Swedish stalking Archons mentality

Stalking in the State of Sweden including stalking, airstalking, persecution, ostracism, scapegoating, shadowing, gaslighting, mimicking, gesturing, mirroring, mind control and brainwashing and it is a form of witch-hunting and gangstalking which I believe is the stalking by the Archons – The rulers of this world. They trying to create fake amygdala stress attack and long term stress to take you down to submission. These activities has going on for over 6 years now.

The aim of Stalking is to create a completely controlled artificial environment composed of thoroughly predictable human behaviors – made predictable …Gurdjieff refers to the “predator” in both the tale of “The Evil Magician” and in the concept of “Food for the Moon”. The Gnostics maintained that the earth (and material creation in general) were the product of an evil demiurge, ruler of the “archons of darkness“.

These behaviors are a form of psychological “Trojan horses” that´s trying to hijacking your life with constant interference psychology, mirroring, mimicking real time interference when you listen to radio or if you watch tv news or watch live sport programs for an example.

Archons are part of the demiurge who basically feed off of our fear through various control systems

Humans are trapped in a Matrix – a biological computer world………and these behaviors are robotic

Archons manipulated human genetics to create a body-type (biological computer-type) that most suited their goal of human subjugation.

Gnostics detected the Archons as physical intruders into our biosphere, that also used their technological sophistication as artificial intelligences, to manipulate the human psyche, so as to operate, as a parasitic “shadow” on the human consciousness. The Gnostics referred to the Archons as an “artificial man”.

The “alien shadow” can be compared to a parasitic virus, which latches on to healthy cells in a body, in a manner that debilitates those healthy cells toward their prospective destruction. Gnostics detected Manipulative Extraterrestrials that they called ’Archons’ as an artificial intelligence that pursues an agenda of pure ego, calculated to allegedly pursue an inter-dimensional objective.

The archon parasites have manipulated humanities fractal mind from what was a beautiful pattern thousands of years ago, if not longer, into a distorted pattern which we see today. They feed on this distortion, the distortion being fear, hate, jealousy, greed, lust and separateness.

Our skies have been filled with “Trojan horses” throughout history, and like the original Trojan Horse, they seem to conceal hostile intent.

They stalking you in the same everywhere and imitataing your life and mirroring everything from your daily life. This is not just psychical stalking. They stalking you or interference or mirroring you on tv, radio, news, and when they communicate in the daily life. They shadowing you in your apartment. They make break-ins in your apartment. They manipulate your reality and they using helicopters and cars and trucks and people and barking dogs and music and psychological sound torture.
The Swedish stalkers or Archons are the same people.

Archons of this world – They Hijacking peoples minds and mentality and if they dont succed they start stalking, mirroring and shadowing your life like the demons they are.

Swedish shadowing is wickedness. Swedes stalking you like a demon and this is like a obsessive desire of total mind control. They shadowing you when you visiting toilet, when you eating, when make breakfast, when you writing and this is just not made by one neighbor above, this is same spirit swedish stalking spirit. And when a spirit shadowing and mind control your life even when you visit toilet it is not a good spirit. This swedish Spirit of (Archons) trying to min control every aspect of your life and dasy as night. They mind control, they brainwashing, they shadowing, they they gaslighting, they mirroring, they  scapegoating and ostraizing, they tormenting, they punishing, they manipulating, they deceiving, they double speaking, they obsructing, they sensitizing, they anchoring and chaining. This feel more like a spiritual hell or a spiritual prison. And that´s why I think this is some form of Archons who trying to keep you week, keep you in darkness, keep you imprison. Stalking Swedes acting like they are gatekeepers of something and if they acting like gatekeepers it must be the Matrix or (Hell). For it is written – “…The archons (the fallen images) wanted to deceive the human. The fallen ones are able to manipulate the human, and temporarily possess the human mind – with the telepathetic commands to carry out their wicked will.

When you read about Archons and the Rulers of this world it is matching with how Swedes acting everywhere. I have seen these Mind control behavior taking place for over 6 years now and these behaviors is not human made. They acting, playing, manipulating, senstizing, anchoring and chaining everywhere in Sweden.

