The Energetic DNA

Energetic DNA
DNA is the blueprint for all life. It holds all the coding for the physical body and energy field. Our physical DNA is formed by information transfer from the subtle energy template of the personal human field, which preexists the physical and the morphogenetic field of the species. From these information fields, all matter develops.
Currently in the double helix there are two strands of DNA, coiled into a spiral in most human beings. Scientists at Cambridge University have recently published a paper that confirms four-stranded quadruple-helix DNA structures — known as G-quadruplexes—also exist within the human genome. Their study confirms DNA is dynamic, with structures constantly being formed and unformed. Geneticists claim that one day we will have twelve strands and we are undoubtedly mutating and evolving. Very recent research has also shown that extending the length of the protective ends of the chromosomes called telomeres reverses the aging process of the cell, turning back the internal clock programming.
What was one thought to be junk DNA (around 97 percent of the known existent DNA) is now realized to be a quantum microprocessor of information fields. In order to access our full human potential, the information stored in the dormant energetic DNA is just awaiting the correct multidimensional codes to be activated in order to materialize into form by the higher self mind. DNA vibrations could constitute an enormous reservoir of information.

The more DNA that is activated, the greater our potential, and the greater the expansion of consciousness that can be realized. Most humans have two physical strands of DNA, however our DNA has an energy field consisting of at least another ten energetic strands and in some cases many more, holding the dormant codes awaiting activation.
The master cell held in the pineal gland, upon receiving the higher frequency information, activates all other cellular behaviors. As we move through our transformational work and are able to receive and metabolize the higher frequencies, this also changes our physical DNA.
It is possible for us to do this work ourselves and activate the dormant information; the original blueprint before conditioning, energetic imprinting, and genetic meddling during our evolutionary process can be restored. It is not necessary to wait for mainstream science to catch up, and neither do we need any special equipment.
We have the means within our own energetic system to activate these dormant codes, providing us with radiant health and abundance, halting and reversing the aging process, and accelerating the return to our original harmonized blueprint, synchronous with higher will. We are in the process of changing from a carbon-based human to a more refined physical matter: a silica liquid crystalline being.
Clearing more and more discordant energy from our DNA and our energy field enables the higher frequencies to alchemize the substance of the physical and energy bodies, increasing the spin and the frequency vibration of the atoms so that each level of our energy field becomes finer and finer. This includes the physical body. We literally transfigure. We achieve this through our intention, action, thought mastery, and energy work.

Spiritual exercise for the soul is what physical exercise is for the body, and alchemy work (spiritual work) for the soul is what the physical work is in the materialistic world. Spiritual exercise and spiritual alchemical work; find your true Higher self, upgrading your DNA strands to higher dimensions, create longvity and immortality, strengthen health, develope more advanced functions as; telepathy, healing abilities
The more DNA that is activated, the greater our potential, and the greater the expansion of consciousness that can be realized. At the highest spiritual level the Light is limitless and as a Creator you can create your own world and future.
The crown centre is located at the highest point of our head. In the vibrational octave of visible light, the crown centre corresponds to the colour violet. The physical representation of the crown centre is the pineal gland. In it the electrons can reach the highest possible vibration through the exchange of high-frequency light particles and can thus set the process in motion that has already been described with in physics as enlightenment. This state of awareness goes beyond the cosmic consciousness and also opens up access to the hyperspace — to heaven. With enlightenment an important step to regaining all-encompassing immortality is reached. A blazing flame of everlasting happiness is kindled in the open crown centre. The connection to the source of all being in hyperspace is achieved — once and for all. With further development the entire body can be seized by this high-frequency light flame and the complete liberation and freedom of movement are reached, with the possibility of transition into hyperspace – equared with an ascension.

Pineal gland enables the energy body and spirit to journey hyperspace beyond three dimensional realms of time and space. This create a new chemistry and a new vibration within the body. This special vibration occurs at 8hz. When this “bliss/love-vibration” reaches the pineal gland a new hormone is produced, which in turn creates whole body conductivity. This meaning with the whole body conductivity is; As a result, the whole body, according to the Bible, is filled with Astral Light. “If thy eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light” according to Matthew in the Biblical verse 6:22. Looked at another way, the pineal gland can be considered an organic superconducting resonator located within each of us.

