalker swho  can get some money and there are tons of technology to mind control people, but I don´t think that is the all secret about gangstalkers.

How does the world look like today?

Who is the ruler of this world?

Why are there a matrix humans are living in?

Why so much mind control and so much brainwashing today?

Why are the experts hindering people from finding their true self?

Luke 11:52 can be related to these 11 facts and how they using mind control to deceiving the population

I think the truth about gangstalkers is they are controlled by their inner darker entities controlled and instructed by the demiurge. These entities called The Archons and controlling the lower animalistic chakra systems. Archons are the controllers of this world, and they controlling the matrix, and thats why people seems to going around and gatekeeping doors and doorslamming.

If they controlling the lower chakra systems it means you must go or pass throw their controlled air, space, and place, and while your are developing your light and spiritually growth towards the higher energy frequency or higher vibration of light they can mind read the frequencies and interfering with you during a short time.

These entities The Archons or Sirians means the rulers of the lower light source (The State of Sweden transmitting the song “We control the sunlight” into my apartment and even when I am outside and exercise)

How come gangstalking is called psychological warfare?

Who are they fighting against or why?

Why is there something called psychological warfare against citizens or the population in a democracy?

Many are talking about the war between demons (darkness)  and angels (light)

When become psychological torture and noise torture a methods everyone can use in a democracy?

Why have police become gangstalkers by themself?

Information and knowledge revealing that lower chakra sytems is animalic and controlled by the archons, that assistance of the demiurge, Yaldabaoith, the lord of the archons. This is how the gangstalkers communicate with each other on a mental plane. These people are low frequency people, and all dark forces, or demonic controlled neighbors are mind controlled and brainwashed by these forces.

How can these entities know things that are happening in your life or my life, or how do they know things about what you have been doing or who you have been talking to?

Evolution or spirtual growth means that every person who is looking for spiritual freedom from this materialistic world and matrix must pass throw their controlled chakra system (the lower chakra system), and they will spiritual attack you by oppress you and obstructing you, or gatekeeping and watching you, stalking you, scaremongering, revealing things about your life to make you feel your are controlled by them and not by yourselfes. That´s why they also using children to acting or harass in differents ways.

Humans are trapped and caught in this or their matrix, andt hey don´t want anyone to get free or out of their matrix. But they are to begin weakening for real. It is like mind virus in the beginning. It is always most aggressive in the beginning, and then just get weaker and weaker for every week, months or year. It is helping foucs on the light source and not on their dark energy. There is a spiritual war going on today. Some call it for psychological warfare, but it the same meaning. If their is a spiritual war going on how does this expresses?

These dark entities attacking, persecution, harass, stalking, mocking, feramongering, isolate, obstructing other humans today. They acting like wolves in mental sheep´s clothing. This is no longer a democracy and there is no humans rights in their world. There main gial is to enslave everybody, and everyone who not bying this concept will be psychological tortured in every way they can and have destructive fantasy to. What kind of democracy allows other groups to with a hidden agenda destroy other humans life on every level? It is evil and cruel and these forces working everywhere today and controlling people

Here is 11 ways to how they hindering you from find your true self

Sweden is using interfering psychology or 2 in 1 psychology to mind interference in their gangstalking

  1. Mind interference
  2. Mind invaders
  3. Mind intruders
  4. Mind wars

Gangstalking Hidden in Plain View

Many of us have experience with books where the goal is to find the  hidden picture Contained in the landscape. Or the artwork, where if you look intently, you will eventually see a three-dimensional picture superimposed on a flat background. At first, most of us had some trouble detecting these hidden pictures, but with practice we usually see
them. Once the detection mechanism is developed, these hidden objects become clearly visible with little effort. So too with the Hidden.

The Hidden Evil in Sweden

Once you know what to look for, these borderline-subliminal attacks are quite detectable. So, rather than using a blunt overt attack against a fully functional person, they usually attack covertly, and conceal their harassment by using existing events that occurs naturally. There is usually cover for the harassment as well. However, it is probably a statistical rarity for some of these stage events occur as often as they do. They conceal much of their harassment using what appears to be a simple formula. From what I‘ve learned, the basic formula is as follows;

  • Frequency: Describes how often an event occurs. It also pertains to the number of acts within a single event.
  • Durration: Pertains to the length of a single event. It also pertains to the non-stop nature of the harassment in general.
  •  Intensity: The amplification of acts such as sound, sight, crowding, etc. within an event.

