State of Sweden started their looping organized gang stalking method 04.00

This is how Stare of Sweden beaming, looping, anchoring, chaining, sensitizing, triggering, weaving and targetting your mind 04.00 in the morning

They start beaming a looping sound every 1-2 seconds and then make this sounding faster and faster

Then they using this looping sound and this faster faster beaming sound and then add a word: innocent, innocent, innocent, innocent, innocent and looping this sound and “innocent” faster and faster

Then they add a commercial word: “happy” and is used in commercial for “Tinder”

Then they looping the looping sound faster and faster and then beaming “innocent” faster and faster and then adding the Tinder commercial “Happy” word.

When they have beaming, looping, anchoring, chaining, weaving this they now adding ” arrogance” and starts looping this

Now they have beaming a sound faster and faster and adding “innocent” , “Happy”, “arrogance” and now adding “pedophile” to this looping sound and words and then adding ” he is a murderer” to this looping sound

Looping sound

Lopping innocent

Looping Happy

Looping arrogance

Looping pedophile

Looping he is a murderer

And this they have been looping for days, indoors and outdoors

Then adding targetting your mind with these looping sounds and words and State of Sweden using commercials in their organized gang stalking

This started 04.00

A few minutes after I published this a helicopter appearing 04.52 in the morning

They now started beaming finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish fimish finish finish

This is organized gang stalking in State of Sweden


Then they start looping “anxious” anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious

Then beaming “I will kill you” I will kill you I will kill you I will kill you

Then anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious

Then a murderer goes free a murderer goes free

Then they start looping anxious anxious I’m panicking anxious anxious I’m panicking anxious anxious I’m panicking

Then a murderer goes free

This is like a looping reptilian-robotic behavior and the ones who is robotic is The Archons – the controllers.


Then they continue beaming We are the Champ Ole ole ole

We are the Champ ole ole

Then at same time beaming finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finishi finish finish finish every second

And they walking with barking dogs

Time is now 06.36 and they started 04.00

This is how these organized gang stalkers working

Sound technology voice to skull syntethic telepathy and electro magnetic frequencies, helicopters, stalking, barking dogs

Organized Gang Stalking is the Archons hunting and they roaring around day and night

Then they continue looping finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finish finiish every second and beaming this into your apartment.


Then they start beaming and looping anxious anxious anxious anxipus anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious

Then they beaming thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes

Then they start beaming and looping arrogance arrogance arrogance arrogancearrogance arrogance arrogance arrogance

And then the helicopter appearing

These method is the non-human-robotic-archons behavior and the Archons control the matrix

This is a government in this world -State of Sweden gang stalkers looping and beaming these sounds and words

This is State of Sweden organized gang stalking


Life is Matrix, humans is captivated in this Matrix and this Matrix controls the human mind or consciousness.

Organized gang stalking reveals there is a Matrix in place that controls the human mind.

This Matrix is in place in State of Sweden.

This Matrix can’t be seen if this Matrix don’t targetting someone.

It’s when this Matrix of Organized Gang Stalking starts using all covert actions you see how this Matrix synchronizing (organising) several actions at same time.

This Matrix is some form of consciousness or a projection of a holygram of what reality is.

The Matrix is tied to the Moon which is tied to Saturn.

The purpose of the Matrix is to keep humans tuned into a specific frequency (fear frequencies) which keeps us tied into the illusion in order to allow for energy vampirism. The Matrix holographic projection that emits Saturn and is assistated by the satellite we call the Moon.

Our reptilian brain was enineered to keep us tuned into the Saturn Moon Matrix hologram. The Matrix is projected from Saturn and is tied to the Moon as a reflection and continuous regenerator of the Matrix experience.

The Moon is a reciever-transmitter and broadcasting system which has transmission feeding the collective human mind with false version of reality.

The Moon operates by hacking in to or intercepting the waveform information from which the decode reality from the Moon is transmitted a distorted and supressed version of reality. This “false” reality “broadcast” .

The reptilians are broadcasting a false reality from the Moon that humans are decoding into what they think is the physical world. The reality we’re experiencing is not the reality we ought to be experiencing.

We are living in a dream world – a Matrix within the virtual-reality universe.


State of Sweden started beaming and looping sounds 04.00 in the morning and has going on for 13 hours and time is now after 17.00

This presence of this constant stalking indoors and outdoors is this Matrix behavior. This Matrix controls human minds and you can see this when they start targetting your mind and life.

This Matrix can make same people appearing at same places when you going outdoors, so this Matrix must control them to make them appearing at same time and same place. This is how this Matrix building strongholds of mind control. This Matrix using same psychology when the targeted leave or arrive to appartment/home and can synchronizing.

This Matrix control how the gang stalker is gang stalking and which methods to use.

This Matrix even controls their communication and how they interfering; communication interference, psychological manipulations, how to speak covertly (aggression and how to bullying).

This Matrix can synchronizing and starts several of sound or noise harassment activities at same time.

There is a Matrix in place in State of Sweden. People don’t need any education in these psychological warfare and political terrorism because this Matrix has the knowledge and using everyones mind at anytime and how this Matrix want’s

If you open a window nearest people starts makeĀ  noices or screaming or appearing with some form of vehicles: motorbikes, lawn movers, service cars, helicopters.

This Matrix working in real time presence and in same way people or vehicles appearing at same time, so does they stalking and shadowing from room to room in your apartment and then remote viewing interfering in real time to terrorizing the human mind.

This matrix control their body and how to move them, control them how to play street theater and how to communicate covertly, this matrix controls when they start fake coughing or sneezing.

Controls them how to gaslighting, sensitizing, triggering, imitating, mimicking, mirroring, gesturing, and how to use enviroment manipulation, how to victimizing, trauma-basing, dehumanising, demoralising, demonizing, how to fear mongering and how to create long term stress. And peope acting like expert because it’s the Matrix of The Human or (reptilian brain) that’s controls all actions.

In State of Sweden they trying hacking your mind, ego, consciousness, perception, reality, health, sleep, with day and night interference actions.

When you exercise they beaming We cpntrol the sunlight – and this mean your solar plexus brain.


State of Sweden beaming hair shampoo commercials at same time when you washing your hair.

State of Sweden and this Matrix is interfering, hacking, barricading, and truing to captivating every human functions

This mean rhis energy of this matrix interfering day and night and people living in organized gang stalking matrix.

This Matrix holding humanity captivated as hosttages – a Stockholm Syndrome. Humans is kept in a frequency range of the human mind of fear (frequencies) and the human cpnsciousness is controlled with fear. The rulers of this world is the reptilians and the reptilian brain is this fear-based frequency.

Organized gang stalkers in Sweden using fear and stress.

That may be Swedish Gang Stalkers is Nordics Reptilians in disguise. They bpth shadowing at night and remote wiewing and they using these methods to stalk-fear mongering like a organized gang stalking is predator stalking.

This something is the Matrix of Moon and Saturn and this controls Sweden and gang stalkers in a robotic way.






Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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