The apostle John wrote that “the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.” (1 John 5:19) The original text conveys the idea that “the whole world is asleep under the sleep of the evil one”

When people awakening up from this dream state of reality Hell and persecution and accusing campaigns and tormenting starts and The Evil One can use everyone in this Matrix of the Mind. This is reality in State of Sweden.

The Matrix which is also considered as a Weapon of Mass Destruction because its job is to degenerate and eventually destroy the human mind and spirit systematically on a massive scale in an orderly fashion. Why the Matrix? Because in the movie The Matrix, the matrix was described as a fabricated world of illusions that seemed real to the senses, but in reality everyone that was living inside the matrix was actually asleep in some type of stasis.

The Matrix imprisons humanity in a dream state
Everyone that was living inside the matrix was actually asleep in some type of stasis
Humans are trapped in a Matrix – a biological computer world

People are so completely immersed in the Matrix that they don’t even know there’s a Matrix

1. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist
2. The second best trick is to make humanity believe they do´t live in The Matrix, so this doesn´t either exist
3. Third trick based on same theme is that Organized Gang Stalking either exist
4. Fourth trick is to play tricky street theater and if anyone believe these things exist they are delusional
5. Then The Devil don´t exist, The Matrix don´t exist, and Organized Gang Stalking don´t exist they must work with covertly, stealthy, hidden disguised methods

The human mind is enslaved in a dream state and and human living inside the matrix in some form of stasis of asleep, and people don´t know the matrix exist, satan exist or organized gang stalking exist, and when people awakening or get awareness they are delusional. When people get awareness the organized gang stalking starts a psychologial warfare to destroy the awakening people; and starts drive them to madness or to suicide. So in this world real knowledge about this reality means the person is “delusional”, and then does the organized gang stalking start gaslighting and drive them to madness. This is the design of this biological destructive mind-computer world. When people, controllers in this democracy starts drive people to madness or to suicide this reveals there is a non-human biological computer program that control their minds in this Matrix. It´s wickedness to drive someone to wickedness or it´s madness to drive someone to madness.

The goal is;

Keep humans in this illusion of holographic projection
Keep humans tuned into these fear based frequencies
Keep humans enslaved in this cube hologram from Saturn
Keep human consciousness asleep and in a dream state
And they who is awakening up from this illusion of reality, matrix and computer program is been targeted to drive them to madness or suicide
This reveals the bigger hidden plan these forces have; destruction of humans and humanity, and replace it with transhumanism or the “artificial man”. The plan reveals they will destroy awareness and working to create a artificial computer brain.
This also reveals something about their working methods; Then The Devil don´t exist, The Matrix don´t exist, and Organized Gang Stalking don´t exist they must work with covertly, stealthy, hidden disguised methods. They work with hidden covertly and overtly methods. This reveals how this matrix and the human mind of illusion and projection can be used in Organized Gang Stalking; This Matrix using people as psychological weapons against targeted individuals to drive them to madness or suicide.

The matrix is tied to the moon which is tied to Saturn, or in astrotheology, “Satan”. The purpose of the matrix is to keep humans tuned into a specific frequency which keeps us tied into the illusion in order to allow for energy vampirism. The matrix is a holographic projection that emits from Saturn and is assisted by the satellite we call the moon.

Our reptilian brain was engineered to keep us tuned into the Saturn moon matrix hologram. The matrix is projected from Saturn and is tied into the moon as a reflection and continuous regenerator of the matrix experience.
Everything and everyone gets their energy from the sun. We have been told to not look at the sun and we have also been told to stay out of the sun when the sun is high in the sky. We are energy generators- taking in the energy from the organic yellow sun and giving it to the black sun- Saturn. We take in the sun’s energy through our eyes and through the food that we eat. We are barely being kept alive by the fake food that has become a part of our world.

