Swedish mind health(s)care psychology

Swedish Healthcare and Swedish psychiatry is a big government brainwashing machine and health(S)care control aparatus, a big mk ultra, mind control, monarch programming facility. It is a  huge experiment fear factory and a theater scene to act and make realism to surrealism. A attempt to try split your personality and reality view from realistic to surrealistic.

Here is a example of political abuse of psychiatry in a Police State of Sweden and the Swedish healthcare during one year in therapy.


Therapist informs you there is something called dreamwatcher/dreamguard (Swedish Big Brother psychology)


Pharmacies in Sweden using Big Brother psychology to affect you psychological when you bying products from them (Swedish Big Brother psychology)


They start implement or anchoring the word ”classified” in psychiatry and then chaining it to pharmacies, and then even arranged same text over the computer screen on my journal in swedish healthcare. These methods and all other they using is same they using during nazi-war when medical doctors, nurses, pharmacies, wellfare was collaborated with Gestapo. Here is some example of that:


They airstalking you with a helicopter (persecution) on your way to the therapy and then also hovering over the roofs during the therapy (persecution again), and the hovering around your apartment and then starts airstalking you everytime you going out.


Then they start using sound of sirens everywhere, indoors, outdoors, even in healthcare they start having low background sensitizing sounds


They hacking your computer and they hacking your phone and they surveillance which tv-programs you watch and this during therapy


They create a fake fire alarm during thearapy to mirroring your life


They create a fake power break during conversation with a doctor


Doctors changing shirt to start a gaslighting process


They playing street theater in healthcare and psychiatry in waiting rooms


They using look alikes in waiting rooms in psychaitry



A new doctor informs you stress kills (anchoring and chaining process)

After this they start using the word “kill” in media and almost in every sport program I watch (anchoring and chaining process)

Strange voice messages appearing (not from my thinking system). I think all this kill psychology they trying to implement in psychiatry is a evil destruction programming. They trying to activate subconsciousness forces in the abdominal brain and that´s why they start talking about a brain in the stomach.


The therapist has a medical package on his desk and in this medical package he has his business card (anchoring and chaining mechanism – anchoring (medication) and chaining medication control (therapist). He acting God or ”Handler” and provided medication was to mean to be connected to him. He who also informs you there is a ”Dreamwatcher”. He The ”Handler”, medication (with sign of his business card) and then The Dreameacher, so he acting ”God/Handler”, ”Healer” and ”Dreamwatcher” and then he phone number suddenly has expired. This interference and sneaking infiltration Big Broteher psychology is health(s)care and is more like room 101 in George Orwell ”1984”. And he also acting ”Gatekeeper” because he suddenly opens his door and check left and right and then close the door again when you sitting in the waiting room and doing this for month. First you think this cannot be like this, but when you have seen all other actions like when they manipulate your musuc files you listen to music during the night and when they start gaslighting you by changing the volume when you listen to music, it shows this wickedness high-handness to control everything in your life. They even give you transparent bags in the pharmacies when you by products.

They anchoring and chaining and using words in Swedish healtcare/psychiatry and then using this in media and tv (sport programs). It almost felt as a form of subliminal programming to try to destroy your life with MK-Ultra Code Green. They call this therapy and treatment, I call it political abuse of psychiatry. They just don´t implement and ancoring things/objects to mind control you, they also using words in same gangstalking using “trigger words”. Here is a example from swedish healthcare/psychiatry:


They start trying to make you confused by give you misleading information, and gaslighting you, using enviroment manipulation, using monarch programming, mirroring, mind control.


One persons in Swedish healthcare informs you humans has a suicide gene (Mk Ultra Monarch Programming – Code Green) Ostracism project execution – self destruction – drive insane or to suicide


A new doctor informs you stress kills and this when they started with persecution, airstalking with helicopters, fear mongering, firecrackers, started with enviroment manipulation, gaslighting, mirroring, mind control, brainwashing, give misleading and confusing health(s)care information

After this they start using the word “kill” in media and almost in every sport program I watch (anchoring and chaining process)


Strange messages starts appearing in my thinking system that´s not comimg from own thinking system


The therapist using props on his desk during therapy. He has orange on his desk, and then someone has place out a orange on gravestone when you visiting the graveyard


Therapist tells you to call and the number has suddenly expired and not in use (psychological ostracism/exclude and  project execution) and same strategy is used in the regular healthcare when they calling you up and then hang on, so you have to do the internet booking twice (this psychological ostracism/exclude and project execution)


They using big firecrackers outside your window every evening before you have a appointment to a doctor next day for new prescriptions for sleeping pills (to rush you up so you can´t sleep).


