September 8, 2017

The Evil Wicked Ones In Sweden

The Evil Wicked Ones In Sweden

01.30 Neighbor hitting something in the floor when you going to sleep

04.30 The State Of Sweden have playing sirens and a sound similar to a grasstrimmer for a while now

Neighbor and the State of Sweden in same mission; create sleep deprivation

Wicked thing to play sirens and sounds similar to a grasstrimmer into a apartment – Sweden???

Here is some of all craziness and wicked things the State of Sweden doing by their governments and compainies working with them when you need to meet them in your daily life.

Common is; manipulation, sabotaging, deceiving, gaslighting, mirroring, brainwashing, mk- ultrabasing,  obstructing, delaying, infecting, threthen, scaremongering, invading your personal space, integrity, mind and even your sleep/dreams, 24/7 noise harassment (updating soon)

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