Archons and the Ego

Ego is one of the main programs trying to stop you from reconnecting with the God within, it can be broken. It’s a distraction and is one of the main emotions you must master in order to see the illusion of separation for what it is, an illusion. Ego divides, which is what they want, the Archons (The Lower Light). Ego is the reason for the tower of Babel which led to the separation of Humanity and led to Humanity losing the oneness and not understanding each other. Ego is the reason why they (The Archons) manufactured and in a smart way, got the go ahead by the masses for royalty and a social structure, which did and does contribute to the Lower Lights power, which is a front like the Reptilians being the ones in control of the manipulation, when it is really the Archons. Ego is the root to all this, but it was engineered that way.

When you read this post and thinking about what this ego is you will also understand why the Swedish police transmitting a music chorus like “We control the sunlight”, why swedish healthcare informs you about a brain in the stomach and why I get a new secretary at the social services and her name was “SUN”.  All these is Mind Control psychology and the Solar Plexus is the SUN in the stomach and this they have to say they control. Swedes want to control my solar plexus and my ego and this is Archon behavior and this post is examples how State of Sweden trying to Mind Control and Brainwashing and Manipulate your reality, and this they doing while I working with a kundalini awakening. They dont like spiritual awakenings in Sweden.

This is todays horror reality in State of Sweden. If you searching for new horror movies like “Living among us” someone starts follow you you with same “Title” as the movie. This is just a Google commercial Ads, this is a active people who has started follow you day after. And this behavior is the swedish stalking mentality. If you watch movie about war they start shooting firecrackers outside your window. There is something strange with the Swedes minds. This stalking behavior is allover the swedish society.

Here is two animations – movies how this stalking can be like

Here is some examples how spiritual stalking and shadowing taking place in the State of Sweden and these behaviors is everywhere in the Swedish society. Is taking place in your own home, healthcare, pharmacies, food stores, employment agency,  social services, swedish media (radio, tv, news articles). They stalking, shadowing, and interference your life, your mind, your soul, your dreams, and trying to interference, mimicking, gesturing, gaslighting, mirroring, targetting you with real time “directed conversations”

I was searching for new horror movies and read about this and day after I have a new follower on Youtube including Among Us

New follower on Youtube dayafter I read about the movie “Living Among Us”. Among Us has tarted follow your channel on Youtube.


They mimicking, imitating, stalking, mirroring, duplicate, gesturing, shadowing and this is creepy like a horror movie, it is snot a horror movie, it is real in Sweden.
When you watching a movie on Youtube they stalking or mirroring content from movie day after.

Here is a clip from the movie “Final Days of Planet Earth” –  2006 Part 1- I watching from Youtube

And dayafter someone has make a comment on my blog with a username including “Birdsong”. This was a nice comment, but there is this stalking thing almost everyday

Swedish healthcare and psychiatry informs you about a existing “Dreamwatcher”

When you watch a movie on Popcorn Time they have a article about eating Popcorn at the night during the Winter Olympics is going on (dayafter I watch a movie)


And dayafter they have this article about Popcorn eating and Olympics. This total stalking behavior or total mind control feels unhuman and unhealty and wickedness



When I watch ishockey games with white background I get a 4 cm broad white line on my screen. Here is a image from my tv screen when I watch icehockey

And few days later Swedish media Aftonbladet has a article about Picassos´s painting and has same white lines in the image. It is same Swedish media who create the article about Popcorn eating and olympics dayafter I watch a movie on Popcorn-Time


Here is how State of Sweden and Swedish police stalking you when you follow the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. Swedish tv5, channel 9 and Eurosport showing Winter Olympics and they using Queen´s song “We want it all” and Swedish police is transmitting this music chorus into my apartment every day and they transmitting this while I writing this and they even transmit this music chorus when you take a bath

Have someone hear how the commentators speak strange and speak like “Parrots” in these sport channels. They repeating their own words two times and if they don´t repeat themselves two times the other commentator repeating the last word the other commentors just said. This is part of all these strange behaviors you can see allover the Swedish society – stalking. mind control, double speaking and so on.


Today I have a meeting with the goverment social servies because they want me to start up with some form of working project called “Kompetenscenter – KC” – center of exellence and on my last meeting they told me I have to start up with this soon as possible. And today they have change this plan to something else. Even this is stranger than fiction.

Yesterday (day before the meeting with social services) I downloaded drivers to my writer Canon 4700 from PIXMA


Then the social servies now has changes the action plan (“Kompetenscenter – KC” – center of exellence) to  a project called ISMA.

ISMA stands for Individual support against work.
(ISMA står för Individuellt stöd mot arbete). 