A hypothetical example of a car door-slamining event would include this: One neighbor arrives and two others leave As they are tending to their vehicles there is the repeated opening and shutting doors and trunks, alarms going off, and beeping from alarms being turned on. These distrubances emanate fro areas surrounding your house /home and apartment). This may happen simultaneously, or they may be strung together, one right after the other.


The event lasted for 5 minutes; longer than normal (Duration). ln addition to length of the event being extended, the number of times each act occurred within the event was increased (Frequency). Ex: Multiple, repeated doors/trunk slamming from cars, even if a single. individual is at the vehicle. This event also happens many times throughout the day (Frequency). Each individual act of doorftrunk shutting is amplified by deliberate slamming to produce a louder than normal noise (Intensity). The event was louder, contained more activity (acts), and lasted longer than normal to produce a covert attack. Even if a single individual is arrivingfleaving, standard practice seems to be multiple
slams (trunk, back door, driver’s door}. This may be synchronized with your activity, such as your arrival or departure. The event may also be a part of a Noise campaign consisting  of an alteration of other types of noise. This basic formula is used with many of the tactics. The frequency and formula  formula is also used in mobbing. In addition to the overuse of an individual tactic, these tactics are combined and used in a round-the-clock fashion, which amplifies their overall potency.

Gangstalking same as the Stasi did to their targets

Dr. Munzert speaks of basically the same pattern, which he describes as a “double~f0lded strategy.” “It is usually the same procedure,” he announced, “but with individual variations.” One part includes the victims being “attacked with microwave weapons,” and “the other part of the strategy” he says, is to portray the targeted people as “mad [insane].“ He explained the effectiveness of this approach as “unbeatable,” and reveals that this is essentially what the Stasi did to their targets. Part of this protocol appears to include elements of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which is a type of mind-control used by behaviorists to affect change.

Gangstalking and noise torture in Sweden (Gothenburg)

Singing on command, playing instruments in prisoners’ orchestras and having to listen to this music was part of daily life in German Nazi Camps. SS-guards in many concentration and extermination camps purposefully used music to attack prisoners’ identities, certainties and self-conceptions (Sweden using same methods as the Nazis did in your apartment and home). My landlord Gårstensbostäder using walking orchestras when there is a big happening and they walking around outside your window (for two times).

The use of music as a type of violence was not unique to Nazi camps, nor was music an exceptional kind of torture in this context. Nevertheless, I argue that the use of music as torture was refined and enhanced in the “universe” of “absolute power” that was created in these camps. Music was combined in Nazi concentration and extermination camps with other forms of physical and emotional torture in ways previously unimagined and to a completely new extent. In this combination music had the potential to destroy prisoners’ humanity in ways that would not be possible using physical forms of torture alone.

A more nuanced understanding of music and emotion will demonstrate how music as torture was developed in the Nazi camps to devastating effect, allowing the camps’ guards and commanders to assault the deepest core of what it means to be human, depleting prisoners’ final resource for survival when they have already been starved, beaten, and overworked: their own sense of self.

People don´t just screaming high pitch before you going to sleep, they also dropping iron bars in the ground a couple of times after 01.00 when you going to sleep, other days a helicopter flying near the roofs or they using barkning dogs.

Sweden using psychological torture and noise torture methods in apartments

The State of Sweden using hypnopaedia, sleep indoctrination and brainwashing during night in same way Nazi´s used the radio

The theory of sleep learning has been around for decades. In Aldous Huxley‘s dark vision of the future, Brave New World (1932), sleep Iearning— actually sleep indoctrination and brainwashing—is called “hypnopaedia” and operates on the same theory as subliminal suggestion. Studies testifying to the truth of sleep leaming show that it works best when we are trying to modify lower-level behaviors and improve physical skills as opposed to trying to acquire higher-level skills such as learning a language.

