Sweden, Nordics reptilians, Archons, Moon Matrix and Saturn and Organized Gang stalking


What powers rules on Earth?

Satan is the ruler of this world and Earth

Reptilians is the one’s who rules on Earth

Archons is the Rulers and Watchers of Earth

Organized “Predator” Gang Stalkers patrolling on Earth

Is there four rulers on Earth or is there one frequency – the fear frequency.

If Satan represents a blueprint of the beast, to which blueprint has the human 2 DNA strand been manipulated to?

Has the reptilians social engineered the human genes to the lowest level of consciousness – this state of the mind represents a dream-state or a form of asleep stasis. This is a holygram of reality.

How can humanity be ruled by these powers and rulers?


The Nordic Reptilians/The Aryan have infiltrated everything – and manifest in the psyche five-sense frequency. Reptilian/Aryan race are the force behind the repression of human populations.


The reptilians has infiltrated and enslaved governments around the world, industry, society, royalty, and they controls the human mind by keep them tuned into their range of fear-frequency.


David Icke says; “The reptilian brain in this present form is not a natural or normal but a product of reptilian genetic manipulation”.

The reptilian breeding programme appears to have produced an Annuaki -human – hybrid (Adam) around 200.000-300.000 years ago.

This breeding programme is the Moon Matrix and is tied to Saturn and these frequencies is then tuned into humans.

They say this reality is a biological computer Matrix holygram

This state of mind is s dream-state and a form of asleep stasis.

1 Corinthians 15:51 says; ” I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but will be changed (transformed).


When this awakening starts the world starts hate you’ then ostrasizing and persecuting follows and the collective scapegoat is created.

John 15:18-19 says; If the world hates you, keep in mind they hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as it’s own, but I have chosen you of the world that is why the world hates you (this is today’s organized gang stalking).

The first man (Adam) was of the dust of earth, the second man is from heaven (1 Corinthians 15:47)

1 Corinthians 15:49 says; And just as we have borne the image of earthly man, so shall we bear the image of the heavenly man.

The human mind is enslaved in a dream state and and human living inside the matrix in some form of stasis of asleep, and people don´t know the matrix exist, and Satan exist or organized gang stalking exist, and when people awakening or get awareness they are delusional. When people get awareness the organized gang stalking starts a psychologial warfare to destroy the awakening people; and starts drive them to madness or to suicide. So in this world real knowledge about this reality means the person is “delusional”, and then does the organized gang stalking start gaslighting and drive them to madness. This is the design of this biological destructive mind-computer world. When people, controllers in this democracy starts drive people to madness or to suicide this reveals there is a non-human biological computer program that control their minds in this Matrix. It´s wickedness to drive someone to wickedness or it´s madness to drive someone to madness.

The goal is;

They do not want us to reconnect with the universe.

  • Keep humans in this illusion of holographic projection
  • Keep humans tuned into these fear based frequencies
  • Keep humans enslaved in this cube hologram from Saturn
  • Keep human consciousness asleep and in a dream state
  • And they who is awakening up from this illusion of reality, matrix and computer program is been targeted to drive them to madness or suicide
    This reveals the bigger hidden plan these forces have; destruction of humans and humanity, and replace it with transhumanism or the “artificial man”. The plan reveals they will destroy awareness and working to create a artificial computer brain.
  • This also reveals something about their working methods; Then The Devil don´t exist, The Matrix don´t exist, and Organized Gang Stalking don´t exist they must work with covertly, stealthy, hidden disguised methods. They work with hidden covertly and overtly methods. This reveals how this matrix and the human mind of illusion and projection can be used in Organized Gang Stalking; This Matrix using people as psychological weapons against targeted individuals to drive them to madness or suicide.

The matrix is tied to the moon which is tied to Saturn, or in astrotheology, “Satan”. The purpose of the matrix is to keep humans tuned into a specific frequency which keeps us tied into the illusion in order to allow for energy vampirism. The matrix is a holographic projection that emits from Saturn and is assisted by the satellite we call the moon.

