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The heart’s electromagnetic field is shaped like the unified field’s torus. It must be so in a holographic Universe. This internal mini universe allows us to love and live life from our hearts, which are nonlinear and illogical to our conditioned minds. The heart operates outside of time and space because it is connected to the cosmos. The brain is limited by its programming whereas the heart has access to the infinite source of wisdom.

The heart operates outside of time and space because it is connected to the cosmos. As such, it functions similar to the Universe: It moves through spirals, vortices, and portals. The heart can access information through interdimensional means and provide us with answers our minds cannot imagine.

The brain is limited by its programming whereas the heart has access to the infinite source of wisdom.

Since the human heart generates the largest electromagnetic field of the body, it receives information in the form of electromagnetic signals before the brain.

It acts as an information clearinghouse that decides what information is important. Not only is it a clearinghouse for information, it also connects us with the energy of creation, the primal spark that glows within every star or heart.

This energy informs all of creation and keeps no secrets. Humans take in this information through the heart.

All the power, wisdom, and love in the Universe are accessible through this portal. The unified field flows through our sacred coordinates, embedding each of us in the field. Each soul originated at a specific crossing of lines of energy (coordinate) within the unified field.

This sacred coordination of energy is our spiritual home base that contains all of the information about each of our incarnations. We are tethered to the heart of the unified field, or the One Heart, through our sacred coordinates. From this vantage point, all of creation is laid before us.

Our heart is open to all the Universe has to offer. Imagine being embedded in a web of energy with all other beings whose electromagnetic fields are constantly interacting with one another.

Talk about an information superhighway! How is it that we can be so immersed in energy and yet be so oblivious to it, especially when this energy is love? It is like trying to access the intemet: unless we connect to a wireless network, we can’t surf the web.

Similarly, unless we consciously connect our hearts to the Universe-wide web of energy, we cannot access the energy/information that the Universe-wide web offers. The information is always there but we can’t understand and utilize what is swirling through us until we consciously connect through our hearts to the power of love.

Opening our hearts is like opening a lotus flower: Each petal opens in its own time in response to sunlight, nutrients, and water. The more sunlight and nutrients that are available to the lotus, the faster it will open.

What nourishes the opening of our hearts? The activation of the pineal gland. which is associated with the third eye chakra, assists in opening the heart.

The pineal gland is a pea-sized. pine cone-shaped gland located between the two hemispheres of the brain. Along with regulating wake and sleep patterns, the pineal serves to connect us with other dimensions.

Magnetite. one of the most magnetic substances, is located just outside of the pineal gland. It serves as our internal GPS locating our position in the cosmos. The spiritual job of the pineal gland is activated by vibration, chanting, kundalini awakenings. meditation, and near death experiences, to name a few.

Once this gland initiates its cosmic connection, it acts as the eye of the heart taking us to worlds unknown.

There is a pineal — heart — sacral connection that opens the door to the inner sanctum of the heart. We can do open this door through secreting a special fluid from the pineal gland called amrita.

Secretion of this fluid can be accomplished by using the tongue to stimulate the roof of the mouth, which allows the amrita to drip down into the throat. Tongue tissue is the first to differentiate from heart tissue in our embryonic development. We truly speak from our heart when we talk.

This connection between the tongue, the heart, and the pineal gland does not end there. The activation of the pineal gland was used in Chinese alchemy. The energy needed for this alchemical process moves up from the sacral chakra, through the heart chakra (heart), to the third eye chakra (pineal gland). The “White Drop” or amrita, secreted from the upper dantian or pineal gland, travels to the middle dantian (heart).

Here in the heart, the White Drop mixes with the “Red Drop” or heat generated by the lower dantian (sacral chakra). This mixing opens the door to the sacred coordinate of the heart. Our third eye, heart, and sacral chakras are fully activated.

We are now able to dwell in the house of the Lord, or our hearts’ sacred coordinates. There are other ways to open our hearts. Our hearts can open when we recognize our humanity in others.

When we experience our “hearts breaking in two,” or the separation from the other heart, the pain we feel is real. The hole in our hearts that we feel is indeed an opening for more love to once again enter and return us to the ecstasy of love.

We are rewarded for allowing love to come into our hearts in the first place. Of all the many ways to open your heart, self-love is the most important. Why?

The answer is quite simple. Once we open our hearts to ourselves, the door to our hearts is always open. Love flows continuously through our sacred coordinates and this abundance of love is naturally shared with all.

We must first fill our cup until it overflows in order to have the love to share. In addition, the more we love ourselves, the more we honor and love the One Heart. When we are in love with another, the electromagnetic waves we emit from our hearts are in sync with our lover’s heart.

The electromagnetic waves from each heart become coherent or harmonic and produce a portal or download point where we can access the unified field’s information. The two fields merge and entrain to each other.

This is how we can sense that two people are in love: we can feel the harmonic field that surrounds the couple. There is yet another way for us to open our hearts and feel the bliss of love. All of the saints, mystics, and great teachers know the ecstasy of divine love for their Creator and its power.

What other force could cause saints to levitate, have the ability heal others, or raise people from the dead? This purest form of love is the most potent form. It comes directly from the One Heart to our sacred coordinates within our hearts.

This is divine love’s download port. More importantly. when the sacred coordinate is able to transmit love back to the One Heart, it produces an eternal indestructible circuit of implosive spiraling love — hence the feeling of perpetual bliss. The

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