Swedish Modern Technology – Sounds in every tv- broadcasting

These sounds appearing in the tv broadcasting every day.

The sound switch

This sound is from this commercial for LOKA Water and she is saying

Jag har jobbat här i 10 år ( I have been working here for 10 years)

“Rutin människa liksom” ( A sort of routine person)

And when this Man-Made “Unpleasant” Sound Created appeara you can hear a new words exact when the sound is appearing

It sounds she is saying “Den svensk silvriga” and is a description when someone is describing a color on a car for example – the silver colored car – so “Den svensk silvriga” means “the swedish silver colored”. what has this to do with commercial for water and why have they change or manipulated from the original?

Why are swedes using television and broadcasting to create “Unpleasant” sounds and why are they changing words in the commercials and why does it appearing exact when the “Unpleasant” switch Sound appearing.

Does LOKA Water has something to do with silver and water…?

Or is this some form of interference between two channels and therefore creates a switch sound………


These sound appearing every day and sometimes several per hour and sometimes this switch sound is HIGH

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