Our reptilian brain was engineered to keep us tuned into the Saturn moon matrix hologram. The matrix is projected from Saturn and is tied into the moon as a reflection and continuous regenerator of the matrix experience.
Everything and everyone gets their energy from the sun. We have been told to not look at the sun and we have also been told to stay out of the sun when the sun is high in the sky. We are energy generators- taking in the energy from the organic yellow sun and giving it to the black sun- Saturn. We take in the sun’s energy through our eyes and through the food that we eat. We are barely being kept alive by the fake food that has become a part of our world.

Everything we have been taught is a lie. Our whole existence is a video game within a cube where we are recycled time and time again through the reincarnation process which probably occurs on the moon.
We must exit the same way we came into this reality. The heart is the first thing that brings life to the fetus in the womb. The heart is a wormhole that leads to the singularity of our creation. As things seem to continue to get worse on the planet within the hologram, going within the heart and living your life in love and gratitude will begin to change your reality.

Captivated in walls of fear; “We have been programmed to close our hearts with fear and only those who bust down these walls within the heart will exit the matrix”.

We are not left in doubt as to who our foe is. It is the wicked one—our great adversary Satan. It is he who marshals and controls all these adverse and dissipating influences. Wherever the seed is being sown, there he is on the watch. He is never far away from the wayside hearers ; he is always watching for his opportunity to snatch away the seed; his one object is to prevent the Word, the seed of the kingdom, getting into and taking root in the heart. He cares little how much of the Word a man may have in his head, or in his mouth, so that it does not enter his heart. He knows that if the heart of any one once truly receive the Word, his power there is broken and gone
We have been cubed- a circle inside of a square cage- or the earth is inside of the cube hologram from Saturn. We can be seen from each dimension but we cannot see into other dimensions. The dimensions are just different levels in the cage. We have been programmed to close our hearts with fear and only those who bust down these walls within the heart will exit the matrix.

“The moon is the foreign satellite that guards the interests of the gods of the underworld” The Golden Web Series, Part 3, 1:13:23
More and more people are waking up to this choice every day. It is a choice to be free of this video game- the hologram that recycles us over and over in a web of deceit. We are going to re-program this video game and this starts with awareness.

What the Reptilians do is manipulate your perception of reality

 Organized Gang Stalking is advanced psychological warfare in the heavely realms, it is so advanced so it designed to not even exist in the democracy or in this world.

Ephesians 6:12 says;  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

The Moon/Saturn Matrix;

“Those in power create the problem, which creates a reaction from the chaos, and the same malevolent beings then present a solution”

Organized Gang Stalking working with same concept; create problems and then present a solution.

“Those in power create the problem, which creates a reaction from the chaos, and the same malevolent beings then present a solution”

The Matrix create problems and then present a solution, and then the Matrix and Organized Gang Stalking is controlled by same malevolent Matrix-minded beings they then present a solution.

Then Satan, The Matrix, Organized Gang Stalking don´t exist and then they using covertly hidden strategies in their psyhological warfare and political terrorism, the person who says these exist is delusional. And because they say these people are delusional and then starts beaming voices into their minds and then starts gaslighting them. and then they want drive them to madness or suicide.

The Matrix and reality

David Icke; “likens what is happening to humanity to the scenario presented in They Live and says the Moon is affecting our minds in a similar fashion to the broadcasting antenna in the movie. He describes the Moon as a “receiver-transmitter and broadcasting system,” which has transmissions feeding the collective human mind with a false version of reality . The Moon operates by hacking in to, or intercepting, the waveform information from which we decode reality, he says. From the Moon is transmitted a distorted and suppressed version of reality. This “fake reality broadcast” is what he calls the Moon Matrix. “The reptilians are broadcasting a false reality from the Moon that humans are decoding into what they think is the physical world,” Icke explained. Therefore, the reality we’re experiencing is not the reality we ought to be experiencing. “We are living in a dream-world within a dream-world—a Matrix within the virtual-reality universe”.

