Here is an illustration of the human mind or consciousness when it is relaxed. What organized gang stalking does is to change this relaxed state of consciousness to a state of fear, control and psychological terror. Organized Gang Stalking means pscyhological warfare and political terrorism, and this mean they attacking the targeted individuals mind with pscyhological terror, and they using pscyhological warfare, frequency weapon, voice to skull, syntethic telepathy.

The goal with organized gang stalking os to destroy every positive emotion or thought, destroy peace, destory the relaxed mind, destroy life quality, destroy life on every level, and then start using every evil existing method to triggering negativity, victimizing, trauma-basing, slandering, dehumumanising, demoralising, demonizing, and drive them to madness or to suicide.

This image can symbolize a start of the morning, but for targeted individuals this state of mind starts changing after a few minutes

Targeted Individuals day starts with some form of sensitizing activities outside their window, apartmnet, neighbor harassment with noise, or government harassment with sound technology beamed into their minds. With psychological warfare strategies and political terrorism they targetting the mind to change their state of relaxtion. From the relaxed state in the morning they targetting and sensitizing teh mind to this;

After a fea hours in day, and month, years of sensitizing psychology the long term stress is raising





Here is some example how Swedish healthcare is informative:

Swedish healthcare inform human has a suicide gene

Swedish healthcare inform human has brain in the stomach

Swedish healthcare talks about all diseases in the brain when they inform abou a brain in the stomach

Swedish healthcare informs about an existing “dream guard” in this world

Swedish healthcare and therapist has business cards in a medical package

Swedish healthcare doctors informs stress kills and then they start using the kill word in every sport tv broadcasting you watch

Swedish healthcare websites is been manipulated so the menu of services is change from 3-4 for choices to one Cancel
When you book a call-up time in Swedish healthcare they call up and hang on every time, so you have to book a new call up time on the internet and then the meny is manipulated their is just one choice in the menu (Cancel)

Triangels symbolize gang stalkers or organized gang stalking activities from morning to late night. Gang stalking starts at same time, simultaneously and synchronously like a stalking matrix. What these gang stalkers does is to triggering the negative mind and they terrorizing the mind.


They using these methods in organized gang stalking and they create a loop control of same methods every day. These methods can be found in every department in State of Sweden


Here is a example how they trying to destroy your life with sound torture and sleep deprivation In State of Sweden



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