We already know the human voice alone can be used to heal, hurt, and hypnotize. For example, it has been estimated that the frequency of Adolf Hitlers voice in a typical sentence from one of his speeches was 228 vibrations per second, whereas 200 vibrations is the usual frequency of a voice raised in anger.- 59 A typical Hitler speech started quietly, gradually rising to a crescendo and then stopping abruptly, with the “punch line” delivered in a loud, sometimes hoarse and high-pitched voice. To exploit Hitler‘s “gift,” the Nazis ordered German radio manufacturers to place a radio in every German home. As a result, by 1939, T0 percent of all German households owned a wireless set.

  • They anchoring and planting ideas and thoughts when you going to sleep by playing subliminal music clips messages, children walking around a making one or two high pitch screamings in the midnight or middle of the night (at the same time every evening), people standing outside your window and talking (they usually sitting there during the day also and babbling non-stop), loud conversation from apartment above, door slamming, hitting or smash something in the floor, dropping iron bars on the ground a couple of times after midnight, play sirens, start playing stressful sounds similar to a grasstrimmer, neighbor above starts fake coughing, firecrackers have also been used late evenings, honking hornes, barking dogs walking around near your apartment and barking, motorcycles driving or arrivning near your window after 22.00, they open water cranes and letting water running,  they starts their washing machines after midnight and they starts their washing machine direct on the centrifruge in the morning, making sounds when you visit the toilet, a Swedish police helicopter flying near the roofs after midnight (as late as 02.00, 03,00 or 04.00 sometimes). This is not a nazi from 1939, this is real in around your apartment in Sweden year 2011-2017 and has going on for over 6 years now)
  • They play different music chorus just before you trying to sleep to affect you
  • They trying to subconsiouness programming you during your sleeping process
  • They playing sirens during the night and sounds similar to a grasstrimmer
  • They trying to mind invading your sleeep and dreams
  • They trying to controlling your past to controlling the future as in 1984 George Orwell
  • They stops prescription of sleeping pills
  • There is no new appointment times to a new doctor to get a new prescription for sleeping pills for over 9 weeks during a treatment for depression. This is how The State of Sweden, doctors and pharmacies working together in same way they did during the Nazi´s time to destroy your life by hijacking your sleep cycles and life, and then all these disturbing sounds, music clips, screamings, machines sounds.

I doing well anyway if you wondering without sleeping pills, without medication for depression today, without new appointments to doctors, and I can manage and coping my life with all these psycholoigcal propaganda and psychological torture and and noise torture going on everyday.

After I have writing this I went outside for exercise and jogging for a while.

They airstalking and obstructing you

People who are obstructing the walkway 4-5 times and a Swedish helicopter airstalking me two times during my exercise. And when I start writing here again someone walking outside my window are blowing a whistleblower, and the barking dogs appearing again. This is how Sweden work today with their synchronized inner dark entities. It has become a witch-hunt or some form of obsession, because they don´t seems to do nonthing else when I am indoors (day, evening, night), and when I going outside all activities that is going on before sleeping is also going on when I am outside but in differents disturbing ways. And the neighbor above starts hitting and dropping things in the floor. An earlier the other neighbor starts psycho hammering in walls without nails when I am in the bathroom.

The State of Sweden surrounding your apartment with silent brainwashing methods and use of technology to create breakdowns by psychological torture and noise torture by using your landlord

(This morning they starting playing drums and no one is complaining about these drum beats been playing for hours – great gangstalking landlord), other days there is a walking orchestras outside my window, in same way this music/ orchestra (or drums in my neighborhood) was part of daily life in German Nazi Camps.

What is Brainwashing?

Brainwashing has been defined as: intensive propaganda techniques that are applied under conditions of stress andior coercive persuasion, during which an individual is confronted by conditions deliberateiy designed to undermine his morale and make him question his accepted attitudes. This paves the way for indoctrination with a “replacement set of beliefs” that will producea change in behavioriUsing this definition, we find that political education, religious indoctrination, and general socialization can all be said to contain elements of brainwashing since all three have the same basic goal: to replace a person’s present beliefs and behaviors with beliefs and behaviors more in line with the agenda of whomeveris doing the brainwashing.

To accomplish this, mind-slayers use reason and logic, evoke emotion, make appeals to faith, use psychological persuasion and, when need be, use physical coercion to change a person’s behavior.

