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The error that man has made is believing that power is outside him and not within, Humans is trapped by the second chakra´s spell: it holds humans real Self as prisoners or hostages. By freeing oneselves from the domination of this level, one can attain a highr level of clarity and enlightment.

This error is easy to understand when you consider that man has been told a couple of huge lies that effectively removed him from a world that reflects the higher values of freedom, equality, love, and abundance that are natural to him. In exchange for mankind’s creative energy and enslavement, the Controllers provide him with more propaganda, and exploit him for their own gain. Instead of being the natural recipient of all the abundance due to every sentient being on Earth, man is told that he has to “work for a living” and “pay to live” on the earth.

Doesn’t this sound like the kind of propaganda that could support a system of slavery?

As you believe something, you give it power; when you generate emotions around the thought, you enforce the object of your belief, gelling it, so to speak, into physical form. Even if you don’t consciously affirm/confirm a particular belief, if you don’t question or even are not aware of the underlying belief, it means that you implicitly believe in it and are part of the social agreement. When masses of people adhere to a collective belief, their consciousness has a collective creative effect. If you are born into this system, you are educated into what is considered to be real by everyone around you, and you never come to see the cage of beliefs that surrounds you, nor do you understand your own participation and complicity in supporting the system. The Controllers very cleverly use the creative power of each individual by getting them to agree upon a system of belief that supports the Controllers who hold the puppet strings of the human collective. They need the collective for its energetic mass—the reality that is created by consensual agreement. While there is certainly a personal reality system for every individual on Earth, the sheer pressure of the collective agreement makes it very hard for an individual to rise in vibration and attain his own personal freedom outside the collective agreement.

Chariots of the Gods There are many sci-fi stories about a primitive people who worship a technologically advanced race from the cosmos as gods. We often identify with the gods in these stories, but we are, in fact, the primitive people who have mistaken superior technology for superior beings. This is another case of the truth that is hidden in plain view. Why don’t we make the connection? Because we were “given the mind” of the Controllers who came to conquer Earth.

The Controllers use beliefs as a way to separate you from “infinity.” Infinity is a wonderful word that “stops the mind”—the left-brain, while conveying the idea of a limitless state. The Controllers are trying to get you to live exclusively in your limited left-brain. This forces separation because it requires you to put yourself outside of all that is—outside the reality of your own creation. The left-brain is good for data storage; cataloguing, definitions, limitations, history; it is time-based, it’s linear. It is very limited in its scope, but it is good at doing certain things. Setting up a system that emphases left-brain thinking while marginalizing right-brain professions and self-realization techniques (such as psychic healing, tarot, and astrology), is an ideal way to get you to separate from nature, and to make you distrust your intuition. The left-brain-dominant system of the Matrix separates you from the “silent knowledge” of your right brain—the part of you that can receive the messages from the “spiritual”—your higher self. Through the natural flow of intuition, your higher self can inform you, guide you, and allow you to experience life in a state of bliss.

We are made up of numbers of layers called the chakras; points, energy centers, wheels, in our bodies that act as sites of transformation. The second chakras is the locus for th ego and emotions. This is also the level of reflection. It is like pool of water in which the real self exists only as a reflection. This reflection has a life of its own, and acts indenpendently of the real self. This life we are living is based primarily on ego and emotions. As earth is a reflection of heaven, so the ego is a reflection of the real self. Therefore, in our efforts to grow beyond the earth we must attempt to overcome the level of reflection that comprises the ego and emotions.

Humans is trapped by the second chakra´s spell: it holds humans real Self as prisoners or hostages. By freeing oneselves from the domination of this level, one can attain a highr level of clarity and enlightment. There is a difference between the emotions that spring from the second chakra and those that come from other levels. It is as if each of our levels is connected to a different mind, and this “second chakra mind” is largerly in control of our daily self. Enlightment and liberation comes when one overcome the second chakra´s control and domination over the rest of our self. This chakra keeps control and domination through act as a generator of illusions, pain, suffering, negativity and fear. It orginates in the second chakra because it is negative. The second chakra is also what opened the door to duality, to the knowledge of good and evil, and duality is the state of ego-consciousness (the reflection of real self) that then became connected to the earth plane consciousnes and the three dimensional concept of everything.

There is another aspect to this level; it operates as a social bond. We connect to society and to the world at this level, and when humans through the second chakra spell becomes trapped and held as a prisoner or hostages, the collective ego which itself is trapped in the personal/individual “mind prison-matrix” starts act like a prison guard of the second chakra when one free oneself from the second chakra.

Humans get trapped and caught in up in looping cycles of negativity; and the only way out is to reach higher within ourselves, learning to think vertically, to look upward, in short, to operate from the “love-frequency” and not the “fear frequency”, operate from love instead of the emotion of the second chakra spell of control. We need to learn to not dominate, and not to allow ourselves to be dominated.

Humans is locked into a prescribed formula of time. The goal is to control life span and energy/frequencies.

