The Energy Grid

Humans are programmed from an early age to help strengthen and contribute energy to the energy grid created by the Archons.

Higher earth: Paradoxically the ‘higher’ earth chakra is below the earth chakra, about a foot below your feet. This chakra links to the Earth’s subtle etheric bodies and the subtle energy grid surrounding the planet.

In Atlantis and other ancient civilizations, the Earth grid system, or energy ley lines, was understood and utilized. Crystals were employed to accentuate this energy grid system.

Crystal pyramids were used like a laser device because they could store and focus energy: sunlight energy. The crystals could encode information to a higher vibration and beam information into a person.

Grids Surrounding the Earth A grid is a geometric array of light, and light is information. These grids surround the planet in geometric patterns. Each species has one and it is the “instinctual” information for that plant or animal. There are two grids around the earth that tell us how to be human. One is the old, third-dimensional fear-based grid.

The other is the grid of Higher Conscious-ness, which is a fourth-dimensional, group-minded grid. It is the one that ascension is moving toward. We are connected with all humans on the planet through the grids.

The grids are connected to our hearts. That is how our thoughts, feelings and actions affect all of humanity. One person’s life lived gloriously can affect the grid around the planet and it becomes accessible to all beings. The formation of the Higher Consciousness grid was necessary to give humans an option other than functioning solely from the fear-based grid that contains a lot of negativity due to the age of dark materialism the earth has been in for approximately 13,000 years.

In the first phase of the journey of connecting with earth energies, we looked at energies that can be defined as “natural subtle energy systems of Earth.” These systems belong to Earth herself and are pan of her energetic makeup. These energies also support all who live upon her. They help us to heal and balance our physical bodies and our subtle energies such as meridians, chakras, and subtle energy bodies. These changes prepare us to expand our awareness and connect with grid systems. These grid systems are called consciousness grids. Consciousness grids do not belong to Earth in a direct way but rather support life or aspects of the lives of those who live in or upon her. Of these grid systems, the ones connected to human beings are of prime interest to us – the grid systems that hold what is called the third-dimensional collective human consciousness.

As with all energy systems, there is a field, a layer of energies, above Earth, and there are grids that hold the active part of that field. The field holds the energy and information of the essence of who we are as physical human beings as well as all our experiences and knowledge in the third-dimensional reality at this moment in time. The active part is that part of the human collective consciousness field that we actively use and that to a large degree determines our overall awareness and beliefs, and consequently the behavior of our species. Due to the dualistic nature of this third-dimensional reality, we can use this active part in a positive or negative way. We have dynamic interactions with both the field and the grid.

The grid reflects where we as a human species are from a physical, behavioral, and awareness point of view. Of course this changes continuously due to human activity. Not all information in the field is also available in the grid. The grid holds only that part of the field of our potential that we are able to work with within this time frame. However, we can access the information in the field either directly or more easily through the vortexes. If we want to master this third-dimensional reality, we need to master the information in the field and bring the grids and the field into harmony as a basis for transcending this dimensional consciousness in order to expand into the fourth and fifth dimensions. In general, people connect more easily with grids than with fields.

A grid holds energies that feel more familiar because they hold the energies with which we regularly work. The aspects of the grids we connect with depend on our emotional states. The grid holds energies that are based on fear as well as love. When we live regularly in a fear-based emotional state, whether consciously or unconsciously, we resonate with the energies from the grid that reinforce living in fear.

To break free from these patterns, we need to go into a state of love. When we go into a state of love, we resonate with the love frequencies in the grids, and consequently the grids start supporting this state of love. Love makes it easier to expand beyond information from the grids and to connect with energies that are not yet available in the grid. In doing so, we bring new information into the grids that will then become available to other people, then contributing to the shift in awareness of humankind as a whole.

The lower mind and higher consciousness; We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. The three dimensional world is the state or concepts of duality, and this state is been controlled through beta brain waves. So in order to change perception one need to use other brain wave frequency to solve problems as ascending the soul to liberation. One therefore not use the ego to liberate the soul, beacuse the ego is what prevents this spiritual progress. And the ego blocks one´s visions and blocks the real Self from expanding in light/consciousness (enlightment). The human perceptions and visions is been controlled through fear patterns and fear programming.

