Sweden stranger than fiction

Final countdown message on heaven and on the radio at the same time and gangstalking ”babbling” neighbor standing in gangstalking position

You can see how they stop trails for a while to make the cross. This was on Swedens national day 6 june 2017 around 10.00

Today swedes want to be pilots to fly around and make crosses on the heavens.

Is final countdown and cross on heaven a form of subtle threath?

This is how Sweden sending subliminal messages

All these clips is just about half of all clips.

This going on 24/7 from everywhere and everyone.

I  wonder if Swedes have gangstalking in their DNA because it is really weird things they doing

and one thing is crazier than the other thing

It seems to take over their lifes because this going on 24/7 and has going on for over 6 years now.

They even standing and pissing in front of you when you exercise outdoors

I just observing everything and see this crazy  action going on day after day and keeping training

Fireworkers gangstalking you

Put out fire hoses in the woods where it did not burn and leave the hoses in the woods where I used to practice

On other places it smells smoke everywhere. Smoke signals (to activate amygdala fearcenter and send warnings to you)

Does this look like a shopping bag from your pharmacy when you buy products….?

Apotek Hjärtat i Angered Great people working there (No MK Ultra and no stalking there and no extreme fake coughing from the personal there honest people) very very safe pharmacy. Swedish pharmacies have lost their privacy. Today you get transparent bags when you shop in Swedish pharmacies, so others can see what you buy, shop and what medicines you need. But it’s only one in the line of all the methods Sweden uses against its citizens today to reinforce Big Brother wants to see you everywhere and they want yoy to feel the life transparent without integrity.

Today, I traded Vallerina to the night. It is necessary when living with sleep deprivation in Sweden

The bags look more like when you submit any remaining medicine (or just more harassment from Sweden- This is how Swedish companies and Sweden government and The State of Sweden works today everywhere). It´same pipeline of bullshit treatment everywhere.

Bags for;

Submit any remaining medicine

The bags is full of tips like this;

Remaining medicines that are flushed into the toilet or disposed of in the garbage can cause serious damage.


As the treatment plant is unable to completely clean the wastewater from pharmaceuticals, they can spread to groundwater, lakes and our drinking water. There is also a risk of undesired dispersion and leakage to the environment via household waste.

There are no large amounts of drugs in nature needed to have consequences. It is known that hormones from birth control pills and hormone patches make certain fish species binge. Antibiotics that come into nature can cause bacteria to become resistant (resistant) to antibiotics. This is a serious problem because it can make the bacteria more difficult to fight when we get sick. It is not yet known exactly how different drugs affect the environment. However, the fact that they affect is absolutely certain.

  1. They create sleep deprivation in your life (to control sleep cycle)
  2.  The healthcare system informs you about the new term there is a dreamwatcher or dreamguard (to control your dreams or create the feeling you are watch even when you sleep). There is no dreamwatcher/dreamguard
  3. They want steal your privacy and integrity or your life by trying control your sleep
  4. This methods is used in many differents ways in the swedish society – the swedish using a no walls psychology/technology and trying to invade all your privacy
  5. Invading your life with daily noise harassment day as night is just another method
  6. Firecrackers another to inavde youru brain with booms
  7. They transmit your cashmachine bank code to you when you try to sleep in sleep
  8. They play sirens during day and night (all seeing eye is there everywhere 24/7)
  9. They also lock up your apartment door during the night to make you unsecure and dount if you really locked the door before the night
  10. They have also went in my apartment during the night and turn on the water in the bathroom so the water is running when I wake up
  11. They also use (transparent) windows psychology – we see through psychology, no walls technology is a coommon method in gangstalking and when people are targeted individuals
  12. Brighting and flashing (even when I go the theater to try have some social life and the actors flashing/brighting you with the scene light and turn it just on you
  13. Same thing next time you going to a movie someone holding a camera against you (this is to create the isolation )

this is gangstalking psychology


One year in therapy

First a big orange on the table during therapy and even toiletpaper and dirt bags all over

and even a open word document in front of you

Orange means death (Illuminati symbol)

They use classical conditionering

Connect subject A to B

or Stimuli A Sound/Thing/Melody/Trigger word to subject B…..

What are a orange doing on a gravestone when I am going there


Garbage harassment on my backyard

Noise harassment when Im going to bathroom











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