The battle of Armageddon – Armageddon is actually the battle between your outer ego-based consciousness and your inner Christ consciousness. Hence Apocalypsis means a taking away of a veil. The word apokaluptein, and consequently apocalypse, means “to unveil,” “to disclose,” and hence “to reveal.” In this sense, apocalypse means “revelation.”

The battle of Armageddon – Armageddon is actually the battle between your outer ego-based consciousness and your inner Christ consciousness. Hence Apocalypsis means a taking away of a veil. The word apokaluptein, and consequently apocalypse, means “to unveil,” “to disclose,” and hence “to reveal.” In this sense, apocalypse means “revelation.”

The word apocalypse comes from the Greek prefix apo and the verb kaluptein. The verb kaluptein, from which the name of Calypso is derived, means “to hide,” “to conceal,” or “to veil.” The privative prefix apo, when joined to a verb, marks “away” or “off.” The word apokaluptein therefore means “to do away with” or “to take off that which” “hides,” “conceals,” or “veils.” Following from this philological development thus: the word apokaluptein, and consequently apocalypse, means “to unveil,” “to disclose,” and hence “to reveal.” In this sense, apocalypse means “revelation.”

The Open Heaven

You may not be ready for the ascension in this hour. But you are ready for your commitment to the eternal covenant. You are ready for the conversion to be God within your heart. You are ready to go forth as a conqueror in life, to command all circumstance to come into the subjection of the one Great Law. You are ready to enter the age of Reality—realism, whereby you do not turn your back but face with the calm certitude of inner knowing all that has been less than Christ perfection.

Energy is God. Every erg of energy that has passed through the nexus of your consciousness through thousands upon thousands of years of incarnation must now be passed through the flame of the sacred fire, be stripped of the outer coating of human consciousness, and sent back into your causal body of Life. This is the real challenge of life on earth—not creature comforts, not the attributing of success to those who have become adept at the manipulations of matter.

For to extend illumination is to remove the screen of Maya whereby the soul may see Light, may see Darkness, may understand the equation, may know that in the ultimate sense all wrong is unreal. But in order to be unreal—to be rendered unreal in the physical octave where illusions have the appearance and concreteness of a quasi-reality—it must pass through the fires of transmutation.

Thus molecules of light are stripped of false belief and systems of error by this ritual of transmutation. And healing is complete. And the inner man is made whole. This is the Science of the Immaculate Concept whereby you behold the true geometry of Life—and that Life beholding itself in you is the quickening power of the true scientist of Christ.

Apocalypse paradigm shift; shift in perception – from ego perception and five senses to soul perspective and sixth sense (third eye intuition).

Apocalypse paradigm shift; from “matter over mind” to “consciousness over matter”, its a shift from outer ego perspective into inner higher self perspective. its a shift from low vibrational frequencies of matter into high vibrational frequencies of Divine Spirit, its a reversal from fear based low vibrations into high vibrations of love frequency.

The battle of Armageddon – Armageddon is actually the battle between your outer ego-based consciousness and your inner Christ consciousness. Hence Apocalypsis means a taking away of a veil (as when a statue is said to be unveiled), and thus bringing into view that which had been before hidden as by a veil. The veil of ignorance

The collective unconscious is the consciousness that covers the original nature of the Earth. When the unconsciousness improves and its shell is finally cracked, the original consciousness of the Earth will be revealed; it is the same principle of the expansion or evolution of the human consciousness. If the collective unconscious doesn’t improve, the original “me” would always be shadowed by it.

The battle of Armageddon is both in the cosmos and in each of us! On a personal level, it is the battle between the lower self and the higher self, between truth and illusion, between fear and love, between positivity and negativity, between separation and oneness, between God and ego, between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. The outer battle that is talked about so often is just a reflection of this personal battle that every seeker of truth must fight — and must win. Each person must master the dweller on the threshold, the conglomeration of glamour, maya and illusion within self. In essence, as Sai Baba has so eloquently stated, “God equals man minus ego.” We each must win the battle over our negative-ego/fear-based, separative thinking and feeling; we must be spiritually victorious in this battle. It does not happen in one day, though; it is a process.

The process of spiritual evolution to become a spiritual master requires us to reverse this by undoing all the mass-consciousness programming. We must get complete control of the subconscious mind and not let it run us; we must totally become the computer programmer of the subconscious mind. So there is a phase for us on our spiritual path — and this is true for all, disciples, initiates and masters — when the battle of Armageddon wages within us seekers of God. This phrase is good and appropriate. “Give up this unmanliness and self-pity and get up and fight!” “Life is a battlefield.”

The apocalypse could be represented by the cross, were duality ends and oneness begins, therefore it represents a shift in consciouness, from fear based low vibrational frequencies to a higher state of vibrational frequencies based on love. Armageddon is actually the battle between your outer ego-based consciousness and your inner Christ consciousness. The inner Christ Consciousness begins at the fourth chakra when the spiritual heart is opened and Man has overcome the three first lower physical chakras of materialism.

“Soul minds” are veiled. The challenge for some of us seems to be work on “thinning the veils. The program itself is run from the structures, which are stretched across various parts of the brain as membrane veils, shutting the conscious from the super conscious, so you are not in connection with all that you are. Thus affecting your ability to expand your reality to encompass the vaster self you truly are. Spirit has called this a four point encoding access. This will likely be a long process to clear all of the four points of clearing. When we begin to live the spiritual life , a reversal of consciousness takes place. The reversal represent change or movement turning consciousness inward from the outer external ego.

There is a veil that exists in between the place you open and close your eyes. It interrupts your awareness and creates a pattern that shifts you between two different levels of consciousness. When your eyes are open, you are in one state, when your eyes are closed, you are in another. This veil was put in place at the time of the Fall of Consciousness to keep you in the limited reality of separation.

This veil holds a rigid structure in place that does not allow the DNA software programming and the coding structure of the DNA to actively integrate into the higher-dimensional chakra system necessary to activate aspects of the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata and pineal gland. These aspects are limited by this veil or partition. This partition is also what holds you in third-dimensional linear time (time as a past—present—future loop) and creates major restrictions to knowing yourself.

The veil programs are usually placed in at birth, although can be and probably are, included with many past programs also. There are various “fallen- hierarchies that perform the shut-off programs. the programs of separation and death. The program itself is run from the structures, which are stretched across various parts of the brain as membrane veils, shutting the conscious from the super conscious, so you are not in connection with all that you are.

The program itself is from the beings that set up the program, a small group who determine what it will take, and what programs will work well to shut off your divine potential. causing you to feel lost. It is calculated according to your soul weaknesses, and set in a situation that seems to prevent expansion in your life, from the group coming through set situations (these will be situations you find yourself in that continually repeat. with similar energies, and certain groups that hold you back). The program comes into the crown chakra, at full width, so it would be hard to break, travelling down into the back of the neck, and anchoring there. As it is in the brain, it affects your mental ability to commune with God source, your guides, and your higher self. It also affects the body when you are attempting to take divine steps in your outer life, to manifest God’s light on Earth. It may have the effect of immobilizing you. and making it harder to move spiritually in the outer world.

Lower sound harmonics and lower programming tend to lock in together, along with group dynamics. To clear group dynamics, permissions you have given to the group need to be released. This can be done through Vow/Contract breaks. (Affirming this).Certain frequency programming within the DNA and various other structures does not allow divine frequencies to enter, therefore needs release. Various other points at which to clear include-Genetic — through the DNA. Physical — through cellular memory. Allowed through agreement by yourself — opening spiritual doonvays to your access. Your access to the world. Etheric memory (affecting your ability to expand reality).

Thus affecting your ability to expand your reality to encompass the vaster self you truly are. Spirit has called this a four point encoding access. This will likely be a long process to clear all of the four points of clearing that is mentioned above.

Focusing your consciousness multi-dimensionally is about bringing all of your consciousness to the mind, allowing the higher mind to play a part also, and to bring this into your life, as part of it. If you desire for this in your life, you will find that new pathways need to be made within the present brain, on various levels, as it is currently not totally connected to the vaster capabilities possible. This process will be like a rewiring; to enable more refined frequencies to enter into the mental etherics.

Most of the brain structure is simply coded out of receiving these higher impulses, much like tuning certain channels out on a T.V. set. Then, they will be pushed back into the subconscious, and accessed through dream state, perhaps, or in meditation. The ideal, of course, is not to need to go back to access, but to be in the present all of the time as this is the vaster part of who we are, and we are here to live that, to know of all that we are, here on earth.

As a result of flawed thinking (caused by a negative programmed mindset), most people either do not have the required tools, or are not interested in obtaining the knowledge for freedom or higher. Freedom and higher consciousness require a desire to be free, effort, work, and change, all of which most people are programmed to avoid. The objective of this kind of programming is to have people lose the ability to think freely. – ‘whatever you do not use you lose.’ Many people often want or seek the benefits of freedom without paying the price. However, freedom is never free.

Another common misunderstanding to the untrained eyes is how freedom is defined. Freedom is generally defined as the opportunity to get a “good” education, a “good” job and be financially sufficient to provide for their families. The definition of true freedom is a freed mentality. A freed mentality ensures people can have all of their desires, and also be in full control of their thoughts and mind.

With mental freedom, people can learn who they are, understand the role they play in the broader scope of the universe; appreciate and value themselves, others, and the natural environment, and be much better equipped to understand how societies and organizations are structured to control the minds of the masses.

Once you are able to free yourself mentally, finding the real purpose for your existence will no longer be a challenge. Many people, regardless of how well educated they are, regrettably continue to be very narrow-minded when it comes to matters about the process and methods of achieving mental freedom. They feel this way because they are either unfamiliar with the subject, or have been programmed to reject such information as real and essential.

Thinking that mental freedom is something that can easily be attained is a colossal mistake. It requires a strong desire, clarity of thought, discipline, effort, work, courage, sacrifice, and change. Most people are just not prepared to be free -they have no control over their thoughts or their lives.

A large portion of their decisions derives from their societal programming. This fact is suppressed by the widely held view that people make decisions based on their personal choices and preferences. This view is merely a misconception. What many are ignoring either through ignorance or deliberate rejection is the fact that, the choices people make derived from their subconscious programmed condition and manipulated mentality.

Ascension is a journey, not a destination. It is an individual journey of the soul. We are always on a journey of ascension because we are always seeking the truth, seeking that which we feel we have lost. To live life in the lower realms of 3D demands that we lose our connection with God in order to experience duality, both sides of the opposing energies of our world.

Our ascension journey is about traversing the frequencies of the lower realms, garnering the truth that we are beings of light, and then transcending the 3D vibrational frequencies of duality. This is a journey to find our truth, our light and our divine essence, that “We Are God Also”. Only when you have this belief well and truly imbedded into your heart can you reach up to the upper realms and begin the ascension home, taking your physical vessel with you. In the journey of ascension into the higher dimensions of self, the Higher Self begins to meld with the biological body. Slowly the physical body takes on more and more of the Divine Intelligence, the Divine Wisdom, the Divine Creativity of the Higher Self, evolving into a manifested Lightbody form living on Earth.

Life journey is like playing hide and seek. The invisible world within is hidden, dormant, and waiting to be discovered and connected so that we can explore the divinity within us. Unless we are aware to a certain degree that we are spirit beings, it is not easy to attune to the concept. So it is important to become aware of all the vital supreme power which is responsible for every phase of life.

Once the knowledge of spiritual truth has been discovered or consciousness has dawned within our being or to know who we are, we become transformed and view life differently and confidently through new eyes, with new understanding, for its purpose begins to fall into place to realise the divine plan to equip ourselves by service for the fulfilment of our inevitable destiny. Within us is a spirit being, and when we tune into the spiritual power that higher source can access the divine part of us when we realise and become aware.

Once the shell of mass consciousness starts cracking around and in you, the spiritual emptiness which comes from having shut down the ways you are connected to Soul and to The Divine starts being “in your face as the expression goes. You will be DRIVEN BY AN INNER PUSH to know, do, and be that which is once again consciously connected with spirit, with Soul, and with God/Goddess. One of the tasks of being Soul in physical, human form is to EXPERIENCE YOUR UNIQUENESS WHILE STAYING CONSCIOUS OF YOUR ONENESS WITH EVERYTHING. Life on Earth is really about BRINGING FORTH THE SOUL POTENTIALITIES that exist in everyone of us. And we obviously cannot do that without spirit.

Operating from Soul, being 100 % Higher Self Integrated, means that you will be TUNING IN FOR HIGHER GUIDANCE IN EVERY AREA, CONCERNING EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME. You will be functioning from Soul Knowledge, integrating spiritual or Divine Wisdom with the practicalities of living and working in a material world.

The collective unconscious is the consciousness that covers the original nature of the Earth. When the unconsciousness improves and its shell is finally cracked, the original consciousness of the Earth will be revealed; it is the same principle of the expansion or evolution of the human consciousness. If the collective unconscious doesn’t improve, the original “me” would always be shadowed by it.

When we close down our physical perception through our ego beliefs, the other rooms within our mansion continue to shine with light.

As we crack the cosmic shell of our ego, we rend the veil of our beliefs that surrounds our intellect and find ourself open to the wisdom and ingenuity of our soul and to the love, truth, and equality of our spirit. We will look upon our soul and spirit with total humility as we recognize the insignificance of our intellect when it is compared to our magnificent soul and spirit mind.

Cracking our ego shell to access the wisdom and ingenuity of our soul and the love, truth, and equality of our spirit will heal us of all physical, mental, and societal disease. From that moment forward the soul will consciously, with absolute freedom of choice, use disease only to complete a lesson of transformation. We have consciously denied our soul and spirit for millions of years. Our ego denial has made it necessary to hypnotize our conscious mind so that we can communicate with our subconscious soul and our unconscious spirit mind as a way to stay balanced within our intellectual mind. This is the state that we call sleep, and we have an inherent dependency upon sleep for our mental balance. Our soul and spirit has gently worked with us in our sleep to encourage our soul growth despite our state of ego denial.

Once we rind the veil of our ego we can also access our future soul experience and our angel hierarchy that covers the seven levels from our spirit consciousness to the Archangel energy of our Spirit. These higher levels of our energy can’t be accessed until the veil is rent, but we may experience temporary communica-tion with other levels as we perforate our cosmic shell. The subconscious memory of our soul lives serves our intellect as an alternate reality when we reach our threshold level of absorption in fear, pain, anger, abuse, and drama within our physical life experience.

When we can no longer cope with our physical or mental reality and our emotions, we change the focus of our mind into another soul print of memory, which is not understood by medicine. Changing the focus of our mind will be a common event when our soul memory and the Universal mind of our spirit is understood. We will have the mind power to con-sciously change into other life experiences to give us an opportunity to find the lessons that we have been intent upon repeat-ing. Once we rend the veil of our cosmic shell we are able to reach into all levels of the soul and spirit mind without difficulty.

To shift our consciousness as humans we must release our belief in inequality that has cast us into fear, control, and dependency as we have descended through the shadow side of our soul path. With absolute equality being practiced within a culture there is no dependency, and therefore there is no fear and control.

The final battle each of us must fight . It is the inner Armageddon , the battle between our ego – mind and our higher divine self.

This is the spiritual meaning of the Battle of Armageddon, the final battle of the forces of light and the darkness within.

renewal of the mind” (Rom. 12:2). The writer of the Apocalypse envisions a “new heaven and a new earth”

So we are in the apocalypse, the “lifting of a veil” is a rising of consciousness that knows no fear (a physical lifting of a veil of ignorance

Duality that keeps us all bound in separation, and from the Self Mastery that was originally intended

Transcending Armageddon Consciousness is nothing more than transcending the negative ego duality within self.

The apocalypse fear based system of duality represents a change from mind of duality into state of oneness of Christ Consciousness. Its a change from a system of low vibrational of control and enslavement into high vibrational state of liberation.

The “coming of the self is described as an apocalypse for the ego, the “you” that wants to hang along for the ride. It may be that the only way to survive the Apocalypse is to undergo it, first, within your own being.

The “Title” of the Book describes its character. It is not “The Revelation of St. John the Divine,” as the heading in our Bibles would have us believe, but it is “THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST.” The word “Revelation” in the Greek is “APOCALUPSIS.” Hence the title “THE APOCALYPSE,” by which it is often called. It is from the verb “APOCALUPTO,” to unveil; from “APO,” away from; and “KALUMMA,” a veil. Hence “Apocalupsis” means a tak-ing away of a veil, as when a statue is unveiled, that what is behind the veil may be seen.

Thus the root meaning of apocalypse is an unveiling, a revealing of the future. The entire book of Revelation, called by many the Apocalypse, deals with what will take place in the future.

The book of Revelation is the only book in the Bible that calls itself an apocalypses were written in order to unveil or reveal some deep truth about the world. As Brian Blount explains, Rev-elation is “a truth that enables its hearers and readers to see the present in a new light. But that truth is so powerful, so overwhelming, that John’s words cannot properly convey it. He therefore appeals to symbols and codes that must bear the weight his language cannot:”

Apocalyptic Transformation: Alchemy – alchemy and apocalypse are inextricably linked: if apocalypse proposes a form of alchemical morphing of the world to some higher state, so too the fulfilment of the alchemical project would result in the apocalyptic transformation of the world.

The motion of consciousness from psyche to Spirit, during which latent errors arise, fully-formed and fully-enacted, until they are revealed as forms of Truth, is the esoteric significance of apocalypse, which means ‘revelation’. Physical death is a symbol of the death of the ego—of the belief that the human psyche is autonomous and self-created. The end of the world is a symbol of the ‘recollection’ produced by the death of the ego—the gathering together of the scattered fragments of the psyche through withdrawal of the projec-tions of that psyche into the abstract wilderness of matter, energy, space and time.

Personal apocalypse consciousness is a reality, whether or not a person is conscious of having it. Population pain is personal suffering, even when this translation is entirely subconscious. Yes, we share the experience of pain, just as we share positive experiences.

Positive Apocalypse Consciousness Apocalypse awareness is with us. It would be dishonest to say that intense experiences, challenging transitions or events that may be perceived as terrible will never take place. But it is also dishonest to say that there is no positive way of seeing these events. Positive apocalypse consciousness is essential. This constructive view and use of our instinctive apocalypse awareness will purify the application of protective awareness and reduce the odds of its mingling with blinding fear.

Positive apocalypse consciousness is a state of knowing how to admit to oneself the difference between blinding fear and protective awareness, and how to resist labeling one’s sensations as one or the other of these fears when others label them for you. Positive apocalypse consciousness also involves a sense of rising to meet the challenge of any transition, of any death. Seeing a purpose, a positive outcome, as a distinct possibility — even if that positive outcome is simply that one can make it through an ordeal — is essential. Endings Are Beginnings therefore works with some basics of this positive consciousness.

Allow the ideas offered here to dialogue with your own heart, mind and soul. Try the ideas on; test them in daily life. Question as much of this as you feel driven to. Honest questioning and ongoing dialogue are means of discovering truth for yourself and for all of us. And this is the surest route to knowledge: your knowledge, our knowledge, species knowledge, living knowledge. Fear, if read with understanding, is a signal. We must learn to read our own and others’ fears for their meaning. We must learn to prevent fear from blocking us, disturbing us and withholding from us our abilities to navigate change and transition — even physical death —to a new place, a higher state.

The word (apocalupsis). Hence the title of ” Apocalypse ” so frequently given to the book. It is from the verb

Hence Atocalypis means a taking away of a veil (as when a statue is said to be unveiled), and thus bringing into view that which had been before hidden as by a veil. Unveiling is the equivalent English word. It is used, of course, in two senses , of a bringing to knowledge by the removing of the veil of ignorance ; or of he visible appearance of one who had previously been unseen, as though hidden by a veil.

The In understanding this acceleration of an evolution of consciousness coming to an omega point in time… it is important to first define the biblical word apocalypse that appears in so many texts of the end times that manipulate and create fear in the market place. The word Apocalypse means… (Greek: Apokalypsis; “lifting of the veil”) is a term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from the majority of humankind. Today the term is often used to refer to the end of the world, which may be a shortening of the phrase “apokalupsis eschaton”, which literally means “revelation at the end of the aeon, or age”. So we are in the apocalypse, the “lifting of a veil” is a rising of consciousness that knows no fear (a physical lifting of a veil of ignorance, superstition and religious dogma) of the unknown for those certain privileged individuals that can see themselves on the other side of the Omega point. This could easily apply to the understanding of the creational

“The Apocalypse”, the Revelation taking place in the completing phase of Creation… is this “lifting of the veil”… the veil is ignorance and superstition.

The perfect Now moment in the midst of Chaos, being disconnected from our Animal nature and the Old Reptilian Brain. This state of consciousness is the fulfillment of our evolution… a time when light would blaze across the planet… not physical light but “the light of consciousness”… the full descent of spirit into matter as prophesized by Teilhard de Chardin. When we rise to the challenge of our greater potential and do not cower in fear, we catch the wave of rising consciousness… lifting the veils of ignorance and superstition. This wave of consciousness showing us… humanity- “half-animal, half-human Sheeple slaves in a hell on earth”… as we rise above… back to spiritual beings having a human experience in a heaven on earth.

All awakened conscious people create their reality according to their belief systems, and they should know what they are. We are at the end of the age of ignorance and unsubstantiated belief systems living in an illusion, and we will be awakened in a series of shocks to what is really going on. The stage does seem to be set for a battle… when we look closer as an evolving consciousness… not one in the classical sense of good and evil but one over consciousness of an evolving human being… against a social consciousness, one that is asleep in ignorance.

If the masses stay asleep in their pods living an illusion. If the majority of the people around the world (80% masses, 20 % ruling classes) do not wake up, we may see “the end of time” as prophesied in the bible.

The Primacy of the Material World

We need to change our focus and begin to understand why this is happening and how…. So we will presently look to a solution from a point of view of science and quantum physics… that everything in our world is made up of energy… matter is nothing more than… atoms and empty space… that our collective minds have the ability to project a holographic vision of the world we live in. We currently need to begin to see that everything is made up of an Ancient Science of Spirit… an evolution of consciousness and energy, making anything possible. We need to demystify the coming changes and put everything in a balanced context, so we can clearly look at our options without the illusions of fears that have been drummed into us as a collective from the beginning of our present cycle.

This means we need to clarify a few things, develop an understanding of the evolution of consciousness, and see where it is evolving to, what is its divine plan… as an Ancient Science of Spirit? The problem of understanding the evolution of consciousness is that we are talking about it from within an illusion of a limited “materialist paradigm”. The idea that the world is flat, that matter is rock-solid and that our collective assumptions of our reality are linear, trustworthy and stable… and “all is well in wonderland Alice”. These are the illusions of society… ideas heavily promoted by the engines of commerce that fuel society, the Universities and the Media for a very large profit. To understand and unlock the doors to an evolution of consciousness we have to let go of our materialist point of view and open our minds.

It is in the end the stuff of nightmares and what has been called dark prophecy or conspiracy theory is actually ancient agenda in its final stages of being played out.

The purpose of these gang-stalking activities is not just to unnerve the target and make them look foolish or even crazy in public, or to frustrate or intimidate them, or to punish them for some perceived misdeed. The deeper purpose is to coerce them into conforming, to force them to silently accept what is going on, and to break their will and draw them into taking part in this system of control. Anyone around the target will be clueless as to what the target is experiencing, and the target will appear to be delusional should he or she mention anything to anybody. The sense of isolation that often results, due to a lack of anywhere to turn for help, is meant to break down the target and force his or her silent submission.

The Chakra System and the Seven levels The human body has been used for centuries as an example of the seven levels of consciousness. The seven chakras or Seven Seals as they were known in ancient times… are an indication of the energy vortexes that the seven levels of consciousness can respond to. The human body has many chakra points but only seven seals that all the chakra points come together to form these energy vortices.

In each of these seven levels, there are planes of existence where other beings live. Therefore, the human body becomes a holographic representation of the universe. The seven planes of existence start with the seventh seal (chakra) in the pituitary gland of the brain down to the first seal, which in the human body are the reproductive organs. We can see in the EMF spectrum that consciousness forms seven different levels. From the Bible and other ancient records, we can learn about the seven levels of consciousness.

Christ said that his ‘Fathers house had seven mansions or seven kingdoms’. (A search on the intemet will give you volumes of information on this eastern philosophy.) Our understanding of the chakra system is handed down from ancient Hindu teachings; this is where the Sanskrit word ‘chakra’ originated. These ancient teachings have been validated over the ages in practices of meditation, yoga and healing techniques. Chakras are anchored energy centers or vortexes in the human etheric body that correspond in etheric matter to the respective, and relatively more physical, glands and organs. In the Hindu tradition, the word chakra means ‘wheel”.

One of the major gateways through which energy enters the body is the top of the head. Where there is alignment and balance in the being, energy generally moves down the front of the central channel to the base of the spine, where it is collected, blended, amplified, and propelled up the back, through the spinal column, directly through the seven energy centers and out the top of the head. It is this simultaneous movement of energy up and down the central channel and in and out of the seven centers who create the electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body.

The world’s population is ignorant of the “Art of Transmutation of the Flesh into Spirit”…true Alchemy.

In human development… no part of the body evolves without a use…the unused part of the brain has been sitting dormant until someone learns how to turn it on [ the other 90%] possibly through the understanding, development, and use of concentrated nutritional products developed for the brain. We know very little about the brain, how it works, how gifted people can do what they do, yet the brain has continued to evolve and is now the last frontier in neuroscience research. This research and development of the brain will take up where evolution left off… and create an unbelievable amount of phyto-chemicals and nutrients for the human body and brain to evolve.. a greater mind and higher consciousness. This will allow the mind to generate frequencies that will cause a cascading affect throughout the whole neural structure… and open the other 90% waiting to be turned on. We have been nurtured by Gaia to evolve to this level, but it is not in the best interests of the Powers That Be” and the engines of commerce to be more intelligent than the beings controlling the Sheeple. However,it is our minds that are evolving beyond our genetics, and it is our minds that will evolve and aet us throuoh this crisis of consciousness.

