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The Ego identifies Life as the Body as the Source of life -and Matter is what surrounding this thought pattern as a body with a soul. The Self identifies life as Consciousness as the Source of life – and Light is the unified field thought pattern as a soul with a body. The primordial source of life energy is independent of localization as units. The energy of life is a radiance from the field of consciousness, which is the mode of the Presence of Divinity that manifests in physicality as Creation. These two perspectives creates a view where The Body is identified with Death and The Self is identified with Life

Awaken Our Spirit Within: A Journey of Self-Realization

  • Learn how to overcome fear and negativity
  • Learn how to change one´s three dimensional world to the fifth dimensional Reality
  • Learn how to mastering magnetic fields and their frequencies
  • Learn how to re-programming the Blueprint
  • Learn how to activate new dna strands
  • Learn how to work with Light and Consciousness, then its Consciousness over matter
  • Learn how to exit and unplug out of the Matrix
  • Learn how to create new Resonance Keys out of the Matrix and to new dimensions
  • Learn how to create health, longvity and immortality
  • Learn how to get instantly knowledge through the Third Eye Intuition
  • Learn how to work with the new Quantum Self
  • Learn how to “download Consciousness”
  • Learn how to become a co-Creator of Universe
  • Learn the Art of Synthesis and the Creation Formula
  • Learn to awaken the inner physic powers and benefit the quantum sum of all possibilities
  • Learn how to activate Universal Consciousness and the Fifth “Quantum Self Brain”
  • Learn how to access to unlimited sources of Light, Knowledge, Wisdom
  • Learn how to use new psychic abilities and positively work with them

This is an example how a  “new”  quantum spiritual Self road map of thought pattern could look like. Its simply a road map and journey to the real Divine Self. Its simply a progress of self-realization and is components from the fifth dimension Reality. Its simply “Downloaded Consciousness and Intuition” from Above. Its like spiritual “Manna from Heaven”, the spiritual daily bread, or the food from the Gods. Its spiritual food from The Tree of Oneness-(Life) and not the Tree of Duality – (Birth/Death). Duality is a created belief Ego concept of Divide and Conquer to gain powers and domination  – and fear is the basic emotion to control others. The concept of duality rules this world or the created Ego. Fear and illusions is the basic thought pattern in The Tree of Duality (Birth and Death) system and fear of death is the subconsciousness thought pattern that has created the Ego. The Ego is not your real identity, the Self is the real existence. Self and the Soul is immortal. How can a belief system on birth or death dominate the human mind when The Self is immortal? It creates the key of limitations that Life is not immortal but limited. Put these things together; if the concept of duality is created concept to dominate and rules over others or the human race (captivated in The Matrix), so does the birth and death belief-system  controls the flow of information and this creates the limitation. One can actually transform life beyond space and time and beyond this concept of duality (birth and death). If one learn to open the Third Eye one will gain unlimited knowledge, wisdom and psychic powers and understand that one´s real Self/Soul is immortal.

From a artificial and robotic viewpoint it is said human for around 200.000-250.000 years ago was genetic manipulated to be a programmed humanoid/hybrid work-slave. This is symbolized through the physical 2 dna strand, the other 10 dna strand was unplugged. These 10 spiritual dna strands is the Self, instead has provided a Ego. The Ego is the Dictator and Ruler. Mankind is enslaved into the Matrix, and is born into enslavement of Matter. The Ego is what captivates the Light in Matter or to keep the real Self alseep in the Helix DNA strand. So the humanoid could be a created, programmed and genetic manipulated human/hybrid template (2 dna strand template) trapped in a virtual holographic  magnetic Matrix Field and controlled through the unatural outcoming artificial intelligence – the Ego (from high places).