I get prescription for 230 pills against sleeping problems. Same doctor wearing a red t-shirt with a textlogo ”OUCH=PAIN”, and same doctor talks about a brain in the stomach and then talks about all diseasaes in the brain when he talks about the abdominal brain (is this healthcare/science)

Later they stop the prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, and there are no new appointment times for 9 weeks to any doctor, and the sleep deprivation, noise harassment going on 24/7 (psychological excluded, medical excluded to break you down or medical blackmail)


They informs me about the brain in the stomach (abdominal brain) and brains all diseases and I didn´t understand nothing. It felt they trying to overwhelming the brain with flooding of feelings (project execution – self destruction). This information they give me when my Kundalini energy is awakening. They knew this and that´s why they talk about the abdominal brain in the stomach to activate more energy for destruction.


Healthcare using ostracism and excluding psychology when they call you and then hang on the phone, so you have to book a new time on the internet so they can call you again (same excluding methods as therapist using when the phone number suddenly has expired)


The call this healthcare and I think it is political abuse of psychiatry and abuse of authority and power


Together with these others projects and psychology it can make people depressive, paranoid, drive someone insane or to suicide.


State of Sweden is aware of the stomach in the brain – the abdominal brain and they use this knowledge against citizens to contol them subconsiously if they visit healthcare or psychiatry


Swedish healthcare and psychiatry (political abuse of psychiatry) gives people misleading information to confuse and to harm. They talk about a brain in the stomach – the abdominal brain in Solar Plexus and they talks about brains all diseases when they talking about the abdominal brain in the stomach (is this science and healthcare or health(s)care)?


Then State of Sweden starts transmitting a song chorus into my apartment ”We control the sunlight”, and then they start transmit same song chorus when I´m outdoors and exercise.


They need to tell their citizens they control the sunlight in the Solar Plexus. But this is not enough, so they give me another social services secretary and her name is ”SUN” (same Solar Plexus theme again).


And this is how the mind of State of Sweden is working. They anchoring and chaining to everything. So the Solar Plexus is a mind control function for the Swedish government. Swedish healthcare gives information and tells you there is a dreamwatcher (mind control). Then gives you information humans have a suicide gene.

It started with healthcare and then become health(s)care and the it become hellscare with all these manipulation psychology.

Then the start with communications interference and then noise interference, crosstalk and non-stop babbling and starts stalking you with communication distraction. Then they starts imitating, mimicking, mirroring, gesturing; Where you go or are, what you do, or think or say.






Thet start to;








Then they start with occupying mind psychology




















PSYCHOLOGICAL SURREALISATION (making all surrealistic unreal)























Then they starts constant Anchoring fear and stress and create constant noise interference

Everything humans can´t understand is scaring and creates fear and if someone is scared for somesone it also has the power over you. And Satan (The ultra Ego wants to be in power not over your mind, he wants to be has power of all minds). Fears comes from Satan (the ultra ego). Satan therefore trying to anchoring fear to everything he can. These actions are mostly manifests in different sounds

Firerackers is used to anchoring fear and to scare and to control

Loud sounds can be used to anchoring fear and to scare and control

They can anchoring fear by banging and smashing in things like railways, drilling in walls, hammering in walls

They can anchoring fear when they persecuting and people standing or sitting in dark places (gauarding, scaring, create paranoia)

They can ancoring fear by using manipulated fear face expressions or wide open eyes (shock) or fear created body language

They can anchoring fear by make others acting and believe you are dangerous when they are the ones who are fearmongering, persecuting, threaten, gaslighting and using enviroment manipulation, tormenting and torture your life

They can anchoring fear by manipulate street light and turn off part of the street lights

They can anchoring fear by make manipulate (with technology) and lure you thinking your hear voices or strange sounds)

Suddenly loud screamings can be used to anchoring fear and to scare and traumabase and trying to activate older thinking patterin in amygdala

They can anchoring fear by manipulate the enviroment (threaten) by dropping a ironpipe on the ground in the middle of the night when you trying to sleep

They can anchoring fear when people standing with a airgun on a balcony in the morning and clicking, louding and shooting

They can anchoring fear when people seems to joking and talking to each other and saying “I will kill you, I will kill you.