EMF Radiation… the lon Effect and Chemical Trails in the Sky: To evolve to the next level… we have to consciously dodge all the evolutionary problems societies create in their life cycle… before they destroy themselves. Hundreds of Societies have risen and fallen in the last 100,000 years since the development of modern man…Homosapien. Let us look at what our technological society is doing to the planet that we are evolving on and what other effects it may cause in the illness-ridden guinea pigs and Sheeple.

One good reason that we might want to learn how to raise our vibratory frequency is because of the exponential rise of electromagnetic field (EMF) background radiation… Scientists estimate that YOUR daily exposure to EMF radiation is 100 Million Times higher than it was in your Grandparents’ time.

This frequency is lowering your biological vibratory frequency making you more susceptible to environmental pollution and disease as you age… disconnecting you from spirit and your true nature. In normal consumers all over the planet, research shows that these fields have a significant disruptive effect on the natural energy levels of your body. They magnify your body’s “flight or fight” responses, compounding your adrenal loads from other stressors and significantly reducing your ability to cope effectively. One of the greatest problems is that the EMF fields are adversely affecting… the dehydrated bodies in 80% of the people in the developed world… accelerating its effects… like running a race car without proper coolant.

Studies indicate that non-ionizing radiation causes everything from cancer in lab rats to neurological changes in humans. Human beings are very good conductors of microwave transmitted signals. Living organisms are themselves electromagnetic instruments of great sensitivity that can support a variety of electrical vibrations… these can be interfered with by external radiation… both at microwave and very much lower (ELF) frequencies… in a number of ways, from which adverse health effects can follow. It is everywhere, in this “Matrix of Society” almost as common as the air you breathe. If you’re like the average person living in modem society, there is not a time during your usual day when you are not exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF). This type of environment has never existed in the history of human civilization before. What consequence does this type of invisible presence have on your ability to function fully as an organic human being? And what effect does it have on your ability to be conscious…

“This frequency is lowering your biological vibratory frequency making you more susceptible to environmental pollution”.

Technology lowering humans biological vibratory frequency making you more susceptible to environmental pollution”, and in same wau its fear that makes the mind or brain susceptible to negative mind-mass programming. Through technology and fear they can hold back all human spiritual progress, so they can´t raising their inner vibrational frequencies through the seven sealed chakras and activate the dormant 10 etheric dna strands of light. Low vibrational feeding the ego and keeps the real spirit of life in a sleep-stasis or slumbering state of ignorance.

No revelation ; for it is covered with a strong and thick veil of ignorance .

We are truly on a prison planet, no longer having a natural connection with the divine spirit, “Why”. The story of the “Garden of Eden” (and paradise lost), is the eviction from Paradise. This story becomes our true reality. But instead of eating an apple from a sacred tree, “what” could be the true story? Remember the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This is not just a fancy saying, because the apple has a monatomic substance which can heal you, and more importantly helps to activate the pineal gland between the brain (every ones third eye). But instead of nourishing our stargate to gain access to a higher self, this ability has been manipulated with chemicals in the air, food, and water. A time when a different race came from heaven to earth, who we call god’s because they were so advanced. Revelation quotes that these god’s created man to their likeness, well they improved mans ability on a molecular level, more or less changing our DNA. They changing the dna and then unplugged the other 10 etheric strands, and this is how humankind become trapped in history of the limited 2 dna strand. Fear keep the third eye of higher intuition and information closed and fear controls visions and visions is revelations and this comes from the third eye of intuition. When the 2 dna strands is hacked, then the visions is hacked, and then information is hacked, and this hacking the process of re-learning and this blocks the process of re-programming the old evolutionary brain to the higher state of mind they have disconnected humankind from.

Transmutation is truly an art form that comes with the acceptance of beauty that exists in all things. Transmutation is appreciating the life in all things. All things have energetic markers. Through silence and observation one can come to understand these markers. Usually the world we perceive is through another’s perception. Fear and doubt have taught us to suppress our own concerns. As we heal and grow, our perception of life’s energetic markers will bring us a clearer interpretation. Through silence and observation (meditation) one can come to understand these energy markers.

There is forces of darkness, rulers, authorities and principalities that requires that we don´t understand these energetic markers by keeping humankind in the state of ignorance – in the state of illusions and fear based consciousness, trapped, captivated and imprisoned in the Matrix. Then these higher energetic markers can be understand through the art of yoga and meditation, and by lowering, stilling and quitening beta brain waves to the theta state of silence, it is through observation one can come to understand these markers. But the powers of darkness is in action today´s society and using mass consciousness and organized gang stalking, and organized gang stalking stalking, interfering and noise/sound posion, both the inner and outer enviroment with constant sounds, noise and voices to create distractions in the spiritual progress and transformation.

Fear has numerous faces and has been engrained into our systems in countless ways. Fear is reflected in our beliefs, emotions, and the collective consciousness grids. It is locked in our energy bodies, organs, and cells, and it is an inherent part of our minds. This means that stepping out of fear is a process that requires time, diligence, perseverance, willingness, and a clear intent to never give up, even though the process might at times be incredibly frustrating. We will never step into a new consciousness if we are not willing to undertake this path. And we will never make a real connection with the Sidhe. The process of stepping out of fear has three major steps: connecting with your heart (divine essence), connecting with the frontal lobes of your brain, and the stimulation of the frontal part of your amygdala.

Living in this three-dimensional world, we experience limited understanding and illusionary perceptions of the ego mind. The Ego bends every effort to quicken vibration. Man’s ego-perception and vision has lately been reduced to a single dimension; he now thinks of his activity as limited to on the surface of the earth. Then the lower ego-self vibrates slow it can´t access higher levels of consciousness and therefore not vibrating fast enough to be in touch with the spiritual realm. The Earth we are speaking of is what you perceive as your planet. Your planet is not all what you see or think it is. Earth is a vibrational mind prison and humans is kept within a full-scale vibratory imprisonment or enslavement of this world. To live life in the lower realms of 3D demands that we lose our connection with God in order to experience duality, both sides of the opposing energies of our world.

The Ego bends every effort to quicken vibration.

Man’s ego-perception and vision has lately been reduced to a single dimension; he now thinks of his activity as limited to on the surface of the earth.

Then the lower ego-self vibrates slow it can´t access higher levels of consciousness and therefore not vibrating fast enough to be in touch with the spiritual realm.

The ego has become the “God” of the collective awareness among energy systems within the mass of collective energy. The dividing factor of separation from spiritual energy and God’s energy was when the ego entered and took over the unconsciousness of the energy system. As long as the ego remains in control of the energy system, the truth of knowing God is inhibited. Spiritual energy and God’s energy must converge to allow total connection to the higher levels of consciousness. The ego suppresses spirituality and God’s energy, thereby, disconnecting the energy system from believing in anything greater than itself.

The god of this controls this world because the Ego bends every effort to quicken vibration to be change to higher vibrations. Therefore humans is held in a reality where one single dimension dominates the mind and perception. When vibrations not vibrating fast enough it prevents humans from be in touch with the spiritual realm. Low vibrational frequencies keeps humankind disconnected from the Divine God, disconnected from their real higher divine nature. To live life in the lower realms of 3D demands that we lose our connection with God in order to experience duality, both sides of the opposing energies of our world.

This is the concept of duality and concept of the matrix or the mind prison on Earth. Its a “vibratory prison” where humans in kept in one dimension and one dominating vibration – this vibration is based on fear or the fear frequency. The veil of ignorance produces fear for the unknown and fear for the unknown is a result when humankind don´t are in touch with their other higher vibrations. Lack of knowledge creates fear for the unknown or it creates fear what is outside the single dimension of reality humankind is expericing through the ego-perception. And mass consciousness buing his concept because mass consciousness is the egp of this concept of duality.

Once you have an account of your belief system, you then face a second difficulty: acknowledging that your actions and current path may not be leading you to a higher vibrational existence. Within this second difficulty, there are two blocks: the ego, which cannot admit to an imbalanced course, and tribal pressure (mass consciousness), which hinders you from going against what is accepted by everyone around you. Humankind is enslaved within a three dimensional vibratory mind prison based on low vibrational frequencies, and mass consciousness (the ego) bends every effort to quicken vibration or raising their inner vibrations.

Low vibrational frequencies creates an enviroment that prevents vibrations to vibrating fast enough to be in touch with the spiritual realm. The link to God is broken and disconnected and this creates free space to the ego to become god of this world. The ego teaching there is no god and them who think they can become like god´s are wicked, but the ego itself can become god and rules the world. Low vibrations breaks the communication link to the divine source of light and when vibrations not vibrating fast enough to be in touch with the spiritual realm they also are disconnected from the path as multidimensional divine beings.

When you observe in present-time, the veil is neutralized, allowing observation from the Higher Mind. It’s here where this partition or veil is dismantled and reconstructed into its originally intended function: to open your awareness of the multidimensional consciousness from where you have come. Here the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata, pineal gland and seventh and eighth chakras become more engaged, the ninth, tenth and eleventh chakras become accessible. Here, with the use of higher-vibrational Light and colour vibrations, the coarse tissue of the corpus callosum will be altered into a softer electrochemical gel, allowing the right and left hemispheres of the brain to function as originally intended, in full communication with each other.

Our fear is manipulated. heightened. and eventually harvested. This tactic also promotes fear waves of bioenergy to halt, or obstruct, the energetic evolutionary impulse of humankind. We are being sold short not only on who we are but also on what we can become. As a consequence, we are selling our future(s) short and not only for ourselves but also for the new generations to come.

Man has consciousness of his physical body, of his physical environment. He has no consciousness of his Higher Self because he cannot see it. His ignorant mind shrouds his spirit. It is vital that every effort be made to realise his real self, the spirit. Only deep meditation will lift the veil of ignorance and reveal to man his true nature.The ultimate goal of meditation is to reach this pure consciousness. It is the highest state of consciousness man can attain and become capable of enjoying his full potential. If the body does not get sufficient rest and sleep it gets out of gear. So it is with the spirit. The spirit lost in the abyss of the mind and unable to manifest itself has made us run into spiritual bankruptcy.

Once a person has journeyed through the Five Bodies in meditation, life begins to unfold in the fullness of time. These people are called Gurus or leaders, though each individual that has reached this point of awareness is still evolving and still considers himself a student.

By using these meditations, the inner awareness unfolds and with it, the psychic development. Things not perceived before become obvious to the mind, emotions and body for self and others. Past, present and future occurrences are known and accepted. At the same time, healing abilities for self and others manifest. With patience and practice, an individual becomes a metaphysician; a living walking example of what many are still searching for within themselves.

The heart knows no fear; it doesn’t allow negative emotions from the past to hold us back from achieving wonderful things. Then the heart doesn´t fear anything this world prevents people from opening their spiritual heart. The spiritual heart also represent Christ/Buddha Consciousness. The ego is fear and has no control of heart energies, so it keep humankind trapped and imprisoned within the three lower physical chakras and its materialistic-reality of matter.

The heart knows no fear, in same way darkness can´t exist in light, or low vibrations can´t exist in high levels of consciousness vibrations, and the ego can´t access higher levels of consciousness because of its structures of opposites concepts of duality.

The only thing stopping us from being the love we are is the fear-based programming that we have been imprinted with.

The Material Model is a Mass Mind Consciousness belief, as is the negative programming most people have regarding health and aging.

One of the earliest benefits of television was the ability to project important news throughout society, quickly and accurately. Being able to inform the public of current affairs prompted energy systems to be more aware of what was going on in their community, as well as the nation. Initially news outlets were designed to report factual, reliable, accurate information to keep society informed. However, this would change as television developed. The more that the true energy of the mass collective energy permeated into television the more negative the information being projected became. Negative news stories tend to get the main priority of media coverage. The ego finds gratification in knowing that suffering, pain, chaos, and hatred, violence, and earthly primitive and physical earthly intelligence still flourish in the mass of collective energy. These negative associations reinforce the presence of the ego. A world without such negativity would mean that the ego wouldn’t exist.

Media outlets have become the eyes of the mass of collective energy. Whatever dominating energy of the mass of collective energy develops into is what news media outlets capitalize on. Unfortunately, the current controlling energy of the mass of collective energy is negativity. Therefore, the consensus of most all news is negative. Negativity feeds negativity. This process of negative mirroring is not by accident. As long as the ego is in control fear, anxiety, hate, cynicism and negativity will always be in charge.

These negative traits are built by the false reality system within the mass of collective energy. We are living in a time where positive energy is constantly being thwarted by negativity. Therefore, as long as we perceive negativity as being the governing force, it will always be projected and reflected upon us. The ego is in a constant struggle for supremacy within itself. What stimulates the power of the ego is its ability to struggle between negativity and positivity. This constant dual for power is what created the entire universe and it is also the same governing force of the ego, which is the internal universe of unconsciousness.

The ego believes in what it wants to hear to satisfy itself, regardless if the projection is true or not. If negativity is the governing energy of the ego, then it will most likely be attracted to all the negative aspects of life. If the ego is governed by positive energy then it is most likely attracted to the positive aspects of life. Modern media can directly influence the mass of collective energy by manipulating the truth to polarize energy systems against certain belief systems and political views.

Mind-control programs can be subtle and not so subtle. The handlers attach themselves to us and set us up with thoughts that trigger our emotions, so that we become trapped in a loop of playing out the same behavior patterns. The ego, which feeds on fear, makes itself the main focus. These negative programs keep on feeding on us, and through us they are also set up to feed on others.

Doing the clearings enables us to jump out of the box of limitations that those programs saddle us with, and they enable us to access the truth of our hearts to create from a place of connection with who we really are.

Dogmas are beliefs we get imprinted with in religions, schools, financial institutions, the healthcare industry, the entertainment industry, the media, and more. They have been created in such a way as to program us with certain acceptable standards to which we must conform. The dogmas of these institutions are underpinned by fear and confusion, saying that this is the way things have to be, and they reinforce beliefs of right and wrong within us. The people who are the controllers of the money supply and the institutions realize that if the population doesn’t adhere to their codes of control, then they will lose their power.

Dogmas are beliefs that are designed to shift the balance of power to the controllers. Dogmas are encoded into the system for the shelter of elite families, providing the framework of lies that empower the institutions. The dogmas propagate fear, and they must not be challenged lest the wizard’s curtain drop down to expose the whole charade. For instance, we may not think of the media as an institution that is controlled by the dark forces, but if we trace who funds them with advertising and who controls their licenses, then the picture becomes dear: they are interconnected to a vast structure that holds this negative programming in place. We have come to realize their agenda of fear and control has been in place for quite some time, and that it has been benefitting the same few elite families for many centuries.

Curses are a trick of the dark ones. Handlers use curses to attach themselves to us; the dark ones try to control us and trap our minds into having us play out a loop of fear. When others place curses on us, it gives them a false sense of power because they think they are in some way controlling or taking away power from beings whom they perceive as their enemies or not their equals.

This is not the way of the new energy of the higher dimensions. Curses are part of an agenda based in fear.

From the double helix model of DNA, we are evolving once more into a complex model of at least twelve strands. We are going from being carbon based to crystalline based. Our brains have been rewired to accommodate these higher frequencies, by activating parts of the brain that have been dormant for a very long time. These parts of the brain correspond to what scientists have called “junk DNA.” Our DNA has within itself a map of who we are and who we’ve been. All of us have lived many lifetimes; we have been tested time and time again with different issues and life lessons. There is always an originating lifetime where a negative program started, where the handlers came in and manipulated us in some way to feed themselves with negative programming. Fear is always at the root of their programs to enslave us. Fear is a total disconnect from Creator-Source, and this leaves us open to being taken over by their negative programming.

The more that our journey through this life reflects on and focuses on the love we are, the more we are able to take in the higher light codes, which make it harder for those of the darkness to control not just us but the whole of creation.

You can think of the process of doing the clearings as a way of making more space for the higher frequencies of love and light to come in. We do this by dearing what has been keeping us in the same patterns of fear. The clearings facilitate an unimpeded flow of universal love with the higher aspects of our being. The connection we have with Creator-Source is realized and maintained through our conscious intent for the bodies of our being to be centered in our heart, balanced with the transmission and reception of higher light codes through the pineal gland.

The spirited clearings are a co-creation with the unseen light beings. When we merge with them to remove the negative programs based in fear, we rise up into their level of high vibration and become entrained with them. Truly on the interdimensional levels of our being, we are One.

When we do the clearings, we are communing with the light beings and the higher aspects of our own being; we are bringing higher frequencies of love and light into our being. These clearings will give you the momentum to unravel the layers of programming that the dark forces have orchestrated within the collective consciousness over many millennia.

The spiritual heart will opening opening when the three lower chakras have been conquered.

The heart space is the heaven of all true devotion, beyond all form, division and limitation, where all the Gods and Goddesses become one. Those who do not know the space within the heart have missed the most important thing in life. They have condemned themselves to be ever seeking and striving and never come to rest. Because we are afraid of being nothing, we must ever struggle to become something. We fall from spirit, which is immate-rial, into matter, which being formed is mortal, limited and uncertain.

Life dwells in the space within the heart, not merely our per-sonal life, but all life throbbing, pulsating and vibrating everywhere. Our true Self dwells in the space within the heart, ever at peace, far removed from all the worries of the mind and all the strife of the ego. The space within the heart is our true home, in which we can let everything go, including our body and our identity, and become completely free.

Fear and its creator, the ego, are making a tremendous effort to convince us that the fears are valid and should be listened to. The ego ego wants you to believe that without struggle and suffering you would be nothing and nobody. And this is how it continues; fear of death, fear of exlusion from the mass consciouness mind.

The ego is blind to union of any kind, blind to the unity of two or more; blind to the possibility of one family of God. The ego depends on fear to control us, and we live our lives full of fear, doubt, smallness, and low self-esteem. So the ego constant working againts Oneness to keep the state of duality in place – its done by uisng fear programming.

God having created all that is real, anything not Created by God cannot be real. The ego is nothing more than a thought system, made by man and therefore not real. It only seems very real. Most of all the ego mind fears the soul, because the ego knows it is itself false and the soul is truth. The ego knows given a chance the soul will expose the ego for what it is, a lie. Light eliminates darkness, and the light of the soul will expose the nothingness of the ego and bring to light all of the lies the ego supplies in order to guarantee its continuation. The ego fears from be dissolved and therefore fear union and unity at higher levels of consciousness. The ego can´t exist on higher levels of Oneness because the ego is duality and God represent Oneness. This is how the ego prevent anyone from raising their inner vibrations and instead producing a low vibrational enviroment that´s controls the human mind. This ego has become god of this world.

The ego creates mass consciousness and fear controls and fuels the masses of the humankind. With fear follows intimdation and persecution if one not become followers of mass mind contol programming. Mass consciousness then become the organized gang stalking mind, the organized bully mind, or the collective gaslighter.

Fear “shocks” ego (news in media), breaking the innate coarseness of the heart, that coarseness or egocentricity that prevents one from being truly receptive and perceptive to reality outside oneself in general, and the Divine Essence of all reality in particular. The ego system is only a belief system and only has the power of fear to sustain its existence. The Holy Spirit is the antidote. The Holy Spirit speaks for the Christ/Buddha Consciousness, which of course is the opposite of the negative ego/fear-based consciousness.

We lose our inner space and become an outer thing, a external outer ego and mass consciousness, a mere body or person confined within a few feet of flesh. We give up our light and become a shadow of what other people think. True meditation is returning to the space within the heart. It consists of withdrawing and immersing the mind in the inner heart space, in which the mind gets lost and loses itself like a drop within the sea. This requires that we sink deep inside our-selves, merging everything within the core of our being. Yet while easy to understand conceptually and not difficult to feel emotionally, a complete merging into the inner space is not easy. Though the most direct it is also the most difficult of all practices and the fruit of all. Few advanced yogis are able to accomplish it, even after years of practice. To move into the spiritual heart requires that we withdraw our entire attention from the field of the senses, directing all of our energy within.

A tremendous fire of spiritual practice is necessary to get there. It requires an inward death and transfiguration even while the body is alive. To really fully return to the spiritual heart requires the consummate energization of our entire life and conscious-ness. Yet any contact with the spiritual heart, however minor, must sow the seeds of its eventual realization. To open that space within we must release the knots of fear and desire that bind us to the outer world. We must let go of all the stress and tension that we create around ourselves trying to sustain a personal life or promote a personal identity. Space is our true nature. We must open our hearts to the inner space of pure awareness. That is the ultimate goal of all life, the begin-ning and end of everything, of which all that we know is but a shadow.

We suffer because we do not have a Self. Our identity is dependent upon some thing or person that we are connected with. Identity that is dependent, that is given by another—like a name or title—is a fiction. It is a superimposition of thought, and though it may distract us for a time, it cannot afford us peace. We suffer because we seek the Self in the notself, the Subject in the object. We try to find happiness by achievement and acquisition in the external world. But achievement is becoming a bigger or better object. Acquisition is the accumulation of objects around our assumed objectivity or materiality. But to be an object is to be heavy. dependent and transient. Objectivity is not a state of happiness or fulfillment. Happiness is only possible in eternal existence, which is only possible in the pure Subject. As long as we think we need something to be ourselves, we will always be dependent on another. We will always be somebody else or trying to please someone else. We will never be ourselves but will be trapped in the conditioned responses around us. We will be victims of other peoples thoughts.

“The unchanging reality dwells within the heart. It shines by itself, how can anyone write about it? In the middle of the lotus of the heart, supreme as the Absolute, the pure I is directly perceived. It shines by the nature of the Self. Enter into the heart, diving with your mind and your thoughts or by control of the breath. Be one who abides in the Self.”

The doors of the superconscious

The first stage of our work on the superconscious was to understand and rediscover the hidden treasures of the tradition, as we have explained above. We understood a basic principle: the doors of the superconscious open briefly during the initiations, and with the healing practice, which is a re-activation of these initiations. This is something that we knew by experience. We also learned, that as soon as the conscious and the unconscious are in harmony, as soon as they merge, a new energy appears, a new force descends, the superconscious, and it creates a totality.

To speak in terms of energy we can say that if the purification of the lower chakras is done, the real functioning of the heart chakra takes place, and the Divine Energy can flow inside. The Divine Force can descend, and its difficult installation in the spiritual heart can progressively happen.

The superconscious appears to be a reality of our nature, free of the limitations of the body and the mind, to which we have access, in certain energetic conditions, when our frequencies reach a certain level. This energetic level can be the result of a psychological harmony between conscious and unconscious minds in certain natural conditions, that we have all experienced exceptionally in our respective lives, as artists have, maybe more frequently. These frequencies can also be the result of Sadhanna, meditation, spiritual practice and purification; in this case the level will be constant and installed, but the efforts are tremendous.

The heart is the most powerful cosmic antenna having the ability to receive or remit messages around the world instantly, faster than the speed of light. The heart is t he seat of intuitive wisdom, the conduit to Universal intelligence and the fountainhead of all emotions. Through the heart you are instantly connected to this invisible power and energy, infinite in scale and magnitude.

Heart—A Powerful Force

The heart contains the most powerful inner force that must be reckoned with; it is an unlimited source of passion, creativity and inspiration. Real adventure begins from the heart. It is where you decode the purpose of your life on this planet, and it is where real transformation happens. The heart has the ability to develop control over sense organs; it is where you re-illuminate your love and your relationships in your life. It is the direct link to the universal birthing cradle of the cosmos … it is where you have the capacity to be instantly in touch with anybody or everybody in the world. It is where you experience unimaginable bliss and ecstasy. The thoughts that are imbued with the energy from the heart are more powerful and have the capacity to change anything in this world.

The power to create beauty, power to create infinite wealth, power to heal, power to manifest anything you desire; these all lay dormant in your heart, and you hold the key to unlock your potential. Once you understand it, and you have tried and decoded the message from your heart and start putting faith in this invisible source of energy, a tremendous transformation will take place in your life. Your life will change . . . you will know and understand that there is nothing impossible in this world.

Most humans are only dimly aware of their minds except as bothersome chatter that keeps them from getting to sleep at night or interferes with their daily lives. Their heads are filled with mundane thoughts about themselves, other people and material things, which keeps them stuck in their ruts. It is their choice, with free will, to remain at this lower level, but they may also choose to raise their consciousness to higher levels by paying attention to what they have instead of what they don’t have— because the mind is the uniting force of the spiritual and physical world.

The bridge. By choosing, with free will, good over evil, spiritual over physical, by consciously learning to control the flow and direction of thoughts through the mind, humans will gain access to their higher powers— not for personal gain but the good of humanity and the planet. It doesn’t mean one can no longer have fun or own stuff, but what is really important is put into perspective. This raises the vibratory rate of the physical brain, which opens the conscious mind to the superconscious mind… as if a door were opened and one entered into the Light.

The constant inflow of positive thoughts and elimination of negative thoughts accelerates the process. You choose your reality by what you pay attention to, where your thoughts dwell, by what occupies your mind most of the time. Energy follows thought. The state your world is in today is a reflection of Man’s level of consciousness yesterday. Man, through the evolutionary process, will be reunited with his divine nature, eventually. As he is now ruled by his desires for material things, he will soon purify his heart by focusing his thoughts on divine love and rise above his carnal nature. Accepting it as pan of one’s self while knowing that it doesn’t define oneself. As an individual, you may wait it out, through as many more incarnations as it takes to compensate for the karma you accumulated by continuing to give in to the temptations and attractions of the material world— or you can choose to transform yourself in this lifetime.