The real Self is in dream-state or alseep stasis, and is held as a hostage by the Ego, so it can´t grow in strenghth, power, expanding its intuition, and to prevent it from ascending to higher dimensions. And the collective Ego has been learned to work against all forms of real spiritual awakenings. Humankind or their real Self is captivated in The matrix of Control and they don´t want to free themselves from the clutches of the rulers and powers, because they don´t identify themselves with the Self/Soul as the real Identity. So the Ego is threaten by the real Self because real Self represents Life and Immortality, and then makes the real Self to the enimy to the Ego. Everything that threaten the Ego concept of duality becomes a opponent/enimy. Humankind is trapped and captivated and held as a hostage in the Matrix of Duality by the dominated Ego.

The Ego and Controller of The Matrix is hiding everything and that´s why there is a veil of ignorance in place. They don´t want human to see through the veil of illusions, so they don´t want the suppressed human race to have visionary insights, third eye intuition, telepathic abilities or to find out humans Self is Immortal. They say machines cannot become like humans, but humans can become like robots. Transhumanism and RFID-chip, symbolize the artificial “cyborg”, and the RFID chip is the “host” or “agent” that then will control humankind everywhere. They slowly transforming humankind into their image – the artificial cyborg. This is the worship of a “Computer God” that then controls the human mind and brain.

The ultimtate result of visionary insights is when duality becomes oneness and the principle is; the further backward you look, the further you can see forward. In the state of Oneness everything is experienced in present time (past and future is now). When humans abilities slowly disconnects from her roots of evolutionary history and evolutionary reference, in combination with lost of ability to self-reflection, and lowered levels of Consciousness it will be more difficult to see  further in the plans of future. The logic is easy; to see forward you must have ability to see backwards. And if humankind slowly is altered to lack of human qualities, self-reflection, disconnected from the evolutionary heritage they will not see the plans created in the shadows of this world. The fragmented Ego can´t see the bigger shadow picture of the shadow work because the Ego has for long times been blinded, distorted, divided and fragmented to see and experience Reality how it is presented to the Ego. The central key for this is the Art of Deceptions, the art of many disciplines of mind control, brainwashing, MK-Ultra programming, social engineering, and subliminal programming. The art of deceptions can be summerize with; to influence and manipulate others without their own knowing (subliminal programming, soundwaves, frequencies or chemtrails) by blendning in them in their daily social enviroment and use of technology that is used in their daily basis, without seeing or understand how the mind and consciousness is been secretely altered, affected at the sub-consiousness level, with the purpose to suppress, control and dominate them. 

In the Gnostic understanding of human creation, Adam was created twice. Ialdabaoth created a spiritual Adam in his own image. But because Ialdabaoth himself was a flawed creation, the spiritual Adam was unable to move. Sophia once again tricked Ialdabaoth into ‘breathing his spirit’ into Adam. But it was not the spirit of laldabaoth that was given to Adam; rather, it was that of the invisible spirit. Ialdabaoth realised that he had lost his own link with the invisible spirit and that the risen Adam was more powerful than himself. After this Adam had within them a spark of Light and the divine essence, and then this essence were superior to the Demiurge they captivated Adam in the physical body, or trapped Light in Matter, or humankind in The matrix. Humankind is tricked into a belief system that the Ego is God and not the real Self they have captivated and keeping in dream-asleep state. In retaliation, Ialdabaoth and his negative fear mongering angels trapped the enlightened spiritual Adam in a material body made from the dust of the earth.” The ego can´t see through the veil of ignorance. This work must be done by the awakening Self. The ego can´t change or raise the lower frequencies that had imprison him/her in the Matrix. This work must be done by the Self.

The animal soul (personality) shall tend to the body’s needs, such as survival, procreation, and the autonomic functions essential to the maintenance of the organism. through the conditioned intelligence and reflexes it has accrued over long ages and shall dominate the show in the early going. Slowly, the power and assumed identity of the Ego grows. reaching out to absorb and assimilate every available experience to which it can respond. Its attention is directed outward and downward toward the world of things with which it identifies. And so one incarnation follows quickly upon the heels of another as the Ego yearns for increased stimulation and excitation, as well as a heightened sense of Itself.