We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Fear based low vibrational frequencies created the matrix, mind prison, the dreamworld, and the higher vibrational love frequency is what opens the matrix.

When fear blocks the ability of visions, it prevents us from seeing reality as it is. and make true learning, or real change.

When fear blocks visions, it blocks us from seeing reality as it is, and this blocks new input of information, and when this input of new information is blocked, this then blocks the process of learning, and when the learning process is blocked, then the ability to change is blocked, and when the ability of changed is blocked humankind is imprisoned in the looping matrix of old concepts of duality. Freedom is the ability evolving and freedom is the ability to be able to change. And this controls the 2 dna strands from progressing.

Fear not just blocks the flow of energy, visions, it blocks the pathways and it blocks the source of information. Fear makes the alpha bridge to dissapear, and the alpha bridge carries the codes that the theta divine brain waves need to start healing the old evolutionary brain. When the alpha bridge is re-builded one get access to divine theta information of bliss, and through this new information; humankind can reprogram the whole brain and evolving new spiritual gifts.

We cannot let go of the mind, but we can give it new instructions; we can reprogram it. The directions for this reprogramming have to come from somewhere other than the mind itself. They have to come from the soul, which speaks through the heart. In other words, it is not about controlling the mind but rather about allowing the mind to surrender and follow the guidance of a higher aspect: the soul or higher self.

The mind has a loud voice and dominates the lives of most people. Consequently they do not hear the much softer, never-dominating voice of the heart, which is the voice of the soul, the spirit, our inner guidance. We can hear the voice of the heart most easily when we are in a meditative state: the brain state of theta or delta. When the mind dominates, we are mainly in the beta state; sometimes we are in alpha. Therefore it is very important to train the brain to go into the state we want it to be in, so we can choose to listen to the heart and use the mind only to give form to the directions of the heart.

As you merge with the Living Light Body, the physical body has the potential to return to greater balance and wellbeing. The second-layer activations upgrade the physical body’s chemical composition and the way in which cells receive nutrition. Cells begin to recognize Light as food, as sustenance. The first two strands of your DNA relate to the physical body, its genetic lineage, the actual way the body is constructed and its ability to maintain a state of health and wellbeing. The new relationship between you, the Soul Spirit, the Higher Self and the Over Soul now begins to awaken two additional strands of DNA.

Fear is at the bottom of all the control devices – shutting down the Heart and putting us all into a constant state of fear. The darkside lives on fear for fear is the strongest emotional energy next to Love, and the darkside cannot digest Love. Collusion, the simple process of doing nothing but allowing things to happen is a major way in which all of this has come about, and in supporting its continuance. People trapped in this state are simply living in Fear of doing something.

The methods of control are many, with all having that same basis of fear. Here are the 7 primary areas by which we are controlled:

a) Health
b) Identity
c) The Falsification of History
d) Time
e) Focus on survival
f) Media-induced fear and control
g) End of the world scenarios/Alien invasion

The qualities of Essence are actually encoded into a higher level of our DNA. Unlike our biochemical DNA, however, our “spiritual DNA” does not function automatically. It is a potential that requires activation and development, a potential that is generally blocked or obscured by what we consider “normal” personality and ego development. In popular perception there is more often than not a huge gap between what we consider “human nature” and the spiritual nature of the Divine.

Shifting our perspective from the paradigm of duality and separation to one of unity cannot be done all at once, but must be done gradually through raising our vibrational frequency, clearing old subconscious programs and beliefs, and aligning ourselves with our divine design and the higher truths of our being. We must consciously choose a new way of thinking, a more inclusive perspective, an open heart, and the desire to know ourselves and cultivate our highest nature. Resonance Alchemy gives us the tools we need to make this shift. There are five essential elements to creating this shift in perspective.

The old paradigm of separation is woven deeply into our subconscious, and therefore into the very foundation of how we perceive reality.

But while we may not be able to change our automatic thoughts, emotions or deeper subconscious programming in any given moment, or the circumstances themselves, we can always choose our conscious response, our attitude, toward whatever we are experiencing. In this we always have freedom of choice, and herein lies the key to shifting our perception and transforming our reality.