When everything you think and do reflects Christ-Consciousness (Love, Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, Caring, Altruism, Selflessness), you will experience the transformation the Master Jesus came to teach and comprehend the gift of eternal life— the sudden recognition that you don’t die, this body dies but you simply continue to transform… as a caterpillar transforms itself into a butterfly.

Yogis say samadhi is the door to superconscious states, the gateway to liberation.

The Inner Stratosphere

Yoga is samadhi, the ancient yogic texts say. But what is samadhi? Most of us innocently begin yoga classes in hopes of improving our physical health and peace of mind. As we advance in our study and practice, however, we learn that ashtanga yoga, “the eight limbs of yoga,” leads to a state of awareness called samadhi. Often we have the impression this is some incredibly elevated state of consciousness acces-sible only to the most advanced yogis, and that anyone who experiences it automatically becomes enlightened.

Samadhi is a tool which can open us to the realms of extrasensory powers or can carry us all the way through to the liberated state.

Your programming system is made up of three separate compartments in your mind called the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious:

• Your conscious mind relates to your senses and your body;

• your subconsious mind is your soul; it is between the conscious mind and the superconscious mind and communicates as a middleman between them.

• and your superconscious mind represents the Universal Intelligence, Spirit, or the God force that surrounds you and flows within you as your Innate Intelligence.

What you read, watch on television, listen to, and experience firsthand is taken in by your conscious mind which will funnel all the destructive, disempowering and terrorizing information you receive directly to your subconscious mind. This can be harmful to you as it is your subconscious mind that is your power to create your world!

The Influence of the Media

Current estimates suggest that the average person is bombarded with more than 3,000 advertisements a day from television, radio, T-shirts, billboards, and the Internet—all of which constantly inundate us with messages that strike at our insecurities. In marketing circles it is known as aggressive, in-your-face tactics. The desired result leaves one with an underlying sense of inadequacy if not an inferiority complex. There is no doubt this method works, otherwise marketers would move on to a different strategy. Corporate marketing is only part of the fear-based media equation.

Both local and national news broadcasts have discovered that the addictive nature of fear sells. Even the Weather Channel has changed its focus to broadcast weather-related disasters between forecast updates just to keep viewers’ attention. More-over, the federal government was accused of using the media to fan the flames of anxiety with hyper-vigilant color-coded terrorism alerts. One of the best ways to increase your tolerance to negative media is to reduce your exposure to it, limiting the time you spend watching television and social media, if not getting rid of it altogether.

Although it’s true that it is difficult, if not impossi-ble, to give sincere thanks for a crisis the moment it appears (that’s called denial), continuously dwelling on a problem only tends to make things worse. A shift in consciousness toward those things that are blessings tends to balance the negative thoughts that per-sist from personal stressors. In doing so, an attitude of gratitude provides a perspective that helps resolve the problem at hand. In the midst of stress, regardless of the size of the problem, it is easy to take things for granted. The preferred option is to count your blessings by seeing even the smallest things as gifts. One aspect of refra ming suggests to do just that—adopt an attitude of gratitude for all the things in life that are going right, rather than curse all the things that seem to be going wrong. In a society where only 1 day out of 365 is dedicated to giving thanks, the regular practice of an attitude of gratitude may not seem to be encouraged, but remember, this is the same society that promotes fear-based television programming.

The news is dangerous to one’s mind. Seek the news behind the news, and you’ll be able to maintain a sound mind (you’re own mind). Masters of the human psyche are controlling your mind when you watch the daily news. Thoughts are implanted into your mind for the projection of lies into reality. Media masterminds work hard to get you into groupthink and subservience. If you watch media programming enough, they’re thoughts will become your thoughts and their ways will become your ways without you knowing it. Wise Ones living on earth have tried to warn humanity how this type of sorcery works, but fools won’t listen.

The movie business are putting their ‘spells’ on humankind.

Sometime in the near future we’re all in danger of losing our personal freedoms and becoming somebody’s slave in the New Global World Control.

Around 95% of the population are victims of the brainwashing and mass mind control of the corporate media establishment, and network television.

Once our physical consciousness is knowingly activated via kundalini, it will move out through our energy field, reconnecting our Sushumna with our Sutratma whilst connected to our body by our silver cord. This is when our DNA transforms its ‘junk DNA’ into working, viable DNA. It is the time we cross the Rainbow Bridge, the Antahkarana to become a multi-dimensional human being, a `soul-ar’ being, soon to become a Cosmic being.

The sushumna is the central nerve channel within the spinal cord. It flows from the base of the spine all the way up to the third eye area and then merges into an even more powerful Light ray called the sutratma, or silver cord. The sutratma extends through the crown, up through the soul and all the way to the monad. The chakras also reside in the etheric body, so the sushumna runs through and connects the seven third-dimensional chakras.

DNA activation is our link to infinity. This link is within us in every cell in our body and surrounding us in every layer of our electro-magnetic field. It is not a weak link; it exists in every part of our being waiting to be activated.

Related to the sutratma is the antahkarana. The antahkarana is also a thread that runs through our bodies and overlays the sutratma. The antahkarana acts as a communications wire or access road, allowing spiritual influences and consciousness to move in both directions. The word antahkarana is Sanskrit for “work between,” where it’s often called the “rainbow bridge” because it connects our diverse bodies together. It’s also called the “bridge between heaven and earth,” since it connects the personality to the soul and spirit, and is the channel by which one travels into spiritual Enlightenment.

Unlike the sutratma that always exists, the antahkarana must be built from the physical body up. Each soul has the task to develop or construct their antahkarana. Initially one isn’t aware of their higher bodies or principles. As one develops spiritual qualities, the antahkarana grows and expands, allowing one to receive impressions from the next higher plane, and to start using the next higher body. Early in one’s evolution the antahkarana exists only as a potential, and is like a thin thread, weak and basically unusable. Gradually the antahkarana strengthens and expands until it’s large enough to act like a wide multilane freeway.

A human being and their DNA are such disunited fields.

The Neurological – Brain System within each human being is also a disunited electro-magnetic field. Just as we think we have only two-strands of DNA, so we think our brain is the soft, moist electrical matter contained in our skull. But the reality is that just as we actually have twelve, not two strands of DNA, we also have six Neurological – Brain systems.

The disunity of these systems and our false belief that our world is the only reality is what causes us to use only 10% of our brain and our DNA. This belief prevents us from functioning in any reality other than the third dimension, the physical reality of our third and fourth-dimensional world. We cannot make contact with the other worlds until we make contact with the fourth dimension of our world. Then the non-physical dimensions where our forgotten ‘soul’ mates, our archetypal sub-personalities are stranded in limbo, will be available to us.

As we have seen, the emotion preventing us from doing this is our fear of losing our ‘self’. This fear is driven by our subconscious memory of our birth when we were separated from and lost our ‘soul’ connection. Having lost most of our ‘soul’, we’re petrified of losing the only part of it that we think remains, our ‘self’.

It is possible to re-activate our twelve-strand DNA, the 90% that scientists say is junk.

Yogis possess a higher state of consciousness known as super-consciousness. It is cultivated, and beyond the ordinary human range: It is said that one has to go beyond reason, and beyond consciousness, because that knowledge is beyond hearing, beyond what is heard, and beyond thought; it is revealed wisdom. By this super-consciousness, man becomes divine and free; he gains immortality, and his bondage is torn asunder. Instinct matures into reason and reason matures into Superconsciousness in the yogi. It is also known as Samadhi.

Being free from all knots of the heart, he attains immortality.

When all desires that dwell within the human heart are cast away, then a mortal becomes immortal. When all the knots that fetter the heart are cut asunder then a mortal becomes immortal.” . Liberated from the knots of the heart, he becomes immortal.”

The soul being freed from the grievous sojourn through the world of illusion attains infinite bliss. It wakes up from the “long dream” of the world-process to realize its identity as Divine being.

When all the knots that strangle the heart Are loosened, the mortal becomes immortal, Here in this very life.

It is being taught here that loosening the knots of the heart lotus will loosen the channel knots of the navel and secret place. “Having opened the brow center with the winds” refers to the opening of the channel knots at the wind chakra. Therefore all other channel knots are opened by this process also. If the channel knots are loosened, the life-sustaining wind and evacuative wind are halted from flowing in other channels and remain only. By this the great bliss of nonconceptualization arises constantly.

The knot of the Heart – this is the knot which must be loosened in order to achieve salvation: When the knot of the Heart is loosened, all doubts are cut off, and one’s deeds cease when he is seen—both the higher and the lower.

Christ Consciounsess is located at the heart chakra.

We should meditate single-pointedly On the indestructible drop that always abides at our heart. Those who are familiar with this meditation Will definitely develop exalted wisdom.

Here ‘exalted wisdom’ means the wisdom of the clear light of bliss experienced when the knots at the heart channel wheel are loosened. Of all .the knots in the central channel these are the most difficult to loosen; but if from the begin-ning of our completion stage practice we concentrate on our heart channel wheel this will help us to loosen these knots.

This meditation, therefore, is a powerful method for gaining qualified completion stage realizations. Why is this meditation called ‘blessing the self with seed’? ‘Self’ here refers to the indestructible wind and mind, which are our actual body and mind and therefore the basis for imputing our actual self.

Through this meditation our very subtle wind and mind are blessed, and as a result our very subtle mind transforms into the clear light of bliss. Seed’ here refers to the letter HUM, the seed-letter of Heruka. Until we receive signs that our five winds are actually entering, abiding, and dissolving within our central channel, we simply imagine that this is happening. We imagine that we perceive the eight signs from the mirage-like appearance up to the clear light, and then fix our mind single-pointedly on this imagined clear light.

Once we have completely loosened the central channel knots at our heart through the power of relying upon the action mudra, when we subsequently meditate on inner fire we shall generate powerful spontaneous great bliss. Because for us the phenomenon of inner fire meditation performs a function similar to that of a consort it is called the ‘phenom-enon mudra’. The realization of the union of great bliss and emptiness is called ‘Mahamudra’, or ‘great seal’, which means ‘great indestructible truth’.

When our continuously residing mind transforms into spontaneous great bliss that realizes emptiness through a generic image it is called ‘ultimate example clear light’. The term ‘ultimate’ reveals that it is a fully qualified clear light, and ‘example’ means that we can use this realization as an example to understand how we can accomplish the actual meaning clear light, the union of great bliss and emptiness.

Through meditating continually on ultimate example clear light it will transform into meaning clear light. Ultimate example clear light is therefore an example that illustrates its meaning, namely meaning dear light. Meaning clear light is a continuously residing mind that is the nature of spontaneous great bliss realizing emptiness directly.

Then Man is freed from all sense of reality of sense objects.

So even within our self there exit forces that can prevent an idea from attaining consciousness These forces constitute the veil of ignorance. From what we can learn about such ideas, it becomes easy to see that even the so-called external objects may be within the self and yet may not be always perceived. It is only when th antagonistic forces are removed and the veil of ignorant ‘s lifted that a particular object floats up to the surface of consciousness. It is held, therefore, that the activity o antahkarana in the case of perception consists in rending the veil of ignorance

In spite of the cit underlying all this diversified objective world which is but the transformation of ignorance, the former cannot manifest itself by itself, for the creations being of ignorance they are but sustained by modifications of ignorance. The diversified objects of the world are but transformations of the principle of which is neither real nor unreal. It is the nature that it veils its own creations. Thus on each of the objects created by the by its creating capacity there is a veil by its veiling capacity. But when any object comes in direct touch with antahkarana through the senses the antatikarana becomes transformed into the form of the object, and this leads to the removal of the veil on that particular form—the object, and as the self-shining cit is shining through the particular state, we have what is called the perception of the thing.

The antahkarana, like a lamp, serves as a transparent transmitter of the light of consciousness which,” projecting it on the object, removes the veil (the ignorance.

The sushumna path is not used correctly and safely until the antahkarana has been built and the Monad and Personality are thereby related, even if it is only by the most tenuous thread.

The final intuition which dispels the veil of ignorance and brings self-knowledge is a function, a vrtti of the antahkarana

It is antahkarana that limits a man who is in reality identical with the Supreme Soul. This identity is realised when the veil of ignorance is removed.

Ignorance veils the nature of the self-luminous

Meditation tears out all veils.

Duality is caused by the effects of antahkarana; knowledge breaks the bond of objectivity and illusory appearances.

it is also declared that there is a false veil (of ignorance)

Mind veils reality, mind also unveils. Lower knowledge is deceptive only in the sense that it veils reality.

When the veil of ignorance is lifted, the “many” are perceived as the “One. For when the veil of mere Appearances has been lifted we are no longer deceived into accepting what Seems for what Is.

A veil divides Mind and Supermind

Waking up

Spinoza asks us to wake up from our conditioned mind, to go deeper into ourselves and discover a new understanding of reality. He knows this will take time and patience as we gain a growing awareness of how we’ve evolved to our present conditioned state. Eventually, we start to allow the deeper process of our intuition to hold greater sway over our lives.

Our intuition, after all, is that part of our mind connected to something bigger than just our brain! For Spinoza and mystics from many traditions over many millennia, our return to pure consciousness is understood as an enlightened state, a higher state of our being. Beyond our logical minds is our rich, deep, intuitional nature, intimately connected to the mind of God, to the one substance. Our mind and God’s mind are one mind. We’ll continue discussing this in greater depth, but, for now, allow the possibility that the weather will be changing—big time—and prepare yourself for it. Fog and low-visibility will be giving way to clear-seeing and deeper understanding! Our journey with Spinoza is still in its early stages. Many are the obstacles that can pull us back from progressing on the path to a full experience of his highest form of knowledge.

Spinoza points us toward a life of joy, wisdom, and blessedness that, deep inside, we have been longing and searching for over many years. This is not a journey for the faint of heart or for those wishing for instant gratification, even in the form of enlightenment. Spinoza is giving us the keys to unlock the realization of a higher knowledge within us. Once we step through the doorway to that new awareness, we’ll no longer need the keys he’s generously supplied.

“I must become aware of the total field of my own self, which is the consciousness of the individual. It is only then, when the mind goes beyond this individual, that I can become a light to myself that never goes out”.

Spinoza has much more to teach about our nature, showing us how, if we practice and assimilate what we have learned, we can operate at more potent levels of awareness. As we understand our intuitive nature more completely, we will begin trusting it as a bird trusts its wings to carry it through the air. Our awareness of the different gradations of human knowledge and our learning to use our intuition will carry us to the highest pinnacles where we discover our true nature and our greatest potential.

Therefore, Overmind is a veil and a principle of Ignorance. It veils because it creates discord. The global consciousness splits the Reality into different cosmic consciousness. Evolution must, therefore, ascend to a further step in order that it may obtain complete freedom from Ignorance.

The transition to Supermind through Overmind is a passage from Nature as we know it into Supernature.

If we wish to change the human being for the better , this veil has to be removed so that the Supermind can operate upon the human being .

Mind proceeds by division and distinction. It distorts the reality. It expresses only relative truth. It does not reveal the omniscient knowledge. It always creates distinction and has no vision of true unity; it has no vision of creation of many out of the one.

It is only after the veil is lifted and the dividing mind is overpowered that the mind gets back to the truth of things. Mind is really a subordinate instrumentation of the truth-consciousness. The fundamental error of the mind is “this fall from self-knowledge”. If it returns back to truth from which it has fallen, it becomes the final action of truth-consciousness. Mind cannot see the things as a whole. The difference between mind and supermind lies in their manner of apprehending reality.

The rending of the veil is the condition of the Life Divine.

The mind is antahkarana, inner instrument, and it is essentially a dividing or polarizing consciousness.

Mind – it is merely limited to a partial knowledge, not an integral knowledge of the truth.

The word ‘unconscious’ in this context does not mean the total absence of all consciousness. It rather implies the presence of consciousness in a veiled, self-alienated form, in a state of involution, in a state of involution, in a somnambulistic mode of operation. Integral knowledge of Being bridges the gulf, and resolves the dichotomy postulated by the dualistic thinking of the divided mind.

All beings are united in that One Self and Spirit but divided by a certain separativity of consciousness, an ignorance of their true Self and Reality in the mind, life and body. It is possible by a certain psychological discipline to remove this veil of separative consciousness and become aware of the true Self, the Divinity within us and all.

‘The mind is incapable of realizing this higher unity because it operates in terms of isolated concepts and dichotomies, that divide up the essential unity of the reality into separate and conflicting bits that cannot again be reunited. Hence it cannot also lcok beyond the ego and its separate existence to the underlying unity.

A thin veil separates Mind from Supermind, and when that veil is removed, through the descent of the one the ascent of the other is achieved.

When God reveals or inspires there is a psychological event in the minds of those affected, a visio prophetica of some sort, an awareness of what is commonly hidden from human perception. *It is not God who is wrapped in veils; the veils are the ignorance and darkness, the unconsciousness which normally envelops our own minds.

There is cosmic ignorance as well as individual ignorance. We come in touch with cosmic ignorance in deep sleep. But when we awake, we have a thicker veil of untruth, of unreality, hiding Truth, in spite of our waking consciousness. Our individualized personality is a product of this Maya that veils the Truth and at the same time creates this whole phenomenon out of it.

The Divine descends from pure existence through the play of Consciousness-Force and Bliss and the creative medium of Supermind into cosmic being; we ascend from Matter through a developing life, soul and mind and the illuminating medium of supermind towards the divine being. The knot of the two, the higher and the lower hemisphere, is where mind and supermind meet with a veil between them.

The rending of the veil is the condition of the divine life in humanity; for by that rending, by the illumining descent of the higher into the nature of the lower being and the forceful ascent of the lower being into the nature of the higher, mind can recover its divine light in the all-comprehending supermind, the soul realise its divine self in the all-possessing all-blissful Ananda, life repossess its divine power in the play of omnipotent Conscious-Force and Matter open to its divine liberty as a form of the divine Existence.

And if there be any goal to the evolution which finds here its present crown and head in the human being, other than an aimless circling and an individual escape from the circling, if the infinite potentiality of this creature, who alone here stands between Spirit and Matter with the power to mediate between them, has any meaning other than an ultimate awakening from the delusion of life by despair and disgust of the cosmic effort and its complete rejection, then even such a luminous and puissant transfiguration and emergence of the Divine in the creature must be that high-uplifted goal and that supreme significance.

Meditation has been compared to sending a missile into outer space….We are literally shooting off from our earthbound station when we direct the consciousness upwards in meditation. Like a satellite leaving the launching pad, we are probing out to areas not yet sign-posted, to regions far beyond those that are known….It is truly a science of “inner space”

There is a metaphor that can be used to describe the journey from nonabiding to abiding awakening: that of a rocket ship. A rocket ship takes a tremendous amount of thrust and a tremendous amount of energy both to get off the ground and then to break the gravitational field as it travels through the sky and ultimately into space.

If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth, the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down.

As a metaphor, we can think of the egoic structure, or the dream state, as the Earth. The dream state has a gravitational force; it has the tendency to pull consciousness into itself. This gravitational force is really what one is dealing with throughout the entirety of the spiritual journey. Awakening is breaking free of this gravitational force. Initially, it may simply be leaving the dream state, awakening from the dream state of “me” and separation and isolation. But because we’ve awakened does not mean that consciousness has gotten past the gravitational pull of the dream state. If we haven’t gone completely beyond this gravitational field, we’re going to be pulled back toward the experience of “me” and the perception of separateness.

Using the metaphor of the rocket ship is a way of thinking about the process of awakening. The dissolution of the ego takes time. While the moment of awakening is a process that unfolds thereafter – the process of getting beyond the gravitional force of the dream state. This process, this greater individualization can override and shed one´s ego, and become a kind of superself that has the ability extend the individual consciousness beyond the constraints, into a form of communication with the Divine Consciousness or Universal Consciousness.

Yoga is a science of the soul, a method through which one can liberate oneself from the cycle of birth and death

Yoga is actually science, a method to realise and unite with the divine. It teaches one how to be free from the cycle of birth and rebirth (or birth and death), and be liberated from the three dimensional plane of existence.

Yoga teaches us how the will to attain freedom can be strengthened.
Yoga teaching that true freedom is known only when one gives up all ego activity.
Yoga teaches The Science of Self-Realization

The practice of Yoga as Science enable one to merge with the Divine Universal Self. This merging of individual consciousness with universal consciousness creates a “divine union” called “yoga”. The practice that leads to this state of self-mastery is also called “yoga”. So the royal road and the destination have the same name, “yoga”. Those who practice yoga are called yogis and those who master yoga are also called yogis. Yoga teaches self-mastery and how to stilling of all “thought waves” (brain waves) or mental modifications, thereby making the mind fit for concentration and meditation. science of yoga teaches; self-control, religious observances, physical postures, control of breath, withdrawel of the five senses, concentration, meditation, and wisdom state.

The word “yoga” means “to join”. The science of “yoga” teaches of the individual consciousness can “join” with universal consciousness. Yoga teaches the methods of merging the individual will with the cosmic will by controlling the mind and its modifications, thereby attaining liberation. On the physical plane, yoga bestows good health and physical efficiency; on the mental plane concentration, balance of mind, and peace. On the spiritual plane, it guarantees liberation from the chain of birth and death, and offers eternal bliss, immortality, perfection, and everlasting peace. The ultimate objective of yoga is not only individual liberation, but the transformation of the entire human race. It aims to instill a divine nature and life into the physical, mental, and spiritual life of humanity.

Yoga provides a technology, a method by which anyone who practices it can experience that divine identity within. To fully appreciate the value of the great gift of “yoga” can provide, e need to understand why, for thousends of years, the Yogis kept in secret. Then “yoga” provides “spiritual technology” and with this follows power, because knowledge gives power, and power can be corrupt, so they kept this knowledge secret. The Matrix using science in a corrupt way that binds, captivates and imprison humankind into The matrix, and same “yoga technology” or ” quantum spiritual technology” can be used to free and liberate oneself from the Matrix. If the Matrix entangles (scientific materialism), the science of yoga disentangles (scientific yoga). When the ego becomes God, the scientist, at least some, consider themselves Gods as they manipulate nature applying technology.

The soul thus transfigured becomes the light body. … feelings we build the rainbow bridge of light that unites our physical brain to our immortal self, the divine presence within us

Bridges were an important alchemical symbol of the conjunction of opposites. Bridges neutralies opposites and its structures of duality.

Building spiritual bridges; alchemy, synthesis, union, transformations, re-wiring, re-connect, merging, fusion of opposites, meditation and integration all symbolize bridges or integration of energies.

Each time we reach a stage where we are raising our consciousness, our inner knowing, this is when we cross a Bridge. This is called the Antahkarana. It happens when the Soul has reached a new level of understanding, then we are ready to move forward, to another level. There will come a point, after the Initiation when there will no longer be a need for the Soul, as it will have done its work guiding the personality forward to its highest conclusion. Then we shall be pure Spirit.

Energy is the natural bridge that connects the body, mind, and spirit. It is the perfect bridge to allow people to truly experience the universality of their existence. You no longer have to enter a monastery in high, secluded mountains to reach enlightenment. Consciousnes then create a bridge of light.

Christ Consciousness is the Bridge across a gaping abyss. Its though faith and meditation one builidng this bridge.

The physical bridge is the bridge of the physical body that connects man to God and Earth. The bridge of the mind is the bridge that connects the mind of man to the Universal Knowledge. This bridge of the mind is indeed the memories of the soul of man that transcends with the spirit through eternity. The bridge of the spirit is the bridge that connects the heart of man to God. The Christ Consciousness is the path, across all the bridges to God, for man.

These bridges are the electromagnetic energy streams that weave a web of consciousness through the trilocular being of man.

These spiritual builders of our time will be called the bridge builders. They are not destined to build a physical bridge over a body of water, but rather they will build a bridge from our current level of awareness to kingdom consciousness. By taking our hands, they will gently lead us to a life engulfed in Christ consciousness.

The bridge builders will develop a new language to shift our consciousness; while at the same time they are firmly anchored in the new reality. By standing on one side of the bridge with extended arms, we who are just opening our eyes can be guided step by step across the river of doubt to the safety of our higher potential. These steps will initiate a seismic shift in our worldview and rattle our bones to the core. Jesus predicted that once you discover the truth, you will be deeply disturbed, and ultimately amazed. When we begin to see the world through the eyes of God, we will be disturbed.

The shackles of restraint will dissolve, leaving us free to live a life beyond what we can even begin to imagine today. The disturbance emerges from the dissolution of our current worldview as it slips into the past, allowing for the birth of our expanded and evolved existence. The amazement arises from seeing reality from an omniscient perspective. The opening of new senses coupled with an understanding of our full potential culminates into a golden key that unlocks the door to kingdom consciousness. As the key turns in the lock, the click activates within us the dormant DNA that has been waiting for this moment. Science has told us that we only use a small portion of our brains, and that we have DNA that does not appear to have a purpose.

We have been equipped with everything that we need to take this step into Christ consciousness, to understand that we already have the ability to live in kingdom consciousness and only need to step forward to claim our divine inheritance? It is our birthright to live a divine life. It is our destiny to live in kingdom consciousness. It is our natural evolutionary path to allow the full potential of the physical body and mind to merge with our soul as our Christed nature is born. Christ consciousness is nothing more than the ability to embrace our fullest potential as we emerge onto a new plane of existence. It is nothing less than our commitment to use every God-given gift to propel ourselves forth into birthing the kingdom of God on earth.

In the lower state of mind humans is disconnected from their divine source, and fears keeps the aplha-bridge down within the corpus callosum.

Building bridges within mind or consciousness is the work when one raising from one level to another. These bridges can also been seen as the ladder one need to able to climbing upwards.