This identification with Its vehicles and the world of form becomes so strong that it is as if the Ego and the ego (personality) have become one and the same: therefore, no internal conflict exists as yet and the sense of identity and unity with form dominates the consciousness. Such an individual thinks of himself in terms of limitation, mortality, and qualities relative to matter and personality existence. In the primitive being. man and nature are seen as one and a sense of unity exists in consciousness. In the more civilized man, we see the results of the growing battle between the inner and outer showing forth as a conflict of interests and drives and the emergence of values wholly apart from the body and its apparent needs.

The Soul’s Journey to Freedom The soul’s three basic ” Third Eye” desires— immortality, unrestricted awareness, and unbounded joy— are attained only when it discovers its true identity, the all-embracing Self. Humankind is trapped in The Matrix of Control, third eye is closed and the real Self is trapped in matter, and there is “veil of ignorance” or the “veil of illusions”, and there is even a soul-recycle program in place to prevent the soul from asceending to higher Consciousness, and the Matrix is built up around the concept of duality. 

Self study is such an important part in softening the ego personality, because we can get stuck in various ‘knots'(granthis) within the subtle anatomy. Assuming we have begun unraveling the first `knot’ and initiated the conscious spiritual journey with a desire for enlightenment, (or just a healthier body and calmer mind) with some additional study, and application of techniques, we can pass the second ‘knot’ around the solar plexus. This is where many spiritual aspirants become stuck, because they mistake devotion for knowing God. They love God and yearn for God but are on a different wave length to what He/She/It is on. They want God or the guru to give them God consciousness, without realizing that it has been within them all along. We need to give of ourselves to connect to that same level of consciousness. Give our problems, our thoughts, our karma to God, for that is ‘food’ to be consumed. That really does lighten the load psychologically. Offload our problems, and not just close the door for a while whilst we escape to a temporary bliss phase of meditation. Empty ourselves of our concept of who we are that we may be filled afresh with more noble thoughts. Divine consciousness! Recognizing that we are not our thoughts! Even the noble thought of enlightenment.

The humanoid has in no way changed, life after life he has continued on the same and psychologically speaking has become worse. And must incarnate again and again, until he or she enters into meditation and raises the energy in the solar plexus to the temple (the brain). This breaks the cycle of karma (reincarnation), and cleanses the soul (light) of its animal personality. True religion reveals that we are the being (what is called God) within ourselves, and for us to manifest our inner God we must first practice ReligAre, this is Latina for the English word religion (this means to rejoin or connect), that is too say one must practice Religare (religion: too rejoin our soul with our own particular God within); But theology has rendered this true definition practically impotent, has falsified and distorted the reference, and eventually the meaning, by localizing the God in the case in the cosmic heavens instead of in man himself. This diversion of thought and aspiration from operable deity within to ineffable, incomprehensible and inaccessible deity without, has affected the sad miscarriage of all religion, which has been the direst catastrophe of all history. It has come close to causing the abortion of all cultural effort.

A man’s spiritual comprehension being clouded by the illusions of Ego, he says, “I was born on such a day, so many years ago, and shall die at my allotted time.” But he was not born, neither will he die, for how can that which is immortal, which eternally is, be subject to birth and death? Let a man throw off his illusions, and then he will see that the birth and death of the body are the mere incidents of a journey, and not its beginning and end. Looking back to happy beginnings, and forward to mournful endings, a man’s eyes are blinded, so that he beholds not his own immortality; his ears are closed, so that he hears not the ever-present harmonies of Joy; and his heart is hardened, so that it pulsates not to the rhythmic sounds of Peace. The universe, with all that it contains, is now. Put out thy hand, O man, and receive the fruits of Wisdom! Cease from thy greedy striving, thy selfish sorrowing, thy foolish regretting, and be content to live. Act now, and, lo! all things are done; live now, and, behold! thou art in the midst of Plenty; be now, and know that thou art perfect.

