Sweden Government or the dark forces using children/barking dogs and even the sound of owls in their harassment of targeted individuals.

If it not is the swedish government or just another force, how come they acting exactly as the Swedis government (ALL SEEING EY PSYCHOLOGY) and adults acting with their mk-ultra, gangstalking or noise harassment

Does this sounds crazy..?

They want you go crazy with these methods, but it want happen.

These methods are from the wicked ones and are crazy swedish methods




Swedish government has one main strategy and it is to turn on/off things all the time. Sirens on/off and then change to other sound harassment.

Adult using same strategy with their vaccum cleaner. Turning on/off all the time on/off

Doorslamming open/close – open/close – open/close

Water cranes and running water – open/close – open/close – open/close

Electronic Drums – fast/slow – fast/slow-  fast/slow or fast turn off/and on.. fast and turn off and on for hours

Motor bikes same – Start/Close On/off Start/close

Same human behavior Laugh(Open)/ then Crying (Close) Laugh /Crying Laugh/Crying

Screaming strategy — Sceaming (high)/Silence (low) Screaming/Silence Sceaming /Silence

Swedish Children using same mk ultra, gaslighting and gangstalking methods I just wonder how it is possible that so young humans can acting in this manner and even have have knowledge about how to use these methods?

Sweden even using handicapped peope in wheelchairs to harass or sending messages to you

They even using the weeker one in the society

How do you know it is to harass you?

If 2-3 children screaming crazy, crazy, crazy or there he live there he live there he lives outside your window you now it is for you to hear it….it seems like they acting theater

It is like why should anyone driving around on a motorbike for hours in the rain without rainwear or helmet…?

It is more important with sound harassment so they drive around for hours in the rain and get wet ….. what power makes young people acting like this when the normal reaction should be to wait or go home. Some inner force in them must tell them to go on….Or force them to stay out in the rain

When you write things about Sweden…………if you go outside a hour later……..children screaming shut up, shut, shut up…….or Swedisg medua can write in same manner

Shut shut shut shut up articles…..Poo is a big Swedish media subject to write about….

It is nothing strange with bouncing a ball or drive motor-bikes outside my window….it is that´s going on  for hour after hour and day after day and that isn´t normal

Bouncing basketballs for hours outside your window and walking or

Going back and forth with bouncing basketball outside my window for hours. Stops for a while and then starts again

Drive Mini-motor bikes around and around for hour /on/off

Screaming hysterical

Same children using screaming  just around after 24.00-01.00 in same manner before sleep

Same children making noises/sound late night outside window

Many swinging their legs in the same way when you using local bus

Running fast and screaming outside

Running indoors

Laughing/crying/screaming one second and change to something else next second

Non-stop babbling

Kicks football to the bicycle room next to my apartment wall


Screaming messages outside window

Using children as their harassment tool

The government harass you with sirens day as night and barking dogs for hoursa and they have learn the children to make same noise (or demons acting throw them to act like this)

Making police sirens noises and sounds like barking dogs outside window and even on other places there I exercise

Ringing bicycles bells

Repeating words

MK Ultra countering

Counting down and up and and jump over some numbers

Some going around a sounds like ringing phone

Some who is 4-5 years old screaming and repating Oh My God

Can you imagine these running around and screaming Oh my god, Oh my God, Oh My god all the time

Or the little older screaming fuck fuck fuck you

Or screaming shut shut shut up

If I going outside on my backyard I can hear Oh my God from the for 10-15 times

Clothing up them in Mickey Mouse or Liseberg Big Ear Rabbit or using umbrellas with mickey mouse ears, or using t-shirts on children with Micke Mouse, or using mickey mouse sun protection for car windows….or make a mickey mouse hair style…

Candypaper garbage on my backyard…

Using lucky scooters classical conditionering

Some pissing in front of you exactly as the adults swedes do

Girls using Skateboards everywhere….

T-shirt symbols

Using prams in the wood

Running around house corners or garage corners

Dropping names

Barking like dogs

They even coughing like the adults do as their gangstalking methods

…and some children even using the adults gangstalking methods and walking with their hand behind their back

Children asking if I am Christ

The standing on roofs or on Minor mountain coats and sounds like police sirens sometimes – just  like a symbol for all seeing eye /or a watchtower…..

These behavior feels manipulated, these behaviors dont come from the angels and it more feels like the kingdom of hell…….the screaming hell a symbol for (noise campaigns 24/7)


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