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The Christ” is someone with a fully awakened kundalini. If 1% of those who are awake come to satori (moments of enlighten-ment), knowing themselves as source even for the briefest of time, just 60,000 people, then it will shift the awakened ones.

It only takes one person to awaken fully to Christ Consciousness, through the process of Kundalini and Gnosis. She will be the fifth element, who will connect her crystalline body to Earth and to the Heavens.

She is the missing link to connection to the elements of Earth, air, fire water, ether, and Spirit. She is directly connected to the Almighty Creator in Christ, Logos, Holy Inspiritum, and is connected to the heart of Earth, Gaia. She is the Goddess, Pistis Sophia incarnate, who commands all things on Earth through the elements and Holy Inspiritum of Christ Consciousness.

Since we are all one and connected through consciousness, she will cause a chain reaction or ripple effect, igniting the flame within all humans, and non-human beings by way of the heart.

We are connected through the heart and one true Source of all Creation; Christ Consciousness or Creator.

In the Gnostic Christian viewpoint, there is a true, Ultimate, transcendent Energy, who is beyond all created Universes. It is Christ Consciousness or the Almighty Creator.

This ‘Spiritual’ energy brought the substance and essence of all there is in all the worlds, seen and unseen, beyond space and time. The Christ Light is the Supreme Being of all that is and all that ever will be. It is the Alpha and the Omega. Gnostics recognize that the spark of the original Divine essence of man, has descended so far from its original source, that it has forgotten its Divine connection and how to accept forgiveness and how to receive Love through the heart. Most humans are in a state of Spiritual amnesia, or psychic drunkenness.

The kundalini opens new pathways in the nervous system; the pain associated with this is due to the nervous system’s inability to immediately cope with the energy. It is important to assert that the body is properly attuned for kundalini through yoga. Any early or explosive awakening can cause insanity or death.

When the Kundalini awakens, the physical body begins to undergo changes as well. Its cells become charged and rejuvenated with high voltage energy. Hormonal secretions may also chanae. A process of complete transformation is set into motion!

The sword here stands for the array of psychic powers and magical abilities (siddhis) that come with the awakening ofkundalini (the gods’ fire, in Greek myth) illuminating the chakras in an embodied human with free will.

The sword which is used in the medical logo has the same symbolic meaning as the sword — Excalibur — mentioned in the story of King Arthur. The sword of King David is shown to be inserted inside a stone. The sword (Excalibur) indeed is the sword of spirit. Only the One who will take this sword out of the stone will be worthy to be the King. It is offered to all who would like to take up the challenge. But only the One who can take the sword out of the stone is the Anointed One. The kundalini, which is the spiritual force in the human, is like a sleeping serpent within the first spiritual center (controls solid factor, stone) in the human body. This first center is the very bottom of the central energy current

Being a Path Cutter

A paradigm is a way of thought that directs our lives and keeps us focused on what we feel is important. During the time we hold that particular thought pat-tern, our outer reality reflects back to us like a mirror exactly what we believe. If we are ignorant of how our ego maneuvers us like puppets, our paradigms can be one of resignation, anger, futility and non-responsibility for our life.

This is this way, unawake and unaware, the majority of earth’s population survives daily. It is the reason the world has such chaos and why, when there is enough bounty for everyone on the planet, only a minority has all that they need to fully live. It has been this way for thousands of generations because the human inhabitants have chosen to not know how to think differently. Earth is preparing to align with the rotational center of the galaxy’.

As we move towards reaching maximum impact with the 2012 energy our paradigms shift relentlessly. Like stirring out of a foggy dream state, we are now awake and aware (even if it is below the conscious radar), and prepared to resurrect what we once had as a race of powerful beings: Peace on earth. Those who hold the thought of complete connection are path cutters into the new paradigm.

Once called lightworkers, then deemed light holders, we are now called upon to be sim-ply light, shining in the face of our sleepy co-inhabitants of Earth World. Raising our personal vibrational frequency affects the entire population. Even those who have conflicting paradigms with New Age thought are reaching critical mass of wanting the world to be better. Weary of the chaos, beaten down by the pain of separation, fearful, with the expectation that earth will be destroyed by our own hand.