The solar plexus brain, which is the stronghold of the Animal Soul. When the lower nature has no power, you, the higher self, “then have perfect self- mastery. The Animal Soul has its seat in the liver and a point of contact in the sex (chakra) centers, while it rules the body through the brain of subconscious mind, the Solar Plexus Brain. It gets powers from all sensations, desires, and experiences and devotions of the Earthly. The Animal Soul, is the synthesis of the lower principles overshadowed by the rational mind. But when it attracts to itself and holds captive the Rational Brain through animal desires, it becomes the personal tempter. This is the great fight in man.

In the solar plexus, the animal soul becomes merged in the soul of man, and the Divine consciousness is seen in germ. Taking the analogy of the antenatal state and the germinating of the Divine Self in each human being, students who have their intuition developed will see the correspondence between the activity of the solar plexus and its function, and the first three and one-half months of the antenatal period. Then comes what is called the “quickening” and life makes itself felt.

A rising up takes place, and the correspondence can then be seen between the natural physiological process and the birth of the Divine Self in the cave of the heart. Herein lies the deep mystery of initiation, and it is only revealed to those who tread the Path of Discipleship to the end. We are told in this sutra that knowledge as to the condition of the body comes through meditation upon this centre.

The reason is this: when man arrives at an understanding of his emotional body and of the force centre through which it functions upon the physical plane, he finds that all that he is (physically and etherically) is the result of desire, of kama, and that it is his desires which chain him upon the wheel of rebirth. Hence the emphasis laid by the yogi upon that basic discrimination through which a man develops the capacity to choose between the real and the unreal and which cultivates in him a just  sense of values.

Then follows dispassion which, when developed, gives him a distaste for the life of sensuous perception. When the aspirant can grasp the place that desire plays in his life, when he realizes that it is his emotional or astral body which produces the greater part of the trouble in his lower nature, and when he can grasp the technical side of the process which desire-energy follows, then the work of the solar plexus is understood and he can begin the great dual work of transference and transmutation.

He has to transfer the energy of the centres below the diaphragm into those above, and in the process transmute and change the energy. The centres are to be found up the spine, but it aids the student considerably if he can grasp the idea of the relative localities in the body which are energized and affected by these centres. All these centres have physical plane organs which are the result of the response of dense substance to their vibration.

Man’s history is the history of his journey to the unknown in quest of the realization of his immortal self — his soul. The soul is the part that survives death, and so we can say it is immortal. Through the journey to Self-Realization follows immortality.

The seventh is the crown chakra, which opens to the knowing that one’s identity goes beyond the physical form and the seventh chakra is the first chakra outside the human body. The seventh chakra is the result of the synthesis of the three lower physical chakras and the three higher spiritual chakras. This synthesis of opposite forces (positive and negative) opens the portal and gateway out of the body-ego consciuousness. Self-realization is a journey to find the real Self and is immortal. It starts with a change of perspective; from a body with a soul, to a soul with a body. Salvation or liberation means that a person realizes that he is not the body (the ego), but the immortal soul (Self) within.

When this first realisation of Timeless Immortality is combined with the realisation of Time-Immortality, we are able to have new experiences of our spirit’s free journey in time- eternity.

The perennial life is the promise. The rise above the historic time-sense and the actual realization of the continued existence are great revelations and fine opening of our being. But mystic life is not confined to this alone. The more it proceeds to the source and spring of life, the more it rises from this sense of the continuous play of life through eternity to the realization of spiritual life as the timeless present, where the effort of expression is completely suspended and the delight of life’s expression gives way to the delight of life’s silence. Spiritual life at this height offers the uniqueness of transcending time even in its eternity completely, and life become free from the sense of time and the necessity of expression. Such kind of timelessness presents true immortality, for it is not the personal immortality. It is the immortality of truth.

When the synhesis take place and the soul ascends everything will be present.

The principle way of getting rid of the fear of death completely is to grow in the consciousness of the immortality of the soul.

The spine even physically is the route by which energy passes between the brain and the body. The human will—both consciously and subconsciously—sends energy to the body through the nerves in the spine, commanding movement, tension—even the breath.