Everything we have been taught is a lie. Our whole existence is a video game within a cube where we are recycled time and time again through the reincarnation process which probably occurs on the moon.
We must exit the same way we came into this reality. The heart is the first thing that brings life to the fetus in the womb. The heart is a wormhole that leads to the singularity of our creation. As things seem to continue to get worse on the planet within the hologram, going within the heart and living your life in love and gratitude will begin to change your reality.

Captivated in walls of fear; “We have been programmed to close our hearts with fear and only those who bust down these walls within the heart will exit the matrix”.

We are not left in doubt as to who our foe is. It is the wicked one—our great adversary Satan. It is he who marshals and controls all these adverse and dissipating influences. Wherever the seed is being sown, there he is on the watch. He is never far away from the wayside hearers ; he is always watching for his opportunity to snatch away the seed; his one object is to prevent the Word, the seed of the kingdom, getting into and taking root in the heart. He cares little how much of the Word a man may have in his head, or in his mouth, so that it does not enter his heart. He knows that if the heart of any one once truly receive the Word, his power there is broken and gone
We have been cubed- a circle inside of a square cage- or the earth is inside of the cube hologram from Saturn. We can be seen from each dimension but we cannot see into other dimensions. The dimensions are just different levels in the cage. We have been programmed to close our hearts with fear and only those who bust down these walls within the heart will exit the matrix.

“The moon is the foreign satellite that guards the interests of the gods of the underworld” The Golden Web Series, Part 3, 1:13:23
More and more people are waking up to this choice every day. It is a choice to be free of this video game- the hologram that recycles us over and over in a web of deceit. We are going to re-program this video game and this starts with awareness.

What the Reptilians do is manipulate your perception of reality

Organized Gang Stalking working with same concept; create problems and then present a solution.

“Those in power create the problem, which creates a reaction from the chaos, and the same malevolent beings then present a solution”

The Matrix create problems and then present a solution, and then the Matrix and Organized Gang Stalking is controlled by same malevolent Matrix-minded beings they then present a solution.

Then Satan, The Matrix, Organized Gang Stalking don´t exist and then they using covertly hidden strategies in their psyhological warfare and political terrorism, the person who says these exist is delusional. And because they say these people are delusional and then starts beaming voices into their minds and then starts gaslighting them. and then they want drive them to madness or suicide.

The Matrix and reality

David Icke; “likens what is happening to humanity to the scenario presented in They Live and says the Moon is affecting our minds in a similar fashion to the broadcasting antenna in the movie. He describes the Moon as a “receiver-transmitter and broadcasting system,” which has transmissions feeding the collective human mind with a false version of reality . The Moon operates by hacking in to, or intercepting, the waveform information from which we decode reality, he says. From the Moon is transmitted a distorted and suppressed version of reality. This “fake reality broadcast” is what he calls the Moon Matrix. “The reptilians are broadcasting a false reality from the Moon that humans are decoding into what they think is the physical world,” Icke explained. Therefore, the reality we’re experiencing is not the reality we ought to be experiencing. “We are living in a dream-world within a dream-world—a Matrix within the virtual-reality universe”.

David Icke believes the reptilian brain in humans (in its present form) is not natural or normal but a product of reptilian genetic manipulation. “It acts like an enormous microchip and locks us into their control system,” he says. “Its primitive, emotional, fear-based sense of reality provides the perfect vehicle for collective control and the conflict and insecurity so essential to divide and rule.

When they (the reptalians) unplugged our DNA down from twelve strands to two strands, they programmed us into the lower matrix. We live in a holographic reality that is being controlled not by us; but by them.

When David Icke first introduced the Saturn/Moon matrix he said that he believes that this electromagnetic field, being broadcast from Saturn’s rings, and then focused keenly upon Earth from the Moon base, locks us into a lower consciousness state, but it can be overridden. Because our consciousness can override the frequency, we need to be locked into our reptilian brain in order to decode the electromagnetic frequencies the matrix broadcasts.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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