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The frontal cortex is our Goliath – Goliath represents the world system opposed to God and the internal and external obstacles such a system presents for the believers. Goliath is only symbolic of the natural human emotion of fear, which becomes more and more powerful every time you fail to face that fear. A person who has a powerful electromagnetic field or aura can easily cease the brain activity of any person, especially an enraged person. They do that by increasing their electromagnetic field or aura. Goliath Elite controls human through negativity and fear (low frequencies) and David have access to a much stronger electromagnetic field to defeat Goliath

The story has nothing to do with two beings; large, small, or otherwise. David is, as symbolized, a mere mortal human being but Goliath is only symbolic of the natural human emotion of fear, which becomes more and more powerful every time you fail to face that fear.

Overcome it by actually dealing with it and moving on past it, because unless you are already aware of it, fear is only a product of the imagination. Remember that fear is a product of the Piscean energy. Fear is only the negative side of courage, but they are both born of the same energy, emotion.

Just as David took on the giant Goliath, there is an emerging gestalt of spiritually based activism around the world, ready and willing to form a wave of resistance to multinational corporate dominance of the planet and its peoples.

As usual, Goliath is bigger than we are. As usual, Goliath is totally armored and defended. As usual, Goliath laughs at his critics. As usual, Goliath taunts his enemies. But consider this as well: as usual, Goliath moves slowly. As usual, Goliath is not as smart as he thinks he is. As usual, Goliath’s Third Eye is uncovered; one hit in the middle of his forehead, and the giant will go down.

Make your words your slingshot. Make his conscience your bull’s-eye, and he cannot help but transform. The evil, as well as the ultimate vulnerability of the giant, is that it is not human. Its life force is not the spirit at the center of the universe, but merely corporate papers filed away somewhere.

A corporate mentality whose bottom line is money, not love, is a thing-it is not a human. Of itself it has no heart or soul, or conscience. It cannot cry, or fall in love, or conceive a child, or feel pain. That is what makes it a dangerous guide to human affairs, and also what makes its days so numbered.

A force that is not alive is now ruling the world, and nature will not endure that forever. To be sure, there are human beings who run that corporate machinery, but they themselves are often slaves to its functioning.

Goliath represents the world system opposed to God and the internal and external obstacles such a system presents for the believers.

How do we interpret these two discrepancies? David did not kill Goliath. He shunned Goliath’s brain and shortly froze his brain activities. This sudden ceasing of Goliath’s brain activities caused temporarily paralysis of his body movement.

A person who has a powerful electromagnetic field or aura can easily cease the brain activity of any person, especially an enraged person. They do that by increasing their electromagnetic field or aura. This increase of electro-magnetic field or aura occurs naturally when an enlightened person experiences different emotions, such as, love, fear and anger.

The number “five” represent the “fifth dimension” that is our “soul,” and hitting Goliath on his “forehead” with the stone refers to shunning his brain activity. Our forehead (also known as the “third eye’) is the area in our brain that is responsible for higher intelligence. When David shortly shunned or ceased Goliath’s brain activities

“In short, the Internet is like David taking a shot to the 3rd eye of the power elite Goliath (and Congress lackeys) who value scarcity through monopoly controls within mainstream media, medical, management and marketing institutions that have been bought off by the perks of prestige, profit and power-to-control above all. This Goliath feels extremely threatened by the freedom and opportunity on the Net that ‘levels the playing field’ and challenges the old money-is-power rules that have usurped, co-opted or otherwise subverted our individual and collective sovereignty in order to keep self-governing accountability FROM the people rather than ‘of, by and for the people’…”

The enemy of David, Goliath the Giant, represents the giant enemy of each soul on Earth: the personal habits and illusion of Maya (the lies of reality, or dualism, in the 3rd dimension) that try to destroy us and keep us from realizing our true selves as one with God.

The Third Eye holds the “Illusions of Maya” and this prevent uf from knowing our Higher-True-Selves.What David´s slingshot actually ends is DUALITY and MAYA.