The twelve zodiacal signs, as they are called, represent in combination the whole nature of man. By bringing these inner correspondences into balance, we achieve our eternally allotted task: self-perfection. With soul-awakening, the energy ceases its upward and downward flow, and rises in outer breathlessness through the center of the spine to the brain. There, perfect  inner union is achieved at last. This union carries the consciousness beyond delusion’s veils to union with God and with all creation.

At the end of every outward pilgrimage there is usually a temple or some other shrine where movement ends (ideally, at least!) in meditative stillness. The same may be said of the soul’s pilgrimage within. The upward journey of energy and consciousness in the spine ends in the perfect stillness of Self-realization. To become conscious of the inner energies of the body, it is necessary, first, to withdraw the mind from its identification with the world of the senses.

This withdrawal is accomplished by first sitting upright and motionless, the spine straight, the gaze directed upward with half-closed eyes (indicative of the superconscious state, halfway between consciousness and subconsciousness), the mind focused at the point between the eyebrows. When the body is still, awareness awakens of the subtle flow of energy in it.

Learn to master energies, vibrations and frequencies

When we have mastered the mind through meditation we also have learned to mastered the mystery of death, and will be able to participate in the divine plan of the universe.

Through meditation you learn how to disconnect your energy from the senses and can connect to the Third Eye and higher intuition

learn how to overcome negative programming so that you can

Mind beyond death

When you have mastered your higher mind, often through meditation, you can receive stellar transmissions.

For the road to enlightenment is a long journey, in which the mind must be mastered with daily meditation to reach it’s … We are the master of our destiny, we can choice to to exist as a living being or take rebirth on the ego realms of our …

overwrite the negative programming with positive programming, thus cancelling out the negative programming.

Learning mastering energies, vibrations and frequnecies also means to learn handle forces of magnetic fields. There exist many layers of magnetic fields in same way there exist many different layers of dimensions, and there is many planets and each planet has its own specific magnetic field and vibrations/frequencies. This is symbolized with the chakra system. The basic and start point is these seven chakras, energy centers, magnetic fields, storehouses of energy, There is three lower chakras represents the physical and three higher spiritual chakras, and the seventh chakra (the crown chakra). Energy is flowing through the chakra downwards and upwards when the chakra system is open and not sealed or is blocked through the three knots in (root chakra, solar plexus and third eye). These represents the the raw energy center, the transformations center of energy and is the storehouse of energy, and the  third eye represents the universal libary of knowledge and wisdom which is the “Intuition”. The third chakra is the transformationscenter and the fourth chakra is the bridge out of the physical three dimensional world structures and patterns that is programmed into the body system and cells. It is been programmed through vibrations and frequencies. This is a subconsciousness programming that start when humans enters this world and its controls the pattern of the physical 2 dna strand (controlled through the three lower chakras at the subconsciousness level), its subconsciousness controlled because of the low awareness and consciousness in this state when one is born into this life. This is the subconsciousness Matrix and this is rooted in the spine. The Ego is then a result of the subconsciousness thought pattern. This subconsciousness thought pattern and programming can be change through knowledge, visdom, spiritual practice and meditation.

The Ego is not the real self, its the subconsciousness imaginary body identification. This is how the human brain starts forming its perspective of the outer world. It then becomes a body with a soul, and not a soul with a body. The temporary outer world then energizing or feeding the inner subconsciousnes thought pattern of this world with constant changes of duality. This state of duality can be symbolized through the 90% subconsciousness and 10% conscious thought pattern. This is the state of duality and seperation. These then creates its own magnetic field, vibrations and frequencies. 90% subconsciousness is The Matrix of the Mind, and to be able to free oneself from the matrix one must become Conscious in the state of subconsciousness. Conscious symbolize awareness of the real Self. Then the real Self is the Divine Self it can change the vibration and frequency pattern to be unified as One magnetic field, or One Consciousness, or a Third Force out of the synthesis of these two opposites energy  fields (negative and positive).

So learning mastering energies, vibrations and frequencies is a art of synthesis (vibrations and frequencies).

