Swedish Sound Mind Control Torture


State of Sweden is not just using mind control, they using sound mind control as torture


They have created a psychological torture chamber around my apartment and they using sound to mind conttol you and they using sound to stalking your mind and they using sound to overwhelming your mind with sounds and they using sounds to tormenting you and they use sounds to psychological torture you and they use sounds to create sleep deprivation and they using these strayegies 24/7 and they using they have surrounded your apartment with sound torture equipment and they using same sound torture when you leaving your apartment


They dont just transmit different sounds, they also transmit sound and voice and music chorus with negative tormenting purpose to break you down


And they also transmit music chorus as “We control the sunlight” and this means the ego in the solar plexus anf healthcare informs you about a brain in the stomach, so state of Sweden is aware about a brain in the stomach and they saying they controls this ego.


This image illustrate how they inducing sound to your mind from every direction of my apartment and if you going outside your are stalked by same tormenting sound.


It is like they trying to control your energy and pushing back your energy by building walls of tormenting sounds. This are they doing when you are in a spiritual awakening process and healthcare is aware of this awakening process and they using all forms of mind control psychology to control and to tormenting you 24/7. They even tormenting you during the nights, so you must sleep with headphones and music and when you sleep with headphones and music they hacking your computer and starts changing the volume so they creating distractions


This is evil and a manipulated reality


They have also close down internet and all tv channels, so they transmit these noise tormenting sounds 24/7 and you can see any tv programs or tv series and you cant use internet to search after knowledge or information and you cant make any new illustrations with images because you have no access to software program

You have your iphone to write a post with

And they creating constant noise tormenting with sounds and this they even started in x-mas morning.

So it is a tormenting x-mas with sound torture

And it is a x-mas with no internet

And it is a x-mas with no tv channels

And now they even started to transmit onging drum beats

So swedish neighbors is thinking how they can create noise harassment even at x-mas. Some other make some hitting sounds and some other walking around with barking dogs

These are the tormenting mind set of the swedish diffuse hive mind and they have same hive mind brain and they acting like they were programmed to dobone thing: create harassment or some form of sound or noise torture distractions.

This programming dont stopn or takes holiday on x-mas day or morning. Its running like a script and they cant control this cript




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