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The Fire of Unconsciousness unfolds from within without and differentiates to sparks of self-consciousness. Our senses are progressive differentiations of That One Sense-Consciousness. The only Reality is Ultimate Unconsciousness. All else is maya-illusion.

We are dual, manifested, aspects of an ultimate state of Unconsciousness, the One and only Reality.

The Secret Doctrine asserts that out of a Perfect, Unconditioned, Unmanifested Consciousness, myriads of short-lived, bundles of individualised consciousnesses keep emerging, like sparks of a fire.

That is how Unknowable Causality evolves to omnipresent mind and life immanent in every atom, and keeps transfer-ring informing principles from one planet to the other, from one eternity to another. Intelligent Law is an aspect of Cosmic Consciousness.

It governs Universe, Man and All. Consciousness, Universe, and ‘Carman are one and the same, inseparable and inter-dependent. The whole Universe is the sum total of multifarious states of Con-sciousness.

The only Reality is Ultimate Unconsciousness within the bosom of Para-brahman. All else is maya-illusion.

Spirit and Matter are illusionary aspects of the One Consciousness which underpins and sustains All. Spirit can only cognise Itself through the flesh or “matter.”

Thus matter is an aggregate of objects of possible perception. Endless Worlds are set into motion by an unquenchable Desire for Self-Knowledge that burns silently in the bos-om of Parabrahman.

When “the last vibration of the Seventh Eternity thrills through Infinitude,” the Fire of Desire becomes Fohat, or Light of Logos.

It differentiates pri-mordial matter into atoms, seeds of manifold Life, ever-revealing latent, unmanifest-ed, potentialities of Infinite Thought and Ideals to the perception of finite minds.

Consciousness is septenary. It vibrates and illumines the seven brains of the heart as it does the seven divisions or rays around the pineal gland.

For the heart is the abode of Spiritual Consciousness. The Higher Mind or Manas is Spiritual Self-Consciousness, itself; Divine Consciousness, when united with Buddhi.

The Lower Mind with its seven gateways is the organ of animal or terrestrial consciousness. Every single cell in our body is gifted with a brain and a consciousness of its own.

Thus Consciousness is the essence of our being, the mystery in us that calls itself “I,” a breath of Heaven. One day, when our true individuality is withdrawn in the Unconscious Immateriality of its Divine Counterpart, it will regain the true happiness of Non-Being. But “the seed is not quickened, except it die.”

Everything in the Universe, throughout its kingdoms, is conscious, i.e., endowed with a consciousness of its own kind; a kind we do not always understand.

Consciousness is the One and only Capacity of Perception, ever analysing and re-flecting upon Itself. Humanity is a periodic manifestation of Cosmic Consciousness Spirit, Soul, and Matter are Consciousness’ three aspects integrated by Consciousness Itself. Universal Consciousness is unlimited and beyond space and time.

While it can only be expressed through matter, it is not of matter, It is our Sensing Princi-ple. Other considerations of the intrinsic Intelligence of Consciousness include the Unity of Spirit and Trinity of Nature.

Personal, individualised, consciousness, ego and egoism, mind and mentality, self and selfishness, I-ness and me-ness, character and charisma, persona and personal-ity, individualism and capitalism, they are all one and the same: they are the cause of separateness and all suffering in the world! Consciousness can neither imagine its own cessation nor its own beginning. Though Its contents are of a pseudo-infinite duration, It is the dream that never dies.

Every plane of consciousness creates a different level of illusion.

Everything is maya-illusion. Can we ever account for the origin of consciousness?

Life and death are illu-sions, time is illusion. The illusion of time is produced by the panoramic succession of our states of consciousness. Time does not exist even in sleep! All things are real but only relatively real.

The Infinite can only see Itself through the eyes of the finite. When the Infinite can-not conceive Itself by Itself, How can the finite ever perceive the Infinite? Such feats are beyond the boundary of human capability.

That’s why the Infinite is, and will re-main forever, Unknown and Unknowable. Only by abandoning personal thoughts and pursuits, the lower mind can begin to ascend toward its higher counterpart. Such an uplifting of consciousness can only be attained by self-devised but unselfish efforts.

[According to the Advaitisl] a conscious God cannot be the origin of the Universe, as his Ego would be the effect of a previous cause, if the word conscious conveys but its ordinary meaning. They cannot ad-mit that the grand total of all the states of conscious-ness in the Universe is their deity, as these states are constantly changing, and as cosmic ideation ceases during Pralaya. There is only one permanent condition in the Universe, which is the state of perfect un-consciousness, bare Chidakasam (field of consciousness) in fact.

The Fire of Unconsciousness unfolds from within without and differentiates to sparks of self-consciousness. Our senses are progressive differentiations of That One Sense-Consciousness.

. . . for the understanding of the Higher Triad it is needful that the Lower Quaternary shall be in some measure understood. And first let the student clearly realize that he cannot see things spiritual with the eyes of the flesh, and that in studying even the Body he must use the eyes of the Spiritual Intelligence, else will he fail and his study will be fruitless. For growth is from within outwards, and always the in-ner remains the more perfect. Even the development of a physical sense is always preceded by a mental feeling, which proceeds to evolve a physical sense. As said all senses are but differentiations of the one sense-consciousness, and become so differentiated on the Astral plane, where perceptive life proper be-gins; from that the differentiation is continued on to the lowest sub-plane of the Prakritic plane, to which the physical molecules of our Bodies belong?

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