David Icke believes the reptilian brain in humans (in its present form) is not natural or normal but a product of reptilian genetic manipulation. “It acts like an enormous microchip and locks us into their control system,” he says. “Its primitive, emotional, fear-based sense of reality provides the perfect vehicle for collective control and the conflict and insecurity so essential to divide and rule.

When they (the reptalians) unplugged our DNA down from twelve strands to two strands, they programmed us into the lower matrix. We live in a holographic reality that is being controlled not by us; but by them.

When David Icke first introduced the Saturn/Moon matrix he said that he believes that this electromagnetic field, being broadcast from Saturn’s rings, and then focused keenly upon Earth from the Moon base, locks us into a lower consciousness state, but it can be overridden. Because our consciousness can override the frequency, we need to be locked into our reptilian brain in order to decode the electromagnetic frequencies the matrix broadcasts.

Archons or Ancient Earth Rulers and Organized Gang Stalking simularities. Gang Stalkers acting like Archons is described in Sweden

Who are the Archons? The Archons are defined as a group of beings that are very controlling, masters at manipulation who inspire and feed off of negative experiences, and the energies they generate. They can easily influence fear, anger, jealousy, disharmony, war, actions disempowering and even enslaving the masses. They have been referred to as other names by other cultures, fallen angels, djinn, demons, lower astral beings, regenerate ET’s, some greys, reptilian or serpent beings etc. When one is on the path of enlightenment the Archons will rear their ugly heads and come through every conceivable opening or way to keep you under their control. They will come through friends, family, bosses, lovers and almost every agency on the planet. They are masters at derailing your spiritual evolution. Many have willingly chosen to serve their needs, some by fear, some by ignorance, some through material attachment and some by choosing to entertain their baser emotions of the ego. Love, joy, individual freedom and prosperity, unity consciousness, and nature herself are the enemies of the Archons. Service to others with impeccable integrity over service to self, also keeps them at bay.

Archons are demonic rulers and are mentioned extensively in the Gnostic Gospels. They have been behind the scenes for millions of years, manipulating and orchestrating the movements, fears, and emotions of the collective consciousness in order to feed themselves and keep separation in place (keep human mind in a state of duality). Archons are ancient, powerful demons that live at a high frequency of power between the seventh and ninth dimensions.

They are the master liars, manipulators and double speak is their language. The Archons can come through anyone in the matrix anytime, anywhere even those closest to you who fall into the Archon matrix and wreak havoc in your life.

They also plug into and harness the energy of the emotions of human beings, using this energy to feed themselves in many and varied ways, primarily through generating and then harnessing the powerful negative energy of fear. To disconnect from this influence with understanding and ruthless compassion is to free yourself of their Matrix, a matrix designed to ensnare and trap you into systems of financial manipulation and control, media influence, fear tactics, and heartlessness.

The Seven Rulers or Planetary Ego Supports For thousands of years the human consciousness has had seven main supports for its ego structure, which over time have become living, breathing thought-forms or sentient beings. These have become planetary-level entities that create, manipulate, and feed on these archetypal forms within the human matrix. These seven living sentient beings of lust, fear, greed, envy, sloth, ignorance, and pride feed on the life force from people to keep these thought-forms alive and to keep people imprisoned within the planetary light body and incapable of expand-ing outward into their other light bodies.
All seven rulers are based on false body-mind identification, which, if not rooted out from the depths of the psyche and ego, results in us being unconsciously controlled and manipulated by forces buried deep within the collective human mind-set.

Planet Earth is a school planet, where souls incarnate to experience separation; after various life lessons they come to awareness (in dense matter) of being the consciousness that evolves into billions of individualities and in many dimensions: this self-awareness leads them to the natural love for themselves and as a consequence to respect and love for others, so to ascend to a higher level of vibration. But for millennia this evolutionary process on planet earth has been blocked by beings of other dimensions called Arconti (archons): these technologically highly evolved beings have created an electric copy of true reality.

The Reptilian race manifests in the psyche through the five-sense frequency (and organized gang stalking tying to control and interfering with the human five-senses).