Through visualization, three expressions of the human con-sciousness will become possible:

1.The antahkarana can be built and the shining of the Triad be definitely seen. Such will be the new vision—an outcome of the development of the sense of vision.

  1. Groups, large wholes and major syntheses will also be visualized, and this will lead to a definite expansion of consciousness. Thus the sense of synthesis will be unfolded.
  2. All creative an will be fostered by this training, and the new art of the future in all departments of creativity will be rapidly developed as the training proceeds. The unfoldment of the sense of vision and of the sense of synthesis, through visualization, will lead to a sense of livingness in form.”

We could look at this in terms of the three aspects:

  1. The antahkarana and the sense of vision.
  2. Groups, large wholes and the sense of synthesis.
  3. All creative art and a sense of livingness in form.

The will of the first aspect is a key factor in building the antahkarana (the rainbow bridge), leading one to the new vision. The unity of the second aspect leads to a sense of synthesis. The third aspect deals with a new creative activity, a new creative living, and in a sense is the form aspect of the higher consciousness. That third or form aspect will be expressive of the “livingness in form” rather than expressive of form as a separate and somewhat isolated thing unto itself. The next two quotes shed additional light on visualization and seeing the livingness in form: “Through the practice of the power of visualisation, the third eye is developed. The forms visualised, and the ideas and abstractions which are, in the process, mentally clothed and vehicled, are pictured a few inches from the third eye.

Take place between God and man, between the divine pneuma and the ground of the human soul.

The art of alchemy allows one to build a conscious bridge or “Anthakarna’ to the innermost higher self

Building the Antahkarana: The Bridge between the Higher and Lower Selves,”

The awakening to the other takes place in antahkarana, the ‘bridge’ which links the lower mental to the Spiritual Soul. Awakening to Oneself is accomplished when that ‘bridge’, which is the materialization of the duality between the other and oneself, is destroyed. Henceforth the person is identified with the spiritual Soul, identical to the Universal Soul

The golden key for ascension is to build the antahkarana, or rainbow bridge. The antahkarana is the bridge of light you create between your personality, soul, monad and God. This basic spiritual work is crucial. The antahkarana is, first, the key to connecting your personality with your higher self. Then it connects you to your monad or mighty Divine Presence. Finally it serves as the bridge to help create the integration of these three aspects of self.

Once this bridge of light is complete, finish building your antahkarana all the way back to God. This is your cosmic antahkarana. This light bridge allows more light to come into the four-body system, which is healing on all of these levels. Building the antahkarana is a key aspect of the ascension process.

Another golden key has been the use of meditations to widen and clear out the antahkarana and the central canal. In The Complete Ascension meditations on how to do this using the spiritual vortex meditation and the corkscrew meditation. It is important to widen the central canal, the planetary antahkarana and the cosmic antahkarana, for then a greater amount of spiritual current can flow through. The more spiritual current that flows through, the faster your light quotient will build and the greater your physical health will be.

In the Christian tradition, the bridge is symbolized by the cross: the vertical beam represents our link with the higher worlds.

In the Ageless Wisdom teachings, the bridge is called the Rainbow Bridge, or the Bridge of Light. In the Hindu texts, the bridge is called the Antahkarana, a Sanskrit word derived from antah, or “inner,” and karana, or “instrument.” This etheric bridge is our link between heaven and earth, our individual Jacob’s Ladder. It links the lower mind with the higher, our individual consciousness with the universal consciousness of the soul. It is through this bridge that we bring creative ideas and spiritual wisdom down to earth. In the Christian tradition, the bridge is symbolized by the cross: the vertical beam represents our link with the higher worlds. In the New Testament, Jesus refers to this bridge as the “strait” or “narrow” gate (Matt. 7:13).

How do we construct this bridge? The well-known esoteric saying, “Before we can tread the spiritual path we must become that path.


The threads that link us to our subtle bodies—the etheric, the emotional, and the lower mental—are created automatically through the evolutionary process. We now have to duplicate what God has done and consciously build a bridge to span the gaps that exist between the three aspects of the mind. The Rainbow Bridge is built in two sections. The lower span is built between the rational mind, the highest aspect of the personality, and the soul.

The higher span is built between the soul and the higher mind. The threads that connect us to the soul include the life thread, anchored through the heart, and the consciousness thread, anchored in the head. These threads extend downward from the soul to the personality.

There is a third thread that we ourselves generate: the creative thread, anchored in the throat center. This thread begins to form when the throat center becomes active. Together, these three threads make up the Rainbow Bridge. This bridge is built as we project our attention upward from the personality to the soul.

Creative meditation is the tool we use to build this bridge. Many meditation practices focus only on quieting the mind. In creative meditation, we go a step further and actively train our minds to transmit information from the soul to the brain. How to learn to refine and raise the vibration of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. The practice of creative meditation will help you to further refine and “weld” these bodies into a cohesive whole. You will then have a clear, unobstructed channel for the free flow of information from the soul to the brain. Over time, this type meditation will also result in the transfer of energy from the lower centers to the higher.

Meditation has been compared to sending a missile into outer space….We are literally shooting off from our earthbound station when we direct the consciousness upwards in meditation. Like a satellite leaving the launching pad, we are probing out to areas not yet sign-posted, to regions far beyond those that are known….It is truly a science of “inner space” [in the same way that] astrophysics is the science of the outer cosmic realm….In line with all scientific procedure, it is a deliberate, controlled, step by step process…a method of progressing in consciousness through various states or stages

It is the thought apparatus which is involved in Meditation and which must be trained to add to this first function of the mind an ability to turn in another direction, and to register with equal facility the inner or intangible world. This ability to re-orient itself will enable the mind to register the world of subjective realities, of intuitive perception and of abstract ideas. This is the high heritage of the mystic, but seems as yet not to be within the grasp of the average man.

Those gifted seekers with intuitive perception has the ability to pierce the veil.

“Man is a bridge. Even the superman, once we perceive that he is only the symbol of the strenuous ideal, turns out to be a bridge too. Our only assurance is that the gates of the future are always open.” Man is but a bridge on the road to Superman.

You have within yourself tremendous powers and latent faculties of which you have really never had any conception. You must awaken these dormant powers and faculties by the practice of meditation and Yoga. You must develop your will and control your senses and mind. You must purify yourself and practice regular meditation. Then only you can become a Superman or God-man.

Through regular use of yoga and mediation, it will be possible for you to evoke an Alpha-Theta mind state and hold your brain there long enough to experience deep relaxation. When you do this, it’s possible to enjoy the benefits of whole brain synchrony. You could call it a state of super consciousness or super intelligence—the evolution of man into superman. In other words, the yogin sees not in the ordinary waking state but in the superconscious state of samadhi.

Meditation leads to the gate of intuitive knowledge, which is real knowledge. It is a mysterious ladder that takes the aspirant from earth to heaven.

Synthesis is a connective, integral process that holds together and builds toward greater oneness.

The whole brain is greater than the sum of its parts, and the brain is a constantly interacting system within itself. The whole brain is greater than the sum of its parts, where the whole is the internal and infinite world and the parts is the finite and external world.

Meditation is the best way to speed up the process of spiritual evolution, regardless of the stage a person has reached on the long staircase to enlightenment. The goal is to use all sides of the brain simultaneously and the whole body as an integral whole.

This work of new connections building new parthways, it´s healing the evolutionary brain, unite opposite energies to oneness, breaking up the design or concept of duality (parts) and rearrange its parts into wholeness, and through synthesis it expand the limit consciousness to unlimited cosmic consciousness, and through this process more and more new dna strands is been activated from the slumbering state of consciousness and liberation from bondage of ignorance that blinds the mind within humans.

Alpha and Theta waves – is generally considered to be a super-learning state, as this is when the brain is most receptive, most easily programmed. Getting to that state requires into a relaxed position or meditation.

Theta is the state in which “super learning” takes place. Beta brain wave is the slow learning state because the duality state of beta holds less light, it also holds less information, knowledge and wisdom accessiable.

Training your brain to generate Theta activity for a few minutes each day has enormous benefits, including boosting the immune system.

Researchers have discovered that people who enter the “theta state” acquire super-receptivity to new information.

Psychologists and neurologists now believe the mind uses this ‘Theta Window’ for psychological and physiological programming.

It is the relaxed body-mind state, and strong belief in one’s power that leads to superlearning and super achievements.

Theta waves also unlock the door to the unconscious mind and may produce spiritual bliss during meditation.

The meaning of unlock the door to the unconscious mind also means veil going down and one can experience present time and now through the “Alpha State”.

The alpha state is also associated with creativity and receptive ‘super-learning’, where the brain learns at a faster and deeper level than it does in beta. In fact it is very easy to absorb and store information when in a relaxed alpha state. More serotonin is released, aiding in regulation of learning, moods and restfulness. Most meditation and healing methods utilise an alpha brain wave for relaxation, transformation and attaining deeper states of awareness.

Theta is the border between the conscious and the subconscious world, so by learning to use a conscious, waking theta brain wave, we can access and influence the powerful subconscious part of ourselves that is normally inaccessible to our waking minds.

The art of meditation teaches that it is not only possible to control our thoughts, but to learn to transcend them completely. Through meditation we can bring our unruly minds under control. By mastering our own minds we immediately attain a new level of empowerment. Not only does this liberate us from feelings of failure or inability, it brings peace of mind and enables us to achieve our greatest potential.

Spending 15 minutes quieting the mind and focusing on the present moment makes us more relaxed and effective decision makers. Meditation techniques adjust our physiology in ways that directly reduce stress.

Slowing down brain wave activity and adjusting brain chemistry increases serotonin levels, positively influencing mood and behaviour, and switches on endorphins, easing the nervous system and improving healing responses.

Through meditation we gradually improve our powers of concentration, which can be used positively in every area of our lives. Increased brain wave coherence is also developed. Greater communication between the two brain hemispheres increases one’s perceptual ability and motor performance, supports the growth of higher intelligence, and slows down mental aging.

Through meditation we gain a new perspective on life, untainted by our own egoistic perspective. We also transcend our fears, which for the most part are unsubstantiated and pointless. By gaining a more awakened awareness about the true nature of life and ourselves, we attain a greater sense of power, freedom and release from our own imaginary limitations. If we enter the meditative state often enough this will then be the new state of consciousness.

The Supermind, unlike the mind, is not shrouded by Ignorance. Its knowledge is not confined to narrow ego-sense. The integral knowledge at the Supramental level is not veiled within the dark chamber of inconscience. The vision at this level is cosmic, all comprehensive, all extensive, all inhabiting, the subjective timeless, spaceless static self-awareness and the objective dynamic knowledge in space and time are simultaneously present at this level of consciousness.

The development of this faculty or “Heart Awareness” is not of the lower mind or conditioned mind but of an acutely awakened mind or super mind, which is in sync with the lotus chakra of the heart and the sixth chakra or the third eye. The lower mind cannot observe itself beyond the limits of its own accumulated conditioning; but can observe the process through “self-introspection;’ from the stillness of the heart, which awakens this faculty. This faculty of “self-introspection;’ is already embedded in our DNA or the evolutionary urges of our lower mind. This faculty slowly “awakens” the higher mind and like divine alchemy turns the “intellect” into “intelligence”. This is the alchemy of mind, brain and consciousness.

Our consciousness, however, being non-material, is not limited to matter. Just as light exists independently of shadows and darkness, consciousness is independent of matter. The consciousness of each human being has the potential of going beyond the limitations of material sense perception, even beyond the limitations of the body. The awakening process is a shift of consciousness and perceptions; from to be a body with a soul to soul with a body, and it is a shift from a body/ego perception to Universal Spiritual Perception of the real Divine.

The brain is the instrument through which reality reveals itself. Perceiving reality only through our body/ego-identification requires the use of a very limited part of our brain.

When we move away from our limited self-identification, we open a wider window to our brain, and activate larger parts of it. This process of expanding the use of our brain may lead us to experience phenomena that are perceived as unusual, like knowing about events and actions before they unfold, commonly known as intuition.

Through the practice of meditation we exploit a larger portion of the unused brain. The end of this development process is when the mind realizes itself. If we utilize the full potential of our brains, we can expand our perception to its maximum. This is when we start to see reality as it is, beyond time and space. This state gives us the power to know, even before we process any empirical information. This is intuition! We tap into a spontaneous flow of events beyond logical reasoning.

The intuitive mind has access to information that lies beyond the reach of rational and logical abilities. Our intuition, or sixth sense, frees us from our thinking mind which is designed to conceptualize, analyse and interpret our experience. Learning to dowse is one way to develop intuition and connect more deeply with the gift of inner knowing.

Developing an intuition of what lies beyond opposites is the beginning of a deeper understanding. This is the shift from ego-reality to meta-reality, its a shift from the ego-lens to begin to see through a multiversal lens. Yet we do not perceive the world as through a giant magnifying lens, but through the limited ego-lens of the three dimensional world. Human consciousness is limited due to dense material of physical body. Consciousness, however, being non-material, is not limited to matter. Consciousness is independent of matter.

Superconsciousness takes human awareness outside the brain. We may say even that the brain is only a filter for superconsciousness. It can serve as a window onto superconsciousness, much as windows themselves reveal the scenery lying beyond them, but the brain can no more produce superconsciousness than a window can produce scenery.

Perhaps the problem consists in this: that the gates of the future seem to open upon an immaterial world, and upon a realm that is intangible, metaphysical, supersensuous. We have well-nigh exhausted the resources of the material world, but we have not yet learned to function in a non-material one. We even deny its existence at times. We face the inevitable experience, which we call death, and yet take no rational steps to ascertain whether there really is a life beyond. The progress of evolution has produced a wonderful race, equipped with a sensitive response apparatus and a reasoning mind. We possess the rudiments of a sense which we call the intuition and, with this equipment, we stand before the gates of the future and ask the question: “To what purpose shall we put this composite, complex mechanism which we call a human being?” Have we reached our full development? Are there shades of meaning to life which have hitherto escaped our attention, and have they escaped our attention because we have latent powers and capacities as yet unrealized? Is it possible that we are blind to a vast world of life and of beauty, with its own appropriate laws and phenomena? Mystics, seers and thinkers of all ages and in both hemispheres have said such a world exists.

With this equipment, which we might call the personality, man stands with the past behind him, in a present that is full of chaos, and before a future into which he cannot look. He cannot stand still. He must go forward, and the vast educational, scientific, philosophic and religious organizations are all doing their utmost to tell him which way to go and to present to him a solution of his problem.

We know that mankind did not fail to go forward. The electrical age was inaugurated and the wonders of the scientific achievements of our time are known by us all. With optimism, therefore, in a time of fresh crisis, we can go forward with true courage, for the portals into the New Age are far more clearly seen. Perhaps it is true also that man is only now attaining his majority and is about to enter upon his inheritance and to discover within himself powers and capacities, faculties and tendencies which are the guarantee of a vital and useful manhood, and of eternal existence. We are completing the stage wherein the emphasis has been laid upon the mechanism, upon the sum-total of cells, which constitute the body and the brain, with their automatic reaction to pleasure, to pain and to thought. We know much about Man, the machine. The mechanistic school of psychologists have placed us deeply in their debt with their discoveries about the apparatus whereby a human being comes into contact with his environment. But there are men among us, men who are not mere machines. We have the right to measure our ultimate capacities and our potential greatness by the achievements of the best among us; these great ones are not “freak” products of divine caprice or of blind evolutionary urge, but are themselves the guarantee of the ultimate achievement of the whole.

Consciousness works through the brain, but doesn’t require a brain to exist. It was, indeed, that produced the brain, as it did everything else in existence—even the apparently insensate rocks.

Consciousness requires a material medium, such as the brain, to bring it into material manifestation, but it requires no such medium, to exist. The outward manifestation of consciousness was a potential from the beginning of creation. That this is not an inference, but an actual fact, can be experienced in superconsciousness by anyone who attains deep states of meditation. That essential consciousness exists everywhere, but is forever unaffected by anything.

Superconsciousness takes human awareness outside the brain. We may say even that the brain is only a filter for superconsciousness. It can serve as a window onto superconsciousness, much as windows themselves reveal the scenery lying beyond them, but the brain can no more produce superconsciousness than a window can produce scenery. That is why scientists encounter so much frustration in their efforts to subject higher levels of awareness to testing by the scientific method. The conscious mind cannot oblige superconsciousness to do its bidding.

Only in mankind does consciousness reveal its poten-tial for abandoning its material identity altogether. The fact that human beings seem to possess a capacity for increasing their awareness indefinitely suggests that they may even have the potential to continue that expansion to infinity. Rational thought suggests, and the experience of great mystics—the “scientists” of the spiritual world—confirms, that human beings, with their more highly refined nervous system, have the potential to transcend ego-awareness altogether, and attain cosmic consciousness.


One often hears references to “altered states of consciousness.” Implied in the expression is a suggestion that higher states of awareness are anomalies. Actually, there is only one state of consciousness: superconsciousness. The conscious and subconscious minds are our “altered states,” representing as they do the downward filtering of superconsciousness through the brain. Superconsciousness is, forever, the reality. It is our true and native state of being. The secret of meditation, then, lies not in affirming states that are foreign to us, but in reclaiming what we are. Meditation is a returning to our center within. It may be termed a process of upward relaxation into superconsciousness. The only “effort” required is to resist the tendency, born of habit, toward tension and restlessness. What we must do, simply, is increase our receptivity—mentally and emotionally first, and then intuitively.

The refinement of the human ego is as gradual as the upward climb of evolution itself. People whose reality is wholly identified with their physical bodies still have a long climb ahead of them. Only dimly aware, as yet, of how priceless is the gift of human intelligence and of its potential for creative action, they live in mere reaction to sense stimuli, as the animals do. Such people are problem-oriented, not solution-oriented, by nature. In response to any challenge, if they can’t combat it on a level of muscle or emotion, they are likely to develop victim consciousness. Their sense of right and wrong is determined by their habit patterns and by the opinions of others, never by deep inner conviction.

The more consciously we respond to that call, by meditating and offering up our hearts’ devotion, the more we find ourselves relaxing, not downward into subconsciousness, but upward into superconsciousness, drawn there by the “gravitational” pull of divine grace.

Meditation is the highway to this state of perfect enlightenment.

Scientists no longer expect to be able to predict the future, no matter how complete the information available to them. Nor, they now real-ize, could any imaginable formula make it possible for some super-being to replicate the universe: Rationalism is simply not an adequate tool for arriving at the final explanation for anything. The universe, in other words, is no longer seen to be bound by the rules of logic.

Stilling the Waves (stilling the beta brain waves of the ego)

Fulfillment can never be achieved by reaching out forit, but only by stilling the active and reactive feelings in the heart. The ego, in seeking fulfillment outside itself,mistakes reflections for reality. Yet you yourself are the joy you seek. In the restlessness of striving for it, you distort that perfect joy to which there is no opposite. That Self, which is joy, can be found only when the waves of desire, of likes and disltikes, subside in the mind. Meditation is the process of neutralizing those waves of feeling, by releasing the ego from involvement with them. To achieve this release, simply observe the waves.

Likes and dislikes form deeper roots in the consciousness. Whereas impressions are like waves, rising and falling without special reference to the ego, likesand dislikes have a greater resemblance to vortices: They draw feeling-energies to a focus in the ego; they define us to ourselves, instead of merely distracting our minds. These vortices are the real bonds of our delusion. It is they above all that need to be dissolved.

By stilling, lowering, quitening and emptying the beta brain waves one is able to access other brain wave state that is capable of holding more light, and light represents information, knowledge and wisdom about the whole existence and universe. By stilling, lowering, quitening and emptying the beta brain waves ome actually dissolve the state of duality and ego-world-perception. Likes and dislikes of this world feeds the structures of duality in the mind.

Present humans are dormant machines driven by the legion of “I”. Intuition is the gateway into this Inner Wisdom. Integration of body-mind knowledge and Inner Wisdom gives us a holistic perspective. Personal Alchemy will teach why your vibration is important and, more importantly, how to raise it. The logical brain will cancel out the intuitive information because it is illogical and inconsistent with the preconceived notion. Get out of your “Ego space” since your Ego is 100% non-intuitive.

We believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us and that we experience this Kingdom in the degree that we become conscious of it.

The Spirit has placed divine intuition within everyone. This divine intuition is the gateway through which the inspiration of the Almighty enters the mind. This is why the Psalms tell us to “lift up our gates.” That is, lift up the intuition and permit the Divine Light to enter.

Intuition is the gateway into this Inner Wisdom. Integration of body-mind knowledge and Inner Wisdom gives us a holistic perspective.

The Intuitive consciousness is the point of touch where man meets God and becomes confluent with the mind of the Infinite. It is the gateway through the last sense limit where all lines are dissolved, and the soul looks beyond the circumscribed

In its popular (limited) definition, Alchemy is an empirical science which concerns itself with the transmutation of base metals into gold. For many the word Alchemy conjures up an image of a crude laboratory where foolhardy pseudo-scientists labor to turn lead into gold so that they may spend their lives living in a state of luxury. However Alchemy’s true definition encompasses the doctrine of the transformation of humanity to a higher stage. The treatises of Alchemy are not only chemical in nature, but also mystical and magical. Certainly many Alchemists left behind a vast amount of information to prove the fact that one version of Alchemy was primarily practical and chemical in nature. On the other hand, the principal interest of many Alchemical philosophers was spiritual. These Alchemists did not look merely for the substance of gold, they sought to give the quality of gold to their own being—to transmute the base metals (gross and impure parts of their own nature) to spiritual gold (wisdom). To them gold, the metal which never tarnishes and cannot be corrupted by Fire or Water, was a symbol of illumination and salvation.

Present humans are dormant machines driven by the legion of “I”

From the mind the dross of Ignorance (Avidyā); and the human is transmuted into the divine by the spiritual alchemy of yoga.

This illumination which permits us to have a true conception of the beautiful scheme of existence is obtained by “drinking,” or absorbing, the “Wine of Life,” which brings about the union of the Sun and Moon, or head and heart, or physical and spiritual being, in the alchemical marriage.

One might even acquire an inner elixir through spiritual illumination and produce an ethereal and immortal body within oneself .

The function of human existence is to strive for illumination. This is the natural development which needs to take place if we are ever to realise our true potential as unlimited spiritual beings.

The objective of the work is designed in such a way as to change us from a dispersed fear-based culture to an interconnected love-based collective, so as to make the largest soul-stride possible at this time of remarkable change.

This harmonious vibration is vast and potent, for it unifies mind, body, and soul. Harmony is benign yet powerful; through it, we achieve a unique fusion of embodiment and spiritual integration. Just as the alchemists of old intended, the embodied divine human is the ”philosopher’s stone.” When we emerge suffused with divine love, we discover the “stone” multiplies to infinity, endlessly repeating as we use breath-light and sound. We become selfless instruments of the divine, moving like thousands of meteors throughout the cosmos.

Personal Alchemy will teach why your vibration is important and, more importantly, how to raise it.

The logical brain will cancel out the intuitive information because it is illogical and inconsistent with the preconceived notion.

Get out of your “Ego space” since your Ego is 100% non-intuitive.

The stronger the ego, the less the intuitive information will flow from your Higher Self. So the ego become the tyrant of human mind and through this less intuitive information will expand to the real Higher Self. The ego has not just become the god of this world, it has also become the god of mass consciousness. Ego and mass consciousness is not divine or ihe gold consciousness, but rather the leaden consciounsess.

The ego wants us to create divides and it will find anyway possible to do that, because if we stay divided the ego can live on as a powerful guidance of our lives; our fear becomes our inner guidance system.

The intuition, with its symbols, is a gateway to the inner unconscious, source of our most powerful thoughts and urges.

Earth are still locked in the embrace of the ego.

Thus, the ego-self is intuition’s enemy.

The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner.” It is the ego that deny or rejects intuition and wisdom of the stone. The ego deny humans from knowing their inner true self and spiritual wisdom.

Intuition is what brings us near to God, so the ego´s goal of this world is to keep humans tuned into low vibrational frequencis, then thet are disconnected from being in touch with high vibrational frequenies that vibrates fast enough to be in touch with the divine higher self. Instead it is the ego itself that has become the god of this world and therefore present itself as god.

Alchemy is a powerful and effective system consisting of seven basic stages in which consciousness can be transformed in positive and life-affirming ways. It’s generally thought of as a process that turns lead to gold. Like the alchemists who transformed lead into gold, you will transform your consciousness into gold and divine light.

Transcending the elements in this way psychologically means that we’ve transmuted lead into gold. We have, in other words, fused the four elements, or states of consciousness, and transformed them into a superior state of golden consciousness.

Alchemy of Light is a groundbreaking and unique approach to spiritual life and awakening, which reveals the real power of spiritual consciousness as an agent of global change.

The power of alchemy is as a metaphor for such transformation. “The gold of which [the alchemists] spoke was thus not really gold, but a “golden” state of mind,

It is not so easy to let the familiar world dissolve. But this is how we can open the door to transformation.

The New Man, The Future Man, This alchemical transformation from one conscious state to another consists of steps—concentration–contemplation—meditation, from leaden consciounsess to gold consciousness (transform lead to gold), The New Man will be Master—and not slave. The Superman is one who has gone beyond good and evil (beyond the state of duality),” who has shaken off from his nature and character elements that are human. To be unaffected by the collective mindset and unconscious behavior, the programming that turns people into compliance automatons within the social trance, we must become masters in our own houses. Then we can create the hidden stone within us. The stone that is not a stone but a state of consciousness, the Buddhahood or Christhood. Alchemy and meditation is the central key.

A consciousness opens in our very flesh and marrow that enables us to pierce the veil of things and pass beyond and understand — see and experience — the why and the how and the whither of it all.

