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The Courage of Confidence. Confidence is being absolutely sure about the truth of one’s self. Nothing, and no one, can change this fact. The ego does not like or favor humility, and as we have learned earlier, pride is a very good friend of the ego. We must understand that our ego wants to win. Our ego will do whatever it takes to win, regardless of who we might have to step on.

The false ego must die in order for the New/True Self to be born.

Humility does not mean that we deny our very purpose. It means we acknowledge that we are the seeds that must die to the consciousness of human conditions. Such a death is necessary, in order for us to grow, develop, and manifest the true reality of God’s plan. The seed is never meant to stay a seed. It must die and break off, in order to bear more fruit.

True humility is having the understanding that, even as a small seed, we are still an important pan of the greater plan. However, we are not the master planner. Humility is about keeping our ego in check, and staying aware of our true purpose.

The ego does not like or favor humility, and as we have learned earlier, pride is a very good friend of the ego. We must understand that our ego wants to win. Our ego will do whatever it takes to win, regardless of who we might have to step on.

There will be times in life when we must be humble enough to pull hack, for the sake of the bigger picture.

We need to know when to push, and when to pull. Our ego will always tell us to push. to attempt to squeeze blood from a turnip. Having humility is a gift from the spirit. Humility tells us when to pull back, and when to wait for the tides to flow. naturally.

We must know when it’s time to plant seeds, and when it’s times to harvest what we have sown. We need to know when to move and when to be still. In addition, we must know when to be silent, and when to speak.

The ego is chatty, and it is always ready with an answer, even if it does not really know the answer: Humility graces us to remain silent, when we are unsure, or if we do not know something. Humility assures us that it is okay not to know the answer.

Having humility also gives us the opportunity to learn new things, by silencing the ego enough so that we can absorb the information being presented to us. Having humility keeps arguments and disagreement at bay.

Most argtunents and disagreements are merely dances of the egos. Humility allows the souls to speak to one another. instead of the egos going into battle.

Humility teaches us when to yield and when to surrender. Humility teaches us when to forge ahead, and when to stay active, during the course of hardship.

Again, if we think we can make it in this world alone, we will soon be in for a big surprise. If we refuse to ask for help when we clearly need it, then we may be missing the very hand of God If we are too stubborn to yield to htunility, and if we are too stubborn to surrender our pride. we may suffer unnecessarily.

On the other hand, humility will also give us the guidance to move in a different direction, even if it may mean giving tip some of our creature comforts. Humility teaches us to have maturity when it comes to letting go of things, and when it comes to lightning the load, in order to move forward. If we are too heavily burdened, we will not be able to actively forge ahead during hardships. Humility sorts through what is necessary, and what needs to be discarded, so we can keep moving, and live our best life.
The Courage of Confidence

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.” —Buddha

Confidence is something that one cannot pretend to have. You will know when you get there. Your sphit will shine with an invincible glow that serves as armor against negativity. What others say will not deter you from your mission. No matter how many people try, and no matter how hard they try and convince you, that you are not good enough, your refusal to believe them will be just as great.

Opinions may be welcome, but they are not the law or the final say, when one is confident. True confidence is not based on the opinions of fellow humans. True confidence is grounded in spiritual wisdom. The light of God within you will shine so brightly that only the truth will remain. This truth clears the way to keep heading towards the goal.

‘When you’re a beautifil person on the inside, there is nothing in the world that can change that about pu.Jealousy is the result of one’s lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and sellacceptance.” —Sasha Acevedo

Self-mastery means the realization that the “self is servant to the spirit. Since our true nature is spirit, we are the masters of the self. In this respect, we move with confidence, knowing that as masters of the self, and having developed the fragmented parts, and continuing to maintain the balance necessary to endure, we are victorious. We can never fail. Failure is a perception. As with most things we tend to put a title to, it has no real meaning except the one we give it.

Confidence is about knowing who you are, where your allegiances lie, and what your purpose is. Confidence is about not allowing societal or cultural norms to dictate the direction of your path or your actions. Confidence is being absolutely sure, because you know that you are who, you say you are.

Confidence is being absolutely sure about the truth of one’s self. Nothing, and no one, can change this fact.

When we realize we are spirit/soul, and that we are not merely the self, our mastery over such things as the ego, human conditions, mental and emotional barriers, and physical limitations become second nature. Instead, we tap into God’s radiance, and draw strength from his presence within us.

God’s radiance scares the living daylights out of those living in, or cloaked in darkness. It exposes the crooked places, and disintegrates dirty doings. There will be others along the path that may never truly possess the courage to be confident in the way I’m speaking of it here. Real confidence is based on the absolute truth of one’s being.

Having the courage to do the work of stripping one’s self free of the false ego-self, and of developing and walking in the truth of one’s spirit, while living as the whole person, is a lot of work. There are many who are not willing to do this amount of work. This work is a process that can take years and years.

Some begin doing the work, and they do not realize that they are working in this direction. When they have a moment of clarity, it is quickly understood they have been on the path to confidence.

Others start off doing the work, but lack the commitment to continue, and in truth, it can be grueling work. Stripping off layers of “gook” that has hardened which others have placed on you, and that you have placed on yourself can be more than a formidable task.

For this reason, self-mastery is a must when it comes to having real-confidence. Self-confidence is not something that is defined by someone else.

True confidence is the knowledge of God, working through the spirit, and the magnificence of his glory moving forward, to obtain his purpose and plan. When we are confident, we understand clearly that we are a part of that plan.

Those with true confidence are only manifesting another facet of God’s light, and this is truth. When confidence works as truth, meaning the truth of the spirit, there is no need to buckle, or walk in fear. The truth does not need anyone’s approval, nor does it seek it. The truth is that we are not what others say we are. We are not whatever negative beliefs we have about ourselves.

We are what God says we are, and once we awaken to this truth, there is no turning back. We will always walk with our head held high, no matter the circumstances. When we walk in faith and the truth of our being, we move in confidence.

Confidence is an act of grace. In fact, all of the grace principles are ingrained within the truly confident individual, since more than likely, he or she has been tested under the fire.

Real confidence is all about the delicate balance between grace, eloquence, dignity, and respect for the self and others. Those with confidence know they never travel alone, but stand with faith and truth, and this knowledge brings grace, even when life seems unkind and challenging. Confidence will be challenged and shaken tip.

One cannot have true confidence without faith in his or her corner. Faith builds confidence, as it fortifies the spirit, brings clarity to the mind, and gives the awareness that spirit is present.

Faith allows confidence to activate, by breaking down the mental illusion that the ego is in control, allowing the mind to be strengthened creatively, as opposed to being limited to merely logical thinking.

With confidence, we instinctively know that we do not always have to follow the logical path. We will boldly try a new direction. We always discover our way as confident individuals, because as the Bible says, we are led by “faith and not by sight”.

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