Archons act on our five senses, with which we, human beings, can perceive just 5% of reality, a small layer of life that we follow in time-space from birth to death. Their game is simple, like a video game, they send us information necessary to create a life story which is normal for us, we identify with it, creating it in reality. The Archons know the universal and the quantum laws: that’s why humanity is contained in a single collective mind, a wave of unconscious energy, which creates reality in unison. For the Archons, it is easy to move human masses from one observation point to another: they send information and data to the collective mind, which by agreeing and accepting them as truth (consent), focuses his attention on these symbols, creating reality; therefore the focus of the quantum observers creates (a reality) in the matter.

The archons are intrapsychic mind-parasites who access human consciousness through telepathy and simulation. They infect our imagination and use the power of make-believe for deception and confusion. Their pleasure is in deceit for its own sake, without a particular aim or purpose. They are robotic in nature, incapable of independent thought or choice, and have no particular agenda, except to live vicariously through human beings. They are bizarrely able to pretend an effect on humans, which they do not really have. For instance, they cannot access human genetics, but they can pretend to do so, in such a way that human’s fall for the pretended act, as if staged events were taken for real. In this respect, archons are the ultimate hoaxers. This is the essence of “archontic intrusion,” as I call it.

The trick is, if humanity falls under the illusion of superhuman power, it becomes as good as real, a self-fulfilling delusion. ln the cosmic perspective, the archons present a dynamic aspect of the evolutionary scenario of humankind.

When the archons created bloodlines thousands of years ago to facilitate their political, spiritual and economic control of the planet, they did not take a break. The process of control, which I like to call the hive mind, is well advanced and infiltrates every aspect of our lives, including family and relationships. Be mindful that as we attempt to raise our vibration, archontic forces will be working methodically to discourage us from attaining this alignment. They do not want us to reconnect with the universe. Don’t worry about this though because a high vibrational existence is infinitely more powerful than the low vibration of the archons. As long as we keep focused on raising our individual vibrations, everything not resonating with us will fall away.

Archons. The more self empowered, unified, and natural the less the influence. This is a generalization of course notall technology fits into this pattern, technology can be used for positive or negative depending on who is directing the technology. When one is conscious and aware of this they can actually use technology to empower and awaken the masses yet one cannot be in denial of being under the influence of the Archon program. It takes a real adept to avoid contamination and mental enslavement. On the Earth now the major use of technology is the war industry. There are also the pharmaceutical companies, which often create dependencies on harmful drugs, and lesson the health of the individual.

The chemical companies also play a major role in the dumbing down and poisoning of the masses. There are other industries developing methods of spying upon, conditioning and controlling the masses. Your television and other broadcasted frequencies are good examples. Reason this how many people are willing participants in creating, utilizing, and misusing technology in ways that go against basic human rights and universal law. How many people use technology in ways that are harmful, enslaving, invading ones right to privacy? Mind manipulation or controls outside of universal law are serving the Archons or what some refer to as the Beast.

Organized Predator Stalking is Satanic Predator Stalking – this predator stalking mentality – is the roaring and stalking Satan mentality (Satan is this predator stalker on earth) and predator stalking is non-human activities (spiritual powers of evil darkness in high places) – and Nordic reptilian stalkers. Swedish Gang Stalkers has the ability to shadowing and remote viewing and using this to terrorizing in their organized predator stalking.

This is the evil, satanic, demonic and sadistic traits of the swedish reptilian brain of organized predator gang stalking.

Satan´s virus programming means he is trying to re-create us in his own image since day one.

Satan´s frequency, Satan´s virus re-programming, Satanic agenda and gangstalking simularities

Satan´s frequency

The Anti-Christ is not just one being, but a universal consciousness that is subconsciously linked to evil himself. The thought pattern which create these manifestations of hostily and social problems at home and around are seen daily. A Beast denotes a predatory nature which comes from an unseen and almost intangible power. This unseen force causes a common duplication of the same set of similar opinions being spoken through the shared attitudes of many people who may have never even actually met together to formulate an agenda to follow the same spirit.