Even those who slumbered peacefully are being shaken awake. In the mind of all humankind, a space is being prepared for evolution, regardless of awareness level. As the front runners of the new paradigm, those who chose to remove all aspects of the ego, erasing the manipulating subconscious triggers, to fully sub-merge into source, we will be the guides for all who will follow.

It is imperative that we are prepared. Because their fear will be great, our neutral union to source must be absolute. People are spontaneously waking up as if they have been doused with cold water, having surprising yogic kundalini energetic risings mimicking enormous menopausal hot Hashes, and are jumping out of their bod-ies in the effort to regain some semblance of normalcy.

We, who can accurately state that we have been there, done that and felt no need to mass market any form of wearable merchandise to validate our experience, will be the sanity in a world gone interdimensionally wild for them. Critical mass, the tipping point in which the smallest number of enlightened beings can make a significant change in human consciousness, is a relatively small percentage of the whole.

Marianne Williamson, in a One Minute Shift Video through the Institute of Noetic Sciences says that quantum physicians state that it only takes a mere 11% of a population becoming active for change to occur.

According to Transcendental Meditation founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, only 1% of a city’s population is needed to make a conscious change to affect the entire city.

Just to show how few people are needed to cause a change in the whole, if just 1% of earth’s population awakens, only 6 million people, then the paradigm of fear will shift to one of peace, and they will awaken a new paradigm for mass con-sciousness.

If 1% of those who are awake come to satori (moments of enlighten-ment), knowing themselves as source even for the briefest of time, just 60,000 people, then it will shift the awakened ones.

When 1% of those who can hold the vibration of source continuously, just 600 people, have the availability of one touch healing, one thought manifesting, and all thoughts revealed, it will won-drously be available for the all.

All it really takes is one person to achieve what can be considered the miraculous, and then the doorway is open for all to experience the same connection to source.

The Christ” is someone with a fully awakened kundalini. If 1% of those who are awake come to satori (moments of enlighten-ment), knowing themselves as source even for the briefest of time, just 60,000 people, then it will shift the awakened ones.

How to become a Kundalini Psychonaut: The Key to the Universe. Using the metaphor of the rocket ship is a way of thinking about the process of awakening. When a rocket takes off, there is a tremendous thrust of energy downward which shoots the rocket high into space. This is the force of the root chakra. . Like the rocket that needs a sustained powerful force to blast through the earth’s gravitational pull, a person must forcefully push against his or her usual thoughts and behavior and sustain that effort to break through his or her personal gravitational pull

The Kundalini , once awakened , becomes a permanent element of one’s life . … and when this creativity is completed , one will have the urge to return again into one’s true identity , that is , to fusion with the Divine state of Consciousness. The union of these two worlds , the individual with that of the ultimate , is in essence the awakening of the Kundalini

The mind is illumintated in stages as the kundalini rises through the spinal cord, piercing the chakras. It does not travel through each chakra one by one but ascends the sushumna to the brain and sahasrara chakra where all the energy systems of chakras are wsituated. Moola bandha – the master key is for those dedicated yoga practitioners searching for the master key to unlock the abode of maha kundalini …

Kundalini (awakening of Kundalini) is the final achievement of Yoga. It is ac-complished by piercing (breaking) all the Shat-Chakras (six psychic centers along the spine).

In the wake of this knowledge power , all the mysteries of the world become known . The ‘ self ‘ hidden behind all the elements becomes visible . There is another aspect of knowledge beyond , ie . the union with God. The Sadhak who reaches this state , feels the presence of God , in everything and in every being.

The psychic is wake inside in deep inner consciousness.

Negative fear programming; fear-based thinking, feeling, and negative ego/fear based/separative programming held within the four lower bodies of the earth and all her inhabitants. This faulty negative ego programming became seeded in the collective consciousness and was passed along through the generations. This is why we are bombarded daily with negative messages that frighten us. It suspends our conscious processing and keeps our subconscious mind open to suggestive programming. The kundalini system could be thought of as a seven way speaker musical crossover system. What the kundalini exercise does is to reverse the separation process e negative programming that the circle world and ourselves have put in place in our energy fields.