The real human greatness, the force that impels man to be like a star. The Power that gives us life is sleeping in our Unconsciousness, but it is the same power that is at this very moment transforming a bud into an open flower.

When the human flower is open, the Super-Conscious is fully felt and all myths and human values are transmuted. But we have to transform ourselves. There is an Alchemy that changes our lives.

This exchange is accomplished through the consciousness of the Christ, the Super Ego who, positioned in the center of the cross, is the agent of the alchemical transformation that takes place between the energies of God and man.

The cross is the center, but it also represents division; it is a counterpart of the mandala symbolizing the division of the world into a polarity of right and left.

The symbol of the cross, which many have long misunderstood, is a symbol that promotes deeper understanding of the end of duality that approaches. The cross shows two opposite energies coming from two different directions. The center, where those energies meet, represents illumination. It is in the center, where opposites meet, that the divine spark begins, for divinity and unity are the same. (It is the clash of opposites that creates the divine spark. We will speak more of this when we speak about the Divine Couple.) The symbol of the cross illustrates how opposites meet in the center and spark illumination. The end of duality is represented by the coming together of polar opposites at the center of the cross.

Ascension needs to be understood as the completion and integration of every astral layer/body within the entire periodic table. This is the same as being energetically mastered within every single type of energy in this world. It should be noted that when awareness is concealed at one particular center gives birth to extraordinary awareness and abilities.

The sixth chakra is often referred to as the “third eye” and is the seat of intuition and consciousness. It is sometimes called the “triple confluence” as the main nadis cross over here.

Another symbol for the meeting of these three nadis is the Christian cross, where ida is balanced with pingala. The left side of the cross is ida, the right side is pingala, and the vertical line is sushumna, which continues upward to sahasrara. The three lines meet in ajna chakra, the egoless state, where you die (are crucified) to your old self.

Stepping beyond death was the attribute of the sixth chakra; mastery of time was the attribute of the seventh. The end of duality is the birth of Oneness. The state of duality is the state of ego, and were the olf ego-self ends, it is the birth of the real divine Higher Self.

The sixth chakra, or third eye, is located in the middle of the fore-head. In the Hindu traditions it is thought to be the third eye of who grants knowledge of perfect truth and nonduality.

The name of this center in Sanskrit is aim, or “unlimited power.” In this chakra we attain the knowledge that we are inseparable from God. You realize that you are an eternal being inhabiting a temporal body. A person with an awakened sixth chakra realizes that the authentic self must shed its exclusive identification with bodily or mental experiences. We transcend body and mind, yet welcome both into the field of our awareness. As we begin to observe the mind, we can step into transpersonal states. We follow the mind with curiosity yet without being absorbed by it. Doubt disappears when you step beyond the mind, and desire and longing cease to be driving forces. One enters the realms of knowledge that can be experienced but not told. It is not that these realms lie outside the domain of words, but rather that experience is all there is.

There the three major nadis (ida, pingala, and sushumna) meet together at a junction that forms a red hexagonal region. In fact, the ida and pingala nadis terminate in the brow center, at the point where they conjoin with sushumna, the central median axis of your subtle body.

The Sanskrit word taraka means “cross over,” “liberate,” or “deliver.” What is being liberated? The goal of all yogic practice is to liberate your soul from the bondage of this relative world—the dualistic field of suffering and ignorance—and to realize the true self.

The work of transmuation and transformation is a process of alchemy and meditation.

“Alchemy is not merely an art or science to teach metallic transmutation, so much as a true and solid science that teaches how to know the center of all things, which in the divine language is called the Spirit of Life.

Contemplation of alchemical diagrams and pictorial symbolism is meant to intrigue and inspire the viewer on many levels—conscious as well as subconscious—and speak directly to the human soul on the true nature of the alchemist’s “gold?’ Alchemy’s true definition encom-passes the transformation of humanity to a higher stage of spiritual purity. While many alchemists worked in the laboratory, the principal interest of many alchemical philosophers was spiritual. These alche-mists did not look merely for the substance of gold; they sought to give the quality of gold to their own being—to transmute the base metals—(the gross and impure parts of their own nature) into spiritual gold (divine wisdom). To them, gold, the metal which never tarnishes and cannot be cor-rupted by fire and water, was a symbol of illumination and salvation. This alchemical gold was the Philosopher’s Stone. Gold represented light incarnate, as well as the sun, purity, and spiritual attainment.

Alchemical theory states that eternal wisdom remains dormant in humanity so long as a mundane state of ignorance and superficiality exists. The objective of alchemy is the uncovering of this inner wisdom, and the removal of veils and obstacles between the mind and its intrinsically pure divine source.

The goal of alchemy is called the Magnum Opus, or the Great Work. It is the purification and evolution of something lesser and coarser, into something greater and more refined—whether in metals, vegetable matter, or in human consciousness. The term prima materia, or “first matter;’ is used to describe the original substance and condition of whatever material the alchemist is trying to change, be it lead or his own soul. Through the alchemical art, this first matter is transformed into the Philosopher’s Stone—the highest most perfect form of matter—it is the first matter elevated to the Godhead. This process is often symbolized by the transformation of lead (the darkest, heaviest, and least valuable of the metals) into pure gold, the most brilliant and valuable of metals.

Although alchemy suggests the pursuit of a formula for condensing gold, true alchemy is the quest for spiritual illumination. We dissolve the mist of illusion — the “cloud of unknowing” — that lies between our conscious mind and our “divine. The veil of ignorance is the veil of the ego thay clouds reality and the divine nature of Man.

The ordinary human consciousness is obstructed, blind, unconscious, a play of illusions (maya). The ordinary human consciousness is also the “leaden consciousness” that is in action in the human daily living. This leaden consciousness can be transmuted and transformed into higher levels of consciousness or the gold consciouness (Buddha or Christ state of Consciousness).

The Agnya Chakra is placed at their crossing point, and controls the pituitary and pineal bodies in the gross. Thus the pituitary controls the ego, and the pineal controls the superego. The pineal which controls the superego is over-developed in animals. In human beings there is balance between the ego and superego, by which both the ego and superego come to the centre on top of the brain near the fontanel bone.

The complete covering of the brain and the calcification of the fontanel bone separates human beings from the All-pervading Divine Power. In this way humans develop their “I-ness” or own identity. When both ego and superego are balanced by the temperate life of devotion of a householder, the Kundalini awakened through Yoga, breaks through the centre of the brain. She takes the attention of the seeker into the All-pervading Power, the Universal Unconscious. His attention moves onto the left or the right side of the system according to the nature of his activity. Any energy that is needed for this activity comes from the Ida or Pingala Nadis, and the Deities which are placed at the centre of the chakras (see Figure) decide the appropriate mode of action. The two parabolae of energy emerge from the two sides on the Pingala and Ida Nadis, one in a clockwise direction, the other in an anti-clockwise direction. The energy needed is transformed by the Deities. They are in contact with the seats of the subtle centers (Peethas) in the brain, and also with the auras of the Spirit that encircle the Divine Spirit (Atma) in the heart.

Until you are able to understand the meaning of the Self, the physical body would remain imperfect and would be unable to verify the truth. But once the physical instrument is connected with truth you are able to verify the Truth.

It is very important to understand that until the animal stage there was no need for animals to solve the problem of life as animals were under the complete command of God. At the human stage, however, as we learn from the story of Adam and Eve, they were given the choice and freedom to solve the problem of life itself. That was how evolution was to go a step further. Without such freedom human beings were not equipped to learn the secrets of Divine Power.

The ultimate in Opposites, the empirical ego and complex and the transcendent totality of the Self are brought together in the third, making the paradox of an apparent duality into a unity. The subject or individual soul who experiences the totality of the Self is both the same yet also different from its source, and it is also the same yet different from the opposites in the ego complexes that have been united. In The Symbolic Life , Jung reiterates that the Self is the central archetype, and equates it with the Deity. He again uses Christ as the epitome of the whole man whose crucifixion represents the process of uniting the opposites. In this reference Christ is “the model for the human answers and his symbol is the cross, the union of the opposites” . The work of seeing and understanding and thereby uniting the opposites in soul is the discovery of the “middle way,” or individuation, which is a conscious journey back to unity. It is a “task left to man, and that is the reason why man is so important to God that he decided to become a man himself’. Without the opposites of the complex experienced in the ego there is no material for transformation.

Ancient alchemists worked to turn lead into gold, which was to turn heavy and base metal into metallic light. The great psychologist Carl Jung explained this alchemical pro-cess as a metaphor for transforming the dark matter of the unconscious into the pure gold of the integrated self — for turning our own internal darkness into light. The universe reflects an alchemical process of transform-ing matter into consciousness, which we could call the ‘alchemy of light’. From mineral to plant, to animal, human and then to enlightened sage is a progressive evolution of the light of consciousness.

This ability to extract consciousness from matter is the internal alchemy of light. Our lives are part of this churning process, to bring the light out of darkness, to bring our soul out of our bodily density and inertia. Through the inner light of awareness we can discover light, truth and beauty in all things, which is to return the world to God without any loss of diversity. All life is moving towards this alchemical transformation of consciousness. The process of evolution does not end with the human mind as we know it. The mind too must evolve further to its source — which is pure consciousness or pure light transcending all material forms.

We must move beyond our current dualistic thought-based intellect, trapped as it is in likes and dislikes, attractions and repulsions, opinions and prejudices to a greater unitary awareness. This pure light of universal consciousness is what great yogis and mystics have always sought to realize through their meditation practices. The universe is evolving toward enlightenment as its true goal. Our role as a species is to bring the evolutionary process to its decisive phase in which we consciously seek enlightenment, so that the plenary light of pure consciousness can come forth out of the half-light of the mind. This search for enlightenment is our real contribution to the evolutionary movement.

Slowly the path and its practices free us from our negative tendencies and give us access to more and more of our light, more of its consciousness. And as we diligently work upon ourself through our devotions and inner work—as we “polish the mirror of our heart”—so the light within us grows. And this light works its mysterious chemistry, opening life in unexpected ways, revealing more of its magic and wonder. Also, as our light grows, we attract a higher light, a light from the inner world of pure spirit.

This is the mystery of “light upon light” in which “light rises towards light and light comes down upon light.” The light within us and the light from above then work together, growing in strength and purity, helping us on our journey. In fact the journey is the light transforming us, revealing itself within and around us. What we think is our evolution is the evolution of the light of our true nature, expressing itself in our inner and outer life and expanding our consciousness.

There is a great difference between a consciousness that sees with the reflected light of the ego and one that sees with the true light of the Self. The ego exists in a world of distortions and patterns of control that are antithetical to the Self. The light of the Self burns away these distortions, though this is often a painful process—to become free of the many chains that bind us, we have to lose what we have believed most precious.

And so the journey continues, the eternal journey from darkness to light. This journey of the soul takes us Home, where it finally reveals that the light within us is the One Light. There is only one light—the light of the heavens and the earth is the light within our own heart. We are the light of God in the world. The light within our heart is His light. This simple truth of the union mystica finally takes the wayfarer from the prison of the ego into the ever-expanding dimension of our divine nature and its true purpose; and into a direct experience of the oneness of life.

This alchemical transformation from one conscious state to another consists of steps—concentration–contemplation—meditation. These specific layers allows the individual to move from the microcosm to the macrocosm—it moves the individual from the fragmented self to the complete self—it moves the individual from a one dimensional view point to a multidimensional view point—it moves the individual from the conscious mind to the super conscious mind.

“Its goal is nothing less than the total transformation of a seemingly limited physical, mental and emotional person into a fully illumined, thoroughly harmonized and perfected being—from an individual with likes and dislikes, pains and pleasures, successes and failures, to a sage of permanent peace, joy and selfless dedication to the entire creation.”

The yogis believed that this transformation was possible for all beings. They believed that through their fervent dedication to seeking the answers to unlocking the mind and expanding their consciousness, that their teachings would help to illuminate a path for all who seek to experience Oneness.

“The basic premise of Yoga is that our perception of the divine Self is obscured by the disturbances of the mind. If the mind can be made still and pure, the Self will automatically, instantaneously, shine forth.”

“When, through the practice of yoga, the mind ceases its restless movements, and becomes still, the aspirant realizes the Divine Higher Self.” Essentially, meditation is the conduit for creating mental space, to tap into the unknown reservoir that is your being, passing through the wormhole of your consciousness in an effort to allow your highest self —your true Self.

The world is in the throes of a new creation and the pangs of that new birth have made mother Earth restless. It is no longer a far-off ideal that our imagination struggles to visualise^ nor a prophecy that yet remains to be fulfilled. It is Here and Now.

Although we may not know it, the New Man — the divine race of humanity is already among us. Only a thin veil covers it. It marches just behind the line. It waits for an occasion to throw off the veil and place itself in the forefront. We are living in strenuous times inj which age-long institutions are going down and new forces rearing their heads, old habits are being cast off and new impulsions acquired. In every sphere of life, we see the urgent demand for a recasting, a fresh valuation of things.

From the base to the summit, from the economic and political life to the artistic and spiritual, humanity is being shaken to bring out a new expression and articulation. There is the hidden surge of a Power, the secret stress of a Spirit that can no longer suffer to remain in the shade and behind the mask, but wills to come out in the broad day-light and be recognised in its plenary virtues. That Power, that Spirit has been grow-ing and gathering its strength during all the millenniums that humanity has lived through. On the momentous day when man appeared on earth, the Higher Man also took his birth.

Since the hour the Spirit refused to be impri-soned in its animal sheath and came out as man, it approached by that very uplift a greater freedom and a vaster movement. It was the crest of that underground wave which peered over the surface from age to age, from clime to clime through the experiences of poets and prophets and sages—the Head of the Sacrificial Horse galloping towards the Dawn. And now the days of captivity or rather of inner preparation are at an end.

The voice in the wilderness was necessary, for it was a call and a communion in the silence of the soul. To-day the silence seeks utterance. To-day the shell is ripe enough to break and to bring out the mature and full-grown being. The king that was in hiding comes in glory and triumph, in his complete regalia. Another humanity is rising out of the -present human species. The beings of the new order are everywhere and it is they who will soon hold sway over earth, be the head .and front of the terrestrial evolution in the -cycle that is approaching as it was with man in the cycle that is passing away.

What will this new order of being be like ? It will be what man is not, also what man is. It will not be man, because it will overstep the limi-tations and incapacities inherent in man ; .and it will be man by the realisation of those fundamental aspirations and yearnings that have troubled and consoled the deeper strata —the soul—in him throughout the varied experiences of his terrestrial life.

The New Man will be Master—and not slave. He will be master, first, of himself and then of the world. Man as he actually is) is but a slave. He has no personal voice or choice ; the determining soul, in him is sleep-bound and hushed. He is a mere plaything in the hands of nature and circumstances. Therefore it is that Science has become his supreme; for science seeks to teach us the moods of Nature and the methods of propitiating her. Our actual ideal of man is that of the cleverest slave.

But the New Man will have found himself and by and according to his inner will, mould and create his world. He will not be in awe of Nature and in an attitude of perpetual apprehension and hesitation, but will ground himself on a secret harmony and union that will declare him as the lord. We will recognise the New Man by his very gait and manner, by a certain kingly ease and dominion in every shade of his expression.

Not that this sovereign power will have anything to do with aggression or over-bearingness. It will not be a power that feels itself only by creating an eternal opponent—by coming in constant clash with a rival, that seeks to gain victory by subju-gating. It will not be Nietzschean ” will to power,” which is, at best, a supreme Asuric power. It will rather be a Divine Power, for the strength it will exert and the victory it will achieve will not come from the ego—it is the ego which requires an object outside and against to feel and affirm itself—but it will come from a higher personal self which is one with the cosmic soul and therefore with other personal souls. The Asura, in spite of, or rather, because of his aggressive vehemence betrays a lack of the sovereign power that is calm and at ease and self-sufficient. The Devic power does not assert but simply accomplishes; the forces of the world act not as its opponent but as its instrument.

Thus the New Man shall affirm his individual sovereignty and do so to perfection by expressing through it his unity with the cosmic powers, with the infinite godhead. And by being Swarat Self-Master, he will become Samrat, world-master. This mastery will be effected not merely in will, but in mind and heart also. For the New Man will know not by the intellect which is egocentric and therefore limited, not by ratiocination which is an indirect and doubtful process, but by direct vision, an inner communion, a soul revelation.

The new knowledge will be vast and profound and creative, based as it will be upon the reality of things and not upon their shadows. Truth will shine through every experience and every utterance —” a truth shall have its seat on our speech and mind and hearing”, so have the Vedas said. The mind and intellect will not he active and constructive agents but the luminous channel of a self-luminous knowledge.

And the heart too which is now the field of passion and egoism will be cleared of its noise and obscurity ; a serener sky will shed its pure warmth and translucent glow. The knot will be rent asunder—Midyate hridaya granthih—and the vast and mighty streams of another ocean will flow through. We will love not merely those to whom we are akin but God’s crea-tures, one and all ; we will love not with the yearning and hunger of a mortal but with the wide and intense Rasa that lies in the divine identity of souls.

And the new society will be based not upon competition, nor even upon co-operation. It will not be an open conflict, neither will it be a convenient compromise of rival individual interests. It will be the organic expression of the collective soul of humanity, working and achieving through each and every individual soul its most wide winging freedom, manifesting the godhead that is proper to each and every one. It will be an organisation, most delicate and subtle and supple, the members of which will have no need to live upon one another but in and through one another. It will be, if you like, a henotheistic hierarchy in which everyone will be the greatest, since everyone is all and all everyone simultaneously.

The New Humanity will be something in the mould that we give to the gods. It will supply the link that we see missing between gods and men ; it will be the race of embodied gods. Man will attain that thing which has been his first desire and earliest dream, for which he coveted the gods—Im-mortality, amritatwam. The mortalities that cut and divide, limit and bind man make him the sorrowful being he is. These are due to his ignorance and weakness and egoism. These are due to his soul itself.

It is the soul that requires change, a new birth, as Christ demanded. Ours is a little soul that has severed itself from the larger and mightier self that it is. And therefore does it die every moment and even while living is afraid to live and so lives poorly and miser-ably. But the age is now upon us when the god-like soul anointed with its immortal’ royalties is ready to emerge and claim our salutation. The breath and the surge of the new creation cannot be mistaken. The question that comfronts us to-day is no longer whether the New Man, the Super-humanity, will come or if at all, when ; but the question we have to answer is who among us are ready to be its receptacle, its instrument and ’embodiment.


The difference between living organism and dead matter is that while the former is endowed with, creative activity, the latter has only passive receptivity. Life adds, synthetises, new-creates—gives more than what it receives ; matter only sums up, gathers, reflects, gives just what it receives. Life is living, glad and green through its creative genius. Creation in some form or other must be the core of everything that seeks vitality and growth, vigour and delight. Not only so, but a thing in order to be real must possess a creative function. We consi-der a shadow or an echo unreal precisely because they do not create but merely image or repeat, they do not bring out any-thing new but simply reflect what is given. The whole of existence is real because it is eternally creative. So the problem that concerns man, the riddle that humanity has to solve is how to find out and follow the path of creativity. If we are not to be dead matter nor mere shadowy illusions we must be creative.

Every individual soul, however placed it may be, is by nature creative; every individual being lives to discover and to create. The inmost reality of man is not a passive receptacle, a mere responsive medium but it is a dynamo—a power-station generating and throwing out energy that produces and creates.

Now the centre of this energy, the matrix of creativity is the soul itself, one’s own soul. If you want to create—live, grow and be real—find yourself, be yourself. The simple old wisdom still remains the eternal wisdom. It is because we fall off from our soul that we wander into side-paths, paths that do not belong to our real nature and hence that lead to imitation and repetition, decay and death. This is what happens to what we call common souls. The force of circumstances, the pressure of environment or simply the momentum of custom or habit. compel them to choose the easiest and the readiest way that may lie before them. They do not consult the demand of the inner being but the requirement of the moment. Our bodily needs, our vital hungers and our mental prejudices obsess and obscure the impulsions that thrill the hidden spirit.

We hasten to gratify the immediate and forget the eternal, we clutch at the shadow and let go the substance. We are carried away in the flux and tumult of life. It is a mixed and collective whirl—a Welt-Geist that :moves and governs us. We are helpless.straws drifting in the current. But manhood demands that we stop and pause, pull ourselves out of the Maelstrom and be what we are. We must shape things as we want and not allow things to shape us as they want. Let each take cognisance of the godhead that is within him—for self is God—and in the strength of the soul-divinity create his universe. It does not matter what sort of’ universe he creates, so long as he creates it.

The world has become dull and uniform and mechanical, since everybody endeavours to become not himself, but always somebody else. Imitation is servitude and servitude brings in grief. In one’s own soul lies the very height and profundity of a godhead. Each soul by bringing out the note that is his, makes for the most wondrous symphony. Once a man knows what he is and holds fast to it, refusing to be drawn away by any necessity or temptation, he begins to uncover himself, to do what his inmost nature demands and takes joy in, that is to say, begins to create.

Indeed there may be much difference in the forms that different souls take. But because each is itself, therefore each is grounded upon the iundamental equality of things. All our valuations are in reference to some standard or other set up with a particular end in view, but that is a question of the practical world which in no way takes away from the intrinsic value of the greatness of the soul. So long as the thing is there, the how of it does not matter. Infinite are the ways of manifestation and all of them the very highest and the most sublime, provided they are a manifestation of the soul itself, provided they rise and flow from the same level.

The cosmic soul is true. But that truth is borne out, effectuated only by the truth of the individual soul. When the individual soul becomes itself fully and integrally, by that very fact it becomes also the cosmic soul. The individuals are the channels through which flows the Universal and the Infinite in its multiple emphasis. Each is a particular figure, aspect— a particular angle of vision of All. The vision is entire and the figure perfect if it is not refracted by the lower and denser parts of our being. And for that the individual must first come to itself and shine in its opal clarity and translucency. Not to do what others do, but what your .soul impels you to do. Not to be others but your own self. Not to be anything but the very cosmic and infinite divinity of your soul. Therein lies your highest freedom and perfect delight. And there you are supremely creative. Each soul has a consort—Prakriti, Nature—wbhich it creates out of its own rib. And in this field of infinite creativity the soul lives, moves and has its being.

The Superman is one who has gone beyond good and evil (beyond the state of duality),” who has shaken off from his nature and character elements that are human, all too human ”-—who is the embodiment of life-force in its absolute purity and strength and freedom. This then is the mantra of the new age—Life with Intuition as its guide and not Reason and mechanical efficiency, not Man but Superman.

So if you have to transcend man, you have to transcend egoism also. For a conscious egoism is the very characteristic of man and by increaing yoursense of egoism you do not supersede man but simply aggrandise your humanity. The superman, if he is to be the man “who has surmounted himself””, must embody a poise of being in which all the three find a fusion and harmony—a perfect. synthesis.

Intuition is a sort of sympathy, community of feeling or sensibility with the urge of the life-reality. The difference between the sympathy of Instinct and the sympathy of Intuition being that while the former is an unconscious or semi-conscious power, the latter is illumined and self-cons-cious. Now this view emphasises only the feeling-tone of Intuition, the vital sensibility that attends the direct communion with the life movement. But Intuition is not only purified feeling and sensibility, it is also purified vision and knowledge. It unites us not only with the movement of life, but also opens out to our sight the Truths, the fundamental realities behind that movement.

Matter forms the lowest level of reality. Above it is the elan vital. Above the clan vital there is yet the domain of the Spirit. And the Spirit is a static substance and at the same ‘a dynamic creative power. It is Being (Sat) that realises or expresses itself through certain typal nuclei or nodi of cons-ciousness (chit) in a continuous becoming, in a flow of creative activity (ananda). The dynamism of the vital energy is only a re-fraction or precipitation of the dynamism of the spirit ; and so also static matter is only the substance of the spirit concretised and solidified. It is in an uplift both of matter and vital force to their prototypes—swarupa and swabhava—in the Spirit that lies the real transformation and transfiguration of the) humanity of man.

This is the truth that is trying to dawn upon the new age. Not matter but that which forms the substance of matter, not intellect but a vaster consciousness that informs the intellect, not man as he is, an aberration in the cosmic order, but as he may and shall be the embodiment and fulfilment of that order—this is the secret Intuition -which, as yet dimly envisaged, nevertheless secretly inspires all the human activities of to-day. Only, the truth is being interpreted, ‘as we have said, in terms of vital life. The intellectual and physical man gave us one aspect of the reality, but neither is the vital and psychical man the complete reality.

The one acquisition of this shifting of the view point has been that we are now in touch with the natural and deeper movement of humanity and not as before merely with its artificial scaffolding.

Certainly this does not go far enough into the motive of the change. The cosmic order does not mean mentalised vitalism which is also in its turn a section of the integral reality. It means the order of the spirit, it means the transfiguration of the physical, the vital and the intellectual into the supernal Substance, Powerand Light of that Spirit. The real transcendence of humanity is not the transcendence of one or other of its levels but the total transcendence to an altogether different status and the transmutation of humanity in the mould of that status— of the tranquil vision and delight and dynamism of the Spirit— the incarnation of a god-head.

The Spiritualized Psyche: Reclaiming the Inner World Through the Power of Truth

The philosophical tradition of alchemy, which has been practiced since antiquity, was purported to bestow profound miraculous powers upon its practitioners. These supposedly included knowledge of the fabled “philosopher’s stone,” a magical formula that could transform base metals such as lead into gold or, working as an elixir of life, bestow the gift of immortality on those who unlocked its secrets. Metaphorically this myth hints at the transformation of consciousness—conversion of the ordinary human mind (lead) into a reflection of the Eternal Living Mind (gold). For those embarked on the quest to enlighten their minds, psychological self-knowledge is of paramount importance. A good alchemist must know the substances he is working with, otherwise his experiments could blow up in his face. If you and I want to turn lead into gold, transform mortal human consciousness into higher consciousness (and access its attendant powers), we need to have a very clear and perhaps even new understanding of the human psyche.