Such influences seem to devour the light and goodness from many people´s souls. Thus it is as one Beast, or one negative influence among many mouths as if they all seek to mold and shape the same outcome in history. People use their agency to make themselves receptables and mediums to absorb this dark spirit, much like tuning into a single Radio signal on a non-spiritual frequency of trheir own volition. Such is called the spirit of anti-christ and is manifest through a legion of people so it is much more prominent concern that one Anti-Christ.

This system operates similiar to the way a radio station functions. Satan is the program director who select the agenda for the station. The demons and fallen humanity produce the progamming, which propagates and reinforces the agenda (false doctrine). The station then transmit the message over the the air. However, you cannot pick up the station unless you have a receiver tuned to the right frequency. All of fallen humanity is tuned to radio station ”WORLD” with the volume turned all the way up. The reciever is the flesh, which is attraccted to Satan´s frequency. All three aspects work in harmony: the world, the flesh and the Devil.

Satan is ”the prince of power of the air” radio technology and the RFID -chip means just this (RFID – Radio Frequency Identification Microchip).

Because the flesh is the reciever and are attracted to Satan´s frequency it make a match to the sinful body/flesh. The sin nature is sympathic to the evil nature of the world system, so they two are attracted. The main difference between the two is that the world system characterizes the corporate expression of Satan whereas the flesh embodies these same characteristics on a personal level. Whem someone becomes a believer in Jesus Christ, this alognment is broken but only by expelling cosmic thinking from the soul by saturating ourt minds with the teaching of the Scripture.

The reason the believer is not of the world is that he has been chosen out of the world (John 15:19) and borin of God (1 John 5:18). The believer has a new position in Christ because God has deliverred uf from the domian of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His Son (Col 1:15). His nw nature no longer matches the tune being transmitted by the world system. The believer is now able to tune the dial to a new frequency and match his regenerated nature with the things of the Lord. He is now ”the light of the world” (Matt 5:14). He goes from being a resident of this world to being a cosmic tourist (Phil 3:20).

Satan is the he prince of power of the air (radio frequency for an example). In the spirit world many messages are transmitted. Because satan is the prince of the power of the air. One of satan´s tactics to keep you from getting closer to God is to keep you from using a frequency he can´t hear. What´s keeping you from switching channels? To make your way to the throne of God, you must travel to the enemy´s surveillance and Satan´s fear frequency and noise tormenting. Satan is a hell and Satan has imprisoned everyone in his Ego – in his image of the ego of the Beast (lower nature of man). Satan is stalking, persecuting and surveillance everyone in his ego-mind-prison. Satan´s hell is the EGO. Why are humans afraid for humans? The Ego is Satan and Satan is this Ego and Satan using fear to control others Egos, so the human consciousness is a fear based consciousness. Fear is a low frequency.

The frequency of fear (satan) represents physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bondage. It destroys the capacity for expanding light to our consciousness, while it produces slavery in the mind (slaves of the mind). Spreading fear based mind control and dark spirits to hijack the subconsciousness thoughts and conscious belief systems of the masses, is the primary conscoiusness manipulation tool of the Negative Alien and the Controllers. All earth inhabitants have been conditioned to run fear based thoughts as the default setting in the subconscious mind, in order to attract and even more darkness.

It takes personal will and commitment to understand how fear works in the hidden shadows of darkness, in order to find the strength to fully transform it into light. All of us have the internal power to transform darkness into light. Being courageous enough to face our deepest and darkest fears and bewilling to put forth the effort to overcome them, is the path we all must take to secure our cinscoiusness freedom during the Ascension Cycle.

Satan and the Anti-Christ are superstitious understandings representing the shadow side of man and woman. Humanity has an ego and a alter ego. Your soul´s ego is pure and is working duplicate of the loving, loyous, compassionate, and powerful manifesting God that created it. Your alter ego is riddled with fear, anger, againstness, separation, scientific and religigous dogma and whole host of lower vibrational attitudes and emotions, as well as limiting mental concepts as Satan.