Anyone who has heard of alchemy, knows of the philosopher’s stone, the catalyst used to turn base metal into gold. Many have sought to find such a treasure and hence to become rich, however its identity is shrouded in mystery. It has been described in paradoxical terms as, “a Stone which is not a stone, with origins which are both divine and earthly and made from a substance which is enormously expensive and yet is regarded as worthless.” When we look deeper, we find that perhaps the philosopher’s stone didn’t turn base metal into gold, but was gold itself, as described by researcher and historian, Laurence Gardner, who talks of a weightless, high-spin gold being produced through the use of an arc light. Historical texts show that by ingesting this substance an alchemical process occurred through the stimulation of the pineal gland, leading to extended life and probable transcendent experiences.
The Pineal Gland (Crown Chakra) can transmute lower vibrations to a higher frequency
Alchemy – A purifying process of transmuting energies and substances from a lower, denser form into a higher, lighter form.
“Visit the interior of the earth; through purification thou will find the hidden stone.” Interesting that the Philosophers Stone (White Powder of Gold/Iridium and Rhodium) is called the “hidden stone.
According to Gardner, rendering gold into its highward or high-spin state is a process that is partly physical, partly meta-physical, and involves getting the electrons in a gold atom to spin at a higher rate. All the platinum group of metals have the capacity to achieve a high spin state. Iridium in a high spin state is said to stimulate serotonin production in the pituitary gland/brow chakra. Gardner says that 95% of a human brain’s dry weight is carbon, and the rest is iridium and rhodium. He sites several other relevant attributes of the platinum group and their effects on DNA.
It is known that both iridium and rhodium have anti-ageing properties, while ruthenium and platinum compounds interact with the DNA and the cellular body. It is also known that gold and the platinum metals, in their monatomic high-spin state, can activate the endocrinal glandular system in a way that heightens awareness, perception and aptitude to extraordinary levels. In this regard, it is considered that the high-spin powder of gold has a distinct effect upon the pineal gland, increasing melatonin production. Likewise, the monatomic powder of iridium has a similar effect on the serotonin production of the pituitary gland, and would appear to reactivate the body’s “junk DNA” along with the under-used and unused parts of the brain.

Transitional metals are elements with uncertain and changeable electron charges, either positive or negative. All atoms have valences, or orbits, that carry their electrons. The atoms in typical metals are usually positive or negative: full or empty. Transitional metals are not really either—they are always half-full or half-empty Most atoms cluster in groups of at least two or more. A transitional atom, however, can be created within or remain within a stable, single atomic state called the monatomic state. Because of this, transitional metals are also referred to as monatomic metals.
Back in ancient Egypt, the best known and most widely used monatomic metals were gold and members of the platinum group. These include iridium, palladium, rhodium, osmium, and rutheni-um, as well as platinum. The current list of transition group elements occupies the middle thirty-eight elements of the periodic table. These elements are the focus of thousands of government and corporate studies, for they can produce seemingly miraculous results. A summary of a few of these studies reveals the following effects of certain transitional metals:
Iridium and rhodium have antiaging properties.
Ruthenium and platinum compounds interact with DNA.
Gold and platinum can activate the endocrinal system to heighten awareness and aptitude.
High-spin powdered gold affects the pineal gland, increasing melatonin production. This unique element begins as yellow gold that transforms into a white powder when “spun,” or when the nucleus deforms, thus creating a high-spin state as the electrons shift in orbit and/or charge. Mention of this powder is first found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ant by Wallis Budge, which is the oldest book of the dead, found about 3500BC in a tomb. (See below for an explanation of a high-spin state.)
Monatomic powder of iridium affects the pituitary gland and activates the body’s “junk DNA,” along with unused parts of the brain. (Junk DNA is a name for the thirty aspects of DNA that have yet to be explained.) As for our brain, we currently employ only fifteen percent of its capacity.
These elements are also the basis of levitation, currently used in the production of the superfast maglev trains that seemingly skim over the earth.
How do these magical metals produce such superhuman results? In a monatomic state, atoms lose their chemical reactivity and their nuclei reconfigure. The nucleus almost divides in half, into one section that is filled and another section that is half-filled. The new nucleus is called superdeformed, but in reality, it is “superamazing.” It can now shift from a low-spin to a high-spin state.
In a low-spin state, the electrons fill the lower-energy orbitals around the nucleus before they begin occupying the higher-energy orbitals. Why is it called low-spin? It means that the lower orbitals are filled first. (You might call the low-spin state the lowest occupied state.) Guess what happens in a high-spin state? The higher-energy orbitals are filled first, rather than the lower-energy orbitals. If an atom has five orbitals, an electron is put into each before any pairing occurs, and we’ve now created a “high-spin complex.” Atoms in this state are lower in temperature and can remain in a monatomic (mono meaning “one”) state.
In this state, atoms can pass energy from one atom to the next with no net loss in energy. Remember our discussion of the zero point, which occurs when light is frozen? Even as far back as the 1960s, researchers saw that these metals, in a high-spin state or zero-point state, could pass energy from one high-spin atom to the next with no loss of energy! This process is termed superconductivity.
With superconductivity, energy—information that vibrates—can be passed from one superconductor to another, with no resistance and no contact.
Under the influence of a high-spin nucleus, the electrons, which begin to spin in the same direction, turn to pure white light. They literally turn into photons. In this state, the element cannot maintain its metallic state. It begins to fall apart and appears as white monatomic powder. In losing their metallic nature, these metals also produce a magnetic field, called the Meissner field, to which we’ve already attributed effects like levitation. In addition, superconductivity has another side effect: weightlessness.
The vibratory rate of the force-emanation of the Pineal is beyond the rate of vibrations that are capable of being registered by any mechanical instrument so far produced by science, and has been estimated to be in the billions of cycles per second.
The vesica piscis is that figure produced when two circles of equal size are drawn through each others’ centres. This figure, composed of interpenetrating equilateral triangles, symbolizes the fusion of opposing principles: male and female. To activate the ‘third eye’ and perceive higher dimensions, the pineal gland and the pituitary body must vibrate in unison.
Do we need to wait until death to disappear? More important—must we wait to access the knowledge that we would like to have appear? Not if we understand the role of the chakras.
The ancients believed that the chakras held the key to in-body spiritualization and physical healing, and that metals played a vital part in this kind of transition. We know that our bodies already contain metals, and that certain metals can be toxic and life threatening to us. Small amounts—not to be determined at home!—may assist in the conversion to zero

