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The Fire of Kundalini – ONCE KUNDALINI is roused , the great journey of Self – realization has begun . … Imagine the enormous power required to lift a six – thousand – ton rocket! The yogic spaceman ‘ s kundalini rocket ascended powered by breath control He travelled upwards toward God ‘ s sun becoming a free soul . The yogic spaceman ‘ s kundalini force opened the heart ‘ s eternal bliss. Guru is one who has full Self-illumination and who removes the veil of ignorance

Kundalini and spark of life

In order to activate the latent energy in the Kundalini, Initially, Shiva must kindle the fire that starts the whole process going and propels the Kundalini to leap up and begin moving. Kundalini is aroused particularly by a spark of fire that con-stellates in muladhara, the instinctual realm. It is the fire that brings spirit to matter, the fire of light within the dark recesses of the root chakra. The life force becomes activated through the intake of breath, the spark of life that brings consciousness to instinctual life. The red-ness becomes a brilliant burning red that sends sparks urging the on to the crown chakra, quinta essentia of spirit.

The arousal of kundalini, in its true sense, does not simply imply the w-tivity of a hitherto sleeping force, but actually the start of a new activity by changing the whole system to adapt it to a new pattern of conscious-ness through changing the composition of the bioenergy or subtle life force permeating the whole body.

Dr. Jung: Yes, the anima is the Kundalini.

Jung’s interpretation of the Kundalini as the anima may in part have been suggested by the following description of her cited in The Serpent Power “She . . . is the ‘Inner Woman’ to whom reference was made when it was said, ‘What need have I of outer women? I have an Inner Woman within myself ” (1st ed., 272). This sentence is heavily marked in Jung’s copy of the book; the whole phrase is cited in his “Die Beschreibung der beiden Centren Shat-chakra Nirupana” (2), and the last phrase, “I have an Inner Woman within myself,” is cited again in his “Avalon Serpent” manuscript (1). In “Concerning Mandala Symbolism” (195o), while commenting on a mandala painted by a young woman in which a coiled snake appeared, Jung said of the snake: “It is trying to get out: it is the awakening of Kundal-ini, meaning that the patient’s chthonic nature is becoming active. . . . In practice it means becoming conscious of one’s instinctual nature.” CW, vol. g, part 1, §667.

It is this quest which makes life livable , and this is Kundalini , this is the divine urge . 47 But Jung goes beyond the psychological in these lectures to include the metaphysical implications of the kundalini system as well . … are still very low down , that our culture is a culture in muladhara , only a personal culture where the Gods have not yet awakened from sleep . Therefore we have to awaken Kundalini in order to make clear to the individual spark of consciousness the light of the Gods.

Who are able to channel the divine life force energy and exemplify how to use it. … this mastery, have always been secluded, separated from the daily world, and have spent their entire lives training and focusing the Kundalini energy.

It is a spark from a boundless ocean of fire , a ray from a living sun of unlimited dimensions.

The kundalini which happens to be the rocket fuel for all the energy in the body : mental , spiritual, emotional, etheric, astral and auric .

Raise your enjoyment to its highest power and then use it as a spiritual rocket-fuel.

Certain practitioners would explain it as nothing more than a means to an end, a rocket fuel to shoot the soul out of the body.

Kundalini is rocket fuel to enlightment.


WITHIN THE ROOT CHAKRA is the bask release of life-force energy through the body. We will refer to this energy as kun-dalini (from the Hindu tradition) or life-force, but it is also known by many other names, such as qi or hi, in various traditions. This life-force is released from the root chakra and travels up the spine, awak-ening all the other chakras. At the same time, a grounding-force energy moves down the sciatic nerve from the root chakra through the feet and into the ground.

This opposite force is similar to the action and energy of a rocket. When a rocket takes off, there is a tremendous thrust of energy downward which shoots the rocket high into space. This is the force of the root chakra.

When this clukra is fully enlivened, there is a thrust of energy down the legs into the ground, giving a feeling of tremendous stability and solidity. At the same time, a rush of energy shoots up the spine and out the top of the head, giving the feeling of flying. This energy experience is the gateway to experiencing many levels of awareness at oncc.You are firmly grounded in physical reality, yet traversing many higher levels of aoarenevs at the same time, fully aware of the energies at each of those levels.

The chief purpose of the kundalini energy is conscious aware-ness—an awareness of the self and the way the universal life-force moves through us, as well as an awareness of our personal connection to the universal life-fora as it creates and maintains all that exists in the universe. We access the kundalini through the first chakra. The kundalini energy allows us to be aware of our experiences and feelings. In simple terms, there are two systems that join together to create the whole person: the physical/emotional system and the mental/intellectual system.

The kundalini carries the experience through the physical/emotional system (beginning in the first two chakras) on to the mental/intellectual system (third chakra) where it registers in conscious awareness. This chakra begins with the physical sensation of the experience being recorded in the root chakra.

Then the kundalini carries this awareness on up to the second chakra where we have a corresponding emotional sensation, and begin to associate emotional feelings with physical sensations. From here the awareness travels on up to the third chakra where it is acknowledged and recorded as conscious memory. The experience is now a part of our conscious awareness.

If the kundalini energy is flowing, we are aware of sensations and emotions, and they arc registered in our conscious memory. How. ever, if the kundalini is not flowing, there is no acknowledgment of sensation or feeling, no registration of the memory in conscious awareness, and the experience remains locked in the body. We have no conscious recall or memory that this experience ever occurred.

Therefore, just as the root chakra and kundalini energies allow us to acknowledge and register an experience in our conscious awareness, the shutting off of the kundalini flow allows us to deny that an expe-rience has occurred. This becomes a strong defense mechanism, for when there is no conscious registration of the experience, we do not have to deal with it or the feelings it stirs within us.