They do this by first breaking the person down and then rebuilding him in the brainwasher‘s image. Phase One.’ Breakdow;

Breakdown undermines the person’s morale, causing the person targeted to begin to doubt, making him question his accepted beliefs and behaviors. This phase of the brainwashing process uses both physical and psychological tactics.

Physical breakdown is accomplished by assuming as much control over the body of the person targeted as possible. In extreme oases, such as with POWs or cult recruits, a person’s movement is physically restricted and all their “intimate needs‘ (eating. bathing, using the toilet) are controlled by the brainwasherin order to bring about a feeling of powerlessness in the person. Isolation is used two ways during this initial phase. First. The subject is kept cut ofi‘ from outside information and influence.

Second. actual physical isolation andfor enforced silence (solitary

confinement) makes the brainwashee more eager to join a reeduction group or thought reform class, if only to experience some human contact.

Psychological breakdown then takes a person already weakened in body by physical mistreatment—exhaustion, meager diet, sleep deprivation, and tcrture—and attacks his mind. Psychological attack often begins with humiliation: first stripping the person of his dignity, and then olfering to restore that lost dignity bit-by-bit in exchange for cooperation. Forced to remain naked and filthy for days, a POW is grateful to the “kind” interrogalor offering him a shower and giving him clothes to wear, helping him restore a little of his lost dignity. This is the brainwashers foot-in-the-door: first he creates doubt in the subjects previously held truths, then he olfers the brainwashed subject “new truths.”

Planting doubt in the subject’s mind begins with seeding small uncertainties about such things as the day and time or even who is winning the war.

Little uncertainties lead to big doubts, to distrust of past beliefs, opening the subject up to future changes in attitudes.

The mind-slayer does this by showing the subject with new variables, previously unseen connections, and heretofore unimagined considerations (e.g. how their former political and

religious leaders lied to them, how they were involved in an unjust war, how to see reality from their new-found ‘“triend’s” point of view). ¨

Eventually doubt takes root: doubts of self-worth, doubts incomrades and country. Doubt becomes resentment, then becomes anger that his government and God are unable to protect or rescue him from harm. Weakened in body and mind, under constant bombardment of the interrogators “facts,” the brainwashee’s former self-image (of being invincible and of being valued by his country) begins to crumble.

The interrogators job is to recognize and then voice what the captive is thinking by this time: that they have been forgotten,even betrayed by country and comrades. Such doubts often cause captives to actually identify with their captors. (This attitude is known as “The Stockholm Syndrome”)

Psychological Warfare tactics and Gangstalking are intended to  drive people crazy

Some of the tactics below have been called Street Theatre, Harassment Skits, or Staged events.  They are planned harassment skits, such as blocking, or swarming. They also include informants who surround targets and have conversations intended to be overheard, which contain information about the target’s personal life. Presumably, citizen informants are told that this is necessary to let targeted people know they’re being watched. This may happen in any public place. This is not a complete list of tactics but it includes some of the more common ones reported.

Some of these tactics will sound insane because they’re deliberately designed to make someone appear as though they’re suffering from a mental disorder. They were definitely created by experts in the behavioral sciences. In addition, people may be emotionally drained, and unable to properly identify or explain what’s happening to them.

Mental tactics designed to cause psychological harm must last for months or years before they constitute torture. The Hidden Evil fits this description. So keep in mind, these are Psychological Warfare tactics which are intended to  drive people crazy.

Swedish Mental Health System using political abuse of psychiatry

The mental health system is apparently being used worldwide to discredit targeted people who complain, even The State of Sweden using  political abuse of psychiatry. Swedish healtcare and the swedish mental health system don´t  just miscredit people, they even confusing them, gaslighting people during thearpy, using MK Ultra (nasi) monarch programming “Code Green” in psychiatry, brainwashing and mind control you, scare-and fear mongering you life, playing mind games, doctors and collaborate and cooperate with pharamcies as Nazis also did. During the Nazis time there was collaboration between doctors and military. This is real in Sweden 2017.

Noise interference or communication interference

Noise interference or communication interfeence, mind reading interference, loud speaking, sirens for hours, running water for hours, sounds from motorcycles, power tools, movers, hitting sounds is the creation of ongoing background noise, non-stop babbling (cross-talk) that is part of the interference.

