The spectrum of mind is three states of mind — instinct, reason, and superconscious; or the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious

The third chakra, located at your solar plexus, corresponds to your mid-brain, the mediator between instinct and intellect

On the forehead between the eyebrows at the point known as the chakra of superconsciousness, or psychic center.

The higher unconscious is the “superconscious”

Intuition opens a wide window for the light of superconsciousness to shine through our subconscious into our conscious mind.

To further assist our subconscious in working efficiently with superconsciousness, we can make special efforts to remain detached as we deal with past and present experience. Such detachment invites the assistance of intuition—our direct connection to superconsciousness.

When awareness is detached, it is not identified with thought and emotion. This detachment gives awareness unblocked access to intuition.

According to yogic science there are three knots (granthis) which prevent the movement of energy from flowing up the Sushumna of the subtle body.

The first knot is that of our bondage to speech (root and first chakra)
The second knot is that of our bondage to emotion (heart and fourth chakra)
The third knot is that of our bondage to thought (third eye and sixth chakra)

When awareness is not detached, but instead allows itself to become magnetized into an identification with thought and emotion, it partially or completely loses its functional connection with intuition. When we habitually and thus frequently allow awareness to become identified with thought and emotion, we live life personally. In this personal living, we have no choice but to see life through the eyes of an identity caught and stuck in a physical body that was born, is alive and will die. From this point of view, we are not looking at life intuitively because intuition is not personal; it is impersonal.

All we have to do is to open the windows of the soul and surrender to the Infinite so that we experience its unlimited blessings. The aim of meditation is not merely to live a quiet life, but also to gain superconscious experience real freedom.

Detachment is a critical step on our progress from Self Aware to Self Realisation because it is the state of consciousness necessary for us to move past the untruth of duality. Until we accept duality as an illusion we can not accept and integrate the reality of living in Unity; the basic truth for Self Realisation.

Detachment is essential to resolving all our thinking habits connected with the concept of ourselves as Body-Mind and separate from the universe. It is accepting and living every day in a state of conscious awareness, that we are not our thoughts, emotions or feelings. We are that which ‘is’, that which uses the physical body in the physical world and thoughts, emotions and feelings in their respective worlds.

In contrast to self-awareness being in the heart, when the sense of the supra-self-awareness is at the heart Chakra, the supra-self-awareness is not only transcending the body, it is transcending self-awareness as well. It is because the supra-self-awareness is transcending both self and body that it can end its suffering. Self-awareness at any level within the body cannot be compassionate, but the supra-self-awareness can because it no longer has to live on the levels of survival, sex, or power.

In the enlightenment experience, one knows that one’s self-awareness is totally being controlled by the desires associated with Chakra levels One through Three (instinctive, emotional and intellectual levels).

In a primal awakening, one experiences one’s self-awareness as being totally controlled by suppressed primal needs, which have resurfaced as desires.

Biologically, in the enlightenment experience, the thinking brain has been effectively cut off from the middle or emotional brain and from the lowest or sensing brain. The perceived result is that thought and emotion are stilled and what arises from that stillness is the supra-self-awareness.

The Sanskrit word granthi means a knot, a tied-up force, or an obstacle to one’s spiritual growth. These knots restrict human life to instinctive, emotional and intellectual levels.

The root, heart and brow centers each contain a granthi (knot) that the kundalini has to break in the course of the journey, and that the second knot (in the heart). The granthi or knot associated with the heart center represents a major challenge to contemporary psychology. It obstructs the evolution of consciousness to the next level, and to pass through it requires a whole new orientation to inner and outer reality.” The nature of this obstruction is “the ignorance and fears that hold us to duality” (i.e. the belief that we are separate from God). The dynamics of its transcendence lead us to “a marvelous leap in consciousness and our capacity for intuition, creativity and empathy…”,.

The knot at the third-eye center, called the rudra granthi, is a kind of inner gatekeeper that prevents our awareness from entering the spiritual centers in the crown of the head. This knot holds us in the illusion of separateness. Once this knot is opened, there is a profound change in our awareness of ourselves. We begin to realize directly, through experience, that our consciousness is not confined to the limits of the physical body.

The first knot is the knot of ignorance.

The word Maya means ignorance (and illusions).

Ignorance is the knot which a man has to untie before he gets possession of the self in the recess of his own heart

Mind is the knot which joins Consciousness and matter.

The base of our being is in Matter, its knot is in mentality, its escape (liberation) into divine Bliss. Our aim as human beings must be to rise through the pure Idea into divine bliss and there freed from mental egoism and vital and material limitations spiritualise and beatify our whole existence from the base to the summit. Man’s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there.

The no-mind

When the terminology no-mind is used, it can easily be mixed up with the idea that one has no mind. Most people who are not familiar with this term become afraid to lose the reckless thoughts that have been going through their heads all their lives. They are the thoughts we have been accustomed to identify with, so the loss of them is the loss of the delusional self. It’s the ego afraid of letting go of itself. It doesn’t know that dropping these thoughts is opening a door of communication pathways we rarely use to a higher form of thinking.

When we are connected in this sort of way, it renders our consciousness able to understand little bits of data coming from our higher selves until our minds become more capable of deeper understanding.

For example, our conscious cognitive abilities operating in ego with thoughts and emotions running the show are equivalent to one central computer processing chip running the brain. The state of no-mind really means a mind operating on a higher level without the interference of wandering thoughts, giving that mind the capacity of one thousand supercomputers working in unity capable of highly complex, four-dimensional variables. This happens for two reasons.