Learning to utilize this capacity for inner choice is something we must practice. This capacity is like an inner spiritual muscle, which is often quite out of shape and in need of daily exercise and spiritual training is yoga and meditation.

Another small shift in perspective we can make is to see everything, including our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, as energy and vibration. We can see ourselves in this world of vibration as receivers, transmitters and transformers of vibrational information. From this perspective we realize that, much like a radio or television, we have the capacity to “tune in” to, as well as transmit, many different “channels” of information, many different vibrational frequencies and through this experiencing higher dimenions of creation. We also see that the energy and vibration of any situation can be transformed by the way we interact with it and its through yoga and meditation one is able to re-wiring and re-connect to higher consciousness.

Fortunately, just as we can choose to change the television or radio channel, we have the power to choose the nature of the vibrational information we are both receiving and transmitting. Rather than getting caught up in the story of our thoughts and feelings, our personal drama, we can begin to see our inner experience as energy and vibration that can readily be transformed. As we begin to see our thoughts and feelings as vibrational information, we can see that this vibrational information we are generating creates an inner resonance, which will attract a like vibrational resonance from the outside world.

It is said in alchemy that you must have gold in order to make gold. The inner gold is in fact there within us, though it has long been buried. It is all the wonderful qualities of our inner Essence that are the human expression of our Divine Nature. The Sacred Syllables act as the catalyzing gold that is needed to activate and bring to life this inner gold, our inner spiritual resources. They create the specific higher vibrations that are needed to bring up and transform the inner roadblocks we encounter as we move toward a direct experience of inner unity.

‘If an activation at a deep level of DNA occurs, those raising their spiritual awareness to a state of superconsciousness could also find themselves more able to deal with the increasingly difficult and challenging physical life.

Fear blocks one´s visions. Visions is linked to the third eye of intuition and this world don´t want anyone to opening their third eye. Negativity, stress, fear and anxierty can control the whole brain which blocks the divine energy and blocks divine theta brain waves. An anxious concern or worry is unbelief, is a fear which stops—blocks the free love-light flow of the divine energy Source from within. Fear blocks communication with God. Fear blocks bliss and theta brain waves. According to researchers about the human “junk” dna strands, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves us as data storage and communication. Fear blocks the super highway for hyper-communiation. The third eye of intuition is this super highway where information can be accessible instantly through intuition. Fear blocks creativity.

Fear blocks ones visions, it blocks new ideas, it blocks new concepts, fear blocks the third eye of intuition, and this blocks and prevents hyper-communication, and blocks new dna strands from be activated. Fear, stress, worry, or hyperactive intellect prevents successful hyper-communication or the information will be totally distorted and useless. In nature, hyper-communication has been successfully applied for millions of years. Fear is the autopilot thinking pattern and the autopilot of the mind is the controlled mind and is the opposite to intuition (third eye).

The definition of intimidation: Intimidation is the art of deterring someone through fear. Satan wants to deter you from new ideas, new visions and new territories. That is why he is alarming you, frightening you and warding you off.

When fear blocks the ability of visions, it prevents us from seeing reality as it is. and make true learning, or real change.

When fear blocks visions, it blocks us from seeing reality as it is, and this blocks new input of information, and when this input of new information is blocked, this then blocks the process of learning, and when the learning process is blocked, then the ability to change is blocked, and when the ability of changed is blocked humankind is imprisoned in the looping matrix of old concepts of duality. Freedom is the ability evolving and freedom is the ability to be able to change. And this controls the 2 dna strands from progressing.

The intellect and ego is the enemy to intuition (theta/delta divine powers), and therefore suppresses these levels of consciousness by inducing fear through subliminal programming of the brain. Beta waves suppresses alpha, theta and delta waves from expanding in consciousness through the power of intuition. Intuition opens a wide window for the light of superconsciousness to shine through our subconscious into our conscious mind. The unconscious mind receives information as intuition, then passes it to the conscious mind. Fear is what keeps the third eye of intuition closed, and fear keeps the “alpha bridge” to the intuitive mind (theta state) down, and fear keeps the real present “now” closed through illusions.