This interference has a detrimental impact on our cognition and behavior in daily activities. It impacts every level of our thinking, from our perceptions, decision making, communication, emotional regulation.


Sensitivity  Programs NLP

Some of the sensitivity tactics used by these groups are borderline- subliminal attacks designed to artificially create phobias. They are apparently based on Neuro-linguistic progamming (NLP}. You can think of NLP  as a very powerful tool that can be used to produce rapid, profound change. The parts of NLP that groups use are anch0rs and triggers.

The goal of a these sensitivity programs appears to be to condition people with damaging emotions which are linked to triggers such as objects, colors, movements, and sounds. Once this is done, a target can be covertly injured openly in public. This may happen with or without the target’s conscious awareness. As I’ll demonstrate, this is brutally violent.

“There is a basic protocol that the perpetrators begin with, but the Tl contributes to the modification,” explained McKinney. She described that a “pavalonian conditioning” program, is used to get targeted people to “respond emotionally to a particular trigger.” These negative emotions are then “built into the protocol.“ “lt’s an ongoing
process,“ declared McKinney. Moret agrees saying, “They will stalk the target for a while to condition them,” and make them “confused and frightened.” Self-help gurus use these programs to create positive emotional states and anchor them to a movement, a sound or an object. Then the sound, movement, or object becomes the trigger that will invoke the emotion. Although this sounds complex it is pretty simple in practice. lt is done by creating a peak emotional state, and then while in that state, you anchor it, that is, do something repeatedly. This effectively anchors, the emotional state to whatever was repeatedly done.

“How are anchors created‘?

“A stimulus which is linked to and triggers a physiological state is called an anchor in NLP,” stated O’Connor and Seymour in their book, Introducing NLP. They ask, “How are anchors created‘?“ “First by repetition… secondly, and much more important, anchors can be set in a single instance it‘ the emotion is strong and the timing is right.“ This process of creating anchors has also been called Emotinal Transference.

This is nothing less than using violence to create an injury and then deliberately irritating it

We‘re unconscoiusly creating anchors in our environment all the time with people, music, places, and objects. These stalking groups are obviously led by people knowledgeable in the behavioral sciences. The groups are used to create negative emotional states in targeted people, such as fear and anxiety, and anchor them to common objects.
This is the deliberate creation ola phobia!

O’Connor and Seymour declare “An external stimulus can trigger a very powerful negative state.” “This is the realm of‘ phobias” they warn, This is nothing less than using violence to create an injury and then deliberately irritating it. “Targets are constantly monitored and if a target responds emotionally to a particular trigger, that will be built into the protocol,“ says McKinney.

How they sensitizing you by repeating

One morning you´ll walking out to your car and a man walks in front of you, stares directly at you with a hostile manner while repeatedly clicking his pen the whole time. You feel a little uneasy and sat to yourself. Boy that´s was weird, what was his problem?

Then two hours later your´re leaving a shopping mall on a day that it was not particularly crowded. As you walk to your car, an old lay approahes you on foot. As she almost collides with you, she locks her eys into you with a hostile demeanor, while clicking a pen the whole time. Then maybe you tell yourself something like like this;

”There couldn´t be a realtion between those evenst, probably juta coincidence. But they both stared at me in such a mean way while hammering their pens…”

Later in the after noon, your´re in yoru way home., Your ´re at a stoplight and out  the corner of your eye you see a passenger in the car to your left. You hear a slight noise, and glance over. You see a man glearing at you with a grin on his face. His arm is hanging out of the window and he is holding a pen, which he is repeatedly clicking.  Now imagine that happeing for month. Then a few days later you´re on a sidewalk with a friend or family member. A man walks by, doesn´t  look at either one of you, but clicks hsi pen a couple of times. You feel anxious an afraid.


You may not even know you’ve been sensitized. One reason people may not realize that they’re targeted or can’t remember exactly when it began, is because these groups may slowly and gradually increase the harassment over time. But if‘ you did recognize it as an attack what would you tell your friend or family member‘? This is what happened: The collisions, blatant hostile staring, and foul grin created the negative emotions and anchored them to the pen which has now become the trigger. That is an example of a sensitivity program. Now imagine yourself being sensitized to multiple objects and sounds, and each of them creating pain each time you see or hear them. Targets around the world have witnessed this being done with sounds, gestures,  cell phones,  laptops, pens, cars,  watches,  clothing, symbols, colors, and other items. This type of attack does require some maintenance and will loose its potency unless it is reinforced.

