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The Archons has designed a world and reality where rhe real Self is out of reach: Mankind continually strives for something he will never have, something that will always be out of his reach. Without delving too deeply into the story, the essential elements are plain: there are human beings on Earth and they live in a state of unconsciousness. There are two alien forces on the planet, struggling with each other for supremacy. One force wishes to keep humanity asleep and unaware; the other force wishes to give humanity knowledge so that it may free itself of the clutches of the planetary forces, the Archons or Aeons, and escape the prison that is the Earth. Tavistock Institute. Part 120

The Gnostic view of the world demands a revelation which comes from outside the cosmos and displays the possibility of deliverance, for of himself man cannot escape from his prison.”‘ Gnosticism reveals that Man is profoundly alienated, exiled from his true home, distant from, ignorant of, and perhaps unknown to, his heavenly Creator. Man is “asleep,” “drunken,” a slave to the senses. The redeemer’s mission is to awaken the “sleeping soul,” the “seed of light”; or to “awaken the dead.”‘ the Divine knowledge awakens the disciples to their true identity. As one disciple claimed, “he lifted me out of my sarcophagus!”

Man was originally created as a soul, but as his vibrations lost speed, he took on an etheric form as a spirit. As his speed kept decreasing, Man assumed his physical body. This tripartite model of Man is consistent with Gnostic anthropology, where man is made up of the flesh (sarx), soul (psyche) and spirit (pneuma). The pneuma still lingers in and belongs to the heavenly realm from whence it fell, but can be contacted by ascetic practices and redeemed through Gnosis.’

Man, as originally created, was made at the midway point between the angel and the brute —a little lower than the one, a little higher than the other. He was made, moreover, not perfect, but capable of perfection ; not immortal, but capable of immortality. He has given a psychical body, a body the centre and spring of which was the psyche, the ” anirnula vagula blandula ” of the ancients, poised between matter and spirit, and drawn upward and downward by alternate and opposite impulses.

When the soul had overcome the third Archon, it went upwards and saw the fourth Archon, (which) took seven forms. The first form is darkness, the second desire, the third ignorance, the fourth is the excitement of death, the fifth is the kingdom of the flesh, the sixth is the foolish wisdom of the flesh, the seventh is the wrathful wisdom. These are the seven [Archon] of wrath. They ask the soul, “Whence do you come, slayer of men, or where are you going, conqueror of space?” The soul answered and said, ‘What binds me has been slain, and what turns me about has been overcome, and my desire has been ended, and ignorance has died. In a [world] I was released from a world, [and] in a type from a heavenly type, and (from) the fetter of oblivion which is transient. From this time on will I attain to the rest of the time, of the season, of the aeon, in silence” (Robinson, 1977, p. 473).

The Archons control the Matrix, the mind prison, and their power is others ignorance. The state of ignorance is the Archons safety valve. One must overcome fear and end ignorance to exit the matrix and to be able to spiritually progress or expand theor consciousness or become enlighten, or raise their inner freqiencies, or begin understand the principles behind alchemy and its transformation.

Ignorance had been the jailkeeper. Because of ignorance, his mind had been obscured, just like the moon and stars hidden by the storm clouds. Clouded by endless waves of deluded thoughts, the mind had falsely divided reality into subject and object, self and others, existence and non-existence, birth and death, and from these discriminations arose wrong views—the prisons of feelings, craving, grasping, and becoming. The suffering of birth, old age, sickness, and death only made the prison walls thicker. The only thing to do was to seize the jailkeeper and see his true face. The jailkeeper was ignorance. And the means to overcome ignorance were the Noble Eightfold Path. Once the jailkeeper was gone, the jail would disappear and never be rebuilt again.

All beings contain within themselves the seeds of Enlightenment, and yet we drown in the ocean of birth and death for so many thousands of lifetimes!”

The human’s transmundane spirit or pneuma is “a portion of the divine substance from beyond which has fallen into the world; and the Archon created man for the express purpose of keeping it captive there.” The archons fashioned two com-ponents of man’s nature to imprison the spark of the divine: body, and “soul” or psyche—the “appetites and passions of natural man,” created in the image of the archons’ own psychic nature: “In its unredeemed state the pneuma thus immersed in soul and flesh is unconscious of itself, benumbed, asleep, or intoxicated by the poison of the world: in brief, it is ‘ignorant.’ Its awakening and lib-eration is effected through ‘knowledge.’ . . . The goal of gnostic striving is the release of the ‘inner man’ from the bonds of the world and his return to his native realm of light. The necessary condition for this is that he knows about the transmundane God and about himself, that is, about his divine origin as well as his present situation, and accordingly also about the nature of the world”

The Archons has designed a world and reality where rhe real Self is out of reach:

Mankind continually strives for something he will never have, something that will always be out of his reach.