They can anchoring fear by waking you up with a firecrackers in the middle of the night or smashing something in the floor so you wake up

They can anchoring fear by manipulate thougts, or dreams, and enviroment manipulation with themes about murderers and knives, make you feel you are a terrorists, or by create false acussing for rape, phedophiles, murderer, thieves or something else, or they can use images of others to affect the mind or use other people to plant subjects into the mind. Then Satan (the ultra ego can use these images and use them against the mind in his accusing campaign. They can manipulate the enviroment and create street theater accusing trigger content.

They can anchoring fear by use trigger words or trigger content to infect, affect and traumabase the mind to trying activate amygdala reactions

They can anchoring fear by spying on your life and by using infiltration psychology and then revaling content from your daily life to make you unsecure and start doubting.

They can anchoring fear by using weakness in your personality

They can anchoring fear by demonization you (make you fear yourself or make you fear your own fears)

Thy can anchoring fear by make people acting like they are scared of you

They can anhoring fear by creating phobias

They can anchoring fear by making you confused

They can anchoring fear by create isolation

They can anchoring fear by enviroment manipulation

They can anchoring fear by make your reaility to a surreality

They can anchoring fear by make you feel your are alone in this world

They can anchoring fear when you can´t trust anyone

They can anchoring fear when it seen to peopla are mirroring or real time interacting/interference with your life content when you listen to radio or watch tv, so you get a unpleasant feeling

They can anchoring fear by trying making people paranoid

They can anchoring fear by misleading information to confuse

They can anchoring fear when they can harmn create pain and make you suffering

They can anchoring fear through a doctrine of fear to traumbae, victimzing, terrorizing, tormening, psychological torture,

They can anchoring fear by make you feel foolish or crazy

They can anchoring fear by accusing you

They can anchoring fear by inudcing stress

They can anchoring fear by persecution

They can anchoring fear by slandering

They can anchoring fear when they attack your identity, self-image, self-confident

They can anchoring fear by demoralization and make you think you have no moral and therefore are dangerous

They can anchoring fear when they bullying you (they are the big ones and you are the small one and therefore have to be scared)

They can achoring fear when they trying to silence your human rights, or when State of Sweden closing down your internet connection and all your tv channels)

They can anchoring fear through spiritual and psychologial warfare against you

They can anchoring fear when they scapegoating you

They can anchoring fear by false amygdala attacks

They can anchoring fear by start alarms, car alarms, use yellow warnings signals (on trucks), start fire alarms during therapy, create power breaks when you have a convsersation with a doctor)

They can anchoring fear by subtle threats

They can anchoring fear by dropping words or content about murderer, dead, death, kill, I will kill you, shooting,

They can anchoring fear by using the law to threaten you, constantly sirens, prison theme, jangling keys, gatekeeping behavior, guarding the steets, police patrolling and security patrolling (hands behind back position), persecution, and they can also manipulate governemnet provided health meetings with content related to victims, police, law and justice, investigations

They can anchoring fear by ostrasize your life and create a feelings of you have to run and this can be made by people walking around with suitcaes everywhere

They can anchoring fear by provoke your amygdala fight or flee mechanisms

They can anchoring fear by trying to activate older thinking pattern in the amygdala and this can be made by manipulate the enviroment with hysterical scremings for hours, start small fires, create smoke of fire you can smell when your are outside (smell of smoke/fire activate instinctly the amygdala to react)

They can anchoring fear by making you doubt, make you feel unsafe, unprotected, make you feel unsecure (landlord can lock up your door to your apartment during the night, they can transmit your credit card code into your apartment to make you unprotected by create actions similar to a computer virus)

They can anchoring fear by using accusing and guilt mechanism. Can be done by brainwashing, false acssuing, lies, rumours, create false memories, inplant thoughts, or use your failures in life to threaten and to create fear

They can anchoring fear by make your mind thinking in a irrational thinking pattern or when they using enviroment manipulation and change your reaility to surreality

They can anchoring fear by provoke the amygdala or mind to anxiety or panick attacks

They can anhoring fear when they hijacking your reaility, hijacking your mind, hijacking your thoughts, hijacking your freedom

They can anchoring fear by excluding and by isolation because loniness can be a frithten feeling to handle.

They can anchoring fear when they mind invasion, create fear when they take away your privacy, your integrity and all your silence

Fear can be induced by many ways to make people not seeking their true selves and keep them away from the the light, true Word of God and Christ.

When humans understand how Satan (Ultra Ego) using fear in many different ways to create control mechanisms many of them will be neutralizied after a while.

Fear are the work of the Devil, Satan., to deceive people, but those who are true believers do not respond to this fear. This is the correct way to react to the low-frequency emotions from Satan when he is fear mongering.


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