So groups will reirnforce these anchors and triggers with an occasronal blitz attack from time to time.
The example above is a simple tactic which groups can use to let you know that you’re being harassed in public. But there are many other attacks which NLP can be used for.

For instance, you have recently experienced an extremely traumatizing event (which may have been facilitated by a faction of this network), such as an accident, death of at family member or pet, or some type of a brutal assault. Those who have you under surveillance know that there is a color, object, or sound that you‘ve linked (anchored) massive pain to.

Then shortly afterward, you are stalked by multiple people who carry that object, wear that color. or utter that phrase. This brings to the surface all the emotional pain you suffered during that experience.

Imagine this happening again and again every time you go outside. Now think what it would be like if‘ your family and friends started to participate.

Groups will take an object you’ve been sensitized to and link it to another object. The idea appears to be to keep expanding the amount of objects you associate fear, anxiety, anger, or shame with.

For instance, one of your neighbors has made it clear that they’re participating in the harassment. Now. you know they’re participating, and they know you know. So they may try to sensitize you to another stimulus sueh as a ear alarm. Because you’ve already associated them with massive pain, they can extend their harassment to a sound by turning their car alarm on/off in rapid succession over a short period of time multiple times through out the day.

After they’ve done this for a couple of days and you’ve been sensitized to this sound, they can reduce their use of this specific tactic and just use the occasional maintenance sounds to inflict pain.

Now instead of repeatedly turning it on/off‘ ten times. they only do it two or three times in a row, just to let you know you‘re being attacked.

Even though it’s only done a couple times in a row, you know why they’re doing it and you may feel anger, fear, anxiety or other negative emotions. You may also feel frustrated at the prospect of trying, to explain this harassment to another individual.

Anyone else observing this might think it’s a little strange that someone would turn their alarm onfoff a few times but they’d probably write it off as an isolated strange incident. But because they have not had your experience with that sound, and are not aware that it is a small part of a much larger harasstnent program, it would be difficult to
explain that those beeps were attacks.

New trigger is called chaining

In NLP, the process of copying an emotional state from an existing trigger to a new trigger is called chaining. O‘Connor and Seymour state,  anchors can be chained so that one leads to another. Each anchor provides a link on the chain and triggers the next one. Just as the electrical impulse flows from nerve to nerve in our body.

After a person has been sensitized to a color or object, the article can become a unification symbol for the group, much like a uniform. For instance, after a person has been sensitized to the color red. she is surrounded by people wearing red cloths in public. Furthermore, this is adaptable uniform because it can he changed in less than five minutes. lf a person who realizes that they’re being GangStalked has been sensitized to red, then the organizers of these groups can simply have them blitzed by a horde of citizens wearing the color blue. The harassment has now been changed to this color. Most likely, these uniforms also help promote group cohesiveness, and may foster feelings of empowerment among stalkers.

Noise Camgaigns

All targets of the Hidden Evil are Familiar with noise campaigns. Basically, targets report experiencing a steady stream of noise consisting of a rotation of various types of disturbances around their homes. This includes door slamming, yelling, car alarms, horns, tires screeching, loud music, engines rewing, and frequent construction  projects which include an assortment of noise from lieavy machmery and tools.

Not surprisingly, in his books Future War and Winning The War, Dr. Alexander described using noise as a weapon. ln Future War he wrote. “Audible sound in frequencies from 20 to 20.000 hertz. can be applied to influence behavior. as most people are sensitive to very loud noises. For instance. it‘ you‘re targeted, there will be doors slamming for a few moments, several minutes of silence will ensue. then a motorcycle will drive by and rev its engine outside of your house.

After that you’ll have someone mowing the lawn. Then there will be alarms going off. After that you’ll hear aloud crowd of people walk by your house. Then you may then hear fire or ambulance sirens. Then there will be hammering and sawing sounds from the Ongoing construction projects. Then you’ll hear car alarms being turned on/off in succession multiple times from multiple vehicles around your house.