 They work a little after a work method called IPS Individual Placement and Support

From Computer Drivers PIXMA to a new action plan in the swedish social services to ISMA

This is how reality and a mind control life in Sweden taking place everywhere in Sweden and every department. They stalking and mirroring you with users, followers, street theater, double speaking, music chorus, words, programs and everything they can to create “Mind Control” everywhere

One common thing with all these different projects is new “waiting time”
(waiting time is part of terror and psychological torture).

There was no longer any hurry or start up soon as possible.
All these stalking methods, sleep deprivation, gaslighting, mirroring,
mimicking, psychological torture with sounds every night, persecution,

Here is more stalking material from the Swedish social services and how they working with wikedness methods. I have a contact person on the social services, but threy give me one more and her name is SUN. Even this is part of a Swedish stalking mind. The SUN is symbol for the Solar Plexus chakra – the ego in the stomach.

The  Sun theme is about Mind Control of the third chakra system and State of Sweden is aware of this and using Solar Plexus Psychology to mind control your ego. Before this letter Swedish police was transmitting a music chrous “We control the sunlight” into my apartment and even when I exercise outdoors. Why does a state transmitting a music chorus to say to a poor man who are unemployed they control the sunlight…..?

And before this the Swedish Healthcare and Psychiatry informs you about a brain in the stomach – the abdominal brain or the Solar Plexus brain. What would you think if a doctor start talking about a brain in the stommach and in same time talks about all diseases in the brain, and then he has a red t-shirt with a text logo “OUCH”


What does the knowledge of chakra says about the third chakra – Solar Plexus – the ego. Third Solar Plexus is connected to sound of running water. My neighbor using water cranes to harass, gaslighting and to mind “distraction” control your life. She open water cranes and letting water running for hours and have done this for years, and she is changing the pressure to create different distraction sounds, and sometimes they shadowing you and waiting until you visiting the toilet/bathroom and then starts open and close the water cranes.

Here is sound example how it can sound when yout  neighbor above using water cranes and then changing the water pressure and this has going on for 4-5 years and sometimes 3-5 hours per day at most, so she must be water supported from the landlord Gårdstensbostader. This is a form of strange wickedness (Archons wickedness in high places)

Third Chakra – The Solar Plexus – The Solar Plexus Brain – The great storhouse of energy – and this is what the swedes are trying to mind control 24/7 – 365 and this is not just a government action – this is govern and controlled on spiritual level and that´s why they shadowing your life and stalking and tormenting your life day and night, and you now who the tormentor of this world is.

There is no end of the State of Sweden “Hive Mind” of wickedness and total mind control. They have going into my apartment and make a whole in my shower handle. This is how the Swedish Mind is working – total mind control everywhere and they even shadowing you everywhere.


After I publish this post Swedish police started transmit a music chorus into my apartment when I trying to sleep “Thunder”

Here is the chakra system and their properties I presented in this post and you can see the root chakra properties is “Thunder” and before you trying to sleep Swedish police start transmitting a song related to this. And this is how  the swedish society and department is govern by sickness or wickedness



Earlier Swedish police has transmitted “We control the sunlight” which is a symbol for Solar Plexus – the third chakra – or the ego.

And a couple of days they start transmit this swedish song into my apartment. This is how wicked methods the State of Sweden and swedish police is using- First thet started with “We control the sunlight” (Solar Plexus), yesterday “Thunder” – related to sound of “Thunder”, and “Burn in the chest” can symbolize The Fourth Chakra—HEART Chakra. 4th chakra. The fourth Chakra is located in the centre of the chest, over the heart. This Chakra governs our ability to enact our vocation and live our life lovingly. The colour associated with this Chakra is vivid green.

Burn In The Chest (Det brinner i bröstet)

It burns in your chest
every time,every time you look at me
The flaws in the voice
Every time,every time I say your name.
The heart wants to beat but forgive me baby
It burns in my chest
Every day,please don’t ask me to stay
Oooh yeah yeah
Please don’t ask me to stay
Please don’t ask me to stay

And one minute after I post this the stalking swedish police helicopter flying outside my window and this is the common Swedish mind stalking strategy – they waiting like a “roaring lion” and then start stalking immediately and simultaneosuly to interference to everything you doing and this is going on constantly


And after 5 minutes I posted this stalking with the helicopter they started drilling outside my window

They changing the “Lamp” in my entrance. And when I going outside to take a image on my entrance door they have leaving a lamp on the ground. And five seconds later a aggressive man appearing and asking shall I take a image on you too. These swedes has some strange Spirit within them