Happiness and the Transformation of Negative Emotions

If the true secret of alchemy is the transformation of gross substances into something finer, then in the laboratory of our own consciousness we can practice the art of turning the lead of negative thoughts and emotions into pure gold. How can we entertain negativity and be happy at the same time? It is impossible. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Our light, not our darkness, frightens us most.

Shocking as it may seem to those enmeshed in cynicism, the key to the art of happiness is knowing how to turn the lock that keeps us addicted to our negative emotions, releasing and transforming the energy it takes to stay trapped in them into a positive force that can feed the soul. Transmuted negative energy has the power to fill us with the enlightened consciousness of pure happiness.

“When people live as part of the mass, nobody can help them; they are so intermingled that you cannot separate one atom from another. On the level of the mass they are all the same. People can only expect to meet with favorable influences when they rise from the mass, not before. Influences affecting the mass are only unfavorable; they are influences that keep it down. There are favorable influences that help individuals to get out, but they can only help men who stand a little above the mass. We can expect help, but only on a certain level; for what would be the value of our efforts if someone could take us by the ears and drag us up? If we become conscious, it is the same as having will on a higher level; and if we can ‘do’, we can isolate ourselves from many of these planetary influences which affect the mass.”

Psychology has the potential to be one of the West’s great contributions to the world mind. Unfortunately it has failed to fulfill its promise because it makes two terrible mistakes: it assumes that we are already conscious, and it takes the unconscious to be a reflection of the conscious “waking” mind. How can this be so if we are actually asleep in our so-called consciousness, as so many great spiritual teachers throughout the ages have stated? True wisdom, which is knowledge of the self, should lead to consistency in human behavior, for without that we shall remain instruments for the unconscious creation of fiwther chaos in the world, rather than being a blessing to ourselves and others. So study of the psyche is not simply a mental exercise or a dry indulgence in seeking information, but a practical solution to understanding ourselves and, by extension, our fellow human beings. This understanding of self and others is a result of knowing why you think and act the way you do.

To be unaffected by the collective mindset and unconscious behavior, the programming that turns people into compliance automatons within the social trance, we must become masters in our own houses. This we do by constantly moving our center of gravity, the focus of our attention, away from the peripheral circles (in our diagram of the psyche) containing weak “i’s,” and starting to inhabit the circles of consciousness closer to the center. This is where the power to master life resides within us. By progressively moving

“Go and proclaim liberty through all the land unto the people thereof!” The “land” is our body-mind organism, which is made of the elements of the Earth. And we seek liberty by freeing our consciousness from the automatism of being ruled by the untold myriads of thought impulses roaming not just in our mind, but in the world mind of which we are a part. It is up to us to say to the forces of delusion within ourselves, and the illusion through which we must operate to have our lives.

The meaning of salvation is the shift and change from lead consciousness into gold consciousness or (Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness). The work of Christ is to draw people into greater God-consciousness, and to experience the salvation hidden within themselves (self-salvation) by mastering psychophysical techniques which lead to definitive enlightenment. Spiritual awakening is a journey that gradually shifts the center of gravity from an ego-based consciousness to a consciousness based on the higher imagination.

The salvation of man lies in the transformation of his mind leading to the vision of eternity as the sole and absolute reality. Salvation is not only about saving one’s soul; it is also about learning how to seek liberty from the illusions of life, a quest that can never be achieved without knowing where one stands in their faith.

What´s is the ordinary mind of man and what is connected to it and what´s controlling it?

⦁ Lead consciousness
⦁ Desire consciousness
⦁ Mass consciousness
⦁ Beta brain waves
⦁ Maya consciouness (the veil of ignorance)
⦁ Fear-based consciousness – low vibrational frequency

To become free from the lower material ego-body-consciousness one need to change, transmute and transform the energy pattern that´s creates bondage to the Matrix and bondage to the veil of ignorance.

ALCHEMY :— This signifies the production, by unperceived processes, of the higher qualities from the lower ; that is, from the baser metals, or lower mental qualifies, the precious metals, or higher mental (silver) and buddhic (gold) qualities, are by transmutation produced. Also, the process of puri-fication by fire, whereby out of earth (lower nature) there is made gold (higher nature).

The lower nature (earth) gives birth to the higher nature (gold). This is the Divine Alchemy in which the black earth of ignorance appears to be transmuted into the gold of Wisdom. ” The transmutation of the normal physical consciousness of man into the divine consciousness was the magnum opus on which the true alchemists were en-gaged, and much that is grotesque imbecility in the directions and recipes they have left behind, if we read it simply as nineteenth-century chemists, becomes beautiful spiritual philosophy in strictest harmony with the laws governing human spiritual evolution, when we put a symbolical construction on the quaintly expressed formulle relating to coctions and distillations and the mercury of the wise, and fiery waters and fermenta.

“The prime object of alchemy was held to be the production of the Philosopher’s Stone ; that perfect and incorrupt substance, or ‘noble Tincture,’ never found upon our imperfect earth in its natural state, which could purge all baser metals of their dross, and turn them to pure gold. The quest of the Stone, in fact, was but one aspect of man’s everlasting quest of perfection, his hunger for the Absolute. . . . Gold, the Crowned King, or Sol, as it is called in the planetary symbolism of the alchemists, was their standard of per-fection, the ‘ Perfect Metal.’

Towards it, as the Christian towards sanctity, their wills were set. It had for them a value not sordid but ideal. . . . Upon the spiritual plane also they held that the Divine Idea is always aiming at Spiritual Cold ‘—divine humanity, the New Man, citizen of the transcendental world,—and ‘ natural man ‘ as we ordi-narily know him, is a lower metal, silver at best, a departure from the plan ‘ ; who yet bears within himself, if we could find it, the spark or seed of absolute perfection, the ‘ tincture ‘ which makes gold.. . The art of the alchemist consists in completing the work of per-fection, bringing forth and making dominant, as it were, the ‘ latent Bold-ness’ which ‘ lies obscure’ in metal or man”.

The Higher Self must be born in the soul in order that its dross may be turned into pure gold. A symbol of the spiritual vision awakened in the soul, which recognises the inner meanings of the sacred scriptures ; for the meanings are already engraven on the secret tables of the heart. ” In the same Kingdom of Christ all things are inward and spiritual ; and the true religion of Christ is written in the soul and spirit of man by the Spirit of God.

“This process of transmutation, this rebuilding of the sell on higher levels will involve the establishment within the field of consciousness, the making central for life,’ of those sub-conscious spiritual perceptions which are the primary material of mystical experience. The end and object of this ‘inward alchemy’ will be the raising of the whole self to the condition in which conscious and permanent union with the Absolute takes place ; and man, ascending to the summit of his manhood, enters into that greater life for which he was made.

Through the purifying and transmuting Spirit the higher qualities healed the Soul by means of the offer-ing up of the desires ; and whatever the higher nature offered up, that was transmuted, and it became a spiritual quality which passed into the evolving Soul. And because the spiritual qualities are transmuted desires therefore they are desirable.

The higher emotions which contend against the desire-mental qualities, arise upon the buddhic plane (or Christ Consciousness) as a result of aspiration from below, and are contiguous to the ” river of life.” They are above the mental qualities, and are co-ordinated by Wisdom.

The Divine Alchemy in which the black earth of ignorance appears to be transmuted into the gold of Wisdom. Humans is made of Earth subtance of ignorance and this may be the leaden consciousness that can be refined, transmuted and transformed into gold consciousness.

For centuries, the holy grail of the alchemists’ pursuit was to forge ‘the stone that is not a stone’. It has been called many things throughout the ages, including the ‘pearl of great price’, the ‘white stone by the river and the ‘sword in the stone’. Although it goes by many names, its sole function has always remained the same. The Philosopher’s Stone is a catalyst, said to transmute invaluable lead into valuable gold.

Over the centuries, the search for the Philosopher’s Stone has consumed the lives of many, counting Sir Isaac Newton, Carl Jung and St. Thomas Aquinas as members of a fraternity that devoted much of their lives studying alchemy. The pursuit is even purported to have taken the life of Newton, whose body contained massive amounts of mercury due to his alchemical pursuits. To understand alchemy and the pursuit of The Stone, you must view it from two perspectives. The first view relates to the world without, while the second, to the world within. The first is the well-known material alchemy. Their quest was to create elemental gold out of base metals, such as lead.

The promise of great riches to the alchemist who accomplished this feat lured many into field. However, their quest proved ultimately futile. We now understand that only nuclear reactions within stars or particle accelerators can produce the energy required to transmute elements. However, the science of alchemy does not end there The second is esoteric or divine alchemy. The esoteric alchemist’s aim was to transmute the kw metals of ignorance into the gold of awareness.

The objective was to transmute leaden consciousness into golden consciousness. It was to transmute bondage into freedom and poverty into prosperity through a direct rapport with the Higher Self. It was to dissociate from the lower self, the Ego, and associate with the Higher Self, or Spirit. The esoteric alchemists called this shift in identification The Great Work’. It is this life transforming shift in identification that was the real gold that the esoteric alchemists sought.

The Philosopher’s Stone – the latter was said to be the catalyst for the transmutation of lead to gold. In alchemical writings, this was often viewed as a metaphor for the transmutation of the self from the crude ego-bound person to the awakened spiritual human. So. where is the knowledge that allows us to reclaim our capacities of clairvoyance, healing and rejuvenation? It is in our cells, our “genetic memory banIcs.”This resonates with the old alchemical assertions that the lipid” is inherent within the lead; and that the processes of transmutation will “free” the gold within the lead.

Another correspondence to the alchemical transmutation of lead into gold concerns the human aura. Changing the leaden” gray habit-enslaved person into the ‘golden’ radiant spiritual human being. Spiritual treasure has always been viewed as a kind of inner gold; and spiritual alchemy’s goal has always been the transmutation of the self.

The word “enlightenment; another of the promised gifts of the Philosopher’s Stone, means “to be filled with Light; and this is the primary purpose and function of Azeztulite—to bring the Nameless Light—the saura agni. the Sun in darkness of the Hindu rishis—into full expression in the world through us.

Then the transmutation of our personal “lead” into spiritual gold” can begin. The process of cellular reattunement —the repatterning of the liquid crystal structure of our own organism—can proceed. in part, on a subconscious level. simply by our exposing ourselves to the Nameless Light and being open to its influence.

Planet Earth has been conditioned to a certain frequencies of light. It block cellularly these light waves through thought-form shields and contracting emotional patterns [ fear]. The cellular consciousnesses are therefore unable to properly learn and expand, resulting in a state of ignorance. Azeztulite carries energies and frequencies of Light that help release the shields and blocks [habits], healing ignorance and aiding in cellular rejuvenation and expansion.” We can participate in overcoming the old patterns of ignorance by witnessing and actively releasing our ‘contracting emotional patterns” (e.g., fear and judgment). We can learn to release fear and its ilk by going to our heart, dwelling there, finding the truth within and living from that truth.

Spiritual Alchemy – Transmuting Our Inner Matrix

Alchemy can be defined as any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.’ Early alchemists are best remembered for their attempts to transmute lead into gold. Over the centuries, the concept of alchemy has grown from its foundation in metallurgy to encompass psychological and spiritual transmutation. Dr. Carl Jung’s work, for example, focused on the alchemical transmutation of shadow into light, or the transformation of leaden aspects of the self into enlightened, golden aspects of the self. And modern spiritual traditions invoke the power of alchemy in the transmutation of the self from a singular inward-turning consciousness to one that is awakened, dynamic, and open to the subtle energies around us.

Traditions of energy healing—that is, activating, supporting, or unblocking the body’s own subtle energy fields to facilitate healing and well-being—can be seen as a form of spiritual alchemy. In restoring a balanced flow of energy through the body, energy healing brings us back into alignment with universal energies, or the Source from which all form and energy emanate. Thus aligned, our consciousness opens; our inner matrix meshes with the world around us, and we are drawn to the path toward our highest self. If we intend to undertake the spiritual alchemy of our own inner matrix, we must begin by exploring what that matrix is made of. That conversation begins with the concept of vibration.

There is no political alchemy by which you can get golden conduct out of leaden instincts. (Spencer 1969: 669–70). For individuals, then, the path of progress is always open; steep and difficult, especially at first. There will never be a crowd gathered round this gate; “few there be that find it.

The alchemical steps which lead to the making of gold were processes in their own bodies and built up and vitalized organs. This body of gold was to be transmuted out of the ordinary body, which is like lead. The symbols of transmutation: Both the body and the psyche can be transmuted, or refined and perfected, by means of a regenerative transformation which is psycho-spiritual alchemy.

Alchemy— The science of alchemy is the philosopher’s stone, the key to the mystery of life. Mystical” refers to revelations of supra-rational character concerning the origin, activity and destiny of the soul.

Those who have read something about alchemy will know that the fabled Philosopher’s Stone (believed to be capable of prolonging life indefinitely and transmuting lead to gold) was said to appear in three stages. The initial dark phase (nigredo) signified unenlightened matter, and could refer to most of the Earth’s dormant rocks, which are spiritually asleep. The second or white phase (albedo), signified a state of spiritually awakened matter, capable of attuning to spiritual Light and awakening the alchemist to his or her higher destiny.The third and final phase of the development of the Philosopher’s Stone is the red phase (rubedo), in which the Stone has fully developed all of its powers. In its red phase, the Philosopher’s Stone is believed to supply the alchemist with power over his or her own longevity, and the ability to heal others and transmute matter from one state to another.

Man’s inner self hides various latent and active abilities which expand his being, his consciousness, beyond the physical. It has also been pointed out that the familiar reference of turning base metal into gold is a metaphor referring to the psychological transmutation of turning the leaden aspects of our mind into the golden strands of consciousness.

The art of alchemy is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. In a historical sense, the chemical reactions and mathematics explored by early alchemists gave rise to the modern science of chemistry. But even amidst the birth of a hard science, alchemy followed a spiritual directive. Today the notion of alchemy has mostly been reduced to the search for the philosopher’s stone. It has been veiled as a romanticized treasure hunt, one that possibly yields unimaginable wealth and eternal life. The true work of the alchemist, however, isn’t oriented around the physical world; it is a spiritual journey that uplifts and refines the heart.

Literature has favored a technical approach to alchemy. Obscure tomes are littered with arcane symbols and complex rites and formulas depicting the Great Work of the alchemists. However, alchemy could also be seen as an art so simple that it could be written on an emerald. Alchemy is not a process to be explored with reason alone, for it is the process of reuniting our heart with the divine mind. Thus, the master alchemist is our own heart. Listening to our heart and actively working to remember its union with Source are the only tasks we need to perfect.

When we stay engaged in spiritual practice, our life begins to change. These shifts may be small at first—almost imperceptible—but will grow exponentially with diligence. The outcome of healing the heart center is a return to Source, the source of all love, and this change is so radical that it empowers the heart to transfigure our entire life to become congruent with this spiritual perspective. As ego dissolves, the conventional separation between heart and mind yields to a state of perfect heart-mind unity, and, similarly, other tokens of duality or conflict in the material world are reworked into the truth of unity.

The process of raising consciousness beyond the limits of duality and into oneness is a lesson in alchemy. Historically, alchemy focused on the processes by which we might transform base metals into precious metals, such as lead into gold. Although many historical alchemists pursued the literal transmutation of one substance into another, the core principles of alchemy reflect spiritual transfiguration, with physical changes being a secondary manifestation of the inner changes taking place. In healing the heart center, we are brought to the cusp of this evolutionary process. Once we arrive at this plateau, we must make a concerted effort to rise to the next level in growth. This is where we stop identifying with the world of the material plane altogether and find our awareness moved into the realm of the unseen. Even the word spirit denotes an invisible essence, something that is just out of reach or comprehension in the physical world. The heart recognizes this quality, and embracing it yields dynamic change in our life.

Spirit is the basis for inspiration. It is literally the act of being filled by spirit, and it applies equally as well to the breath as it does to creative pursuits. In both instances we empty ourselves in order to receive the blessings of life itself. Medieval texts describe “spirits” as vapors or energy fields originating from the heart, not unlike how the heart center, or Anahata, of ayurvedic tradition is closely linked to the air element and to the breath. Whichever view you choose, the heart orchestrates our existence, as it is at the center of our physical and nonphysical anatomy.

The very hollowness of our physical heart reminds us to become empty as the alchemical crucible. By focusing on a spiritually oriented paradigm of the heart, we start to lose our attachment to the mundane, dualistic world. The leaden consciousness of the slumbering mind is transmuted into its golden, luminous state of perfection: the heart-mind that identifies with its own holiness. In this awakening, we cultivate a direct, continuous relationship with Creator, and through this relationship, unconditional love transforms everything that it touches in our lives.

The stones that support the process of heart-centered alchemy have uplifting, opening, and evolutionary energy. These crystals are often described as “high-frequency” stones, for they have tangible effects that border on becoming overwhelming, especially when we are not quite ready for them. Use them with respect and a modicum of caution, as it is easy to overload the energy field when being introduced to these alchemical gemstones. These Stones for Alchemy of the Heart accelerate our spiritual growth. They clarify and strengthen our connection to Source and speed up our processes of manifestation, growth, and healing. As they broadcast their energies into our aura, these gems fine-tune and elevate the consciousness of the heart, assisting it in broadening and strengthening its influence. When the heart is fully awakened, it can be harnessed to transmute any aspect of our existence into its highest potential. Thus, the pinnacle of healing the heart can be considered the noblest form of alchemy.

The individual frustrations and social tragedies of our time are leading men of conscience and goodwill to search for some alembic that will transmute our leaden instincts into golden conduct.

For alchemy truly was a profound marriage of science and spirituality. Its actual aim was for the alchemist to transmute from a state of “leaden” earthly awareness to one of “golden” spiritual perfection. And its core philosophy is that an underlying and all-pervasive energy or consciousness connects everyone with everything, all with all, mind with body, and biology with psychology.

Within the individual, it is coming into true wholeness. In an interior alchemy, our leaden, fragmented self is transmuted into gold, its true nature and highest expression. Whether we then are immortal, as the alchemists predicted, is a mystery beyond knowing.

⦁ The esoteric alchemist’s aim was to transmute the base metals of ignorance into the gold of awareness.
⦁ Turning base metal into gold is a metaphor referring to the psychological transmutation of turning the leaden aspects of our mind into the golden strands of consciousness.
⦁ The objective was to transmute leaden consciousness into golden consciousness. It was to transmute bondage into freedom and poverty into prosperity through a direct rapport with the Higher Self.
⦁ The Philosopher’s Stone – the latter was said to be the catalyst for the transmutation of lead to gold. In alchemical writings, this was often viewed as a metaphor for the transmutation of the self from the crude ego-bound person to the awakened spiritual human.
⦁ “This resonates with the old alchemical assertions that the lipid” is inherent within the lead; and that the processes of transmutation will “free” the gold within the lead.
⦁ The alchemical steps which lead to the making of gold were processes in their own bodies and built up and vitalized organs. This body of gold was to be transmuted out of the ordinary body, which is like lead. The symbols of transmutation: Both the body and the psyche can be transmuted, or refined and perfected, by means of a regenerative transformation which is psycho-spiritual alchemy.
⦁ For alchemy truly was a profound marriage of science and spirituality. Its actual aim was for the alchemist to transmute from a state of “leaden” earthly awareness to one of “golden” spiritual perfection.
⦁ The very hollowness of our physical heart reminds us to become empty as the alchemical crucible. By focusing on a spiritually oriented paradigm of the heart, we start to lose our attachment to the mundane, dualistic world. The leaden consciousness of the slumbering mind is transmuted into its golden, luminous state of perfection: the heart-mind that identifies with its own holiness.
⦁ The master alchemist is our own heart. Listening to our heart and actively working to remember its union with Source are the only tasks we need to perfect.
⦁ The process of raising consciousness beyond the limits of duality and into oneness is a lesson in alchemy. Historically, alchemy focused on the processes by which we might transform base metals into precious metals, such as lead into gold.
⦁ The soul in its chaotic, unregenerate state is lead.
⦁ The leaden consciousness of the slumbering mind is transmuted into its golden, luminous state of perfection: the heart-mind that identifies with its own holiness.
⦁ Hermeticism could have to do with transmuling the “lead” of ordinary experience into the “gold” of consciousness.
⦁ We can learn the art of transmutation, that process philosophers and alchemists dreamed of long ago by means of which we might turn the lead of ordinary consciousness into the gold of self-realization. Transmutation of the human identity into lasting awareness of the Self cannot take place unless it is preceded by a process of individuation.

The true alchemical trnasformation is the true gold of conscious realization of the Self, redeemed from the leaden matter of its unconscious existence – a emergent evolution, an alchemical vessel that takes our leaden thoughts and turns them into gold- a flame burning and purifying the ignoble leaden condition until it reaches the sublime golden state

The ordinary state of the body and ego is the slumbering state of leaden consciousness, so civilisation has been kept in this state of mind for eons, thosuends of years, generation after generation by the controllers of this planet.

The slumbering state of the veil of ignorance may be the leaden consciounsess that´s keeping humankind trapped and imprisoned within matter, and prevents the spark of life to become enlighten. “This resonates with the old alchemical assertions that the lipid” is inherent within the lead; and that the processes of transmutation will “free” the gold within the lead.

Man’s inner self hides various latent and active abilities which expand his being, his consciousness, beyond the physical. An alchemical process can occur whereby the leaden ego is transmuted into the gold of the Self.

The Transformation of Human Nature and Consciousness

The fiery energy passes up through the body’s energy centers, energizing them and burning off the “coverings” that block or dwarf their expression, finally to unite with the spiritual consciousness in the “crown chakra” at the top of the head

Unfolding the Tree of Our Life of the human nervous system itself (the “tree”), caught in the crucifix of dual opposites — good and bad, pleasure and pain, craving and aversion. Each of these myths also points to the release from bondage.

Blessings is said to set in motion a series of neurobio-logical shifts within the brain of the recipient by which previously dormant functions of the frontal lobes are activated; this eventually results in a new enlightened perception of reality.

We cannot activate the future circuits of our CNS/RNA-DNA systems until we start developing a new language for it Meditation activates the inner Language of Light. Consciounsess is Light, and Light is Spiritual Intelligence. Meditation is like building a spiritual bridge were spiritual energy or electricity can flow through the system. Meditation activates the lamp and electricty and activates dormant light codes of higher level of consciousness. Meditation activates this spiritual alechemy and meditation it the experience that will make the lamp to shine brigher and brigher. It has taken thousends of years of conditioning to downgrading gold consciousness to the lead consciousness, and it will take some time re-connect, re-program to re-store this inner temple.

Language of Light and DNA Light Codes Activation

Each of us holds light codes in our energetic body that are connected with our DNA, these light codes are pre-set to activate higher consciousness at different stages of one’s life. Everyone’s are different; you can speed up the activation with Light Language, meditation, light body activation, and with assistance from inner guides, and one also activates these light codes during the travel to your home star during mediation.

On your journey toward self-realization, you start out as an apprentice Alchemist. Eventually, you will acknowledge the urges and impulses that compel you to seek knowledge that will empower your transformation.

To accelerate the process of attaining the ‘golden consciousness’ that unlocks the full might of your Inner Power, requires the presence of a catalyst. The most powerful catalyst in the metaphysical Universe is the Philosopher’s Stone. The Stone will accelerate your growth exponentially and grant you access to true power.

According to medieval alchemists, the key to activating The Philosophers Stone is with a substance they called Vitriol. The word Vitriol derives from the Latin word vitreus, meaning glass, referring to the glassy appearance of the sulphate salts. For example, blue vitriol is copper sulphate and green vitriol is iron sulphate. Vitriol was so important to the alchemists because it is extremely corrosive. In fact, it can dissolve every metal it encounters, except for the one that they were seeking — Gold. Gold is the only metal that can resist the corrosive action of Vitriol!

Pay particular attention to the wording on the outside of the emblem, which says Visita Interiora Terrce Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapideni. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that it is also an acronym spelling V.I.T.R.I.O.L. This then is the secret formula to producing the esoteric alchemists Vitriol. So what does it mean?

Translated, it simply says ‘Visit the interior of the earth and, by purifying it, you will find the hidden stone’. The interior of the earth is a metaphor for consciousness or awareness. So, to forge the stone, you purify your awareness to the point that mind is transcended entirely. That is, to enter the state of ‘no-mind’, also known as ‘cessation’.

Hence, the Philosophers Stone is not a thing, not a stone, but the state of mind that transcends mind and its polarity altogether. It is to abide in the domain of First Cause, of Pure Awareness itself. During these brief windows of cessation, you achieve the integration of the part with the whole, the local with the non-local, the finite with the infinite. The contemplative traditions refer to this state of being as Cosmic or Unity Consciousness. You experience the brilliant radiance of your own true nature, Pure Awareness itself. Like Vitriol, Pure Awareness dissolves everything in its presence, except for true gold. As a result of repeated exposure to the Stone, you take the individual (part), infuse it with the Universal (whole), and take both back to your everyday life. It results in the ultimate realization of your essential whole/part nature. To produce the Stone is to unite with your wholeness and to open a window to the causal domain of the metaphysical Universe.

