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December 25, 2017

Swedish police started x-mas with tormenting

Swedish police started x-mas with tormenting

They started at x-mas morning with grasstrimmer sound and sirens 07.58 and second day of x-mas weekend the start this morning with intense grasstrimmer tormenting and time is now 07.38

It is like a maniac sitting and pushing on a tormenting buttom to increase maximum intense sound to your mind and brain.

When swedish police creating sleep deprivation and then noise tormenting you with intense grasstrimmer sound or sirens and this going on 24/7 it is psychological torture. They have surrounded the apartment with noise torture technology and torture and sensitizing your mind and brain from early morning through the night. And it is like this image illustrate, but it is psychological torture and these tormentors and sadistic people are the swedish police. And this is how these people wants sound control your mind when they targetting the mind with constant sound. When you going outdoors they continue with their tormenting and playing same sound outdoors.

The apartment is surrounded with sound tormenting sounds

If you going to toilet they starts grasstrimmer sound or sirens and this in the middle of the night


How does this tormenting grasstrimmer sounds?

Here is how it sounds when they transmit this sound into your apartment and they doing this for hours every day and at nights


They targetting your mind and brain with constant noise or sound stalking, harassment or tormenting

They stalking your mind by targetting your mind indoors with tormenting sound, music chorus and when you going outdoors they continue with same noise tormenting and they targetting your mind day as night

They have hijacked your life with sound mind control tormenting and they have hijacked your sleep by creating sleep deprivation and noise torture at nights. They have surrounded your apartment with differents sound torture equipment


They play music chorus and intense grasstrimmer sound and this morning they started with intense grasstrimmer sound 07.38



Yesterday was x-mas and they played grasstrimmer sound and sirens and played drum beats. This is a method they using to create constant sound torture and create long term stress to overwhelming and sensitizing your mind with sound torture. And they changing speed from lower to faster when they targetting your mind and brain. This is how the swedish police methods are 2017 and its like a nazi-torture-camp these sadistic people sitting and pushing on these buttoms to create pain and psychological torture and this is happening around your apartment


This stalking and persecution, and psychological manipulation and noise tormenting has become

Room 101 as in Orwells novel “1984”, State of Sweden has surrounded my apartment with noise tormenting technology and have created a psychological torture chamber

It is like a “Milgram Experiment” there everyone walking around and create different sounds to induce pain or control and people seems to follow a script

It is like they have created a apartment enviroment surrounded with sadistic people walking around your apartment and banging and smashing and hammering and drillling in walls and swedish police transmit different noise tormenting sounds and they create sleep deprivation.


It is a psychological warfare and they using noise as their weapon to create sleep deprivation, noise tormenting to create long term stress, to induce pain, fear, horror, terror, confusion, demoralization, demonization, ostrasize, mind control, sound mind control, brainwashing and psychological torture and they close down your internet and they close down all your tv channels in their psychological warfare.


Milgram experiment

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