The reptilian brain has the ability to shut down the other “brains” if it senses danger. Capable of paranoia, it is our reptilian brains that allow persecution of others. This is why we are bombarded daily with negative messages that frighten us. It suspends our conscious

It is very necessary to overcome the negative programming that the circle world and ourselves have put in place in our energy fields. Each time we manage to reverse a negative thought with a positive affirmation, we create a little more distance from it and create an energy space of our own, that can be filled with positive feelings and therefore energy. When we make continuous effort to do this then we are taking back control of our soul connections and our very lives. But make no mistake, the negative thoughts want us back, and they want us firmly back in the loop of the ego-driven circle world.

The subconscious will spare no tactic to protect you from any discomfort, and it will invoke some amazingly creative ways and go to extreme lengths to keep you in your comfort zone.

It is important to understand that the comfort zone is like a magnet … a gravitational force that doesn’t allow you to stray far away from your comfort zone without conscious and powerful effort. Like the rocket that needs a sustained powerful force to blast through the earth’s gravitational pull, a person must forcefully push against his or her usual thoughts and behavior and sustain that effort to break through his or her personal gravitational pull. But … AND HERE IS THE KEY … every person must do his or her own “pushing” to sustain achievements.

The bottom line is that conscious and unconscious efforts to resist change will undermine and sabotage the greatest of plans if proper attention is not given to supporting the change process from the very start.

There is a metaphor that can be used to describe the journey from nonabiding to abiding awakening: that of a rocket ship. A rocket ship takes a tremendous amount of thrust and a tremendous amount of energy both to get off the ground and then to break the gravitational field as it travels through the sky and ultimately into space.

If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth, the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down.

As a metaphor, we can think of the egoic structure, or the dream state, as the Earth. The dream state has a gravitational force; it has the tendency to pull consciousness into itself. This gravitational force is really what one is dealing with throughout the entirety of the spiritual journey. Awakening is breaking free of this gravitational force. Initially, it may simply be leaving the dream state, awakening from the dream state of “me” and separation and isolation. But because we’ve awakened does not mean that consciousness has gotten past the gravitational pull of the dream state. If we haven’t gone completely beyond this gravitational field, we’re going to be pulled back toward the experience of “me” and the perception of separateness.

Using the metaphor of the rocket ship is a way of thinking about the process of awakening. The dissolution of the ego takes time. While the moment of awakening is a process that unfolds thereafter – the process of getting beyond the gravitional force of the dream state. This process, this greater individualization can override and shed one´s ego, and become a kind of superself that has the ability extend the individual consciousness beyond the constraints, into a form of communication with the Divine Consciousness or Universal Consciousness.

When our energy is limited and connected to your limitations, we know it as the ego. When your energy is universal, we call it Kundalini.

This life-force is released from the root chakra and travels up the spine, awakening all the other chakras. At the same time, a grounding-force energy moves down the sciatic nerve from the root chakra through the feet and into the ground.

This opposite force is similar to the action and energy of a rocket.

When a rocket takes off, there is a tremendous thrust of energy downward which shoots the rocket high into space. This is the force of the root chakra.

When this chakra is fully enlivened, there is a thrust of energy down the legs into the ground, giving a feeling of tremendous stability and solidity.

At the same time, a rush of energy shoots up the spine and out the top of the head, giving the feeling of flying. This energy experience is the gateway to experiencing many levels of awareness at once. You are firmly grounded in physical reality, yet traversing many higher levels of awareness at the same time, fully aware of the energies at each of those levels.

The chief purpose of the kundalini energy is conscious awareness—an awareness of the self and the way the universal life-force moves through us, as well as an awareness of our personal connection to the universal life-force as it creates and maintains all that exists in the universe. We access the kundalini through the first chakra.

