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The first two chakras are physically oriented and translate into our awareness through the reptilian brain. The next two are relational and translate through our mammalian brain. The next two are related to intellect and intelligence and translate through the new brain. The final chakra, enlightenment. The miraculous powers that one gets when these centres are opened are not actually miraculous or unusual at all in the inner world. The powers that the centres hold are absolutely normal. In the inner world, these powers are constantly used by spiritual Masters. Only when they are used on the physical plane do they seem unusual or miraculous. Any real spiritual Master will have these powers

The first two chakras are physically oriented and translate into our awareness through the reptilian brain. The next two are relational and translate through our mammalian brain. The next two are related to intellect and intelligence and translate through the new brain. The final chakra, enlightenment. The miraculous powers that one gets when these centres are opened are not actually miraculous or unusual at all in the inner world. The powers that the centres hold are absolutely normal. In the inner world, these powers are constantly used by spiritual Masters. Only when they are used on the physical plane do they seem unusual or miraculous. Any real spiritual Master will have these powers.

The kundalini rises as we develop spiritually, clearing in turn through all the chakras. When it reaches the crown, we are ready for reunification with God.

The kundalini is designed to break through old patterns stored inside the body

The first two chakras are physically oriented and translate into our awareness through the reptilian brain. The next two are relational and translate through our mammalian brain. The next two are related to intellect and intelligence and translate through the new brain. The final chakra, enlightenment, stands alone and has no correlation in any particular brain part. One must, in effect, break out of the system and leave the biological in order to be integrated into that final state.

According to Gopi Krishna, the awakening of the kundalini signifies a sudden or gradual change in the whole function of the brain. This involves the activation of a normally dormant area, which adds another channel of perception to the already existing senses. The eminent yogis of yore describe the phenomenon in hymns to the Goddess.

They sing of the utter helplessness of the devotee and his entire dependence on the mercy and grace of the cosmic vital energy, Shakti, when the kundalini is aroused. As the mistress of the body, she and she alone is considered to be competent to bestow on earnest devotees the much coveted and hard to attain boon (blessing) of transcendental knowledge and super-normal psychic powers. Her devotees worship her with true loyalty—centering their thoughts and actions in her, resigning themselves to her will.

All these writings give kundalini the supreme position of being the queen and architect of the living organism—having the power to mold and transform it. There are many stories of common men and women who became the fortunate recipients of the grace of kundalini, and they soared to unrivaled heights of poetic and literary genius almost overnight. He states the following:

“The mechanism, known as Kundalini, is the real cause of all genuine spiritual and psychic phenomenon, the biological basis of evolution and the development of personality, the secret origin of all esoteric doctrines, the master key to the unsolved mystery of creation, the inexhaustible source of philosophy, art and science; and the fountainhead of all religious faiths” (Living with Kundalini, p. 257). Now that is really profound.

The author was certainly making a plea for scientific research to be done, but this was not taken up until after he died. He foresaw an era to come when more facts became known about this mighty power whereby a human could develop into a superbeing and become an inspiration suited to humanity’s need for enlightenment. I think he would be pleased

As the kundalini moves upward it strikes against the downward-facing lotuses (chakras) in order, starting from the lowest, causing them to undergo involution and bloom upward. In other accounts the ascending kundalini is said successively to pierce, heat up and burn the various chakras. Some yogis assert that the kundalini travels no further than the heart chakra, and that once the heart chakra is reached the kundalini makes it her permanent home and does not return below it again.

As each chakra is animated, different nimitta, ‘signs’, make their appearance: the heat of the body increases, the skin sweats profusely, a stinging sensation ‘like a scorpion’ is felt. Simultaneously the corresponding siddhis* (occult powers) are released. Thus, by raising the kundalini to the tnanipttra chakra (near the navel) power may be acquired over fire. Only a few adepts succeed in working the kundalini as far as the sasarara, near the brain.

The complete process is known as shat-chakra-bheda, ‘the six chakra piercing’. Some yogis hold that the kundalini has only to break through three ‘knots’ (granthi), namely, the muladhara or base (the knot of Brahma), the anihata or heart (the knot of Vishnu), and the itfriti or eyebrow (the knot of Siva), to reach the sahasrir’ a. Contact between the kundalini and sahasrara results in the flooding of the whole being with indescribable bliss. Associated with the awakening of the kundalini are various experiences on the occult planes, which are manifested, among other things, by different stages of awareness, as each chakra is pierced.

When the yogi has pierced all six chakras he listens for the inner sounds. At first many sounds are heard: the sound of a distant ocean; then a thundering; the sound of a waterfall; then a tinkling as of ornaments; then a drum, a bell, a flute, a bee. The head becomes giddy, the mouth fills with saliva, but the adept must carry on.