Without delving too deeply into the story, the essential elements are plain: there are human beings on Earth and they live in a state of unconsciousness. There are two alien forces on the planet, struggling with each other for supremacy. One force wishes to keep humanity asleep and unaware; the other force wishes to give humanity knowledge so that it may free itself of the clutches of the planetary forces, the Archons or Aeons, and escape the prison that is the Earth.

tavistock 123

Simply stated, we are distracted by the world from having the personal realization of our own true self. Or as it is written in The Hypostasis of The Archons, “Moreover they threw mankind into great distraction and into a life of toil, so that their mankind might be occupied by worldly affairs, and might not have the opportunity of being devoted to the Holy Spirit.” You would think the above quote was written yesterday. As it turns out, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Today however, “worldly affairs” have greatly increased, and we can access them at the push of a button.

Again, take notice, our existence here is described as a distraction, ignorance, and stupor, all of which designed to prevent our personal realization of a higher self. All of the noise of the world acts to drown out the “still soft voice” which calls out to us. In The Gnostic Religion, by Hans Jonas, we read, “The orgiastic feast, intended to draw man into its drunken whirl, has besides intoxication another aspect: its noise is to drown out the “call of Life” and deafen man to the voice of the alien Man.”

“The metaphors of intoxication require special comment. The ‘drunkenness’ of the world is a phenomenon peculiarly characteristic of the spiritual aspect of what the Gnostics understood by the term ‘world.’ It is induced by the ‘wine of ignorance,’ which the world everywhere proffers to man…The ignorance of drunkenness is the soul’s ignorance of itself, its origin, and its situation in an alien world: it is precisely the awareness of alienness which the intoxication is meant to suppress; man drawn into the whirlpool and made oblivious of his true being is to be made one of the children of this world. This is the avowed purpose of the powers of the world in proffering their wine and holding their feast.” Even more to the point he writes, “We are dealing here, as in the whole group of metaphors of sleeping, not with a mythological detail, a mere episode in a narrative, but with a fundamental feature of existence…The ‘world’ on its part makes elaborate efforts to create and maintain this state in its victims and to counteract the operation of awakening: its power, even its existence, is at stake.”

It is alleged that our Soul is slumbering, ignorant of its true nature, and trapped within the world of matter-our material body. Furthermore, the world and all of its entrapments are designed solely to prevent her from awakening, from self realization. We have considered the noise of the world, and its quality of distraction. We see how “commercial programming” crosses the line of neutrality, and begins to actively attract the mind, using new forms of “bells and whistle.” It goes further even still. There is intelligence behind this noise. To paraphrase the quote above, there is a collective and elaborate effort to maintain this stupor, and to counteract our awakening. Hence, in the end days drugs will be a dominant tool used to subdue and confuse the thoughts of man. This collective and elaborate effort must therefore have an intelligence behind its increasing complexity. And that it is designed to counteract our awakening. implies the potential for us to awaken. This then brings us to the dual nature of the noise.

Freewill is a term often used but very little understood. Freewill sounds great, but what is it really? It is not the ability to choose between preconditions. It is not the ability to follow routine patterns or agree with the accepted normality. You see, to have freewill one must first be conscious that he has none, he must realize his predicament. To recognize the preconditioned, reactionary behavior and involuntary habitual thoughts that occupy his mind.

These machinations override and distract man from conscious presence at any given moment. The constant chatter of our mind is not our true self, and it won’t “pipe down” to allow for awareness of the Now. Distraction is the greatest obstacle to achieving conscious will, and “five sense reality” is the greatest distraction. Once a man has a will, he is free to utilize that will power as he commands. Until then, as Gurdjieff would say, man can do nothing. In his present state, man is unable to take action. He just does as he is programmed to do. You see, this is a reference to the conscious and subconscious mind, another inherent duality.