Fear has numerous faces and has been engrained into our systems in countless ways. Fear is reflected in our beliefs, emotions, and the collective consciousness grids. It is locked in our energy bodies, organs, and cells, and it is an inherent part of our minds. This means that stepping out of fear is a process that requires time, diligence, perseverance, willingness, and a clear intent to never give up, even though the process might at times be incredibly frustrating. We will never step into a new consciousness if we are not willing to undertake this path. And we will never make a real connection with the Sidhe. The process of stepping out of fear has three major steps: connecting with your heart (divine essence), connecting with the frontal lobes of your brain, and the stimulation of the frontal part of your amygdala.

If we want to raise our vibration, we need to prevent fear from controlling our state of being. When we find ourselves in a state of fear, we need to have a way to release fear. Learning to release fear is important because most people regularly experience fear in different forms, inducing seemingly challenging, difficult, and emotional situations that are not real but imagined. These fears keep us locked in the matrix, the morphogenetic grids of our awareness, of our active consciousness. It is also our collective consciousness that induces fears. This is how we create the vicious circle of fear in our lives.

Universal Energry Grid

Meditation has long been known to de-stress us and bring both inner and outer peace. It also tunes us and opens our channels for Dimensional Biofield communication. Meditation can recharge our Personal Biofield when our batteries get low, allowing us to tap into an infinite source of energy that sustains all fields and is drawn through the Dimensional Biofield.

Meditation is essential to build a bridge from the physical world, that encompasses our Personal, Social and Planetary Biofields, to the non physical world of the higher realms of the Dimensional Biofield. It is in these realms that we can gain clear access to wisdom and knowledge. It is then important for us to allow this wisdom and knowledge to manifest in our daily lives that in turn affects not just our Personal Biofield but also the Social and Planetary and the Dimensional.

Spirit Teachers, Mystics and Seers are revealing at this time that we are opening transpersonal Chakras that exist beyond the seven chakras of the physical body. Creative, evolutionary measures abound, for as we relinquish ourselves to spirit and the devotion of the soul, we move into the metaphysical domain of the non-local, and there we have five further Chakras. The Eighth Chakra is the transition point, and may be perceived as a silver orb radiating into and from the unified field of light. This opens into the unity consciousness of divine love, defining all spiritual compassion and selflessness.

The harmonic of unity consciousness moves through your energy system, into your energy grid through the eighth chakra and thence into your heart’s chamber.

Energy Transmission through the Human Relationship Matrix

Energetic umbilical cords are the equivalent of a very fast, efficient telecommunications system in our human-relationship matrix. This is how our spirit communicates with others around us and connects us to the universal energy grid. Through our energetic umbilical cords, we receive thousands of messages daily from those to whom we connect. We may receive these messages as vibrations, resonations or telepathic communications, which our spirit body senses.

The process of DNA activation involves a higher dimensional sacred geometry coming into form within your biological structures at the cellular level. Your body is primarily water and it is the communication net-work of all consciousness as it passes from cell to cell through the blood.

The scientists have been able to show you the hexagonal nature of water crystals and you have been introduced to the effect of conscious thought upon form through the successful photogra-phy of exquisite water crystals. However, with the acquisition of new codes coming through in the Language of Light, the waters of your being are becom-ing imprinted with hyperdimensional blueprints that will awaken and restructure the scattered light filaments lying dormant within you.

This is a higher form of order and design than the hexagonal water crystals that you see in those images—it is the sacred geometry of your evolution into light beings. It is important to understand how the cosmometry of light flowing into your beings at this time in your personal and planetary evolution carries an inscription of the higher vibration that is translated into geometric codes and transmitted through the cells of your being—into the DNA—via your cellular bio-water.

As you begin to activate the light codes of your accelerating DNA, the complex biochemical changes taking place in the bios-phere of your physical bodies are being communicated, via the cellular waters, through the neural transmitters, activating the hypothalamus—the pineal gland.

The power elite continue to bombard the collective unconscious with fearful programming and fear-concepts in order to hold your wandering minds at bay.

Explore all the possibilities of consciousness and being. The more you explore the realm of consciousness, the more you transcend the illusion of duality and enter the Reality of Oneness that is your passport to Limitless Being.


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