The sounds become more internal and more and more subtle until, from the innermost core of his being he hears the rata, the voice of the inner silence, the ‘unstruck’ and unmanifested sound*, the uncaused essence of aabd,a, the Word. Accompanying this is the experience of seeing dots of light, flames of fire, colored lines, dazzling geometrical shapes, and an ‘effulgence’, manifesting in progressive stages from the tnarichikii, ‘mirage’, or illusive bright images, then smoke, then bright circles of light, then the taraka, ‘star’, a small intensely bright light seen between and in front of the eyebrows.

This is followed by the prakasha, an inner illumination, which in turn is followed by the ‘atnana-like experience of jyoti, ‘radiance’, which has been described as ‘the brightness of the Sell which is like a universal flame of a lamp that no wind ever disturbed’.

You are transmitters of these waves of love and love will flow from you. The reward of God is a thousand-fold than any enterprise can bestow upon you. When He blesses you, you wouldn’t even have words to thank Him. To that extent He goes.

As those walking in use each higher chakra, a new auric field is created in the Higher Universe and they can use the Siddhis and specialties through using that chakra and its auric field. As each higher auric field is created through a higher chakra, those walking in get more and more Siddhis and specialties.

The miraculous powers that one gets when these centres are opened are not actually miraculous or unusual at all in the inner world. The powers that the centres hold are absolutely normal. In the inner world, these powers are constantly used by spiritual Masters. Only when they are used on the physical plane do they seem unusual or miraculous. Any real spiritual Master will have these powers.

Muladhara, the root chakra When one has acquired mastery over the muladhara centre, one can become invisible at one’s sweet will. One can conquer all diseases. One can know whatever one wants to know and discover whatever one wants to discover. If one wants to dis-cover God’s Compassion, God’s Light, God’s Love for him, then he is in a position to do so. But if one uses the same power in order to know what is happening in others’ minds or what is going on in their outer life, or if one uses it to discover out of curiosi-ty if a third world war is going to break out, then this power is misused.

Anahata, the heart chakra

The power of the heart centre is unbelievable. A seeker with mastery over the anahata centre has free access to both the visible and the invisible worlds. Time surrenders to him; space surrenders to him. If he uses this centre, he can travel to any part of the world in a few seconds in his subtle body.

In meditation we reach a zero or the thoughtless state and under the shower of the cosmic energy. The more meditation one does and more one will receive cosmic energy. This cosmic energy flows through the energy body which is also called the “pranic body or spiritual body” which is alike in all human beings.

The Cosmic Energy enters from the top of the head called Brahamrandara (7th Chakra also called as sahasraar) and inflow of cosmic energy is based purely on our thoughts. When the flow of cosmic energy is less, the energy in the energy tubes is depleted and thus etheric patches appear in the energy body and these etheric patches or voids and d epletion in aura occurs which gradually lead to diseases in the physical body & in other words depletion of the Cosmic Energy is the root cause of all the diseases in the etheric body. In meditation we get abundant cosmic energy, it flows through all our energy tubes of the energy body and when Cosmic energy is passing through energy body and because of its heavy flow it cleanses all etheric patches. When etheric patches or void are cleansed aura becomes stronger and as result we come out of all our sicknesses.

When energy starts flowing through the sahasraar chakra we feel heaviness in the head region or heaviness of the whole body. While cleansing the energy tubes in a particular region we may get itching sensation or pain in that region. Sometimes we may experience pain in various parts of our bodies & we need not to take any medicine. All these pains will disappear by doing more meditation. By intake of more & more cosmic energy by Meditation we come out of all physical & mental illnesses. In meditation we transcend the body and mind and then the Cosmic Energy flows.


This cosmic energy is imagined as a ray of light coming above the head into the first chakra known as “sahasraar”. Then it follows the second chakra which is located between the two eyebrows called as “agya chakra or anjana chakra or the third eye”.

Then it comes to the “vishudh or the throat chakra”. From there it may move downwards into “anahat chakra” from where it moves down into the “Manipur chakra” which is located four fingures above the navel. From here it descends to “swadhishthan chakra”. Finally it reaches the “base or the muladhara”. The vital force lies here in the muladhar which when awaken gives miraculous power to yogi. Basically kundalini is also form of cosmic energy.

We imagine that this ray of light finally hits the muladhar or the base chakra and the energy sleeping there rises upwards penetrating all the chakras and reaching the crown or sahasraar chakra . All the chakras imagined as rotating fast and gaining the energy and emitting light . All the blockages in these chakras needs to be imagined as cleared and and hither one should imagine that negative energy starts leaving from these chakras and whole body and merges into the pure ray of light and finally disappearing.