There will generally not be a solid five minutes of uninterrupted peace. Moret spoke of the use of “noise campaigns” which included the frequent use of garbage disposals in surrounding apartments, vehicles with “blaring horns” and the sirens of fire trucks.

She also spoke of habitual door slamming proclaiming, “they’ll slam doors all day and all night long.“ “Door slamming,“ agreed McKinney, “is also a popular pastime. particularly in apartment settings.” Those targeted may experience a “chain reaction” of‘ door slamming by apartments or houses surrounding theirs.

Other types of disturbances include frequent noise from lawn mowers. snow blowers, vehicles with loud exhaust systems. and ambulance sirens, etc. Noisy construction projects will usually be ongoing. “Blaring horns. sirens. [and] garbage disposal[s]“ which are “run concurrently in apartment settings, for excessively prolonged periods of time.” are common reports wrote McKinney.

She also noted that targets experience frequent “amplified transmissions“ of “general racket” which is “used on a recurrent basis under circumstances intended to persuade the individual that he or she is under surveillance.“

She added, “In all of these cases. the individuals‘ neighbors apparently pretend to be oblivious andfor indifferent to these sudden, continuous explosions of noise.”

They’re oblivious to the noise because they’re complicit in the program. Also. the people above a targeted individual may loudly pace as they mimic his or her movements from above. For instance, if‘ you‘re targeted, as you walk into your bathroom, you hear loud stomping from above which follows you into the bathroom, number of individuals report that occupants of upstairs and downstairs apartments appear to follow them from room to room. tapping on the floor or engaging in other activities which appear intended to advertisean ongoing surveillance.” They’ll “pace in their apartment.“ added Moret. and seemingly to the target underneath them. “it sounds like
they’re being tracked from the apartment above.”

If y0u´re targeted,  helicopters and small propelier planes may frequently pass over your home. Some of these airerafts may be low enough to vibrate the room you’re in. According to Cheryl Welsh’s March, 2003 article entitled, List od Mind controls Symptoms, the use of helicopters is a common tactic reported by targets.

Apparenily these overhead assaults are used for sleep disruption and to undermine the morale of targeted people.

Welsh is one of only six Non-lethal Weapons experts in the world recognized by the United Nations. This noise may follow you to destinations you frequently visit. Foot and vehicular traffic may be re- routed through your street. causing an unnatural amount 0|‘ vehicles driving by your house even if you’re on a side or dead-end street.

There also appears to be a fleet of vehicles equipped with loud mufflers that groups use specifically for creating noise in the targeted area. Often noise will be synchronized with some type of activity. For instance a target hears an ambulance, fire sirens. alarms. or beeps as they leave. Or as they leave. a small aircraft passes overhead. then as they approach their car they hear alarms or doors slamming. Noises made as they leave also appear to serve as a form of communication to alert group members in the area to begin pursuit. In addition to the standard noise package, whatever noise would naturally occur in the area you live will also be increased in frequency. For instance, if a
target lives in a rural area then noisy chainsaws will be quite regular.

And in the winter there may be frequent loud snowmobiles that pass near the area. In this manner, noise is used as a weapon to inflict pain. Chronic exposure to even low-level noise is considered a health hazard that has been known to produce adverse physiological and psychological health effects.


Prolonged stress in general has been known to cause miscarriages. and some who have been stalked and harassed over a period of time have attributed their miscarriages to ongoing harassment. Just as the fabricated cut-offs are likened to getting slapped,  these noises are the equivalent of being repeatedly shocked.

The creators of this program are obviously aware that these noise campaigns are acts of violence.

Hidden Evil ( Text is from this book on Google books)

Finally some Bible thoughts

Be patient, and those who are wicked will not he there anymore. ‘Those who have been persecuted will inherit the earth.

Those who are wicked plot agianst the righteous ones. They are afraid that death is coming.
The wicked prepare for attack and oppress those who are poor. May they face the same fate that they wish upon others.

Better is the meager life of righteous people then the rich life of wicked people. The righteous
will be sustained.

Your legacy will last forever. Do not be ashamed when your time is bad for you will he satisfied at the end of it all.

The wicked ones will perish and they will he consumed by their own suffering which they bring upon others.

The wicked ones do not repay the gifts from the generous. Those who are generous will inherit the earth.















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