The second chakra is also described by some to be located over the spleen. The element of this chakra is water, therefore, the chakra corresponds to bodily functions having to do liquid; circulation of blood, urinary, elimination, sexuality, and reproduction, as well all the qualities of water on earth and all water in humans, such as flow, formnessless, fluidity. This chakra is the center of sexuality as well as emotions, sensation, pleasure, movement, and nurturance. In the Tree of Life, the second chakra correspond to Yesod, the sphere of water and moon (and gravitational forces). Its associated celestial body is the moon which pulls the ocean of water to and fro in dualistic rhytmic motion. Water is everywhere; and everywhere there is water, the moon has some control over it. Emotion and self-image are therefore all under the control of the water element. It controls the mind and the emotions, and through emotions the amygdala (watch-tower) can indirectly be controlled by the “fight and flight” reaction, or through a stressful enviroment, or using constant sounds/noise as disturbances, the glands can through emotions be controlled so they they releasing hormones in stressful enviroment or when other using fear-mongering methods to gain domination, and interference with sounds or frequency sounds can change breathing and heart-rate, in same way synthetic telepathy or voice to skull technology can create sleep deprivation.

Is it Your Mind or Your Conditioning? A belief is connected to words, and so its natural location is in your word-based left-brain. A belief is conceptual in nature—it is not reality, just potential—it exists in the quantum implicate.

The implicate order, also referred to as the “enfolded” order, is seen as a deeper and more fundamental order of reality. In contrast, the explicate or “unfolded” order include the abstractions that humans normally perceive. As he writes: In the enfolded for implicate] order, space and time are no longer the dominant factors determining the relationships of dependence or independence of different elements. Rather, an entirely different son of basic connection of elements is possible, from which our ordinary notions of space and time, along with those of separately existent material particles, are abstracted as forms derived from the deeper order. These ordinary notions in fact appear in what is called the “explicate” or “unfolded” order, which is a special and distinguished form contained within the general totality of all the implicate orders. — Wholeness and the Implicate Order, David Bohm 1980, p. xv

A concept is an imaginal possibility, and it can trigger a manifestation in the quantum explicate (the quantum implicate expressed as matter). This is why the Controllers need you to have beliefs: they can use you—as an unconscious creator—to create the world of their choice, full of fear and domination. Once you “wake up” to your power, they won’t be able to use you anymore, so they really need you to accept the beliefs that they are feeding you. Left-brain dominance is very common in modem times, and it allows you to be easily dominated by outside forces. Belief defines something that doesn’t actually exist yet. A belief is a very creative thing; it is a strong, practiced thought—one that you either think over and over again, or one that you accept without question. At some level all beliefs exist as a kind of reality, especially when you apply a strong emotion to the belief. But, until it manifests, it is just a potential reality, a parallel reality—the quantum implicate. When you get deeply into a belief, you are like the scientist who tried to objectively observe the first quantum experiment: if he thought he would see a wave, he saw a wave; if he thought he would see a particle, he would see a particle. When the scientist saw that his beliefs were affecting the outcome of his work, he finally realized that he could never be outside his experiment, because he is the creator of the reality he is witnessing.

The creator can never be outside his creation.

This is on immutable low of consciousness.

When we are forced into the left-brain by our conditioning, we find ourselves in an artificial world, like the unconscious residents of the Matrix. We are outside creation, separated by our beliefs from the natural world. The unconscious nature of our beliefs forces us to view nature as separate from ourselves; we can no longer see how we affect what we experience.

The limitations of the unnatural separation of right brain from left renders us disempowered and irresponsible at the same time. The belief system is a very convenient tool for those at the top who wish to hold others in mental slavery (“government”= govern mental), and emotional bondage. The Controllers who set themselves up as the gods of man have been siphoning off the creative energy of humans for eons. Beliefs are very creative. Beliefs call up the power of consciousness to transfer a potential held in the quantum soup of the implicate—unexpressed potential—over to the side of expressed consciousness—manifestation into form. Beliefs are very creative.

Beliefs call up the power of consciousness to transfer a potential held in the quantum soup of the implicate—unexpressed potential—over to the side of expressed consciousness—manifestation into form. This is why beliefs have to be questioned by every person who seriously aspires to full conscious awareness—especially if the belief did not come from one’s own experience but from our social conditioning. Another term for belief could be “limitation,” for each belief represents a ceiling to our conscious awareness, and it has to be surpassed in order to advance to the next level.

Self-Importance is the Hook The less beliefs you have, the higher the level of your awareness. And why are beliefs so bad? Because they keep you in a prison that is not of your own making. The petty mind of these aliens—the foreign installation—is what we now think of as our normal mind. Our mind occupies itself predominately with matters of self-reflection, which serves the predators very well. The Controllers use the self-reflective tendency of the unconscious human mind to create flares of awareness—emotions involving self-importance, such as greed, territoriality, hatred, and jealousy in order to produce more “food” for themselves.

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