The yogis of ancient India discovered three granthis (knots) in the pranic energy body, which are storage areas for psychic blocks, attachments, and delusions that prevent kundalini from flowing freely through sushumna nadi. These psychic knots are traps blocking you from ascending higher and ultimately achieving spiritual enlightenment. One of these knots is in the third eye area. In these three regions, the power of maya (illusion), ignorance, and bondage to the material world is particularly strong. The granthis are located in the chakras where there is a convergence of the three major nadis: ida, pingala, and sushumna.

Of all mammals, humans have the most highly developed frontal lobes, making up how much of the outer surface of the brain? Right, 41%. By contrast, only 18% of our cortex is used for vision, and only 19% for movement and tactile sensation.

So the frontal cortex is our Goliath; it hogs power even when we’d rather see it sit down and shut up. That’s why sometimes we forget that we’re expecting too much from our horses all in one day.

We’ve got goals to meet even though we aren’t fully aware of them. Goal-oriented behavior feels good because it’s socially acceptable, merits praise, and leads to success both personally and professionally. But it also feels good because the brain’s most rewarding neurotransmitter—dopamine—is released and received when we meet our goals.

Dopamine is chemically similar to mood-boosting drugs like opiates and cocaine, having much the same effect on the brain. When we form plans and execute them in service to desired goals, our neurons are floating in dopamine, slurping it up like liquid joy.

How do we change our inner script, a story that is a fundamental part of us, a story we know so well and defend with vigor?

First we have to see it. Human beings are blessed with an ability to do something that no other species can: the ability to observe our own thinking.

A part of our brain called the prefrontal cortex, a relatively new area on the evolutionary scale, has the unique capability to read its own script, note the feelings, and make a choice before engaging in a behavior.

This relatively small area of the brain is the head honcho, our own personal witness.’ One of its jobs is managing our brain stem or the reptilian brain that is much more primitive.

The reptilian brain, ingrained and ancient, controls our basic survival functions including alerting us to danger. So the prefrontal cortex has a big job to do.

It puts the brakes on our behavior, including addictive behavior that the reptilian section is pushing for.

It’s like David taming Goliath. Goliath, like the addict, is trying to survive by turning to the substance or behavior of choice when emotions are too much. And David is just trying to help Goliath make better decisions.

In blasting off, one must know the difference between the mind and the brain. The two are distinct from one another. They perform different tasks. Your brain is made up of protoplasm and contains neurons, receptors, neurotransmitters, synapses, dendrites, axons, white matter, 100,000 miles of fiber, genes, and protein. It has a cerebellum, frontal cortex, and a brain stem.

There are electrical charges in the brain. The brain is a processor of information and it is where your memory takes place. It must be programmed. The ancient Greeks called the brain, “animal spirits”. Philosopher Aristotle likened it to a refrigerator.

The brain is a part of the neurological system. Your mind, on the other hand, is everything else — what makes you you. It includes your upbringing. You think and reflect with your mind.

While the frontal cortex of the brain determines your personality, the mind makes you who you are. It is with your brain that you remember; it is with your mind that you ascend to a higher level.

Ascension is a function of how well you nurture your mind. While your brain is made of billions of brain cells, your mind is made up of your experiences.

If you just look beyond the carnal seen–The unseen of Divinity is much much greater

(Mark 8:36-37) 136] For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

The Human Life is not just that of a short life
The human bread / is not just that made of flower dough of wheat
The human water is not just that made of H2O found in the natural well
The Human blood is not just that hemoglobin circulating in the body vasculature
The Human Heart is not just that of the beating muscle
The Human Brain is not just that of the physical matter
The Human living is not just that of thoughts, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink: nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on.
The Human Love is not just that likeness to owns
The Human Beauty is not just that look of the outside
The Human Emotion is not just that feeling in materials
The Human Joy is not just that happiness in the world
The Human Glory is not just that exaltation of fame
The Human Treasure is not just that Of the physical wealth
The Human Rise is not just that to explore the universe
The Human victory is not just that of overpowering Goliath
The Human Intelligence is not just that intellect of the mind
The Human Legacy is not just that royal memory imprinted in the stones
The Human Death is not just that of the dying flesh

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