Satan and the Anti-Christ are representive of the shadow side of humans. The Antichrist is all that which is against the Christ consciousness coming forward within the individual. It is all that which is altered from the Christ consciousness, and it resides within the soul as the alter ego. The great war between the Christ and the Antichrist is the war between the soul´s true ego and the alter ego. It is a war within self. The anti-Christ was created in direct opposition to the law, and this total self-will ego/spirit knew nothing but evil and manifests itself in a mighty fortress called ego (satan´s mind prison is the ego-prison and more ME, ME, ME people thinking they imprison themselves or are caught in a narcissistic culture).

Satan´s virus programming

The mind was never to give orders on its own, only process the commands of the Creator´s Spirit, therefore, was what satan (the hacker) targeted for a specially designed virus, which we shall call the ”pride virus”.

This virus of satan´s programming working as a terrorist and tormenting the mind and brain. This Satan´s virus programming has hijacked the Truth from Life and he is accusing others to be able to attack like a virus does. When this virus hijacking the Truth it will change information, reality, thoughts, emotions to something Satan want´s to. A opposite world to God or opposite to the True Word of God´s programming or the original Blueprint of God. Satan want´s to change this original Blueprint of God and re-create it to his image and the mark of the Beast. And to do this he has hijacked the Truth from God and can then start working by changing humans minds to something else. Revelation talks about a mark of the Beast. You must have this mark to be able to buy and sell and the RFID chip could be this mark of the beast for a example or it could be this virus which then starts acting like a virus and make changings.

Satan´s tempting is like trying to download a virus into a computer. Satan took advantage of the mind, with its ability to transfer information to the emotions, and ”hacked” into it. Their minds stirred the emotions, and sent a message to the body. The body responds as it was designed to do, but in a way that was not the accordance with God´s will when this virus blocked the original hardware´s programming, which was ”Don´t eat of the tree”. Therefore, the hardware or the body responded incorrectly, and they ate of the tree.

Satan just wants to consume your energy. Satan get´s energy from fear because fear is Satan´s frequencies. And fear gives him more power over you in his kingdom. Satan must operate on a frequency God not using and this frequenciy is fear (tormenting, terrorizing, darkness and lack of knowledge). Jesus says: ”Fear not”..II Timothy 1:7 says; “For God has not given us The Spirit of fear; but of power and love and of a sound mind.” But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. God´s frequency is high frequency based on love and light. Love drives out fear.

A deadly virus was programmed into the computer of the man. The virus was called Lucifer. The virus was created and programmed to operate in direct conflict with God´s will, and tempt man to disobey his Creator. This is the self-will (ego), in direct opposition to God´s will. So crafty, and so powerful is the virus that man, through unaware, is deceived at every thought that touches on morality. Man cannot on his own volition combat the onslaught. The will of God must inercede and overpower the virus to enable man to reject the temptation to do evil. For evil is joy of the flesh and sates the beast of ego. Without this moderating Spirit of God, man would be totally evil.

Romans 7:15; ” I do not understand what I do, for what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate, I do.”

Instead of seeking direction about their actions as they did for everything else from the Spirit, once the virus as downloaded, they took the directive of the serpent, somethings people do too often today.

Even the unsaved man or woman has been mentally blinded by the enemy to never mentally focus on sin with regard to eternity. Remember, what transpires within our mind determines our decisions. If we lose the battle there, then we can essentially be manipulated by the enemy for his purposes. Imagine a computers hard drive. It is designed to function in a certain way and to respond to certain stimuli like the mouse. Keyboard, printers, software and hardware. If we introduce software or internet to our hardware, then we must take specific precaitions to make sure that the hard drive is not compromised. It takes only a few seconds for a virus, a worm, or a hacker to corrupt our comnputer´s brain. It is the same with the mind. It does not take the enemy long to hack into our minds to crash! The software that Satan introduces to our physical hard drives appears to be user friendly and feigns as if it is compatible with our systems.. It in fact carries a very dangerous virus called ”sin-sation” that can destroy thet mental program of the unsaved and saved alike.

The saved have had there systems restored and rebooted and now have anti-virus protection, but they must run a ”systems check” on a regular basis as higlighted by:

”Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15)

Freedom is dying, and the the whole world knows it is taking place! Satan has fabricated a form of freedom that will lead to the destruction of man and trying his best to spread it around the world. Freedom has become poisoned by Satan.