Understanding of the subconscious mind is another ancient science which is used to control the masses. Among other meanings, Isis is a symbol of the mother, the fertile womb, the cornucopia, the subconscious mind of man. Whatever is planted, or “inseminated” into the fertile womb will be “conceived” and made “real.” Whatever ideas are “planted” into the subconscious mind will be adopted by the individual and accepted as fact. We unconsciously claim ownership and identify with ideas which have been subtly and repeatedly suggested to us.

This is how it works. It is a back door into the control room of our mind. Modem day media “programming” and advertisement is an example of this science of mind, being used to manipulate the masses. We become imprisoned by our own beliefs, which were planted in our mind from an outside source.

We identify with these ideas because, from our perspective, they came from within our mind, they were “conceived” within us. We think these are our own ideas, how we actually feel, totally unaware of the subtle programming that we’ve been exposed to. The ultimate example of this is called “subliminal programming.”

This is no joke. As a result, man is led along a prescribed path, all along claiming that he is in fact leading the way. In the modem world especially, we are bombarded from all fronts by advertisements and gimmicks, repetitive suggestions as to how we should think, feel and act. Is it a coincidence that these three aspects of our being, are targeted for financial gain and doctrinal enslavement.

A false reality, an artificial projection is being developed by behavioral scientists, with the intent of influencing our own thoughts. Thoughts lead to feelings and actions. It is now common for people to purchase products way out of their “price range” and comment, “I don’t know why, but I just had to have it,” never knowing what it was that made them want it in the first place. These are the “false needs” we are encouraged to pursue and expend our energies on. This is the consensus reality which we receive from the television and media.

This contrived and manufactured “reality’ is called in the Bible, “the Lie.” In the “latter days” we will all be exposed to, and live within the Lie, a deception. Sadly, these commercial advertisements are the least of our worries.

For many years, behavioral scientists and psychologists have been working to learn about the deepest, darkest recesses of the mind. What do people fear the most, and how do you trigger those fears? This information has been used to manipulate millions of people in various ways.

Today we see it in the use of media to manipulate people into coming forward with their tax dollars, and our own children’s bodies, to go fight wars. To enrich the multi-national corporations that are extracting natural resources from all over the world. They have it down to a science. They tell us how to think and feel, they tell us what to do and we do it. These tactics work so well in fact, there seems no limit to how people can be misled to think, feel and act. As incredible as these assertions may seem, this knowledge is very old, very valued, and muck understood by some very powerful people. Not to belabor this subject, and at the risk of redundancy, we shall briefly review the words of H. Spencer Lewis, PhD. In a very curious book’ first printed in 1937, we find solid confirmation of this science. In bullet point style here is what Dr. Lewis had to share:

• “Throughout the ages mental poisoning of one form or another has enslaved millions of human beings and tortured the souls of men and women in all climes and conditions.”
• “As a result of the many years of analytical study tabulated in minute reports which were gradually brought together and put into a cumulative index of discovered facts.”
• “All of this brought to our understanding some certain fundamental actions on our part that were previously looked upon as primitive, natural instincts.”
• “One such almost universal instinct is to refuse to accept and obey the command of another person without careful analysis and ultimate agreement with the intent and purpose of the command.”

• “Psychology teaches us that the only successful way by which to make another mind or a strange mind obey a wish of our own mind is to present

that command or desire in such a subtle manner that it will be either unconsciously or willingly accepted by the other mind and acted upon with cooperation and approval before it has had time to analyze it and resent it.” ‘

• “And this school of unique forms of applied psychology has discovered some very fundamental principles. It has found that there are several ways in which very potent commands or suggestions can be given or conveyed by one mind to another, and that there are several ways in which such potent suggestions or actual commands can be and are readily accepted by another mind and almost unconsciously acted upon.’

• “In the long reports of the experts of this new school of applied psychology we come to realize that our daily lives, our daily affairs, our personal, private, intimate and public actions and reactions are almost hourly, and certainly daily, affected by the unsuspected commands and subtly potent suggestions of a horde of highly trained specialists who are working in every field of human interest solely for the purpose of making the rest of us do what they want us to do.”

• “Reading these reports, one begins to wonder whether any one of us ever has an original idea of his own, or a desire uniquely conceived and born in his consciousness without the fatherhood of some mental trickster.”