Amrith in ancient sanskrit refersing the secretion of the pineal gland. following the yogic metaphor, even as a tiny drop of this nectar may, under proper conditions, influence all the glands and chakras and confer enlightenment. Spiritual alchemy has been used to describe spiritual practices from Ancient Egypt, and elsewhere which lead to transformation and realization in which all apparent opposites—masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, divine and human, the whole and the part, the visible and the invisible; body, heart, mind and spirit-are reconciled, integrated and made whole. The underlying principles of the universal human concept are the same as those that guide the evolution and development of the universe and life itself.

The core alchemical maxim as above, reveals what we learn about the atom teaches us about the solar system, and what we see in natural processes around us reveals the pattern of our own inner development. Edgar Cayce explained in reading (137-181) that every physical being is composed of atomic force, and each atom is a universe in itself, with a mind of its own, under the supervision and influence of the body’s mental faculties. The process of spiritual transformation is a part of the Great Work which is at the same time a spiritual realization. This fact is very often overlooked in alchemical studies claiming alchemy to be wholly a spiritual discipline (Sadhana). In order to obtain the Elixir man has first to triumph over obstacles which culminate in the production of the Philosopher’s Stone which has the property of transforming base metal into gold.

The best authority on spiritual alchemy is our inner guidance and our awareness that when we meet our master, God is the force listening. As soon we see the master, we will steer ourselves toward inner peace, put our light on the map that shows our unfolding path, and attract God’s grace by allowing our inner self to reflect Divine Peace. The journey to inner peace takes time, patience, persistence and faith. After we have gone within and transformed our lead to gold, we will naturally attain the real peace just by direct and constant awareness of God.

The Foundation of mysticism teaches symbolically the fundamental unity of all substances and their inherent faculty of transformation. To the alchemist, the faculty of transformation has a universal meaning. This miraculous power of transformation went far beyond the Philosopher’s Stone, which is supposed to fulfil all wishes or the Elixir of Lift which guaranteed an unlimited prolongation of earthy life. He who experiences this transformation has no more desires, and the prolongation of earthy life has no more importance-for him who already lives in the deathless. That Elexir gained is gained by the way of miraculous powers loses in the moment of attainment all interest for the seeker, because he has grown beyond the worldly aims which made the attainment of powers desirable. In this case, the means sanctify it into a higher aim.

Without a living Master spiritual alchemy wanes, as a lamp goes out when the oil is exhausted. The real Master always teaches man that God is within him, and he always shows his devotees the exact way to God realization and helps them to Self-realization. For this very important reason a living Master is always essential.

Man is steeped in illusion. and he cannot free himself from this illusion. He forgets his origin and he does not understand the Universal Absolute. However, if this situation did not exist, there is no reason why the overself should come as an Avatar (God man) at all. What exists as a reality is only one, but what we see is manifold. What is real is the supreme-Light. This Supreme-Light is the splendour of the Self. That has been called the Light of Oneness. This light of oneness is the Light of the Sell which is the embodiment of Bliss. You can only experience the embodiment of Bliss and it is not possible to exhibit it in any other manner. You are the image of the Supreme Self; the image that is reflected in the body that is part of Nature. It is to discover in and through this agitated world the Peace that is your birth-right and utilize that peace of the illumination of the heart, which will reveal the splendour of the Self which you really are. The devotee must so act so that the heart of the guru melts at his devotion. Only that will cleanse the mind of evil and vice. If man develops devotion and steady faith, he will achieve the glory of Self-Realization.

The Divine alchemy transmutes human clay into something noble and indestructible, that makes from a base substance a precious spiritual distillation. Love is the path, the love of the person for his creator, the individual for the Divine, the man for God. Only in this way does inner alchemy of Divine love transmute the entire existence into a Divine fire with a Divine purpose. Whereas chemistry deals with scientifically variable phenomena, the alchemy constitutes the hidden ESSENCE of all religions. Alchemy teaches the latent forms of things (TRUE ESSENCE) according to their truth and not according to their appearance. If consciousness is transmuted from an ordinary (lead like) level to a subtle (gold-like) level of perception, the TRUE ESSENCE, can be realized as the highest love.

True alchemists have actively sought the universal Medicine, which, ultimately sublimated, becomes the Elixir of Life, the Fountain of Youth and the key to Immortality in a spiritual and a physical sense. This Elexir rejuvenate the human body into an incorruptible “BODY OF LIGHT”. The Adept (he who hasattained the Gift of God) would then be crowned with the triple crown of Enlightenment, Omniscience, Omnipotence, and the joy of Divine Eternal Love. But the very few among the few have succeeded in reaching the ultimate goal. The gold-making is relatively of little consequence comparable to the super-power obtained by the great sufis, which are important by-products of high spiritual attainment.

Through the gift of prophecy that through certain techniques of ecstasy reached by long exercises of meditation, the soul of man acquires some of God’s power. It is on that assumption that Alchemical Activity and Transformation are based. Anyone who does with repetition experimental prayers, meditations of Devotion and Love; changes his own personality and acquires divine power by which he will succeed in producing Alchemical Transformation. God is the highest and greatest that no body can conquer. Divine Love has a great inner value. This inner value is the greatest treasure, it is loving to everybody and hostile to no one. Change Yourself, the heavenly wisdom says, from a dead Philosophical Stone into living Philosophical Stone.

Within one’s Self but not from his ego, is everything which he needs and which he wrongly seeks outside. The light which we must find within us belongs to God who has put it into us. So the truth is not to be looked for in our ego but in God which dwells within us. There is no God except God and in Him is the whole of existence.

By finding the inner truth within ourselves, all doubts get slowly dissolved. In the alchemical sense, the melting of our false egos and putting them into an inner melting pot, out of which comes the one inner truth. We have to begin with ourselves.

The soul in its chaotic, unregenerate state is lead.

The Philosopher’s Stone is the Divine Name, in contact with which the soul in lead is transmuted into gold which is its true nature. This true nature is revealed unveiled, and realized by the practice of dhikr. The alchemical work thus symbolized spiritual realization. The essential work is a transformation of that which is base into that which is noble.

Finding the “hidden stone” and the soul journey; 1. Meditation is the experience, 2. Alchemy is the tool for transformation, 3. Sel-realization is the consciousness/awareness to choise. Liberation is the goal, 5. Mind programming is the fueling ingredience/the spiritual food

Humans have two consciounsness, so there may therefore also be two alchemist of the human thinking system. One negative ego mind alchemist that programs the mind with fear and negativity, and the other alchemist is the Divine alchemist of Consciounsess. If the inner Divine trying to enlightens and uplift the mind, so does Satan darkening the mind by dumbing down the masses to keep them in the state of ignorance or keep them in ordinary “lead consciouness” and prevent it to be transformed from lead to gold consciouness or Christ Consciouness.

The ego has become the God of this world, and it may be Chemtrails is a result of this ego-outer-external alchemy to gain control over humanity.

Satan and God as two alchemist who can create its own alchemical formula to gain power of mind

By retrieving the sparks of light trapped in our bodies and uniting them with the light of consciousness freed from egotistical control, we create a brilliant beacon to the universe.


When we experience the world in an ordinary state of consciousness, it is radically extemal to us

Then from within, a power works on the outer to make it a conscious instrument so that finally the inner and the outer get fused into one another and become one!

We can learn the art of transmutation, that process philosophers and alchemists dreamed of long ago by means of which we might turn the lead of ordinary consciousness into the gold of self-realization. Transmutation of the human identity into lasting awareness of the Self cannot take place unless it is preceded by a process of individuation.

Hermeticism could have to do with transmuling the “lead” of ordinary experience into the “gold” of consciousness.

The first three levels of consciousness are considered to be ordinary states of consciounsess , and the fourth one is said to be a nonordinary state of consciousness.

The fourth state of consciousness is the nonordinary state of nondualiv or turiya. Upanishad defines turiya as: The fourth state is not that which is conscious of the subjective, nor that which is conscious of the objective, nor that which is conscious of both, nor that which is simple consciousness, nor that which is all-sentient mass, nor that which is all darkness. It is unseen, transcendent, the sole essence of the consciousness of self, the completion of the world. Turiya is said both to permeate and to transcend the three states of ordinary consciousness. The subject of the first three states of consciousness is the ego, while the subject of turiya is the higher Self.

From a alchemical understanding the three first levels of consciounsess may also represents the three first physical chakras that needs to be transformed. From a chakra perspective the fourth heart chakra is the Christ Consciousness, so the fourth state of consciousness is the transformed fourth chakra or Christ Consciousness. Then we have turned the lead of ordinary consciousness into the gold of self-realization or Christ Consciousness.

Meditation is a two-way process. It is a lifting of the conciousness upward and then a holding of it there to receive that which comes down from a higher level. The mind and the heart must be absolutely stilled. Only when so stilled can an know his true purpose and destiny. Only when so stilled can his consciousness perceive the higher.

Meditation is not an exercise. It is an experience.

With all the faculties, inner and outer, under control and mastered, the consciousness is made to rise higher and higher, until it experiences.

The guided meditation involves visualizing the progression of dying from the “outer dissolution” of the senses and elements of the body to the “inner dissolution” of consciousness, culminating in the arising of the clear light or ground luminosity of pure awareness. What would ordinarily be considered the moment.

“Bardo,” as noted, means in-between state. So whenever we’re in between two states, no matter what the scale, we’re in a bardo state. These two states could be living and dying or being awake and being asleep, but they could also be the just-past moment of thought and the moment about to come. Thus “bardo” includes the gap between the cessation of one moment of thought and the arising of the next moment.

Every process, transformation, transmutation is in the middle of change, and this includes self-realization.

The purpose with meditation is the progressive expansion of human consciousness and awareness.

The veil of ignorance and alchemy

Piercing the veil of ignorance is a process of meditation and alchemy

The veil of ignorance represent darkness and negativity and this veil is what creates separation between minds and consciousness, or separation between inner and outer consciousness

Through meditation and alchemy one start an spiritual light transformation process

Alchemy is the alchemical-spiritual process that activates the light within us.

Meditation is a two-way process. It is a lifting of the conciousness upward and then a holding of it there to receive that which comes down from a higher level.

Meditation activates an alchemical and spiritual transformation and changing the lower outer/ego awareness (darknes of mind), into inner higher self light consciousness.

There is a time to adore the rose and there is a time to probe its secrets. If you would become the rose, if you would unfold the petals of your own Christ consciousness, you must be willing to pursue the alchemy and the geometry of creation. Without the freedom to create, there is no freedom. The way of freedom is to find the path that leads directly from the place of the soul in the seat-of-the-soul chakra to the place of the Christ in the heart chakra.

When one remove the veil of ignorance from the eyes, one will behold that which many have sought and few found.

The veil of your understanding, who are wrapped in the darkness of ignorance

Alchemy and Christ Consciousness

One can´t reach Christ Consciouness without alchemy and meditation

Meditation activates transformation, and transformation is alchemy, and alchemy removes and purifies, and transmutes lead into gold.

Meditation and alchemy enlightens and strenghtens the inner lamp-Christ Consciounsess.

The letter is the Philosopher’s Stone which is the elixir to Immortality. It is symbolized as a substance that can turn lead to gold. The lead symbolizes man’s basic dense self. The Philosopher’s Stone is the knowledge to transform the basic self to awaken to Christhood. Gold symbolizes the Christhood of being Awake.

The guided meditation involves visualizing the progression of dying from the “outer dissolution” of the senses and elements of the body to the “inner dissolution” of consciousness, culminating in the arising of the clear light or ground luminosity of pure awareness. What would ordinarily be considered the moment.

The Philosopher’s Stone is an allegory used as a legendary alchemical substance that is used to transform base metals into gold. It was sometimes believed to be an elixir of life. useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality. This was a sought out goal in western alchemy. In spiritual alchemy the philosopher’s stone would bring enlightenment. Alchemy was the very early step into understanding chemistry. The main difference between the two is that chemistry is motivated by science whereas alchemy was motivated by the belief in the supernatural. In other words chemists believe that there is a reproducible and rational explanation for why things happen. whereas alchemists tended to believe that there were certain magical or charmed things that would get the job done for them. Alchemist did chemistry; they just had a different view of it.

This also applies with spiritual alchemy which is really biochemistry. We are still learning about the human body. Spiritual alchemy or Inner alchemy such as the practices of meditation and yoga for example were once considered magical practices. Today it is known by science how meditation and yoga benefits us. It is based on biochemistry. The ancients knew in order to become spiritual required proper diet, exercise and meditation. They may have not understood the science behind it. Our body chemistry has to do with how we feel our personality our whole well-being. Biochemistry directly affects our psychological well-being.

Meditation, Alchemy, Self-realization, Liberation – Mind programming -The veil of ignorance

  1. Meditation is the experience
  2. Alchemy is the tool for transformation
  3. Sel-realization is the consciousness/awareness to choise
  4. Liberation is the goal
  5. Mind programming is the fueling ingredience/the spiritual food

There is a time to adore the rose and there is a time to probe its secrets. If you would become the rose, if you would unfold the petals of your own Christ consciousness, you must be willing to pursue the alchemy and the geometry of creation. Without the freedom to create, there is no freedom. The way of freedom is to find the path that leads directly from the place of the soul in the seat-of-the-soul chakra to the place of the Christ in the heart chakra.

The human ego fears the moment of choosing, the moment of reckoning when the soul will rise up, fired by the flaming fountain of the purity of the Divine Mother, to proclaim its liberation from the claptrap of the noisemakers with their perpetual distractions luring the soul from the direct route to the center of being.

There is a time to adore the rose and there is a time to probe its secrets. If you would become the rose, if you would unfold the petals of your own Christ consciousness, you must be willing to pursue the alchemy and the geometry of creation. Without the freedom to create, there is no freedom.

The way of freedom is to find the path that leads directly from the place of the soul in the seat-of-the-soul chakra to the place of the Christ in the heart chakra. Let the consciousness of a planet and a people rise! Let them be elevated by the power of the resurrection of the Christed one to the hidden chamber of the heart, where the Christ Self of each one is the true teacher and mentor.

Through the Divine Spark within him, which is really his real Self, man is connected with the Infinite. So long as man has doubts and fears or disbeliefs, this special power is not available. As soon as man realizes the truth of his relationship to the Infinite, he passes from weakness to power. Union with God is established by neutralizing the restless thought- and desire-waves of the consciousness.

The spirit of God wants to come out of the earth symbol. So Spirit becomes the gems and the stones, and then it becomes the trees and plant life. The roots represent the inner condensed rays projecting out of the universal rays of cosmic energy. The branches represent the condensed outer rays emanating from the inner rays. In the animal and human nervous system the condensed rays of the nervous system become apparently free from cosmic energy. Man’s outer nervous system was created out of the soul’s desire to free itself from the bondage of the cells, and to be released in Omnipresence. The outer nervous system of man keeps the soul busy with the limitations of matter. The superman with-draws all rays from the nervous system and floats them through the spine and lets them out through the medulla oblongata into the infinite sphere of Light.

The body is heavy, a bond, a chain, a prison for the soul; the soul is the true man, which tends to free itself from the body in order to achieve its true nature.

The state of the Soul! Go beyond the subconscious and conscious minds and go to the Super-conscious, where the Electricity of God flows into the Spine through the Medulla Oblongata; and diffuses into the spine, limbs, organs, tissue and brain. Do not in any way be a slave to the senses! Meditation is a practice in the Presence of God!

You become what you contemplate, and by dwelling on the attributes, qualities and potencies of the Infinite within you, you are no longer in the world, or mass mind. You are then in tune with the Infinite, and you are living at higher levels of consciousness, enabling you to find peace in this changing world.

As man realizes his Oneness with Creative Mind, he is released from the bondage of false thinking. Man has to realize his inner nature, that is, his spirituality which reveals oneness with the ultimate.

It is only when man realizes his oneness with the Infinite and believes that Omnipotent Power is at his disposal, that the Spiritual Power within becomes available. So long as man has doubts and fears or disbeliefs, this special power is not available. It is his, but his state of heart and mind prevents him from either realizing the presence of the Power or making use of it. Before the machinery of a workshop can run it must be connected up with the engine room. In the same way, man, before he can live the new life, must become one with the Infinite Life and Power.

Through the Divine Spark within him, which is really his real Self, man is connected with the Infinite. Divine Life and Power are his, if he realizes that they are his. So long as he is ignorant of his oneness with the Divine Source of all life, he is incapable of appropriating the This Power, then, is Divinity’s, yet it is also man’s, but it is not revealed to him until he is fit to be entrusted with it. It is only when man realizes his oneness with his Divine Source that he becomes filled with Its power.

Our higher self s capable of aligning with Source.Man is not separate from his Divine Source and never has been. He is, in reality, one with the Infinite. The separation which he feels and experiences is mental, and is due to his blindness and unbelief. Man can never be separated from Spirit, for he himself is Spirit. He is an integral part of one complete whole. He lives and moves and has his being in Divinity (Universal, Omnipresent Spirit), and Divinity (Spirit) dwells in him.

The majority of people are unaware of this intimate relationship with the Divine, and, because they are unaware, or because they refuse to believe it, they are, in one sense, separated from the inner life of Divinity. Yet this separation is only in their thoughts and beliefs, and not in reality.

Man is not separated and never can be, yet so long as he believes that he is separate and alone, he will be as weak and helpless as though he actually were. As soon as man realizes the truth of his relationship to the Infinite, he passes from weakness to power, from death unto life. One moment he is in the desert, afar off, weak, separate, and alone; the next, he realizes that he is nothing less than a son of Divinity, with all a son’s privileges and powers. He realizes, in a flash, that he is one with his Divine Source, and that he can never be separated. He awakens also to the fact that all the Power of the Infinite is his to draw upon; that he can never really fail, that he is marching on to victory.

It will thus be seen how great is the power of man’s thought. While thought is not the power of the Spirit, it is the power by which man either connects himself up with the Infinite Power, opening himself to the Divine Inflow, or cuts himself off and separates himself from his Spiritual Source. Thus, in a sense, man is what he thinks he is. If he thinks he is separate from Divinity and cut off from His Power, then it is as though this were really the case, and he is just actually existed apart from Divinity.

If he believes and thinks that he is a mere material being, then he lives the limited life of a material being, and is never able to rise above it. But if, on the contrary, he thinks and believes that he is a spiritual being, then he finds that he possesses all the powers of a spiritual being. The powers within you are infinite and by having faith in themselves humans can be connected with the Infinite Source .It depends each individual to harmonize body, mind and spirit to reach the state of higher consciousness the body, mind and spirit connects him to the Sacred Flame, thus making him potentially a Divinity in the making.

We’ve been programmed by current culture and media to believe that we can’t thrive without constant distraction of cell phones, computer games, social media, and the latest music. These build up the illusion that there isn’t anything significant going on within us if all this barrage of input ceased—which is very far from the truth. The glories of Divine potentials exist at a subtle level of consciousness. These are as powerful as the roaring ocean when we develop our skills of opening to them. They will most likely remain hidden to those who tune their consciousness mainly to the mass mind and the latest popular fads. The sacred treasures of higher potentials reveal themselves freely to those who approach with quiet respect, clarity, purity, and patience. There is a conduit of powerful energy that opens up from one’s crown center at the top of the head and gradually accesses up toward the higher Spiritual levels of consciousness which come down to meet it. This is one’s connection to higher realities. It is one’s lifeline to expressing brilliance and profound capacities. This pathway to God Consciousness is a superhighway that cuts right through the chatter of the mass mind and limited thinking and self-doubt. It is a direct access route to the powers of one’s Higher Self and God.

As you ascend spiritually, you will automatically avoid the negative experiences of the mass mind.

The Almighty has implanted genius within the soul of everyone and what we need to do is to unearth that inner genius and cause it to shine forth. We will never do this while we look to others for guidance. “To thine own self repair, wait thou within the silence dim, and thou shalt find Him there.”

All the power and intelligence of the Universe is already within, waiting to be utilized. The Divine Spark must be fanned into a blaze of the living Fire of your own divinity.

Self-reliance is the word to dwell on. Listen to your own voice; it will speak in terms that are unmistakable. Trust in your own self more than in all else. All great men have learned to do this. Every person, within his own soul, is in direct communication with the Infinite Understanding. When we depend on other peo-ple we are simply taking their light and trying to light our path with it. When we depend on ourselves we are depending on that inner voice that is God, speaking in and through man.

We are not limited by actual boundaries, but by false ideas about life and by a failure to recognize that we are dealing with the In-finite.

Limitation is an experience of the race, but it is not the fault of God, it is the fault of man’s perception. And to prove that this is so, let any man break the bonds of this false sense of life and he at once begins to express less and less limitation. It is a matter of the growth of the inner idea.

Arjuna is to become aware of himself as existing only in God and as acting only by the power within him, his workings only an instrumentality of the divine action, his egoistic consciousness only a veil and to his ignorance a misrepresentation of the real being within him which is an immortal spark and portion of the supreme Godhead.

In Gnosticism, again, man contains the divine spark, the inner seed of heavenly light imprisoned in the darkness of the material world and the physical body, a spark which can escape from its prison to be reunited with its source in the godhead.

Union with God is established by neutralizing the restless thought- and desire-waves of the consciousness. Then realization that we are an eternal, indestructible soul will give us strength to solve the problems of life.

The devotee must know how to calm the senses, i.e., take consciousness away from them, and how to withdraw the life force from the sensory-motor nerves, which are the conductors of disturbing sensations. Thus he will know how to enter the eternal life, the ever conscious, ever existing, ever new bliss cf the soul. The life force in the nerves keeps the soul entangled with messages of sensations from the eyes, ears, hands, and so forth; but when the life force is plucked from the eyes and cut off from the hands, and from all conscious-ness of the body, the soul’s attention becomes freed from the distracting messages of the senses. Then the soul becomes cognizant of its divine nature. Only then is a state of complete concentration reached.


The first state of consciousness is marked by complete identification of the self and its well-being with the struggle for and acquirement of material and physical satisfactions. Such a person does not try to understand the pow-er behind his brain, without which no gainful or pleasurable activity can be carried on.

The second state is reached when a person, by occasional concentration on higher things, tries once in a while to get away from his preoccupation with the sensory world.

The third state is reached by deeper concentration; the yogi arrives at a middle point wherein he enjoys glimpses of inner Bliss; his spiritual and mater-ial tendencies are now evenly matched, as a result of steady effort at concen-tration and of proper schooling in the habits of silent concentration.

The fourth state comes when the consciousness becomes completely identi-fied with the only good or God, and the yogi goes beyond the oppositional states of good and evil. Awakening in God, the yogi finds that the dual states of good and evil have vanished, just as sorrowful or joyous dream experiences of dis-ease and health, bereavement and fulfillment vanish upon one’s awakening from sleep.

According to ancient Hindu scripts, consciousness evolves in each individual from physical plane to vital plane to mental plane. If one could rise above the mental plane they can reach the plane of creative intelligence (budhi) and then that of bliss (ananda).

The fourth state – non-dual or thoughtless state. The fourth state is described as a state in which thoughts cease and mind is still. There will be a feeling of great happiness or bliss (Ananda) and there will be no external or internal impulses reaching from peripheral sensory systems. In yoga sutra describes the fourth state as the one in which “the individual is firmly established in his original state. In all other states, the individual identifies himself with his mind and thoughts”. That is, in fourth state, an individual eliminates the limitations by his body, senses, mind, thought and reaches a thoughtless and infinite state of pure awareness.

The ego is the outer wrapping and includes our body and how we present in the world. It includes our mind and how we are conditioned to think. The ego holds our will to survive. From its experience, it has preferences of likes and dislikes. The ego is conscious of our personality and how we identify ourselves in relationship to others on the Earth. The ego acknowledges itself. The ego understands it is separate from other people. It understands it will die and one day no longer exist as it does right now. The ego is tied to temporary experience, consciousness is not. When we push beyond the awareness of one’s ego, one expands in infinite consciousness. One becomes available to the concept: if I am not my body and I am not my personality, then who am I? One’s spark of light merges into higher states of expanded consciousness. One opens doors. We exist in this world, but can also take refuge in higher frequencies during meditation where the body and the mind cannot go. In these higher expressions of our consciousness, we can restore, balance and renew.

Consciousness is not prana, although consciousness moves within pranic (energy) flow. It is awareness and can move across multi-dimensions. It is without body, shape or form. Consciousness uses thought and intention to navigate.

The Yoga of Knowledge usually does not deal with chakras at all. It goes directly to the pure Self which resides in the heart; not the heart center of the astral body but the spiritual heart on the right side of the body, which is behind the causal body and our point of contact with the universal consciousness transcending all the bodies.

The fourth chakra is affectionately known as the heart chakra and it is considered to be one of the most important energy. This chakra is associated with intuition and the ability to access the ageless wisdom or bank of knowledge in the depths of universal consciousness. During the waking state one cultivates the ability to dissolve the energies into the central channel and bring them to the heart chakra . This gives rise to the four emptiness experiences , the fourth of which is the clear light consciousness. The Christ Consciousness is located at the fourth chakra.

God does not always appear before us just because we have meditated deeply for several years, or for whatever we consider a proper length of time. If there is some flaw in their love, even saints who have meditated for incarnations may be chastened by God’s failure to appear. But to those who make no demand, who just keep on striving, saying, “Lord, I will wait for you, no matter how long it takes,” He will come. The greatest factor for success with God is to have that resolute desire. “Out of one thousand, one seeks Me; and out of one thousand that seek Me, one knows Me”

If you sincerely follow this path of the Masters, Self-Realization Fellow-ship will take you to your highest Goal, the Cosmic Beloved–God!

Anyone who receives this message with an open heart shall not go away unfulfilled. His heart shall become a wonderful cup of realization that will gradually expand to receive the ocean of Infinity, the power of the eternal Spirit.