These powers tend to be those of clairvoyance clairaudience , psychic healing abilities , astral projectionability to communicate truth , the ability to send kundalini energy to others , and other seemingly miraculous powers.

These seemingly miraculous powers* develop only with the full awaken-ing of kundalini and of the spinal centers.

If the Yoga Sadhaka follows the practice regularly with faith and devotion , he is sure to have miraculous powers

If by practising Yogas these powers are activated ( These powers have been named as Kundalini in the Yogavāsiştha ) man can acquire those miraculous infinite powers of which an ordinary man is not even aware of

As each of the petals of the energy centers begins to vibrate, the Consciousness of a person comes into closer contact with the Higher, more spiritual Matter, due to which the acceleration of the movement of the human Soul towards the more subtle bodies of the Planetary Logos, and, therefore, the Solar Logos, is achieved. Later, when on Earth a part of humanity passes into existence in the Sixth Race, the Kundalini Fire will be transmuted from Muladhara into a greater activity of the throat center – Vishuddhi.

The <Toot.> center is the meeting point of the three NADIs, the triple conjunction – SUSHUMNA, PINGALS and IDAS, in which the creative Sids of the body are transformed into spiritual possibilities, leading to a true restoration of body, speech and Mind.

This chakram is dominated by red color. The energy of which is considered the simplest, vital, suitable only for the implementation of vegetative functions and the performance of rough work. This is the main Energy of the existence of most species of the Animal Kingdom. The wise, controlling this Energy, can achieve through it the highest spiritual power and perfection, while uninformed people are subjected to its destructive influence.

It should be understood that the whole problem lies not in the acquisition or receipt of miraculous Powers, but only in restoring the disturbed balance of our psychic Powers, in freeing ourselves from our inner constraints, our mental poverty and spiritual limitations. The art of controlling the Kundalini Energy in this chakra is closely related to the ability of a person to LEVITATE – flights of the physical body by neutralizing the force of the Earth’s gravity.

The igneous serpent of our magical powers, the sacred fire of Kundalini awakens when the solar and lunar atoms, (which ascend through these two ganglionic cords) make contact in the coccygeal bone near the Triveni. The ascension of the Kundalini spinal medulla. The aura of the Solar Logos. The is performed throughout the central canal of the develops, evolves and progresses within the Kundalini ascends slowly according with the Kundalini merits of the heart. The fires of the heart control the ascension of the Kundalini. Thus, the fire of Kundalini transforms into the bird of Minerva! What is important is to know the clue!

The marvelous bird of fire must be commanded to open, to develop the chakra that is needed, to start the total development of the faculty that is needed the most. You can be sure that the bird of Minerva will work on the chakra, the magnetic disc or wheel (upon which it received the supreme orders). It is evident and positive that those faculties are not developed instantly. Yet, the bird of Minerva will eventually awaken them! If one continues with the practice daily, that bird, the sacred Quetzal, will develop in an absolute manner the ordered and desired faculty. What is important is to persevere, without getting tired, and to practice daily with a fervent intensity.

This miraculous bird of fire provides the clue in order to project the fire of Kundalini at a distance and thus to help the sick or to project the fire to any chakra of the Astral Body of the esotericist.

Some students will project the fire to their prostatic chakra with the goal of attaining the powers of consciously departing and traveling within the Astral Body. Others will do it with the goal of developing clairvoyance (through the frontal chakra). Others will do it in order to gain the power of hearing the ultra (through the chakra of the larynx); this chakra of the larynx enables the yogi to conserve his physical body alive and perfectly healthy, even during the cosmic nights. Others will project the bird of Minerva to the solar plexus, which grants the power of remaining within fire for hours without getting burnt. Some students will send the marvelous bird to the heart chakra, which will grant them power over hurricanes, winds, etc. Likewise, the bird of Minerva can be sent to the chakra of one thousand petals, which is located in the superior part of the skull. That chakra grants intuition, polyvoyance, intuitive vision, and the power to consciously leave the physical body within the Spirit, our Innermost, without vehicles of any kind. The bird of Minerva can also be sent to the atoms of the physical body, and to command it to prepare the body for the “Jinn” State. Thus, all of us must learn how to project the fire to any corner of the universe, and to any chakra of our organism! This is how everyone will awaken their internal powers, because in order to work in the Great Work it is not enough to light the fire, it is necessary to learn how to intelligently employ it.

Restoration, Transformation, and Invisibility

Agni is the god of fire. This great Master helps to restore the fire in each of the seven bodies: Physical, Ethereal, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic, and Atmic. The theurgist can invoke Agni when he moves about in the Astral Plane. Agni will come to his call. When the theurgist invokes Agni, he will call him as follows:

In the name of the Christ,

By the majesty of Christ,

By the power of Christ.

