State of Sweden started targetting your mind 01.00 with pedophile and looping this. then beaming murderer murderer murderer, then looping take off your cloths or I take off my cloths, then beaming pedophile, pedophile and then murderer he is a murderer and then anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious then start looping pedophile pedophile pedophile pedophile thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes a murderer he is a murderer. When you are outdoors they beaming take off your cloths naked and then I take off my cloths naked and they beaming this in the middle of the night


And this they have looping from 01.00 and time is now 04.00

They beaming killing words

They beaming “they gonna kill you”

They beaming “I gonna murderer you”

Then they beaming panicking panicking and then starts beaming I’m panicking I’m panicking

Then they start beaming self destructive words “I want to kill someone” and then beaming “I want to shoot someone”

This is a government that beaming these words into your mind – State of Sweden


In presence time when I write this State of Sweden starts beaming “I gonna shoot you” “I gonna shoot you”

Then start beaming murderer murderer anxious anxious anxipus anxious murderer murderer

They have beaming since then 05.30 yesterday morning and time is soon 04.30

This how they create sleep deprivation with voice to skull technology and syntethic telepathy and can beaming and targetting your mind indoors and outdoors and tormenting you day and night.

State of Sweden beaming

Little frogs little frogs is funny to see

Pedophile pedophile is funny to see

A murderer a murderer is funny to see

Thoose eyes thoose eyes is funny to see

This is how State of Sweden interfering and targetting


Time is now 05.30 and they looping and now neighbors started their harassment at same time – 05.00 in the morning. One neighbor start dropping things on the floor another started synchronizing open and close bathroom water crane and started flushing toilets.

It’s same spirit within them.

When State of Sweden starts beaming sound sirens or using sound of owls or transmit sound of a cuckoo clock or when they using barking dogs in their organized gang stalking people on the streets then starts make same human made sound of sirens owl cuckoo clock and barking

If State of Sweden don’t make their citizens barking like dogs sounding like sirens owls or cuckoo clock who controls them? And does same foeces even choice these method for State of Sweden. Both State of Sweden and neighbors shadowing and remote viewing and interfering with terrorizing. This shadowing and remote viewing is a reptilian race behavior or Nordics reptilians.


Time is now 06.30 and they still going on and how started beaming these looping sound faster and faster to rush up your brain

They have looping this on and off for 25 hours and then does neighbors also started harassing at 05.00

06.30 they start looping I will kill someone and they start beqming I will murderer someone

This is how they targetting your mind

State of Sweden continues looping

Anorher neighbor now standing outside your window and dake coughimg

Another starts making hitting sounds in the floor

They have spirit of stalking and harassing.


State of Sweden now started beaming murderer murderer murderer murderer murderer murderer then starts looping murderer pedophile murderer pedophile murderer pedophile murdererĀ  pedophile murderer pedophile murderer pedophile murderer pedophile murderer pedophile murderer pedophile murderer

This they beaming every second

Time is now 07.30 and State of Sweden start beaming “they gonna shoot you they gonna shopt you

Then change it to “I going shoot you”

This State of Sweden

07.53 State of Sweden starts changing

They gonna shoot

I gonna shoot

They gonna shoot

I gonna shoot

This going on and off

They started 01.00 in the night and has going on for 10 hours

When you take a bath rhey somehow beaming more of these kill you and today something that sound I will kill my self-suicide. Swedish healthcare also informs humans has a suicide gene and that humans have brain in the stomach.

When you going outdoors for a exercise they start beaming a commercial for Tomato sauce Mutti and mutti could mean pussy. Few minutes later beaming I take off my cloths naked. Then pedophile word. Then beaming “here I get hard. Then they beaming half is in, and when your are home again they start looping “Portfolio” portfolio portfolia

They also beaming and looping the word energy energy energy energy every second then they beaming where do get your energy from? And looping this and then beaming he is a murderer

A few days ago they beaming Here you get rhe knife

Today they start beaming Here do you get te MORA knife here do you get the mora knife and then looping here you get the knife here you have the knife

Then they beaming anxious anxious anxipus anxious amxoius

Swedish healthcare also participating in gang stalking when they are informative and say humans has a suicide gene and humans has a brain in stomach


Then does State of Sweden beaming They gonna kill you I will murderer you

They will shoot you

I will shoot you

They will shoot you

I will shoot you

Then beaming panicking and then I’m panicking

Then they beaming I want shoot spmeone and I will kill someone

And today it sound like I will kill my self/suicide

Swedish healrhcare also informs stress kills and then does they start using the kill word in wvery sport program

Then does people start using “I will kill you” when you passing them. It’s covertly fear mongering. They dont say it direct to you, they taegetting you covertly.

This is organized gang stalking in Sweden


Then they beaming commercial for K-Rauta and there is a phrase in this commercial they saying “ir could be good to talk to someone” and they beaming this outdoors when you exercise and then when you are home again.

State of Sweden has beaming I take of my cloths naked indoors and outdoors and today when you changing cloths for your exercise rhey start beaming I take off my cloths naked

And when you washing your hair they start beaming hair shampoo commercial at same time you washing your hair.

Then they beaming Mexico Mexico into your apartment and when you buy Cola to drink from the food store they start beaming Mexi-cola in to your apartment.


When you watch tv series they start beaming these into apartment

When you watch tv programs they start beaming commercials from these programs and beaming sport commentators voices into your apartment, same method is used when you listen to music and beaming this.

Is this human behavior or Reptilians or Archons behavior


They say the powers is the evil of darkness and wickedness in high places

And the main goal with organized gang stalking is to drive the targeted individual to madness or to suocide and it seems State of Sweden beaming a lot of kill you message and keep you awaken with these constant looping and beaming.

No sleep this night

State of Sweden acting like they are Satan

They beaming commercials in the middle of the night for Uncle Ben rice “I want you”

And they beeming and beaminh ka-ching

People acring in same and playing music when at same places when you passing them when you exercise; “I want your body” and then “Your body Your body

People on streets imitating State of Sweden whwn they beaming sirens, using sound of owls, sound of a cuckoo clock or when people using barking dogs. People then starts imitating these sounds and make human made sounds of sirens, owls, cuckoo clock andĀ  barking dogs, and when state of sweden starts beaming “I want you” people then start playing music on samw theme “I want your body” or Your body

Is this 2018

In Sweden they can accusing you in this covert way for 7 years

Satan is a accuser

After this they start same looping a murderer a murderer s murderer goes free



Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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