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THE CROWN CHAKRA – Our brain is the fruit of the whole of our evolution. Through this brain we have got all kinds of powers. If you beat down the ego, the super-ego comes up, if you beat down the super-ego, the ego comes up. How to win over the super-ego and the ego?

The Crown Chakra is also called the Sahasrara Chakra in Sanskrit. It has an in-depth connection to the elemental light. It’s also related to many organs, as well as glands, inside the whole body, such the brain and hands as well as the central nervous systems and pituitary.

Harmoniously healthy chakras can provide people with some really amazing abilities and potentials. They include the ability to transcend all the laws and limitations of nature, to have a higher awareness of immortality and mortality, enhanced religious powers, and the ability of producing magic.

Sahasrara chakra Sahasrara chakra is represented visually as a lotus of a thousand petals located on the top of the head or just above our heads. Tantra believes that this chakra is the symbol of unlimited possibilities.

At the Sahasrara, the socially conditioned self-image of the ego dissolves completely into the primordial awareness of the eternal sacred Self

A thousand-petaled lotus symbolizes this transcendental union with the infinite intelligence of the universe. The Sahasrara is formless and with form, yet untouched by form, beyond form. It is everything, and it is nothing.

At this level of consciousness, the illusion that one is an individual entity fades into the knowl-edge that all things are aspects of the One.

As a result of the unification of the chakras with the source of creation, all desires dissolve into an extending, unbounded state of awareness. In the yogic tradition, this state is traditionally known as nirvana or the Realized Self.

The latent energy has to be awakened and directed through the sushumna up the spine to the brain. As the Kundalini moves from one centre to another a new superconscious world unfolds within. Its ascent is more of an unfoldment, expansion and elevation of consciousness until it attains its blissful state in the brain centre, Sahasrara. Once it reaches the Sahasrara it is the highest state of superconsciousness, Samadhi. Sahasrara is the ocean of Infinite Light, Knowledge, Existence, and Bliss.

The CNS is composed of brain and spinal chord. More than 100 billion neurons are housed in CNS. Here we find the affinity between the 100 billion neurons and the “Sahasrara Chakra”, the thousand petals lotus at the top of the head, which is the highest consciousness center as described by ancient Yogis on the path of Kundalini.

The brain stem is one of the four major divisions of the brain and is composed of the midbrain, the pons and the medulla oblongata. Medulla oblongata connects the spinal chord to the brain. The spinal chord carries both sensory and motor fibers between the brain and the periphery.

Our brain is the fruit of the whole of our evolution. Through this brain we have got all kinds of powers. With this is collected all the wealth that has been received by us. Now, the Atma (Spirit) resides inside this heart and after Sahaja-Yoga its light spreads within us in seven layers, from both sides that can happen only when one’s Sahasrara is open.

Till now,we have been doing the same job with our brain -ego and super-ego– But after realization, we work with the help of our Atma. Atma, before realization resides within the heart,–absolutely separate-as a `Kshetragya’ (witness of the field).

It is separate from us. It is not in our Chitta. After realization, it comes into our Chitta, first which you know, is in the Void. After that, its light comes into the truth, because as the brain gets enlightened we know the truth. “Know”.

Doesn’t mean that we know through the intellect, but know in reality (Sakshat) that this is the truth’. After that its light is seen in the heart. The heart becomes profound, heart starts expanding, starts becoming vast, its power of love starts increasing.

That’s why-‘Sacchidananda-Sat, Chitta and Anand (Truth, attention and bliss (joy). Truth within our brain, Chitta, within our dharma; and joy within our Atma-start getting enlightened. Its light spreads gradually at first. It’s a subtle thing, and in the gross set-up we live in, it becomes difficult to catch hold of that subtle.

Gradually that hold also develops, After that you start to grow, to progress. With the opening of a single curtain of Sahasrara, the Kundalini comes up. But its light does not start spreading all around just then. The Kundalini has just come up and you have saluted the seat of Sadashiva.

Within you, the light of Atma has started flowing hazily. But it has not yet fully blossomed in this brain. No the surprising thing is, that if you want to spread it through your brain, you cannot. You know well, that when you work too much with your intellect, heart-failure occurs. And when you work too much with your heart, the brain fails.

There exists a relationship between them. It’s a very deep relationship. And because of this deep relationship, when you get your realisation their relationship has to become deeper.

The moment it gets completely integrated, your (Chitta) attention becomes completely Parameshwar-Swarup, (one with supreme God). But how can the dissolution of ego and super-ego are effected ?

If you beat down the ego, the super-ego comes up, if you beat down the super-ego, the ego comes up. How to win over the super-ego and the ego?

There’s only one door for that-Agnya chakra. By working on the Agnya-chakra the two, get completely dissolved, And as soon as they get dissolved, the heart and brain first establish a complete concord. “it is this oneness that we have to achieve.”

So, your heart becomes the Sahasrara and your Sahasrara, the heart. What you think is in your heart; and whatever is in your heart, that onlyyou think. When your state becomes like this, then, any kind of doubts, any kind of disbelief, any kind of fear-no such thing remains.

When both the things become one you try to understand this point-which the brain, through which you think, makes your Manas understand, and takes care of it; that brain it becomes your Mana.

When such a state comes, then you become the complete Master (Guru). Such a state we should definitely achieve.

should be surrendered to Her. And the One, who is sitting there, ‘is the ‘fruit’ of ‘all’ things. The roots of this tree, fixed in the soil below, they are also borne out from It. Its trunk, its hard work, its evolution – all’ this in the end becomes that fruit. Everything is inherent in that fruit. You put that fruit in the soil and again the whole of this thing will be borne out.

In the whole world, whatever work of God has taken place, the form of its fruit is our Mahayoga of today! So you should feel blessed and becoming like this “Shriphala”, you should be surrendered in offering.

It is only removed from the tree when it is mature-otherwise it is useless. If it is removed from the tree and then offered, only then is the Puja considered accomplished. So, to understand Sahaja Yoga,–in a very great symbolic-form verify (Sakshat) Shriphala itself is standing before you. In the same way you also have Shriphala.

Fully mature it. There is only one way to mature it, that you have concord with your heart. There is no difference between the heart and the brain. From the heart we desire and from the brain it is fulfilled.

When both the things become one, only then will you be fully benefited. You have got it for a very much higher purpose and keep it at that higher level and only on attaining that accomplished wonderful unique state you can consider yourself blessed.

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