This is the Swedish stalking society – the swedish “bluish” vehicles and all stalking vehicles has same “bluish” color.  Here is the Swedish police helicopter, Postnord (postal services), Hemglass (Swedish ice cream truck car), and Tingstad (selling cleaning products) and all for is used for stalking and all have choose same blue color as the police helicopter…strange or not…? Sweden is something else…..it feels more like “gatekeepers” of something…

Does any country in this world on this planet created a society there the Ice cream truck car and police helicopter has the same bluish color and they stalking you with these vehicles every day and they stalking you with ice cream truck song outdoors and indoors and they stalking you with PostNord postal services cars and everything they can use. They brainwashing peoples mind with sounds and colors in Sweden.


This blue color is same color as the same 5 th chakra – the throat chakra. When State of Sweden playing music chorus related to chakra system and healthcare informs you about a brain in the stomach they are aware of the chakra system and then obstructing peoples natural spiritual growth by stalking them and tormenting them day and night. Turquoise: Within the color of the turquoise we find a reunion between the blue of the sky and the green of the earth. Thus the turquoise combines the high ideals of the spirit with the primordial life energy of our planet.

People in Sweden even change hair color to stalking you

State of Sweden suffering from some form of Police Mind Control everything and everywhere. Here is how it can look like in Christian organizations lunch room.

If they help you with some form of working project you meet this at a Christian organization. A police siren on refrigerator in a lunch room. Ancgoring, chaining and sensitizing you (and they transmit the sound of sirens to your apartment and airstalking you when your are outside and working).

10. If you get another working task in another Christian organization you get manipulated Swedish Big Brother working tasks, as moving the Swedish flag everytime you move a pallet with cartons.

If the government employment agency get you a work it is at same government owned company who are gangstalking you with cars and trucks (postal service cars), and when you get this job as a postman in same company who are gangstalking you with cars, they airstalking you with helicopters when you are trying to learn this new job and are working.

An example from therapy in Swedish healthcare when your Kundalini awakening has started. The therapist has open a WORD document and has this open when the therapy started. This is political abuse of psychiatry. I writing a lot and this time they have hijacked my computer and wanted discuss a unpublished text

Then they start using props. From a orange on the therapist desk to a orange on a gravestone whn you visiting the graveyard. Sounds weird and is weird and the therapist also have his business card in a medical package (more of this swedish wickedness). They dont´t just stalking you, they even want to be everywhere. They want to be the sugar in your coffee, they want to be in your medication, they want to be in your dream.


This therapist informs you there is something called a “Dreamwatcher”. If you scrolling up to the beginning of this post The “Birdsong” stalking comment was made on the post about a “Swedish healthcare and psychiatry informs you about a existing “Dreamwatcher”


They start fake fire alarms during the therapy and they create fake powerbreak when you talking with the doctor.


Doctors start using the classified word and then pharmacies start using the classified word and then constructed so my journal has a classified text cross over the computer screen. Swedish healthcare is more like healthscare or a psychological matrix of hell (spiritual hell)

There is no end of the Swedish wickedness or the Swedish police wickedness. They using sounds of owls to stalking you when you exercise outdoors. And the even transmit sounds of cuckoo clock into your apartment.


When they even start and use the sound of a fake owl (several) in the woods to gangstalking your life when you take a walk or exercise/jogging shows how extensive the Swedish gangstalking is and what it really has become of this obsession/mania

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates Example

Based on your experience with Sweden, would you recommend spiritual awakening people to live or move to Sweden to others or to a friend?

Definitely will
Probably will
Might or might not
Probably will not
Definitely will not

After I publish this latest image my neighbor starts drilling as usually to harass and this is same behavior as the stalking thing with articles, followers, music chorus, gaslighting, mirroring you read about earlier in this post and is made by unhuman stalking punishers of the Archons.

Here is a recording for 10 minutes.

1. It sounds like they drilling in concrete walls with a regular drilling machine

2. And they dont hammering afterwords for 10 minutes as you can see on the recording. If other people drilling in walls or concreate they usually hammering afterwards and that´s why you drilling in walls. These people are harassing and have done this for over 5 years. And this is how the Swedish “Hive Mind” is working everyday. Shadowing, stalking, gaslighting and tormenting 24/7 and 365 days.

