The “Great Architect of the Universe symbolize the materialistic Architect of this world and the ruler of this world, the ruler of this world (Satan) and the rulers worship Satan´s materialistic kingdom


The Swedish “Horus Eye” of Surveillance; how does it work in State of Sweden and what is the “Horus Eye”?

The Swedish Horus Eye is used for stalking, shadowing and remote viewing and in real time presence.

State of Sweden using sounds of owls outdoors (Moloch owl) and cars driving around with one broken light on their cars and you see 4-8 cars driving around with one broken light on their cars. This symbolize the Horus “Surveillance” Eye in same way the owl is the freemasonry symbol of Moloch.


And then does State of Sweden beaming Yaldabaoth(Yahweh/YHWH into your apartment and these organized gang stalking methods symbolize the roaring, stalking and the accuser demiurge Satan. Freemasons worship the ‘Architect of the Universe. The Masons selected this goat deity as a representation of the master architect of their demonic temples or lodges. Freemasonry: The Invisible Cult. Satanism and satanic cults, neopagan cults, Wicca, voodoo, witchcraft and secret societies, such as Freemasonry. Freemasonry declares it’s allegiance to Satan, who to them is the ‘master of the universe.

The Name of Christ was eliminated from their “prayers,” and replaced by the “Great Architect of the Universe”, meaning Satan.
The great architect according to Freemasons is supposed to represent God but in fact it does not represent the God of the Bible but it represents Satan himself under a form that flatters Satan the most which is to be depicted as God himself.

The “Great Architect of the Universe symbolize the materialistic Architect of this world and the ruler of this world, the ruler of this world (Satan) and the rulers worship Satan´s materialistic kingdom and the rulers who is infiltrate same world they worship. This Great Architect is the imitator of God. Yaldabaoth—who created our material world. He is called Yaldabaoth, or Sakla, he is the First Father of Chaos, the Great Architect of the universe. His creation is a copy of the eternal, a counterfeit, a projection. The great architect of this world is the worship of Satan´s materialistic world and symbolize the ruler of this materialistic world and this ruler is also the evil Horus Eye. This world is controlled through the Horus Eye.

Yaldabaoth, son of darkness or chaos. Yaldabaoth is the Demiurge, a.k.a Yahweh, the ineffable four-letter name of god, YHWH. One of the archons, the arrogant demiurge Yaldabaoth, creates the world and boasts that he “is god and no other one exists. Here the demiurge Yaldabaoth created seven evil heavens.

Yaldabaoth—who created our material world

Johan III introduced Agnus Dei’s words during his reign, and in 1606 Karl IX established the Jehovah’s Order. None of these … Swedish proprietor of the words is Knight and Commander of Kungl. May: ts ….. Royal Seraphim Order: 1748-1998.

The Royal Order of the Seraphim (Swedish: Kungliga Serafimerorden; Seraphim being a category of Angels) is a Swedish order of chivalry created by King Frederick I on 23 February 1748, together with the Order of the Sword and the Order of the Polar Star. The order has only one class with the dignity of Knight (Member for women and Member of the Cloth for clergymen), and is the foremost order of Sweden.

The three above-mentioned Orders together with the Order of Vasa form the Orders of His Majesty the King[2] (Swedish Kungl. Maj:ts Orden). A Swedish Knight of the Order of the Seraphim is not referred to as a Knight of the Seraphim, but rather as a Knight and Commander of the Orders of His Majesty the King (Swedish: Riddare och Kommendör av Kunglig Majestäts Orden). This form is used because the Swedish word orden is an old plural form which indicates that a knight has to be a Commander Grand Cross or Commander of at least one of the other Swedish Orders. Foreign Knights are for the greater part Knights of the Order of the Seraphim. A Knight of the Order may be styled “Herr” surname, which used to be the formal style for Swedish secular Knights (untitled high-ranking noblemen) appointed by the Swedish King, a practice that ceased in the 17th Century.

