The Boundaries of Satan’s Kingdom and Satan´s limitations

When Lucifer was cast out of heaven, he did not stop his rebellion but went ahead to set up his own kingdom in
opposition to God’s kingdom. Every kingdom has a seat of government and has boundaries. Where is the seat of Satan’s kingdom and where are its boundaries? It was asserted earlier that Satan’s throne is in the second heaven from where he directs all activities in his kingdom. Satan´s area of influence certainly includes the second heaven, where his throne is established; and the first heaven including the Earth. Obviously, wherever there are human beings, Satan’s kingdom extends to that place because humans are his main targets for destruction.

Satan´s system means limitations, but Satan Wants You to Think He Has no Limitations

Satan cannot go beyond time and death. Satan’s power is therefore temporary

Satan is limited in authority

Satan has limited access to the presence of God and the light

Satan is limited in power and knowledge about the power of Holy Spirit

Satans power is great, but he also has limitatioans. Some are inherent In his own nature because he is a created being and therefore finite.

Satan can´t create nothing just imitate God (and make it opposite). Satan’s plan and Satan’s program has always been to imitate God

Satan’s kingdom is not eternal. As to time, it is limited in time; as to space, it is limited to the air and the earth. Furthermore, Satan’s kingdom is in darkness, the exact opposite of the kingdom of God.

Satan cannot take human life or form (he is a spirit)

Satan, limited and restrained by God, is neither all-powerful nor all-knowing, nor present everywhere. He can do nothing apart from God’s sovereign authority.

Satan is a created being, so he is limited by his nature and abilities.

 Satan’s kingdom is the sphere of Satan’s reign. Satan is limited in his power—he is temporary and localized.

Satan is limited to lower frequencies (in darkness) and cannot co-exist with higher energy (in light) frequencies like God and therfore cannot have full access to higher spiritual knowledge

Satan is limited to temptation.

Satan is limited in what he can do to believers.

Satan is not all powerful, and he does not have complete freedom.

Satan is limited in his freedom because he can´t change his nature (freedom is a ability to change and transform – evolving) and he is limited to work with lower energy frequencies in darkness

Satan is limited by his Ego. Satan is limited by his desperately selfish Ego

Satan’s limited knowledge and abilities are based on his limited experience. Satan´s world is based on his Ego

Satan is limited in knowledge because he cannot use the Word of God

Satan is limited to the earth—he can never enter heaven 

Satan still think he can defeat God with his limitations and that is a limitation

Satan’s power is limited, and God’s grace is limitless. Satan is limited by time and space—his very nature ensures that he can never be like God.

Satan is limited in knowledge because he does not control the soul which is a part of God

Satan’s power is limited; he is not a Creator

Satan´s power is limited and his tactics must fail when God’s people trust the power of the blood and of the Word.


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