This is how Sweden is working as a country and that´s why you almost never hear nothing about Sweden. They stalking you, harassing you, tormenting you with sounds day and night and indoors and outdoors, they brainwashing you with music chorus, they create sleep deprivation, they gaslighting, they mirroring, and they using media to stalking you as radio, tv and news you reading. You have earlier read about a few examples in this post how they using news articles to create stalking and surveillance to mirroring your life. And this is the reality how it is to live in Sweden everyday when they targetting your life.

And this is how it sound when my neigbor start dropping things on the floor and this after I publis the drilling sound

Here is another recording from another day when same neighbor above who is walking around and hammering in floors and then walking around and hammering in walls

And these harassment activities going on 24/7 and everyday

Dropping things on the floor 15-80 times per day

Making hitting sounds on the floor every 5 minutes or every minute sometimes

Starting washing machine on the centrifuge

Flushing toilets

Running water for hours everyday

Stomping, stamping, walking heavy on the floor

Door-slamming everyday

Loud speak

Loud music

Fake coughing

Shadowing you (start coughing when make breakfast, start coughing when you start eating)

Shadowing you with open and close watercranes when you visiting toilet

Start making sounds when you preparing for going outdoors for exercise – fake coughing, hammering in walls or making hitting sounds in the floor or open water cranes and when you are back the water still running.

Here some more of the swedish Hive Mind behavior. People driving around with one headlight on their cars and they are many and yo can see them everywhere. If you going outdoors for exercise for 1 hour you can see 5-10 cars every day.

Here is some images to illustrate this. (These examples is images from Google to illustrate how it looks like). In one week you may see 30-80 cars every week. This feels more like a some form of cult-stalking-Horus Single Eye

They driving with light turned off and you can see 5-10 of these when you exercise for one hour. They even driving with lights off when it´s snowing and you realize this is the Swedish stalking

And they even driving around with one rear light turned off in same way they have one headlight turned off. They have created this reality in Sweden

And they even turn off their engines when they stop light and when you passing they start their engines. When you see 10-20 of these cars everyday when you exercise for one hour this is constructed faults. Their Mind has changes and their behavior is something else and these people who driving around with light off when its snow or driving around with one headlight or rearlight off is what the Swedish police is promoting. Swedish police wants create a total mind controlled people and they using car light to acting false Horus Single Eye Mind Control.

Almost everyone walking around in different Hoods, some of them even when it´s summer and +25 degrees warm

Swedes is shadowing you

Swedes is shadowing you

Swedes seems to have the ability to shadowing your life constantly

How come Swedes can shadowing you everywhere?

They know when you going to the toilet

They know when you eating

They know when you moving in your apartment

They know when you writing something even before you publish it

They know when you leaving the apartment

They constructing a manipulated enviroment and when you thinking for this for a minute they start banging and smashing in something – almost like a demon manifest themselves

They seems to know when trying to sleep

They know when you wakening

What is this ability to shadowing you and what does it come from?

Even swedish police is shadowing you. They start playing sirens or grasstrimmer sound when you visiting toilet

Neighbors using water cranes to shadowing you. In same way they seems to know when you moving in your apartment – they sitting and waiting with their water cranes and starts or close them when you sitting on the toilet and even swedish police starts grasstrimmer sound or sirens when you sitting on the toilet.

Swedish people, neighbors and swedish police wants control and shadowing when you visiting the toilet.

Is shadowing a non-human mind control activity?

They standing and door slamming and waiting like they gatekeeping something.

And when you see these swedish people they acting like gatekeepers of “something” because everyone seems to police patrolling.

State of Sweden targetting you with sounds 24/7


State of Sweden “Horus Eye” playing sirens indoors and they stalking you with sirens outdoors.

State of Sweden “Horus Eye” psychology –  swedish police also playing music chorus like “We control the sunlight” – this means they control the solar plexus and solar plexus is the ego. Horus Eye is in the brain and swedish police saying they control the solar plexus brain in the stomach.

This Swedish Horus Eye psychology or Solar Plexus control psychology they also using in Swedish healthcare and psychiatry. They informs you about this brain in the stomach and talks about all diseases in the brain. This is Horus Eye psychology they using everywhere.

They stalking

They shadowing

They persecuting


This Swedish “Horus Eye” psychology, force or ability can;

  1. Persecuting
  2. Mind reading
  3. Shadowing
  4. “Police thoughting” (Orwell)
  5. Spying
  6. Synchronizing
  7. Imitating
  8. Manipulating
  9. Programming

And this force doing everything and every day and everywhere and whenever.