Over time this can lead to disease or some form of physical, emotional, or spiritual dysfunction. Kundalini is essential to the spiritual journey. Only when the kundalini is flowing freely throughout our energy systems an we be fully aware of our experiences and the lessons or opportunities for growth that are being presented to us. When the kundalini is weak, we have no energy for our spiritual journey.

We have no recognition of the gifts and lessons that come to us and their spiritual significance. The flow of kundalini determines how easily we can recognize the essence of our situation, circumstance, or experience, learn from it, and facilitate the changes necessary to move on through the experience.

With weak kundalini, we are moving very slowly through our soul’s nolutionary path. With strong kundalini, however, we have a heightened awareness of all that is around us and within us; we can be in touch with Spirit on profound kvels.This allows us to move along expeditiously in our soul’s journey.

The flow of kundalini must be strong enough to reach all parts of the body to find the necessary information and bring it to conscious awareness. Lack of kundalini to this chakra also weak-ens our self-confidence and sense of power and strength.

ONCE KUNDALINI is roused , the great journey of Self – realization has begun . … Imagine the enormous power required to lift a six – thousand – ton rocket!

The yogic spaceman ‘ s kundalini rocket ascended powered by breath control He travelled upwards toward God ‘ s sun becoming a free soul . The yogic spaceman ‘ s kundalini force opened the heart ‘ s eternal bliss

When the time and conditions are right, our kundalini rises and we start to wake up and expand spiritually. All stars and planets follow the same system and when the planetary kundalini of Earth is ignited

When awakened , the kundalini enters the sushumna channel and Mechanism of Illumination starts coursing upward toward the brain . … to experience God , the awakening of the kundalini The physical world , with all its stars and planets

For instance, Sahasraram is considered to have eight main petals, and the meaning of this is that the brain has eight poles. Similarly the letters, characters, symbols, goddesses, etc., said in the books to exist in these Chakrams, all symbolize different powers. The reason of the differences between the Chakrams is that in the seven centres seven powers are located, and it is said that as the Kundalini breaks through each Chakram, it causes the man to subdue that Chakram. As Kundalini goes on breaking through the Chakrams one by one, it gains control over so many forces connected with the elements, the astral counterparts of which are located in the respective Chakras. The location of the mind is said to be between the eyebrows by the Hata Yogis. When Kundalini passes through one Chakram, it takes its essence or energy, and so on with the rest, and finally joins all into a sort of united current.

How many people who use Kundalini do get liberated? Very, very few. And Kundalini is one of the most effective aspects when used on its own. Also, it is one of the easiest to activate. The fact is that many people do get their Kundalini activated, but very few of them are able to use it to liberate themselves, even with the help of a realized master.

It takes around 12 2years to opening the all of the seveb chakras. In fact, it just need one person who breaks through to raise consciousness on whole Earth

Monks are spiritual scientists. You know that efforts of scientific research don’t bring fruit immediately. May be that on one day they discover a new meditation technique and bring out the revolution in the world. Different meditation techniques including Hath yoga that we practice today are in most cases the discoveries by such spiritual scientists. Scientists appear useless externally for they don’t yield results till many decades but when they succeed, then bring out a revolution. Field workers appear too active, useful and alert always although totally dependent on scientific discoveries. Scientists behind the curtain don’t become visible to all easily. If anyone has achieved enlightenment and ended his rebirth circle, where would he go?

This experience of duality, however, occurs because of ignorance. As in all other Gnostic systems, only a few elect will be able to escape from it.

He transferred our ignorance of the relation between the infinite and the finite to the finite itself. For him the world existed thus only through ignorance, and by a metaphor of language ignorance was the cause of the world ‘ s existence. It means that the world starts from discrimination, for discrimination is Ignorance and the beginning of dualism – dualism of all kinds. Kundalini gives power to non-dualism.

Non-duality is end to enlightenment. Non-duality is higher achievement than enlightenment. Actually, enlightenment descends only to teach non-duality. Actual path to liberation is non-duality, not the enlightenment. Anyone can practise non-duality, no need of enlightenment, but people remain suspicious of non-duality and hesitate to adopt it until become fully assured with enlightenment. During enlightenment, full non-duality or unity consciousness is experienced. That’s clear message to adopt and strengthen non-duality in one’s life. Without adopting non-duality later on, enlightenment is wasteful. If unenlightened one too sacrifices his life for non-duality, he surely is liberated too.

When ego is there Ignorance is there and it weaves the net of illusions ( consciousness ) around Reality . There seems to be an eternal dualism of Reality and Ignorance , as two wings of the Ego. To come out of this dualism there is only one way : Internalization of Ignorance ‘ by Reality and recognition that it is by the Reality itself.

World has not progressed beyond Kundalini awakening to a large extent. Non-dualism is must have after Kundalini awakening for enlightenment. Actually, Kundalini gives power to non-dualism.

How foolish it is to think that this body the ‘overcoat’ worn by your soul— will be permanent. It seems real now, but it will disappear. Then where will your soul go? To the astral world—the ‘heavenly’ realm of light and indestructible life, the realm of vibratory life energy hidden behind the veil of the gross material universe. Light is the real essence of everything. This earth is not “earth” as you see it; it is light. Your True Nature From the astral world we come at birth, and there we shall return at death.

All your old structures, which you have connected on the basis of this ignorance that you are the body, and then on the basis of your two nerves—Raga and Dwesha, has to be destroyed. The Kundalini will consume it in fire to make you free from it. In meditation also, until the Kundalini is active, you have to be very conscious of these two things.

Guru is one who has full Self-illumination and who removes the veil of ignorance

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