Satan´s virus can be find in the enviroment of Satan and that´s in the three first chakras (animal and flesh chakra). This can also explain why his world is a mind prison or mind of slaves. Satan´s program works in this world of the three first chakras and doing everything to keep out people with Christ faith

Satan´s virus reprogramming the human mind and heart to support and perpetuate Satanic perceptions of achieving godhood. Rather than waiting patiently on God and developing within God´s protective perometers, a beast becomes obsessed with immediate acquisitions of power. Such Beast bcome driven by mometary highs, or sin, which give onlu temporary sensations of glorym which direct souls away from their original programming, causing an exchange of good marks for evil ones. Satan literally seeks to shut down the process that is seeking to complete a man in God´s image.

Satan´s virus programming means he is trying to re-create us in his own image since day one. The virus was called Lucifer. The virus was created and programmed to operate in direct conflict with God´s will, and tempt man to disobey his Creator from day one. Satan constatly overplays his role and his hand. His lust for power id demonic. He has infiltrated generation after generation of humans and everything humans do. Why does so many rebel against God? Because they don´t see Satan for whom he is. Because he doesn´t show himself for who he is. He never introduces himself properly. He hides behind our own desires – lurking in the dark recesses of the human mind. Humans are not aware of his manipulation – many just go with their own selfish flow.

There is a correlation between what is driving a Beastly nature and a Beast´s responsinility for the nature they have chosen with their agancy. Such Beasts cannot fully escape the eternal laws govering cause and effect. They are trapped because they are removed themslves from the the protecting parameters God had etablished. It is their nature to deny that they are actually causing their own andother´s problems. Satan has found much succss, and is laughing!

The virus Satan implants feeds on its own agenda and grows into a Beast, that wants to consume its selfish lusts, unchecked by any law. Those overcome by this virus, eventually self-destruct and subequenly attempt to drag others with them. Satan´s goal with this virus is to destroy man. A brain not programmed with the words of God will not see satan´s influence as destructive virus and will permit him to accimplish his goal. In time Satan installs enough of his program to become a firewall to anything coming from God. Humans are controlled by Satan.

Humans are pawns. Satan is like a virus. The virus, being comprised mainly of DNA, (DNA is the brain of a cell) cannot do anything unless it gets into a cell. One the virus enters the cell, it replaces the cells normal DNA prompting the cell to do what the viral DNA demands. That is to reproduce, not what the cell was before, but what the celll has become. It replicates the virus” It locks like the virus, it acts like virus, and it becomes the virus and produces other virus of its kind. No wonder that, when humans are controlled by Satan, humans begin to look like Satan, act like Satan, and then starts speak and acting as Satan does. People have already started to behave like programmed computer software that is stalking and surveillance others. This is Satan´s virus he is programming into humans.

Here is two opposites of mastering and it is Satan´s who is the ruler in his kingdom he has created

Antichrist (darkenss) is the opposite to Christ (Light)
Antichrist (the ultra-ego) is the opposite to Christ (God´s will)
Antichrist (lower nature of man) is the opposite to Christ (Higher Self)
Antichrist (animal brain or abdominal brain) is the opposite to Christ consciousness
Antichrist (the three first animal influenced chakraa – the flesh body) is the opposite to the other three spiritual chakras (light body)
Antichrist (the false ego – false ego doctrine) is opposite to Christ (True Self of God – Higher Self and your real Spirit Self)

Antichrist – ”The Mark of The Beast” is the opposite to ”The Seal of God”

The Anti-Christ is not just one being, but a universal consciousness that is subconsciously linked to evil himself. The thought pattern which create these manifestations of hostily and social problems at home and around are seen daily. A Beast denotes a predatory nature which comes from an unseen and almost intangible power. This unseen force causes a common duplication of the same set of similar opinions being spoken through the shared attitudes of many people who may have never even actually met together to formulate an agenda to follow the same spirit.