Persecution: Persecution everywhere.  By people, cars and vehicles and helicopters and airplanes

Mind reading: Mind reading – they can manifest themselves like a demon make sounds at same time you thinking at something and start banging, smashing, screaming

Shadowing: Shadowing – this shadowing mind of something can shadowing you from room to room and knows when you eat or visiting toilet at night. Swedish police is shadowing and start playing sirens and grasstrimmer sound when you going to the toilet at night.

“Thought police” – then they can mind reading and shadowing you they also can “Police Thought” you as in Orwells novel “1984” and this is “reality and surreality” in Sweden

Spying: Spying – this force which can mind reading, shadowing and “thought policing” is also spying on you and reavealing this with real time interference actions or by imirating or mirroring

Synchronizing: Synchronizing – this force can synchronizing peoples psychological warfare actions against you and start several actions at same time to targetting you. And this force using a constant interference psychology and start make things at same time

Imitating: Imitating – this force is imitating and mimicking your daily life with a stalking and shadowing psychology to control you or trying to hijacking your mind and reality.

Manipulating – Manipulating – this force of “something” manipulating reality, emotions, thoughts

Programming – Programming – this force of “something” is programming or using or anchoring and chaining psychology when you sleep and this is same psychology State of Sweden using in your daily life. They anchoring and chaining to sensitizing you and same psychology trying to programming you. State of Sweden creating sleep deprivation, sound torturing and brainwashing with music chorus and they even hacking your computer to change the volume when you listen to music at night when they sound torturing. Programming like this is sleep control or hypnopaedia. And it seems they trying occupy and targetting you with sounds indoors and outdoors.

Communicating – Communicating – this force is communicating through other people to targetting and sensitizing. And this force using everyone to targetting you. This force even using children to hysterical screaming for hours and they high pitch screaming after midnight. People sensitizing you with words or by content dropping to targetting you everytime you going outdoors.  They playing psychological communication street theater in food stores and using communication manipulation. And they even targetting you with music chorus in food stores and this is music chorus they targetting your apartment with.

Obstructing – Obstructing – this force is obstructing with cars and people standing in your way or they walking from one side of the walkway to the other side.

Interfering – Interfering – this force of ” something” interference and people start actions at same time every day. Door slamming, firecrackers, leaving or arriving to apartment at same time, screaming, make hitting sounds in floors or walls, crosstalk, non- stop babbling, communication interference, noise interference, or banging or smashing in something to create sounds, they start playing drum beats when your exercise, they airstalking with helicopters if you looking at stars. This force of something is creating constant interference and sound distractions or sound torturing and sensitizing you. Swedish police is shadowing you when you visiting the toilet at night and starts playing sirens or grasstrimmer sound. Swedish police targetting you with music chorus when you exercise outdoors to interference or swedish police targetting you with music chorus to say ” We control the sunlight” and this is the solar plexus – ego. And they targetting you with this even outdoors.

This is a government of this world who is using these methods and psychological warfare and this government of this world State of Sweden. This is psychological terror and psychological torture.


This is not a novel like “1984”  or “New Brave World” – this is reality in Sweden today.

This hijacking is reality in Sweden

State of Sweden has

  1. Hijacking your sleep by creating sleep deprivation with sound torturing
  2. Hijacking your reality by gaslighting, using enviroment manipulation, by making reality to surreality, constant brainwashing with music chorus and playing music chorus ” Land of confusion”, using wickedness psychology
  3. Hijacking your communications by close your internet and all your tv channels
  4. Hijacking your social life by persecution and by creating ostrasize
  5. Hijacking your amygdala by fear mongering and psychological warfare
  6. Hijacking your freedom of speech by close down your communications
  7. Hijacking your emotions
  8. Hijacking your silence and peace with constant sounds and psychological sound torturing
  9. Hijacking your perception of reality by gaslighting, manipulation, brainwashing and constant sound torturing and by close down your internet and your tv channels
  10. Hijacking your brain by obstructing psychology
  11. Hijacking your privacy and integrity by shadowing

This force of spiritual “something” in Sweden is reality and is surreality and bizarre and this force of “something” seems to make people playing psychological street theater or psychological communication street theater.

This force of “something” which is stalking, persecuting, shadowing, gaslighting, sound torturing and creating sleep deprivation feels like Satan and Hitler and cult leader is trying to hijacking your reality


This force of “something” is creating ostracism and psychological torture.


What is this “something” of force in Sweden?

The Beast system…..?

The rulers of Archons…..?

The Beast – Horus Eye…..?

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