Kundalini is essential to the spiritual journey. Only when the kundalini is flowing freely throughout our energy systems can we be fully aware of our experiences and the lessons or opportunities for growth that are being presented to us.

The ability to awaken the Kundalini is held by only the most potent gurus of any tradition. There have been great Christian saints whose touch or words inflamed the souls of those who followed them.

One fact continuously emerges of spiritual development, and that is, that the psychic powers, higher and lower, are hindrances to the highest spiritual state and must be left behind by the man who can function freed from the three worlds altogether. This is a hard lesson for the aspirant to grasp. He is apt to think that a tendency towards clairvoyance or clairaudience is indicative of progress and a sign that his practice of meditation is beginning to take effect. It might prove just the opposite and inevitably will, should the aspirant be attracted by, or attached to, any of these forms of psychic faculty.

As you believe something, you give it power; when you generate emotions around the thought, you enforce the object of your belief, gelling it, so to speak, into physical form. Even if you don’t consciously affirm/confirm a particular belief, if you don’t question or even are not aware of the underlying belief, it means that you implicitly believe in it and are part of the social agreement. When masses of people adhere to a collective belief, their consciousness has a collective creative effect.

If you are born into this system, you are educated into what is considered to be real by everyone around you, and you never come to see the cage of beliefs that surrounds you, nor do you understand your own participation and complicity in supporting the system. The Controllers very cleverly use the creative power of each individual by getting them to agree upon a system of belief that supports the Controllers who hold the puppet strings of the human collective.

They need the collective for its energetic mass—the reality that is created by consensual agreement. While there is certainly a personal reality system for every individual on Earth, the sheer pressure of the collective agreement makes it very hard for an individual to rise in vibration and attain his own personal freedom outside the collective agreement.

The Archons don´t want anyone to dissolve their ego state of mind they have been controlled for eons and thosuends of years.

The End of the Illusion

An illusion may only survive if it is continually fanned and nourished. If we take a look around through innocent eyes (that is, through eyes free of any kind of opinions) we will soon realize how every society nourishes and fans, through its various institutions, the illusion of the separate little Self, the Ego. How they nourish the illusion of “somebodyness” in us and in everybody else.

All that may take place because every society, every culture is based upon individuals, and if those individuals disappear, they wake up from their “somebodyness,” the former modus operandi of that society collapses. That is why Eckhart Tolle is perfectly right when he asserts that the world can only change from inside. The internal change means that we wake up from our “somebodyness” and we begin to understand what our mission is in the evolutionary progress of the Consciousness.

We must therefore wake up from the illusion of our “somebodyness” in order to concentrate our attention on reality. That reality is nothing but the innermost empirical fact in our life, that is, the fact that we live, and we constitute a vibrating Consciousness, full of life. That is the reality that has been shrouded from us by the illusion, the mistake that we concentrated all our efforts on sustaining our “somebodyness.”

If we stop nourishing that illusion, it will vanish after a while. In order to severe the power line of the illusion, we must learn how to notice the vividness and beauty of the present moment. Once we are able to accept the present moment, we are able to accept ourselves and we are able to enjoy the simplicity, tranquility and peace of existence. The Ego and the experience of “somebodyness” then disappear, and we remain nothing but pure, vibrating energy, Life itself.

In our spiritual Journey, when we are burning in the fire of fear, we fail to recognize that the final root of all our fears is the fear of death which hogties us, makes our life bitter and prevents us from fully experiencing the joy of existence.

Because of those fears (regular or permanent anxiety, a sense of being threatened, or outright panic) the Ego-dominated mind cries for an urgent treatment.

Society offers a “solution” to that problem through entertainment and the medical industry, the production of consumer goods and stimulants. These are all prosperous, tremendously lucrative businesses. They afford “effective” remedies, suppress and treat the fear the spiritual Seeker experiences on their journey.


The piercing of the veil between the outer consciousness and the inner being is one of the crucial movements in yoga. For yoga means union with the Divine, but it also means awak-ing first to your inner self and then to your higher self, — a movement inward and a movement upward. It is, in fact, only through the awakening and coming to the front of the inner being that you can get into union with the Divine. The outer physical man is only an instrumental personality and by himself he cannot arrive at this union, — he can only get occasional touches, religious feelings, imperfect intimations. And even these come not from the outer consciousness but from what is within us.