Often, Jesus, the great Hierophant who taught us Gnosis, had to  become invisible.  Innumerable marvels can be learned and executed with the power of the  fire. We can transform ourselves radically with the power of the fire. We can become gods with the power of the fire!

There are eight major and eight minor siddhis or miraculous powers that are  realized through the powers of Kundalini as part of the conditions of becoming  associated with the properties of divinity that are omnipresent, omniscient, and  omnipotent. They are:

  • Anima, reducing one’s consciousness or self-awareness to the size of an atom.
  • Mahima, expanding one’s consciousness or self-awareness to an infinitely large size.
  • Laghima, becoming physically weightless or the ability to levitate or defy attraction to the earth due to slight weightlessness.
  • Garima, the ability to become infinitely heavy, or magnetically attracted to the earth.
  • Prapti, being capable of physically, mentally or spiritually be or  appear in any place, or in multiple places simultaneously called bilocation, or multilocation as a condition of being omnipresent.
  • Prakamya, the instantaneous realization of one desires.

  • VaStva, having the power to overpower all.
  • Istva To become the absolute divinity.

*lshvara*: Dissolve ignorance.

Is the purpose to know ourselves better?

 *lshvara*: This is enlightenment or realization of the Self.

To whom can the Lingam or philosopher’s stone materialize?

*lshvara*: To those who have realized the Self and that is foreseen by the divine plan.

What is so special about a Lingam?

*lshvara*: The power to awaken supreme intelligence.

It is said that with the philosopher’s stone it is possible to transform all metals into gold.

What can you tell us about that?

*Ishvara*: It is symbolic of course. What symbolic meaning does

The Philosopher’s stone is not only able to change all metals into gold but it can transform the evil into good it can change vice into virtue , war into peace , cruelty into mercy , lust into love , damnation into sublimity , sin into divinity , hatread into friendship , greed into charity , pride into modesty , and so on

This transforming and saving power is clearly beyond man’s ability. It will take God to change a man’s relations to the Divine government, and to hold back the consequences which, if there were no God, by the law of cause and effect, would certainly follow every transgression and disobedience.

And it needs no less than God to renew the spirit into a loftier life. And the world knows it, and instead of salvation it talks about reformation, restraint, culture, etc.; all very good in their way, but not going deep enough down into the facts of man’s condition, not being able to lift him high enough up towards the destined good, to be accepted as a substitute for the Divine idea of salvation.

This restoring work of salvation is not only exclusively a Divine work, but is the most energetic exercise of the Divine power. Creation is great and Divine. The new creation, which is restoration to more than primeval blessedness and beauty, is greater, inasmuch as it is accomplished not by a word but by toil, sacrifice, and death, and inasmuch as the result is man more truly and gloriously the image of God than was he over whose appearance angels shouted for joy, and God said, “It is good.” It is great to “preserve the stars from wrong,” and to keep the most ancient heavens “fresh and strong,” but the conception of the Divine power that is gathered from those majestic regions where His finger works is low compared with that which flows from the redeeming work of Christ. God never has done, and never will do a mightier thing than when He sends His Son with power to save a world.

The alchemists supposed the general principles of metals to be chiefly two substances, which they called mercury and sulphur ; they apprehended also, that the .pure mercurial, sulphurcoug, or other principles of -*which they imagintd gold to be composed, were con–tabled separately in other bodies ; and these principles, ‘therefore, they endeavoured to collect, and to concoct and incorporate by long digestions ; and by thus con-joining the principles of gold, if they could be so produced and conjoined, it might be expected that gold would be produced. But the alchemists pretend to a product of a higher order, called the Elixir the medicine for with,

“the  tincture, the philosopher’s stone ; which by being projected on a large quantity of any of the inferior !moth in fusion, should change them into fine fold ; which king laid on a plate of sillar, copper, or iron, and moderately heated, should sink into the metal, and change into 04 all the parts to which it etas applied ; which, on being properly heated with pure gold, should change the gold into a substance of the same nature and virtue with itself, so as thus to be sus-ceptible of perpetual multiplication ; and which, by continued coction, should have its power more and more exalted, so as to be able to transmute greater and great-er quantities of the inferior metals, according to its different degrees of perfection.

Alchemists have attempted to arrive at the making of gold by three methods:. the first by separation ; for every metal vet known, it is affirmed, contains some quantity of gold ; only, in most, the quantity is so littlo as not to defray the expence of getting it out. The second is by maturation ; for the alchemists think mercury is the basis and matter of all metals; that quicksilver purged from all heterogeneous bodies wouldike much heavier, denser, and simpler, than the native quicksilver ; and that by subtilizing, purifying, and digesting it with much labour, and long operations, it is possible to convert it into pure gold.

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