State of Sweden music chorus psychological warfare

Here is swedish police music list when they targetting your mind, brain and head with music chorus

Mu Mu Land KL F

Touch Me Samantha Fox

We control the sunlight (Solar Plexus ego)

We love to hate you Erasure

I rather be hunted by wolves rather than loved by you

Land of confusion

You drive us wild we drive you crazy

And now some lyrics with “Homo”


Who using these music chorus for psychological warfare with music chorus – is it God or Satan or Archons…..?


This is what they playing and transmit into my apartment

And then torturing with sirens and grasstrimmer sound to create sleeå deprivation and them brainwashing or targetting your mind, brain and head with same music chorus for 15-18 hours and they have close down your internet and all your tv channels and they have been shooting firecrackers for 15 days

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