Here is more of opposite mastering; Mind of Satan (Darkness – lower self) or Mind of Christ (Light – higher self) and Satan rules on earth with his opposite values and beliefs.

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of God´s high frequency which is love (low frequency fear)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of God´s faith (Satan creates fear to control)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of God´s leadership love base leadershop (forced submission of authority and worship and fear based leadership)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite energies to God´s energy (negative energy)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of God´s truth (lies)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of God´s light (dakness),

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of God´s word (deceiving)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of God´s love (hate)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of positive frequencies (negative frequencies)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite values of God´s values (spirit of false teaching/prophets)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of God´s leadership love base leadershop (forced submission of authority and worship and fear based leadership)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of God´s progress of humankind (destruction damnation of humankind)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of God´s freedom (mind-slaves – enslavement)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite to God´s free will (mind control and brainwashing)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by God´s opposite to God´s highest frequency of energy, (satan´s world is built up by many differents deceiving energies)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by God´s opposite to Divine and Oneness (separate from the true selves, duality and split of mind)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by to God´s oposite healing knowledge (satan creates illness, depression, persecution and paranoia, confusion, mind errors, stress, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, nightmares)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite of God´s guiding knowledge (satan misleading)

Satan´s Mind Set is formed by opposite to God´s encourage (Satan discourage)

This world is ruled by powers and principalities and demons

Root chakra – The demon of this chakra is fear. Threats trigger what´s known as the ”flight or fight” response and we go to survivel mode.

Sacral charka – The demon thats affects this chakra is guilt. It creates schism and leads to one extreme (we learn to dismiss it and over-indulge) or the other (we gove into it and become self-oppressive)

Navel chakra . The demon of shame, which inhabits action. It creates imbalance

Heart chakra – The demon of this chakra is sorrow. While sorrow is a necesarry vehicle to express emotional paon and grief, too much can weight upon this chakra so heavily that it can close it down, which serves only to disconnect is from others around us.

Throat chakra. This is the demon dishonesty. This includes outright lies, lies by omission, or living in denial

Third Eye chakra – This is the demon of illusion. Disorted perceptions act like a funhouse mirror. They prevent us from seeing reality – we´re seeing only what we want to see.

Crown chakra – This is the demon of attachement act like a anchors that weigh us down and prevent us from moving forward.

The demon of Fear

The demon of Guilt

The demon of Shame

The demon of Sorrow

The demon of Dishonesty

The demon of Illsuion

The demon of Attachement

Satan is ”The Spirit of Lies” – He is father of all lies

Satan is ”The Accusing Spirit”

Satan is ”The Deceiving Spirit”

Satan is ”The Obstructing Spirit”

Satan is ”The Tormenting Spirit”

Satan is ”The Imitating Spirit”

Satan is ” The Persecuting Spirit”

Satan is ”The Distracting Spirit”

Satan is “The Interfering Spirit”

Satan is ”The Spirit of Darkness”

”The Spirit of Fear”

”The the Spirit of Error”

”The Spirit of Confusion”

”Spirit of Evil Counsel”

”Spirit of False Power”

”Spirit of Evil and False Knowledge”

Gangstalking is a form of obstructing with a Man-in-the-Middle Attack on every level of the targeted indiviuals life.

Obstructing psychology including control of your time

Obstructing psychology including control of your sleep (sleep deprivation)

Obstructing psychology including control of your computer – internet/software problems

Obstructing psychology including control of your minds and thoughts

Obstructing psychology including control of your feelings/emotions

Obstructing psychology including control of your privacy and integrity

Obstructing psychology including control of your inner silence of peace

Obstructing psychology including control of your future and destiny

Obstructing psychology including control of your spiritual growth

Obstructing psychology including control of your health functions

Obstructing psychology including control of your free will

Obstructing psychology including control of your morale (demoralization)

Obstructing psychology including control of your faith and knowledge

Obstructing psychology including control of your authority as a divine being

Obstructing psychology including control of your life with torture and noise harassment

Obstructing psychology including control and destuction of you with gangstalking and persecution

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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