• “In fad, the psychology of the process seems to be this: (1) If you can offer a potent idea to another without letting the other person suspect for a fraction of a moment that you are anxious to have him adopt the idea, (2) it will be more readily adopted and accepted and acted upon than if a suspicion is aroused that you are trying to transplant an idea of your own into the other’s consciousness. Another very subtle point in connection with this psychological process is that (3) if you, in presenting your carefully veiled command and carefully worded or formed suggestion, can involve it, decorate it, and clothe it so that the other person’s mind will hear it or recognize it or see it without immediately understanding it’s real nature, but will later evolve it and mature it into a living, vital idea of the individual’s mind, (4) then that individual will think or believe that the idea is one of his own conception, his own logical and reasoning conclusion, and (vanity of vanities) because it is his own conceived and developed idea it must be true and correct and therefore worthy of immediate acceptance and highly enthusiastic adoption.” We have just read the words of H. Spencer Lewis PhD. regarding what can only be described as the proper method and formula for mind control. The significance of the previous quote can not be overstated, and one is encouraged to thoroughly contemplate the implications of this assertion. Not only can this process influence our thoughts, feelings and actions, it can assuredly influence

our overall health and well being, as Dr. Lewis continues to explain.

• “Strangest of all laws within the body of man! Whatever idea is accepted by our minds and consciousness without suspicion, without doubt, without challenge or without question becomes a law unto our bodies and proceeds to carry out its nature, its purpose, and its natural processes. Whatever idea is acceptable to us translates itself from a purely mental state into a dynamic physical power and force that carries on, unfolds, develops, and proceeds in accordance with principles beyond our control.” Basically, whatever we believe will become reality to us. Even a false, detrimental notion, if wholly believed, will become our reality, sickness and death included. For better or for worse, if our subconscious mind “accepts” an idea, it becomes a governing force, a “law” in our lives. Our subconscious mind can be likened to a computer, which is programmed to execute certain commands. The user of the computer (our conscious mind) can only run commands within the range of the computers programming. Any other commands “do not compute.” So it is with our mind. No matter how much a person consciously wants health and happiness, if they are subconsciously programmed to believe in disease and depression, that will be their experience.

• “But these very weaknesses and tendencies on the part of the human mind and consciousness constitute an open portal, an open doorway to the

influx and the incoming of strange ideas, and these fertilize the soil of our consciousness and make it highly susceptible to mental poisoning.”

• “It may seem like a paradox and a horrifying incongruity, but it is the truth, that the most violent and virulent of poisons possible to introduce into the human system, into the human mind, consciousness and body, are more easily administered, more readily accepted, more thoroughly absorbed, and more quickly set into disastrous operation than any of the material or chemical poisons known to man.” To put this information into context, remember that H. Spencer Lewis wrote these ideas in 1937 or earlier. He has described to us the methods of this wicked form of mind control quite candidly. Going so far as to call it a “back door” into the mind, and an “open portal” for strange ideas. The next quote from Mr. Lewis will be our last, for in it he delivers to us a final piece of the puzzle.

• “The methods of administering this poison are many, but they fall into three forms: audible suggestions and comments, visual suggestions, and the pictorial and mental.” Bingo, the cat is out of the bag. Not only does he describe the greatest single threat to the free-will and sovereignty of all human beings, but he also discloses the most effective method to administer this form of mental poison (mind control). Audible and visual suggestions combined with pictorial and mental suggestions. And while reading his words one can easily consider modem media with its subtle, yet invasive programming. It is very curios that, coinciding with the publication of Mental Poisoning, the practical tool for delivering such poison was in the developmental stages. Clearly, he is describing such mechanisms as the radio and television, the two greatest tools of mind control throughout the twentieth century. This is the back door and open portal into the mind. It may be extreme, but one could be led to believe that the radio and television were developed for the sole purpose of controlling the masses. Of course, there are shows and topics of interest which can be found on television and radio, these are used to draw viewers. But with any effective poison, 90% is good grain, while the remaining 10% can kill you. So it is with the mass media, we consume the “programming’ indiscriminately. All of this information confirmed in 1937, by the (then) leader of the Rosicrucian order known as AMORC.

As Dr. Lewis had written, “…one begins to wonder whether any one of us ever has an original idea of his own…” This sentiment is mirrored in the following quote; “Individuals incapable of formulating even a notion of their own, frantically search for someone to agree with, thereby entering upon the path of mental deterioration in which the intellect descends from the simple state of not knowing to the actual inability to know.”‘

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