This feminine consciousness is celebrated by Hildegard, who speaks of God in language that resonates with the luminous fiery glow of kundalini, which inhabits all living things. “The greatest fire which you see stands for the . . . living God .. . I remain hidden in every kind of reality as a fiery power. Everything burns because of me in such a way as our breath constantly moves us, like the wind-tossed flame in a fire. All of this lives in its essence, and there is no death in it. For I am life.”

A Kundalini awakening expands one’s level of consciousness to the cosmos. At/in the Light, I was plugged into the universal consciousness.

When Kundalini sleeps man is awake to the world. He has objective consciousness. When she awakes, he sleeps, i.e., falls into samadhi or trance and the body is maintained by the nectar which flows from the union of Shiva and Shakti. Shakti lies dormant in the Muladhara Chakra in the form of serpentine power or coiled up energy known as Kundalini Shakti. The real sadhak tries to wake up that Shakti by performing nirvikalpa samadhi. She is at the centre of the life of the universe. She is the primal force of life that underlies all existence. She vitalises the body through the `Sushumna Nadi’ and nerves. She nourishes the body with chyle and blood. She vitalises the universe through her energy. She is energy in the sun, fragrance in flowers, beauty in nature, colour in rainbow, intelligence in the mind, potency in medicines.

The Sadhak should know that this life is like a bad dream and try to wake up from the sleep which is responsible for the dream. Once he does that the Guru is there to hand over the secret of Moksha at once.

Nodes along the Vertical Channels There is an ascending order of frequencies and energy levels along the nodes of the vertical channels, from the spine to the head of the magma body. There are catalytic electromagnetic sinks along the vertical channels which induce the central straight and helical channels to pinch to form nodes, which later evolve into chakras. Each node, which sets up an intense electromagnetic field around itself, then generates its own set of meridians – which connect with the rest of the magma ovoid.

We know that when currents move around a coil of wire which is wrapped around a bar of iron, the bar becomes magnetised. The straight channels are like electromagnetic bar (bipolar) magnets. When kundalini and prana particles spiral around the helical channels at normal volumes and speeds, the magnetic field generated by the straight channels are amplified and strengthened. The stronger magnetic field around the straight channels, in turn, allows kundalini and prana particles to move more freely and strongly in the helical channels – which again amplifies the magnetic field of the straight channels – generating an “MHD dynamo” within the super magma body.

The “Power” and the “World-mother” are names given to Kundalini—one of the mystic “Yogi powers.” It is Buddhi considered as an active instead of a passive principle (which it is generally, when regarded only as the vehicle, or casket of the Supreme Spirit ATMA). It is an electro-spiritual force, a creative power which when aroused into action can as easily kill as it can create.

Our bodies come pre-programmed but that is not us. We are the dormant kundalini which powers the body. During our physical lives we are given an opportunity to awaken this eternal spirit within us, or seed of God’s consciousness.

As long as we allow our kundalini to remain dormant, we are trapped thinking with the physical mind, with the kundalini acting as a mere battery and therefore we are easier to predict and control. This is why this path is “forbidden” by those who have been made comfortable by you working for them to buy their products, spend their money, pay their taxes, and donate to their churches.

Once you awaken your kundalini, you will see them for who they truly are, and they don’t want that! Once you begin the path of feeding and nurturing this dormant spirit, within and focus your energy on its growth and awakening, you will have found the temple and kingdom within, and understand what it is to be “saved”.

“The Christ” is someone with a fully awakened kundalini. They don’t want any more like him, to prove them as frauds, and ignorant fools. Which is why his true path to ascension has been concealed and his true message has been corrupted.

“The Christ” is someone with a fully awakened kundalini. They don’t want any more like him, to prove them as frauds, and ignorant fools. Which is why his true path to ascension has been concealed and his true message has been corrupted.

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