Swedish dentist drilling holes in your teeth with purpose, swedish healthcare informs humans have a suicide gene, doctors informs you humans has a brain in the stomach, therapist informs you about an existing dream guard and has business cards in medical package, and Swedish government gangstalkers beaming sirens into your mind when you visiting dentist

After I publish this post they starts looping drum beats as part of their ongoing torturing with different sounds.

When your spiritual awakening process begins or kundalini awakening starts these things starts happening;

Strange comments by dentist; this is how we do in Sweden and he saying this two times. This is a organized gang stalking comment againts people who is targeted individuals and are ostrasized and excluded. This is how of a covert ostrasize comment is used by Swedish dental care.

Organized Gang Stalking is both ostrasizing and persecution and these actions actions can be seen everywhere in the Swedish society. Gang stalking creating isolation and constant stalking. Gang Stalking is hidden disguised covert actions. Dentist make covert ostrasize comments “this is how we do in Sweden” and at same time does the government gangstalkers targetting your mind with sirens and this between the drillings in your teeth.

Then does State of Sweden transmitting and beaming your head with sound of sirens between the drillings and beaming your mind with sirens when you sitting in the waiting room.

Then does the dentist suddenly starts drilling in a another tooth which has no tooth decay and after his drilling you have tooth decay.

This was maybe what he meant; this is how we do in Sweden; drilling holes in your teeth with purpose – tooth decay.

He has checked every teeth before this and this teeth was not need of any drillings or dental care and starts drilling in a teeth which not was included in the dental care plan. Strange ostrasized comments and strange that a dentist suddenly starts drilling in another teeth which was not need of any dental care or not included in the dental care plan, and afterwards has a hole and starts paining.

This is the Swedish sadistic mind of organized gang stalking – Swedish healthcare is same and swedish psychiatry is politcal abuse of psychiatry. These targetteing actions starts after when you spiritaul awakening process starts

Organized Gang Stalking is about control and domination; Mind control and brainwashing, Sleep control and sleep deprivation, and pain control by psychological torture. This Organized Gang Stalking program trying to captivating the human seeing with street theater, mind games, imitating, mirroring, and they trying to captivating the human hearing with constant sound or noise harassment; communication interference, noise harassment, crosstalk, constant background noise, distortion sounds, and they tryin to captivating the human perception with gaslighting, manipulations of reality, thoughts, consfusion psychology, wicked psychology, voice to skull technology, syntethic telepathy, electro magnetic frequency weapon and beaming words, voices, music, commercials to the targeted individuals minds.

This is organized gang stalking in Sweden or The Swedish Hive Mind. Every departmnet in  Sweden particpating in Organized Gang Stalking, even Swedish healthcare and Swedish psychiatry (political abuse of psychiatry). Here is some example from Swedish healthcare after your spiritual awakening process started;

Swedish healthcare for example informs you humana has suicide gene
Swedish healthcare informs about an existing brain in the stomach
Swedish therapist informs about an existing dream guard
Swedish therapist has his business cards in a medical package
Swedish doctors informs you stress kills and afterwards the kill word starts appearing in every sport program you watch

State of Sweden using pain to control. Here is a example from the Swedish society. State of Sweden using the “Ouch” word in different ways. Swedish healthcare and doctors who informs you humans have a brain in the stomach at same time talks about all diseases in the brain, and at same he has a red “sensitizing” t-shirt and this has even a text logo “ouch” on it. Then they beaming commercials into your apartment including ouch word and when you are outdoors and exercise cars appearing with printed text logo with “Ouch”, and when you passing people on paths when you exercise they using same words “Ouch”.

This is psychological warfare and organized gang stalking in Swedish healthcare and Swedish dental care drilling in holes in your teeth with purpose.

Organized Gang Stalking purpose is to destroy, make people look foolish, institutionalized them, drive them to madness or to suicide, and every organized gang stalking actions creating different forms of pain, horror, terror, look foolish, create failures and errors, create long term stress, pain, horror and terrorizng. These actions means they constant sensitizing, triggering, victimizing, trauma-basing, demonizing, dehumanizing, demoralizing, beaming and weaving in words, voices, music chorus, commercials and then starts looping these into your mind to furfill the gang stalking goal of destruction. They creating a enviroment there they triggering negativity, stress, paranoia and schizophrenia by beaming words and voices to your mind to make you believe your hear these things. Swedish “wellfare” services is a good example for this; Social wellfare services workers gaslighting you and trying to make you believe you hear things. And swedish healthcare and doctors also gaslighting; they changing shirts. State of Sweden also using street light to gaslighting your mind when they turn of street light at night and turn on street at daytime.

Organized Gang Stalking is a gaslighting program and a psychological torture program and is covert psychological warfare or covert psychological torture.

Sound torture and sleep deprivation is psychological torture, and when Swedish healthcare then stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression and they continue with sound torture and sleep deprivation is sadistic, and then saying their is no new times to others doctors for 9 weeks is healthcare ostrasize and part of pain/torturing of organized gang stalking.

Here is another strange example from the Swedish society;

Swedish healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, then they don´t have any new appointments to other doctors for 9 weeks. This is how they collaborating to destroy your health in same way Nazi doctor collaborated with with Gestapo. Can Swedish Nazi Gestapo activities be real in Sweden? For example everytime you have a new appoint to healthcare for renewal of prescription they start shooting firecrackers every night before. So these who starts shooting firecrackers has access to when you have a new appointment to healthcare, and these who shooting firecrackers has also access to firecrackers all year. They selling firecrackers in Sweden at easter times and new years times, and these shooting them all year. When you then visiting healthcare they stalking you with helicopter and then hoovering over the roofs, so these people working with same methods as Gestapo was working. This is how they using their authority and access to all information where you go and when you going and then using this to control your life and interfering. Then they walking outside your apartment and shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks, 3-6 hours every day on Sweden. So Swedish people using firecrackers in their organized gang stalking; and who has resoruces to shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks and 3-6 hours every day?

Here is some more swedish healthcare ostrasizing methods;

Therapist phone number has suddenly expired

They manipulate webite to healthcare so the menu which has 3-4 for options no has one

When you book a time for prescription renewal you can book a time they call you, and every time they call then hang up the phone when you answer, so you have to book a new time.

This is the swedish Hive Mind

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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