The first is that we connect to the intuitive genius of our subconscious and superconscious minds, and the second is that the superconscious is in obedient command to the supercomputing power of the universal awareness.

Practicing the state of no-mind while in meditation is like rebooting our computer system and letting our inner BIOS correct and defragment system errors. It is very good for our spiritual and mental well-being. Because the mind can sharpen its focus by doing this, our perception will change from one of duality to one of nonduality.

When our awareness is sharpened, we become sensitively attuned to the minute energy changes around us, causing alertness. It’s like using a software that cleans out the OS of our computer and reboots it to become cleaner and faster. When we attune to the frequency of oneness, we gain control over emotional and destructive thoughts as an automatic response system built into our being. When we reboot the system, cleaning and purifying our inner self, the results affecting our outer life will coincide.

Meditation builds oneness and a knowing of oneness. By intuitive practice man becomes aware of his oneness with the super consciousness.
intuition: the soul’s ability to directly perceive.

The Hindus describe the superconscious mind as the all-knowing intelli-gent soul-mind, and is associated with divine consciousness, non-dual consciousness, and spiritual consciousness. This level of conscious awareness is beyond even the states of deep sleep and dreaming, and is an omniscient state that offers a universal sense of oneness with all. Hinduism goes one conscious level above that of the “turiya,” or superconsciousness, with the final and highest state of “turiyatita,” or complete transcendence.

The deep perceptions of the superconscious, or from this point, the paraconscious, can be glimpsed during meditation, hypnosis, or trance states, when our attention is off the daily chatter and activity, and relaxed or lulled into a more receptive state. Dualistic thinking gives way to a sense of oneness, and we become far more attuned to what lies beyond our normal sensory experience.

In the subconscious, instinct guides us ; in the conscious, reason ; and in the superconscious, revelation or inspiration. The first and third seem unerring, the second full of error. Why? Because in the highest and lowest there is oneness or unity.

A Yogi knows that revelation or inspiration isthe disclosure ofthe higher Self within.

One of the way one becomes aware of the superconscious is by what pours down as manna into the field of consciousness as intuition, compared to rays of light illuminating waking consciousness, either momentarily or for longer periods. Flashes of intuition beyond the confines of formal and critical thought happen. These are the creative hyper-concepts flowing out of the higher self and animating the superconscious.

The means to transfer superconscious creative thoughts and energies into the realm of ego-consciousness besides intuition are : imagination, illumination, revelation, inspiration, creation, understanding and interpretationP Another way is the active exploration of the superconscious, an upward movement. ‘In all ways and stages of raising the consciousness it is necessary to use the will.

The will is needed in order to overcome obstacles, to maintain a receptive state. It is needed as a propellant to attain ever greater heights and to stabilize the consciousness at those higher levels. And finally it is vital in directing and making use of the energies released:0) The higher self connects with the ego via the illuminated channel acting as a bridge, projecting ‘pan of its consciousness into the world of personalities.

This God-power is within you, your superconscious mind. It is the realm of inspiration, revelation and illumination. It is the realm of miracles and wonders.

The subconscious has direct access to the superconscious part of ourselves.

First, there is the superconcious mind. Our superconscious mind is located in our cell in the divine brain on the spiritual plane. Our superconscious mind is still directly connected to the Cosmic Consciousness, but we, our conscious self on the material plane, are separated from direct access to this superconscious mind due to the superconscious mind being on the higher planes and our lower, conscious mind being bound to the material plane. So the subconscious mind was brought into being to step down the high vibrations of the superconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is a bridge between the superconscious mind and our conscious self, our conscious mind. It is through the subconscious mind, which steps down the full power of the superconscious mind, that we receive communication from our higher self.

The subconscious mind then communicates with our conscious mind and conversely, the subconscious mind is the communications link between us, our conscious self, and the superconscious mind. This stepping down process is necessary or we wouldn’t be able to receive messages from our higher self that would be understandable.

The unconscious mind receives information as intuition, then passes it to the conscious mind.

When we enter the earth plane and assume a physical body, however, a cloud or “veil” separates our earthly, conscious mind from direct access to the Universal Mind.

The subconscious mind has two functions. It is the controller of the automatic functions of the body and it is the connecting link between the conscious mind and the superconscious mind. The superconscious mind initiates ‘intuition’, or those impulses that impel us through life.

The superconscious mind is constantly giving us impulses directing us to move out of our fallen state, the prison we are bound to on the material plane. The superconscious mind constantly sends impulses to our subconscious mind for us to move in certain desired channels and directions in life.

The subconscious mind sends these impulses to the conscious mind and we receive these impulses as hunches, intuition, or the inner voice.

However, the darkness that surrounded our spiritual body at the time of the fall is now surrounding the subconscious mind in our material bodies and, because of that darkness, we only receive distorted impulses from the superconscious mind unless we do something to clear the channel of communication. These continuous impulses from the superconscious mind are what we need to do next in our life to grow spiritually.

In some of us, we do not receive these impulses at all because we are so centered in the conscious mind and our outer material affairs that we cannot hear our inner voice coming to us through our subconscious mind. We just aren’t listening. These messages are always there, we just need to attune ourselves to them by changing our focus from our conscious self to our subconscious self and then later, to our superconscious self.


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