Synthesis can be symbolized through the three part transformation formula; descending, ascending and transcending, Birth, Death and Life.

The central key to understand how fear programming is in place in this world is the belief system that death creates fear, both consciously and subconsciously, and this then controls and affects the Ego. Death is the end for the Ego (its the birth-death cycle). For the Ego Apocalypse is the end of the world. The Ego is caught in a thought pattern and belief system based on a life in the three dimensional world, the space and time perspective. in the same way the Ego  starts forming its perceptions and body identity it also relates to the limitations that exist in the three dimensional space and time perspective. So the Ego learns out of the limitations, and believes in illusions. The Ego is a subconsiously illusion-generator based on fear and survival and is related to the belief system: fear of death.

Spiritual teachers learn that Man can overcome death

“When a man can identify himself with his undying nature, which is one with God, then he overcomes death”. What Man on Earth has learned is to identify himslef with his dying nature of the body and ego, not the undying and Immortal Self/Soul. Since Man has known himself and become conscious of death, the greatest wish of all has been to become immortal. This represents the spiritual progress from the three dimensional world to the fifth dimensional world.

The power of spiritual life to in some way overcome death. Then energy never can be destoryed just be transformed to another State, if one study frequencies from low to high, there is seven basic frequencies, and every frequency represents a level of Consciousness and dimension. When something transforms from one state to another it symbolize the transformation processs and change between the old and new state. Everything moves in cycles in this world and universe, and when one era ends a new starts growing.

The Ego identifies Life as the Body as the Source of life -and Matter is what surrounding this thought pattern as a body with a soul. The Self identifies life as Consciousness as the Source of life – and Light is the unified field thought pattern as a soul with a body. The primordial source of life energy is independent of localization as units. The energy of life is a radiance from the field of consciousness, which is the mode of the Presence of Divinity that manifests in physicality as Creation. These two perspectives creates a view where The Body is identified with Death and The Self is identified with Life. What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters, compared to what lives within us. The Kingdom is within. The Pathways holds the keys to all the portals of the universe. When we reach inside our hearts and minds, we move toward the awe-inspiring beauty and truth of the Universal life. Directed by the forces of life, we have nothing to fear when consciousness flows from within.

True Immortality, however, isn’t something that we should be searching outside of ourselves but within. One can put his name in history through a huge variety of deeds, good or bad, but a name is just an illusion, just like our identity and personality are as well. The true and only immortal element in a human is his spirit, which by impersonating different entities and expressing himself through different souls, travels through time, from one reality to another, in a never ending cycle of life and death. It is the spirit that becomes the master and the disciple, the king and the slave, the man and the woman, the strong and the weak, the loved and the hated, in order to truly develop a clear perspective of self and learn to discard the ego, while expressing a contradiction inside the drama that is life. In this drama, some times he represents what he fears, and other times who imposes that fear, as well as the one that receives the most and the one that offers plenty. The conscience of self is immortal and never ceases expanding.

Those that still believe in an industrial age, in immigration as the only way to solve their economic problems, or in becoming rich with a common business, are dreaming about a dead world. But we can’t recognize our immortality without first acknowledging our mortality, and this is what frustration provides to people. And it is by accepting it as a wall that we can’t cross that we start noticing our presence in this world. In this awareness we look at things as they are. But few recognize that nothing that is seen is permanent. To truly move from the stage in which we chase a dead world, to the one in which we embrace our immortality, we must detach from our ego, our personal needs and our beliefs. We must look at the paradigm of reality behind its veil, like mathematician, using numbers to understand the world he cannot see. In fact, it’s in the abstract sciences, like mathematic and philosophy that we truly know reality.

Since God and man are immortal spirit or mind, death is also only an illusion, It is a transition from the illusion of the material to ultimate reality of immortal spirit. Our earthly bodies are mortal, but our spiritual bodies are immortal. You are in this world but not of it….death is a illusion. We are all immortals. Each spark of life descended into this world. How can something that is immortal born or die?

