Swedes is shadowing you

Swedes seems to have the ability to shadowing your life constantly

How come Swedes can shadowing you everywhere?

They know when you going to the toilet

They know when you eating

They know when you moving in your apartment

They know when you writing something even before you publish it

They know when you leaving the apartment

They constructing a manipulated enviroment and when you thinking for this for a minute they start banging and smashing in something – almost like a demon manifest themselves

They seems to know when trying to sleep

They know when you wakening

What is this ability to shadowing you and what does it come from?

Even swedish police is shadowing you. They start playing sirens or grasstrimmer sound when you visiting toilet

Neighbors using water cranes to shadowing you. In same way they seems to know when you moving in your apartment – they sitting and waiting with their water cranes and starts or close them when you sitting on the toilet and even swedish police starts grasstrimmer sound or sirens when you sitting on the toilet.

Swedish people, neighbors and swedish police wants control and shadowing when you visiting the toilet.

Is shadowing a non-human mind control activity?

They standing and door slamming and waiting like they gatekeeping something.

And when you see these swedish people they acting like gatekeepers of “something” because everyone seems to police patrolling.

Everyone walking with their hands in the jacket

And cars driving around with one broken light (Horus Eye) or cars driving around with no lights

People walking around in jackets like this

and almost everyone walking around with their hands in jacket and they standing with hands behind the back and they obstructing with cars like Devil is trying to obstructing you

When I writing this neighbor starts make hitting sounds and in same time the helicopter is appearing before I publish this.

Reality and surreality in State of Sweden 2018








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