Iridium is a very rare element on Earth, but geologists have discovered its existence in quantities up to thirty times the norm in crust layers where extraterrestrial meteorites containing the substance have landed in the distant past? Iridium is, therefore, not so uncommon outside our own planet. The Sumerians and ancient Egyptians clearly knew about the properties of gold and of how to alloy it with other noble metals. The Master Craftsmen were adepts too in the workings of iridium, which, just like gold, could be taken to the exotic ‘highward’ state of the them-an-na. This means that they not only knew and worked with these metals, but that they understood the science of atoms and nuclei—for the ‘highward’ state of the white powder is only achieved through knowledge of the high-spin metallurgical experience.
…..platinum metal ruthenium in relation to human DNA. It was pointed out that when single ruthenium atoms are placed at each end of double-helix DNA, it becomes 10,000 times more conductive. It becomes, in effect, a superconductor.”
Iridium has been shown to stimulate the pineal gland and appears to fire up “junk DNA,” leading to the possibility of increased longevity. These atoms actually make the DNA strand correct itself, rebuilding without drugs or radiation.
The pineal gland can be considered an organic superconducting resonator located within each of us. By understanding the secret properties of manna, another application should become apparent. First of all, this manna, or monoatomic atoms, are known to be superconductive. The brain has super conductive properties — it has the power to change matter when it changes energy. It teaches humanity how to use the tachyon energy field and prepares the brain to be a superconductor.
It is known that both iridium and rhodium have anti-ageing properties, while ruthenium and platinum compounds interact with the DNA and the cellular body. It is also known that gold and the platinum metals, in their monatomic high-spin state, can activate the endocrinal glandular system in a way that heightens awareness and aptitude to extraordinary levels. The highward shem-an-na is capable of defying gravitational attraction, and it would appear that it perhaps activates the body’s so-called ‘junk DNA’, along with the generally unused parts of the brain.
Hudson states what happens around a superconductor with his typically colorful descriptions:
If it’s a superconductor as you apply a magnetic field it goes negative. It literally eats the magnetic field. It feeds on the magnetic field and takes it inside itself. Negative inductance in a positive applied magnetic field is the proof of a superconductor. In other words, if you had a machine that was a superconductor when it passed by ordinary power lines, it would cancel the voltage potential of the power lines. Or if it passed by a home that had electric appliances it would literally turn them off and cause them to flicker and go off.

Considerable evidence for semiconduction and for solid-liquid interfacial electron conduction in biological systems has been obtained from kinetic analyses, which have been supported by electron mobility measurements using the microwave Hall effect and pulsed electron beam techniques, and by the finding of a low semiconduction activation energy in the dried enzyme cytochrome oxidase.
In the present paper, evidence for another class of solid state biological process is given. It is suggested that single-electron tunneling between super-conductive regions may rate-limit various nerve and growth processes. This implies that micro-regions of superconductivity exist in cells at physiological temperatures, which supports theoretical predictions of high temperature organic superconduction.
Superconduction is the passage of electron current without generation of heat and hence with zero electrical resistance. Such behavior has been observed only in organic materials and only at temperatures below approximately 20°K, although theory predicts that superconduction might occur in organic materials at room temperatures.
The conduction of electrons across interfaces between adjacent superconductive layers behaves differently from current across ordinary solid junctions. Electron tunneling currents across interfaces between superconductive layers or regions have been predicted and demonstrated to have a particular form of temperature dependence… Little… has suggested DNA as the sort of biological molecule along which electrons might superconduct…
In other words, at ordinary temperatures for living organisms, and under certain temperature conditions, their DNA molecules could actually superconduct electricity! The article even went on to stress the fact that this phenomenon appeared to be tied most closely with nerves.
Perhaps this had something to do with the alchemical claims that the Great Elixir, the Philosophers’ Stone, also conferred healing and longevity properties on those who consumed it. But what exactly in the DNA could account for this behavior, and what in DNA could possibly link it to Hudson’s strange white powder? Hudson set out to answer these questions, and, focusing on the fact that nerve tissue was somehow involved in the phenomenon, procured the brains of cows and pigs, and decided to do an experiment.
Hudson immersed the brains in alternating sulfuric acid and water several times to rid the brain matter of all carbons and nitrous compounds. What was left was dry matter, approximately five percent of which was rhodium and iridium — both platinum group metals! — in the high-spin state, the same state as Hudson’s fine white powder!
In other words, Hudson had found a possible connection, via his white powder high-spin-state platinum group metals, and via the superconductive properties of DNA, to the ancient alchemical insistence that the alchemist himself must in some sense be transformed or purified in order to confect the Philosophers’ Stone

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