Swedish health(s)care Monarch programming “Omega”- Code Green and self destruction program


If you experience a new transformation process that’s awakening your consciousness and your energies the swedish healthcare recomends 12 monts therapy.

Then they dont tell you any information about your awakening – they dont tell if its a kundalini awakening or the spirit thats


Instead they starts a big misleading campaign, gaslighting, brainwashing, mind control, surveillance, starts mirroring you, starts anchoring and chaining and starts some form of Monarch programming – Omega-Code Green -self destruction. This they doing when to much knowledge is awakening, as in spiritual awakening or kundalini awakening

It started with the swedish healthcare or psychiatry informs you about humans have a suicide gene (Code Green – Monarch programming)

Then then the therapy starts and I think the therapist tricked your mind by saying you were one hour to late but he had time to begin the therapy

Then the therapist informs you there is dreamwatcher

Then a doctor informs you about a brain in the stomach

From suicide gene to implement the “kill” word by informs you stress kills and then they starts using same kill word in all sports program you watch

Then the therapist tells you to call and the number has suddenly expired

A doctor starts changing shirt (gaslighting)

Another doctor has a red t-shirt with a “OUCH” text logo and talks about all disease in the brain and talks about a brain innthe stomach

From number thats has expired to a prescription for 230 pills against sleeping problems

Then healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression and now there is no new times to any doctors for 9 weeks

And this they doing when swedish police is noise tormenting and nois torture you and creating sleep deprivation. So they collaborated as nazi doctors did with gestapo


Everything is destruction campaign and this going on every day and has going on for 6 years know


They gaslighting you in departments you visit


They mimicking, mirroring you


They tormenting you every day


They brainwashing your mind with sounds every day


They stalking you with sirens and sounds and music chorus


They playing and transmitting music chorus into your apartment to activate negative emotions, sadness and sorrow to break you down (destruction)


They transmit suicide messages and names on people who take their lifes and died


This program State of Sweden has started is a psychological warfare or a spiritual warfare and today it seems some force has taken over them because it is more like HELL today and people are screaming hysterical at daytime and high pitch screaming after midnight

And it started with spiritual awakening or a kundalini awakening has become a feeling you are passing some form of swedish “Tormenting Hell” and there is a lot of mind games and enviroment manipilation and there is a lot of wickedness psychology

Today they have surrounded my apartment with sound torture equipment and the pushing these buttoms all day and all night and tormenting you with grasstrimmer sound, sirens, negative music chorus to activate sorrow and sadness, and they create sleep deprivation and tormenting you to make you tired and depressed and then play sadness music messages and even transmit names on people who take their lives.

They making reality to surreality

They close down your internet

They close down all your tv channels

And this going on 24/7

And they hacking your computer and starts gaslighting you by changing the volume when you listen to music

It is like cult-leader is trying to gaslighting you and brainwashing you every day. If you want to leave the enviroment it become a obsession to keep a member in this cult leaders power

This is same abusive and gaslighting and brainwashing campaign from State of Sweden


They use everyone to harass you with some form of noise interference or communication interference


It is like cult-leader starts persecution you, then starts surveillance you, then starts changing your reality to surreality, and then starts gaslighting you or mirroring you, then people starts acting and playing psychological communicatio  street theater indoors or outdoors, then the cult leader starts brainwashing you, then he use all your neigjbors and surround your apartment with surveillance technology and noise/sound torture equipment to sound to torture you, then he starts create sleep deprivation, and if you need sleeping pills to get some sleep the cult leader make the doctor stop your prescription for sleeping pills and then there is no new times to any doctors for 9 weeks during treatment for depression, then the cult leader makes them close down your internet and then the cult leader makes them close down all tv channels


If you then need to use computers at public domains they manipulate computers and people acting and playing street theater indoors

If you leave your apartment there is someone who is leavingvor arriving at same time

They shadowing your from room to room

Swedish police transmit sirens and grasstrimmer sound if you visiting toilet at nights

Swedish police transmit sound of cuckoo clock into your apartment

If you going outdoors to exercise they stalking you with sounds or sirens or music chorus you listen to

Fireworkers place out firehoses in the woods and they stalking you with firetrucks and ambulances

They destroy the brakes on your car, they steal your bicycle and if you drop your hat when you exercise they have take even this (20 minutes later and this is day before x-mas in Sweden)

This cult-leader behavior is State of Sweden and swedish police and stalking swedes citizens








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