The medieval custom of new crowned monarchs dubbing knights at their coronations as a way of specially honoring particular noblemen was apparently accompanied in Sweden with the gift of a chain apparently specially designed for the occasion. These chains did not indicate the initiation into an order of chivalry as this is usually understood, since the bestowal of a chain of a particular design only occurred at a particular coronation and was not repeated at any other coronations or royal event. The description of some of these chains from the some of pre-Vasa coronations states that they consisted of alternating link of seraphim heads and patriarchal crosses, thus perhaps creating the later impression that there had been an earlier order of the Seraphim of which the 1748 order was seen as a revival. It seems reasonable to assume, at very least, that the accounts of these earlier knightly collars influenced the choice of design for the collar of the 1748 order.

This medieval custom survived into the period of the Vasa dynasty as well, for Eric XIV is known to have bestowed the Order of the Saviour at his coronation in 1561. Similarly, John III had bestowed the Order of the Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) in 1569. It is noteworthy that a contemporary representation of this order shows a collar of alternating red-enameled seraphim heads and gold patriarchal crosses from which hangs as pendant an oval badge enameled blue and bearing the Greek letters of the Christogram IHS (the initials of the name of Jesus in Greek) with a cross above and the three nails of the Passion below between the three crowns of the Swedish royal arms—the same as the central medallion of the latter Order of the Seraphim. Charles IX bestowed the Royal Order of Jehova or Jehova Order at his coronation in 1606

Then State of Sweden has beaming Yahweh/YHWH into your apartment I found this knowledge or facts about Sweden and how this could be related to Sweden

When a State of Sweden or some government starts beaming Yaldabaoth(Yahweh/YHWH into your apartment this is part of the stalking program in organized gang stalking, and the stalker that´s roaring around on Earth is Satan or Yaldabaoth. There is strange organized gang stalking activities going on in State of Sweden.

State of Sweden don´t just beaming Yaldabaoth(Yahweh/YHWH into your apartment, they also beaming and looping; they gonna kill you, I gonna kill you, then they gonna kill, I gonna kill, they gonna kill, I gonna kill, and then I will murderer you. Then they start beaming words to make you believe you thinking this; I want to kill someone, I want to shoot someone, and the beaming I will kill my self and then kill your self. When a government beaming and looping these words this is Satan who is trying to destroy your life. There is no other creature in this world who is using this kind of language. And the Horus Eye of Sweden is used for interference and terrorizing, day and night, indoors and outdoors.

Yaldabaoth(Yahweh/YHWH remains an order of magnitude superior to his demonic assistants, here called seraphim. In the Gnostic view, the seraphim of the biblical God are actually the demons of Yaldabaoth.

The first group, which the Sumerians speak of, was the fiery serpents (seraphim in Hebrew means fiery serpents). These serpents were the reptilian species that descended and mated with the daughters of man. They are the subject of many books written about the Sumerian tablets and seemed to be the most powerful of the alien groups. Satan, the greatest of the Seraphim. Beelzebub and Leviathan, the demons of pride and heresy, ranked next to Lucifer among the Seraphim.

Icke says these aliens involves a nasty race of extraterrestrials that are essentially reptilian in nature, who interbreeded with another alien race, the Nordics, to create a hybrid quasi-human species. The most important interbreeding was between the reptilians and the blondhaired, blueeyed, Nordic peoples, both of extraterrestrial origin. The union produced what has been called the Aryan or “noble” race – the “master race” of the Nazis.

This is the fusion of the Nordic and reptilian DNA (the genetic code that decides physical characteristics) and, as the ancient records confirm, it was these “royal” bloodlines, the reptilian-Nordic hybrids, that were placed in the positions of ruling royal power in the Thousands of years before “Known” history. They were the Kings and Queens who claimed the “divine right” to rule because of their bloodline the bloodline of the gods.
The reptilian breeding programme appears to have produced an Annuaki – human – hybrid (Adam) around 200.000-300.000 years ago.
Of particulor significance was the interbreeding between the reptilians and the blond haired, blue-eyed Nordic peoples, the outcome of which was the ancient Aryan “master race”

The Old Testament says; Sons of God who interbred with the daugthers of men to create the hybrid race, the Nephilim
After 200.000-300.000 years who is the ruler of this world today; the hybrid reptilans rules this world and the Annuaki unplugged our DNA down from twelve strands to two strands, they programmed us into the lower matrix. We live in a holographic reality that is being controlled not by us; but by them.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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