A man’s spiritual comprehension being clouded by the illusions of Ego, he says, “I was born on such a day, so many years ago, and shall die at my allotted time.” But he was not born, neither will he die, for how can that which is immortal, which eternally is, be subject to birth and death? Let a man throw off his illusions, and then he will see that the birth and death of the body are the mere incidents of a journey, and not its beginning and end. Looking back to happy beginnings, and forward to mournful endings, a man’s eyes are blinded, so that he beholds not his own immortality; his ears are closed, so that he hears not the ever-present harmonies of Joy; and his heart is hardened, so that it pulsates not to the rhythmic sounds of Peace. The universe, with all that it contains, is now. Put out thy hand, O man, and receive the fruits of Wisdom! Cease from thy greedy striving, thy selfish sorrowing, thy foolish regretting, and be content to live. Act now, and, lo! all things are done; live now, and, behold! thou art in the midst of Plenty; be now, and know that thou art perfect.

Life is simple. Being is simple. The universe is simple. Complexity arises in ignorance and self-delusion. The “Original Simplicity” is a term expressive of the universe as it is, and not as it appears. Looking through the woven network of his own illusions, man sees interminable complication and unfathomable mystery, and so loses himself in the labyrinths of his own making. Man evolves outward to the periphery of complexity, and then involves backward to the Central Simplicity. When a man discovers that it is mathematically impossible for him to know the universe before knowing himself, he then starts upon the Way which leads to the Original Simplicity. He begins to unfold from within, and as he unfolds himself, he enfolds the universe.

Jesus said, “Whoever has come to understand the world has found (only) a corpse, and whoever has found a corpse is superior to the world.”

The world and universe are as a body animated by the Spirit of God; the soul of the world is the Word and Wisdom of God. A body without a soul indwelling it is a corpse—stardust blown by cosmic winds! To grasp at the body rather than cleave to the soul is an ignorant thing, for everyone knows that every form eventually dissolves and everybody ultimately dies. Consider this, who would keep a corpse in one’s house or sleep with a corpse or attach oneself to a corpse or place a greater value on a corpse than on the Life-power that was once in it? Would it not be insanity for anyone to do such a thing? Look and see! The flesh does not endure forever; neither shall the world of flesh and blood endure forever. This body is an animated corpse and so is the world!

If you know the body will eventually pass away and the world will eventually pass away, why cling to the body or chase after anything of the world? Why not seek your immortal soul and the soul of the world? Why cleave to the world instead of the Spirit of God, the Life-power? Surely only ignorance would have you attach yourself to a corpse!

“If you gain everything you desire in the world and the whole world itself, but you lose your immortal soul, what good is that to you?” The answer is obvious. Everyone knows the answer perfectly well and would swiftly respond, “It would be no good to me. for when I die, I will not have the world, and losing my soul for the sake of the world, neither will I have my soul in death!” Everyone knows the answer, but who lives and conducts him- or herself according to this common knowledge?

If I do not live according to a simple and earthly truth that everyone knows, then how shall I live according to the greater Truth and Light of the kingdom of heaven? If I do not honor that which I can see in plain view, how shall I honor that which is hidden within and above? Many are called by the Holy Spirit and seek the gate of initiation, but few are they who pass through the gate to enter the path of the great ascension.

Only those who discover both in mind and heart that the world is as empty as a corpse are actually set upon the path and established in the Way, for only they are willing to put the world aside and follow the Lord our Savior in the worship of God in Spirit. You must know the world is a corpse so that you might develop your consciousness beyond it. You must see that it is empty in order to seek Divine fullness. Unless you let go of the illusion of the world, you cannot look and see reality as it is!

One must pray and meditate deeply until the delusion of lack and the power of ignorance is dispelled once and for all time! When you cleave to the soul of the world, instead of the body of the world, you will be superior to the world. That is to say, when you bind yourself to the Spirit of God, to God’s Holy Word and Wisdom, and so bind God’s Spirit to you, then you shall be free of the ruler of the world, the power of ignorance. and abide in true Gnosis.

Peter Horttanainen

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