A wish implies a helpless desire of the mind. A desire is a stronger wish; it is often followed by fitful efforts to manifest itself into action. An intention or a determination, is a definite, strong desire expressed very forcefully once or twice through action for the accomplishment of a certain purpose. Such a determination, however strong, is often discouraged after one or perhaps sever-al unsuccessful efforts. But a volition consists of a series of continuous, undiscourageable, unceasing determinations and acts revolving around a desire, until it becomes dynamic enough to produce the much-craved result. “Will and act until victory” is the slogan of all volitive activity. No matter how impossible of accomplishment his goal may seem, the man of volition never stops repeating conscious acts of determination to achieve it, as long as he lives.


Does not will power govern evolution? Coercion or compusion never brings about growth. It is freedom that accelerates evolution. Too much dependence upon what is external or objective throttles the possibility of progress and nips in the bud the potent factors of evolution. Progress presupposes the existence of the power of growth from within; and that a subject will evolve by adjusting itself to its environment, or by adapting its environment to itself. Unless he trains his will by application of scientific techniques such as Self-Realization Fellowship offers, man’s power of volition atrophies.


A strong will, by its own dynamic force, creates a way for fulfillment of its intention. By its very strength, the will sets into motion certain vibrations in the atmosphere; and nature, with its laws of order, system, and efficiency, thereupon responds by creating favorable circumstances. Will derives its greatest strength from an honest purpose, lofty motives, and a noble solicitude for doing good to the world at large. A strong will is never stifled; it always finds a way.


God did not make us inert automatons, but instruments of His will, endowed with free choice to use that power as we please. God’s will is not guided by whim or temptation. His will is guided by wisdom.


The only savior of man is a constantly progressive dynamic will. Human will, however powerful, is still limited by the circumference of the body and the boundaries of the physical universe. Man’s will can initiate successful activities in the body, or on earth, or in finding out the mysteries of distant stars. But divine will has no boundaries; it works in all bodies, in all things. God said: “Let there be light,” and there was light. God’s will is working in everything. When by deep meditation and by wisdom-guided, unflinching, never discouraged determination we can successfully keep our volition revolving around all our noble desires, then our will becomes one with divine will.

Man’s will ordinarily works within the boundaries of his own little circle of family, environment, world conditions, destiny, and prenatal and postnatal cause-and-effect governed actions. But divine dynamic volition can change destiny, wake the dead, move mountains into the sea, and divert the course of planets.

Many seekers fail to find Truth because they lose themselves in the forest of theology, moving from one thicket of theory to another until they feel utterly bewildered. Prove that you are a true seeker by determining now, from the very beginning, that you will give careful, practical attention to the techniques and principles you have judiciously selected; and that with the help of your chosen teacher, or guru, you will keep on learning and practicing until you are able to see the results in yourself.

The guru’s help is important, for while you may find true religious principles expressed in good books, you can never realize their full meaning until you see them manifested in the life of an enlightened teacher. Such a guru can help you when you are attuned to him, even though you are not in his presence. Now you are just starting on your journey toward the goal of Self-realization. Persevere; and when you feel a growing satisfaction, an ever increasing peace, wisdom, and assurance from within, you will begin to realize that the best religion consists in your continuously progressing perception of your constantly growing inner happiness, felt in meditation.

Meditation is the science of reuniting the soul with Spirit. The soul, descending from God into flesh, manifests its consciousness and life force through seven chakras, or centers of light, in man’s cerebrospinal axis. (These are the “seven stars” and “seven churches” spoken of by St. John in the little-understood book of Revelation in the Bible.) Encased in the bodily prison, the soul consciousness and life force become identified with the physical vehicle and its mortal limitations. Scientific med-itation awakens the soul consciousness in the seven cerebrospinal centers. In a state of divine recollectedness, the soul intuitively realizes its immortal nature and origin. -The various- progressive states of soul awakening are accompanied by an ever increasing accession of inner peace and joy. In the most exalted states, soul and Spirit become reunited in ecstatic, blissful communion, or samadhi.

By meditation, then, we connect the little joy of the soul with the vast joy of the Spirit. Meditation should not be confused with ordinary concentration. Concentration consists in freeing the attention from distractions and in focus-ing it on any thought in which one may be interested. Meditation is that special form of concentration in which the attention has been liberated from rest-lessness and is focused on God. Meditation is concentration used to know God.

Whether you see the light of the spiritual eye or not, however, you should continue to concentrate at the Christ Consciousness center between the eye-brows, praying deeply to God and His great saints. In the language of your heart invoke their presence and their blessings.

Divine consciousness is omnipresent. In order to attune one’s consciousness to it, it is necessary first to expand the mind by meditation on some aspect of God’s infinite nature. Visualization is not realization; but visualization is an effective aid in deepening one’s concentration, which is essential for the deep meditation that yields realization.

Through daily practice of the foregoing instructions, you can prepare yourself for the practice of the basic techniques of concentration and meditation that are given in later Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons. These scientific techniques will enable you to dive ever more deeply in the great ocean of God’s presence. We all exist at this very moment in that ocean of Spirit; but only by steadfast, devoted, scientific meditation may we conscious ly perceive that we are individualized soul waves on the vast ocean of God’s bliss.

The meditation period should last at least thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes at night. The longer you sit, enjoying the state of meditative calm, the faster you will progress spiritually. Carry into your daily activities the calmness you feel in meditation; that calmness will help you to bring harmony and happiness into every department of your life.


The medulla oblongata is the original point of intake of the life force as it comes from God. The medulla oblongata is called the “mouth of God” because that is where God ”breathes” life force into man. Do not confuse this with the Bible passage that reads:

“God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life: and mu became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7).

An explanation of the foregoing verse is given in the Lessons on Genesis. a all the body parts only the medulla oblongata cannot be operated upon by the surgeon. Why? Because it is the center of all the centers of life in the brain and spine. It is the one center through which the life force enters the body. The heart, brain, and cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral. and coceygcal centers of the spine are minor centers. acting merely as distributors of that life force they receive through the medulla oblongata.


Science has proved that everything is being constantly recharged by cosmic energy. The human body is surrounded by a halo of conscious cosmic energy. medulla oblongata is the antenna of the bodily receiving station that receives the radiographed cosmic energy from Cosmic Consciousness through the bodily radio operator — will. Just as nut can use the invisible vibratory waves of radio to control fur distant ships on the sea, so God, through vibrations of Ills intelligent cosmic energy, supplies our bodies with life force without any visible connection.

God created the original cosmic vibration or energy which, once started, became perpetual: and by wireless will power ve can draw upon It and bring It into the body through the medulla oblongata. This cosmic energy, the same energy out of which we and everything else In the universe were created, surrounds and permeates all creation, all the time. It enters the body through the *mouth of God” (medulla oblongata) and Is the Invisible “word” that sustains all life.

We can learn to live more and more by that eternal supply of cosmic energy which is always all about us, and thus ever available to us for recharging the body with vitality. One may use the knowledge gained from these instructions to make the body fit in every way. A body that is free from disease and weakness presents less resistance to the meditation methods and practices by which Self-realization is attained, and by which the human consciousness, as well as the body, is raised to the fatigueless state.

Self-realization may be and sometimes is attained even by people who are struggling with sick and otherwise imperfect bodies; but it cannot be attained unless one can concentrate and meditate uninter- ruptedly upon God. Since it is difficult to concentrate and meditate while the aches and pains of the body continually have the attention of the mind, the path to Self-realization is made moth easier if the imperfections of the body are eliminated and if the operation of its functions are so harmoniously arranged that the mind need not at any time be interrupted in meditation because of the demands of the physical body.

By constantly holding the peaceful aftereffects of meditation in mind; by believing in eternal life instead of the illusory changes ve behold in this life; and by feeling the ocean of immortal Bliss (God) underlying the changeable waves of experiences of past lives, and the waves of perceptions of childhood, youth, and age in this life, we can bring about not only the perpetually youthful consciousness of the soul, but also maintain youthfulness of body, if so desired. When the body is found to be, not isolated from Spirit, but a number of rising and falling waves of vibrating currents in the ocean of Cosmic Consciousness, we may implant in the body the perpetually rejuvenating power of Spirit.


Self-realization is the knowing in body, mind, and soul –that we are one with the omnipresence of God; that we do not have to pray that it come to us, that we are not merely near it at all times, but that God’s omnipresence is our omnipresence; that we are just as much a part of Him now as we ever will be. All vwe have to do is improve our knowing.

Self-realization means knowledge of one’s own soul and of its oneness with the Father.

So long as it dwells on the material plane, human consciousness cannot encompass the universal Christ Consciousness no matter how desirous it may be of doing so. By practice of the scientific concentration and meditation techniques taught in the Self- Realization.

The sincere student can increase and refine the receptivity of his consciousness so that he may ultimately perceive the Christ Consciousness universally present in every atom of creation. St. John referred to this expansion of the human consciousness to receive the divine when he declared of Christ:

“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name” (St. John 1:12).

Thus, according to the Bible, all men may discover their actual oneness with Christ Consciousness. By intuitive Self-realization, or knowledge of his own soul, man becomes aware of his oneness with the Christ Consciousness. Those who attain the highest Self-realization know without any doubt that they are “the sons of God.”


The physical body is a bundle of motions, a combination of cells composed of moving molecules. which in turn are made up of whirling atoms. composed of protons. electrons. neutrons, positrons. and mesons. whirling in the relative-ly immense space within each atom. These minute, semi-intelligent forms are manifestations of sparks of thought from the Infinite Intelligence. God.

Underlying the chemical motion in cells are dancing waves of molecular motion. beneath which surge waves of atomic motion. Below the atomic layer are waves of electronic and protonic motion, hiding in turn bright waves cf danc-ing sparks, the vital forces. Underlying these expressions 4 life energy are waves of sensation. and deeper still are waves of thought. feeling. and will force. Hidden at the very bottom of all these waves of varied motions of life is the ego.

Ego is soul in the delusive state of being identified with the physical body.

Although the body appears to be a solid mass of limited proportions, occupy-ing but a small area of space, the cells that compose the body are manifestations of a vast ocean of molecular waves. The molecular waves of the body arc mani-festations 4 the still greater ocean of atomic waves. Atomic waves are mani-festations of the immense ocean of electrons, protons and other atomic particles. The waves of protons, electrons. etc.. are manifestations of vaster oceans of vital force. The vital force (or life energy) is a manifestation of the measure-less powers of all forms of subconsciousness, superconsciousness. Christ Con-sciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness.

As a manifestation of chemical motion the body appears small, but since these chemical motions of the bodily cells are actually condensed waves of Cos-mic Consciousness. the body is potentially vast and omnipresent. Tissue is the general name for all the different cellular groupings of which body organs are composed. The same invisible force that makes tissues of some cells so arranges other cells as to form hard bones.wonderfully worked into a skeletal frame around which flesh can cling:and others form the bloodstream.

It is strange that the body has to be kept alive by external forces of food, chemicals, and sunshine, instead of simply being flooded with vitality from the inner source of Cosmic Consciousness. But the body, being a mass of cellular motion, cannot live without motion; its cells have to be kept stirred with life by external food forces, and kept dancing with vitality derived from the internal Source.


Concentration on the muscles, as in the practice of mechanical physical exercises, tends to make one think of himself as a physical being only. Self-Realization Fellowship instructions teach the science of concentrating on the inner life energy and will power and thus awakening one’s consciousness of his subtle spiritual nature. Strength comes from within: not from the musciles. Life is sustained from the powers within: it does not depend solely upon food or exercise.

Self-Realization Fellowship instructions teach one to spiritualize the body–to perceive it as a reflection of Spirit and to think of oneself as the divine life energy that sustains the body, rather than as a mere physical vehicle consisting of bones and muscles of a certain-volurrre-and weight. Yuu wilt-bre own how energy can be made to permeate the body by tension, and how it can be withdrawn from the body by relaxation.

Life energy is expended in all processes of thought, feeling, and physical activity. Self-Realization Fellowship techniques, when practiced correctly, replenish the energy by tapping its source, the medulla oblongata; life energy can be continually supplied to the body from this source by stimulating the medul-la oblongata center with conscious will. The power of will bridges the gulf between the life energy in the body and the Cosmic Energy surrounding it. By keeping in touch with the Cosmic Source of life energy it is possible to work with-out fatigue.

All our limbs and muscles are moved by the exercise of will and life energy. The flow of life energy into the sensory nerves is caused by divine will and our own will together; the flow of life energy into the motor nerves is caused by our own will.

The greater the exertion of the will, the greater the flow of life energy into a particular body part.

All true scriptures have a threefold meaning, because they are intended to benefit mankind on the three planes of human existence: the material, the mental, and the spiritual. The scriptures are indeed divine wells whose wisdom-waters man may draw to quench his threefold thirst for material, mental, and spiritual fulfillment.

Physical well-being is not necessarily a prerequisite for spiritual perfection. It is desirable, however, because it is more difficult to make the effort to achieve spiritual perfection when physical inharmonies are present. The aspiring devotee who is not well physically may become discouraged, because it is not easy to concentrate or to meditate uninterruptedly upon God when bodily aches and pains are clamoring for attention.

A body that is relaxed and calm conduces to mental peace, which is neces-sary for meditation, the spiritual art of communing with God. Therefore one of the first steps in a balanced program of spiritual development is relaxation of the mind and body–that is, the calming of the activities of the heart, lungs, cir-culatory system; and of the restless movements of the muscles stimulated by nerve impulses from the brain. By reducing the amount of energy expended in restless (and often unproductive) muscular and mental activity, relaxation frees energy to be used for the highest and most constructive purpose: concentration on the Divine Indweller.

God is infinite omnipresence. He is present equally in wisdom-sparkling diamond souls and in charcoal mentalities dark with ignorance. It is because God has given men independence to choose between error and truth that some people keep their minds transparent with the purity of knowledge and love, while others keep their mental houses dark with dogma and inharmony. God has endowed man with His own power of liberty: we may shut God out, or through meditation, logic, and right actions in the struggle of life, receive Him.

That some people know less about God than others is not due to God’s limiting the flow of His power through man, but to man´s not allowing the Lord’s light to pass through him. People who are stricken with the disease of ignorance–the cosmic delusion of separateness from God–may be healed by contacting the Christ Consciousness (the Son or Intelligence of the Father present in every atom of creation) by scientific meditation, devotion, and faith.

Mental relaxation should signify complete mental rest. One may achieve this by practicing going to sleep at will. Relax the body and think of the drowsiness you usually feel just before you fall asleep. Then try actually to reproduce that state. Use imagination, not will, to do this. Most people do not relax even while they sleep. Their minds are restless; hence they dream. Therefore conscious mental relaxation is better than relaxation that is the byproduct of passive physical relaxation, or sleep. In conscious mental relaxation one can either dream or keep dreams off his mental moving picture screen, as he chooses.

No matter how busy we are, we should not forget now and then to free our minds c ompletely from worries and all duties. They should simply be dismissed from the mind. We were not made for them; they were made by us. We should not allow them to torture us. When beset by overwhelming mental trials or worries one should try to fall asleep. If he can do that, he will find upon awakening that the mental tension has been relieved, and that the worry has loosened its grip. We need to remind ourselves at such times that even if we died, the earth would continue to follow its orbit, and business would be carried on as usual; so why worry? When we take ourselves too seriously, death comes along to mock us and remind us of the brevity of material life and its duties.

Mental relaxation consists in the ability to free the attention at will from nagging worries over past and present difficulties; from constant consciousness of duty, dread of accidents, and other haunting fears; from greed, passion, evil or disturbing thoughts and attachments. Mastery in mental relaxation comes with faithful practice in freeing the mind of all thoughts at will and then keeping the attention fixed on the peace and contentment within. One can then divert the attention from worry to peace through meditation.

Hence, the devotee who aspires to develop uniformly and steadily in spirituality should always calm the mind with the practice of concentration, keep the breath quiet by proper breathing exercises, preserve the vital essence by self- control, avoid templation by mixing only with good company, and keep the body quiet and not in perpetual motion and restlessness.

Everyone needs to let go of his worries and enter into absolute silence every morning and night. At such times one should first try to remain for one minute at a time without thinking negatively, fixing the mind on the peace within, especially if worried. Then try to remain for several minutes with a quiet mind. Following that, think of some happy incident; dwell on it and visualize it; mentally go through some pleasant experience over and over again until you have forgotten your worries entirely.

Just as there are degrees of physical relaxation, so there are degrees of mental and metaphysical relaxation. The term “metaphysical” is used here to indicate those states which go beyond the physical and mental realms.

Metaphysical or super-relaxation consists in freeing the human consciousness entirely from its identification with the physical body, money, possessions, name, fame, family, country, the world, and the human race and its habits. Metaphysical relaxation means disengaging your attention by degrees from con-sciousness, subconsciousness, the semisuperconscious state felt after meditation, and Christ Consciousness; and in identifying yourself completely with Cos-mic Consciousness.

Metaphysical relaxation therefore consists in releasing consciousness from the delusion of duality and truly resting the mind by keeping it identified with one’s own real nature: unity with Spirit. Man has hypnotized himself into thinking that he-is a human being, -whereas-in reality he is one-with God.

Resurrect your soul from dreams of frailties. Resurrect your soul in eter-nal wisdom. What is the method? It includes many things: relaxation, self-control, right diet, fortitude, an undaunted attitude of mind, regular meditation with practice of scientific concentration and meditation principles. You may fail at first, but do not acknowledge defeat. To acknowledge defeat is greater defeat. You have unlimited power; you must cultivate that great power.

Meditation is the greatest way of resurrecting your soul from the bondage of the body and from all your trials. Meditate at the feet of the Infinite. Learn to saturate yourself with Him. Your trials may be heavy, may be great, but the greatest enemy of yourself is yourself. You are immortal; your trials are mor-tal. They are changeable; you are unchangeable. You can unleash infinite power: and shatter your finite trials. Resurrect yourself from weakness, ignorance, consciousness of disease, and above all, from the clutches of undesirable habits that beset your life.


The soul’s nature is Bliss, a lasting inner state of ever new, ever changing joy that eternally bestows Bliss that does not fade. One who has been made blissful by this joy of the soul, finds that the Bliss endures, even when he is passing through trials of physical suffering or death. Desirelessness is not a negation of joy, but the finding of fulfillment of all desires in the all-satisfying joy of God.

You must attain self-control in order to regain the eternal heritage of all-fulfillment lying within your soul. First, by meditation, give your soul the opportunity to manifest Bliss, and then, constantly living in this state, do your duty to your body and mind and the world. You need not give up your ambitions and become negative; on the contrary, let the everlasting joy, which is your real nature, help yoll to realize all your noble ambitions. Enjoy noble experiences with the joy of God. Perform real duties with divine joy.

You are immortal and are endowed with eternal joy. Never forget this durimg your play with changeable mortal life; This world is but a-stage on which you play your parts under the direction of the Divine Stage Manager. Play them well, whether they are tragic or comic, always remembering that your real nature is eternal Bliss, and nothing else. The one thing that will never leave you, once you transcend all unstable mental states, is the joy of your soul.

God is that Supreme Intelligence which governs everything!

Some people do not realize that there is a difference between force and intelligence. Electricity is a force, but unless we put it into a lamp, it cannot give a light that can be used. Intelligence puts it into the lamp. All the forces of nature cannot satisfactorily work by themselves without the guidance of intelligence. The Cosmic Factory of Intelligence works in a coordinated way. Steam has power to make things move and fire converts water into steam. These are only two of nature’s forces, but they, of themselves, in their unharnessed natural state, do not accomplish anything importantly use-ful; but when harnessed by intelligence, and directed rightly, they can be made of great service to mankind. The earth and the whole universe seem-ingly have been placed on a routine so that human life is made possible. This cosmic schedule, “The rhythm of the spheres,” is the product of Divine Intelligence.

Spiritual teaching is a comprehensive system –a method to bring the individual into complete and balanced harmony with the great plan of the universe. There are many forces at work seeking to destroy this balance, to produce disease, fear, poverty, failure, and unhappi ness. These forces attack the individual to upset his physical, mental, and spiritual balance. The great secret of mastering these forces was known for ages by the great Hindu saints, and it enabled them to live far beyond the usual term of life in perfect youthfulness of body and mind, and in perfect spiritual harmony.


Secret fear creates tension and anxiety, and brings ultimate collapse. We must have faith in our ability, and hope in the triumph of a righteous cause. If we do not possess these qualities, we must create them in our own minds through concentration. This can be accomplished by determined and long -continued practice. Fortunately, we can start practicing any time and any place, concentrating upon developing those good qualities in which we are defective. HF we are lacking in will power, let us concentrate upon that, and through conscious effort we shall be able to create strong will power in ourselves. HF we want to relieve ourselves of fear, we should meditate upon courage, and in due time we shall be freed from the bondage of fear. Through concentration and meditation we make ourselves powerful.


Man’s attachment to matter keeps the soul confined to the body prison and prevents it from finding freedom in God–in the realm of eternal Bliss. The ego attempts to satisfy through mate-rial channels the soul’s constant, insatiable longing for God. Far from accomplishing its objective, ego-driven sense gratification only increases man’s misery. The soul’s hunger can never be appeased by indulging the senses. When man realizes this and masters his ego–that is, when he achieves self-control–life becomes glorified by God-Bliss while he is still in the flesh. Then instead of being enslaved by material desires and apptites, his attention is transferred to the heart of Omnipresence.

The fall of consciousness and our regression in awareness took place, a veil of darkness was constructed within our collective consciousness that acted to conceal the knowledge and power of the Universe from us for a time. This veil, known as the Abyss or bottomless pit (names given to it at a time when there was obviously much fear as to what was happening, is an amazing construction that reflects completely our needs to evolve and learn responsibility. The Abyss is an illusionary barrier of darkness between our Earthly consciousness of physical mortality, personality and ego, and our spiritual consciousness of the Universe and its infinite energy resources. It acts to separate the two so that our Earthly consciousness can pass through the real experience it needs to learn responsibility.

We are kept within its boundaries to experience, expose and eventually exorcise the potentially destructive elements of our nature, while the Universe outside is left relatively undisturbed by these destabilising experiences. Individually and thus collectively we each must Face and pass through the Abyss to reunite our complete nature, and to gain the awareness of our eternal spiritual nature and the Universe this may come to serve. The darkness of the Abyss reflects back to each of us the weaknesses and fears of our own egos. It is an illusory barrier that we compose by the fears we project, and on the other side lies our spiritual awareness that works to compel us forward and through (`cailing’ us forward).

In the lowest pit of reality, where seekers cannot see the light, it is possible for them to think they will be stuck there forever. They can lose all hope and feel helpless. There may be times when there does not seem to be any possible solutions to their psychic and spiritual setbacks. Since the seekers cannot see the light at the end of the dark tunnel, they search for it in the darkness because they are not in the right place to begin with. In the end, they do not find the hope and confidence they have lost. When this happens, immediately defy the feeling of despair so it does not grow. Replace it with confidence, knowing that you will get out of the darkness. Know that you will succeed against all things. Trust and love. This confidence and positive energy will raise your and raise you out of the pit you fell into.

When you are ready to receive wisdom and break free from the ignorance of the ego, you have to let go of your ego for it stops you (the ego is veil). It hindering you because it is part of you so you are hindering yourself. Once you let go of this ego and think of yourself as equal with all other human beings here upon this Earth-plane, then you will rise into the Light. Then the wisdom will flood through you on whatever you need this wisdom on for you are more than this physical being. Ego and mass consciousness is not equal to divine higher self. It doesn´t mean the higher self is better than ego or mass consciousness, fear and faith aren´t same, darkness and light is not equal powers, pride and grace are not equal ideals.

When inner vibrations raises fear can no longer live in the body.

Fear (the voice of your self-preserving animal nature and rational mind) imagines all the horrors that may lie in that darkness and begs you to turn back to the places and way of life that you know, using any means to justify fear. The evolutionary and soul’s need to know truth and purpose, and to discover our real identity and nature, that compels us on and will not allow us to rest (the calling of your spiritual nature and awareness), tells you that the darkness is just an illusion and that there is a way through in front of you. If you choose to trust this voice, as opposed to that of fear, you will be able to walk forward and cross to the other side, to reach the answers that await and realise your true potential. This is the real step of faith that acts to transform our primary instincts, and I can share from experience, that once you take those wholehearted steps into the unknown, to lay your life on the line, then the darkness dissolves completely and the truth is revealed.

What is the single thing mostly preventing us from discovering the truth and how can we overcome it? Not as close as you would like to be and not as far off as you might imagine. Collective fear is the only thing preventing the veils from being lifted completely. Humans do not fear darkness; they fear a light too bright for their unaccustomed eyes. They shield themselves and avert their eyes to prevent the truth from being told. Humans have become overly comfortable, complacent and agreeable to a reality they have outgrown. It is time to listen to the words heard within so that humans can create a reality based on that rather than responding to the endless external stimuli that greet them daily. The distance between human to God is not outside, it’s the layers of belief systems, social programming, all fear orientated issues, that envelope us hiding our light within.

As they give up their social programs, not only they set examples that its totally safe to shed these boundaries for better future but they as collective trigger humans to see for themselves that these do not serve them any purpose. A slow awakening is taking place, in all humans, when their consciousness is getting clear in the collective burning, of these Twin Flames who are spread over the whole world. When these Twin flames tranmutate, their pain to love they create Love and Light and as they become in sync with balancing of their masculine feminine energies in them their power becomes more potent. So they serve as a big prism of light scattered in different parts of world.

0 thoughts on “The battle of Armageddon – Armageddon is actually the battle between your outer ego-based consciousness and your inner Christ consciousness. Hence Apocalypsis means a taking away of a veil. The word apokaluptein, and consequently apocalypse, means “to unveil,” “to disclose,” and hence “to reveal.” In this sense, apocalypse means “revelation.””

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