State of Swedens spiritual and psychological warfare against citizens

State of Swedens spiritual and psychological warfare against citizens and their departments warfare in the wellfare. Here is some examples of different departments and how they creating this psychological warfare against citizens and examples how they collaborate in Swedish society. This collaboration is a Swedish Big Brother version of how Gestapo was woking during the nazi war. Psychological warfare is real in Sweden and this is ho it can take action.

I have earlier write a post about ho many differents psychologial warfare methods there exist. The post is about Solar Plexus and how this Ultra Ego is the force behind this psychological warfare. They have targeted me for over 6 years in Sweden, so most of these examples is from how they attacking your life 24/7.

Swedish defense (military)

1.Swedish military dfense. They targetting you with directed ads when you using internet.  They using commercials in media and in the public wellfare with words like; ”It is much now”
They using infrastructures abnd playing sound of sirens everywhere or like warnings signals for a nuclear attack and sounds like tornado warning signal.
They use these infrastructures sound speakers system to transmit differents music clips when you exercise outdoors
They transmit a music chorus like ” We control the sunlight” (the solar plexus brain)
They transmit sound clip when Britney Spears have a break down during a intervju
They can mirroring and transmit sounds and voices from youtube videos you have seen earlier (they mindd-stalking your life)
Military intelligence system or police hacking your computer and manipulate your music files and then gaslighting you by changing the volume when you listen to music

Swedish police department

2. Swedish police is stalking you with cars
Swedish police is harassing you with noise tormenting into your apartmnent and using technology equipment and some form of wave frequency sometimes
Swedish police using noise torture by transmitting different sounds as grasstrimmer sound, ice cream truck song, or transmit voices or sounds from youtube videos or from tv-seroes you have seen earlier
Swedish police is stalking you with helicopters
Swedish police is creating sleep deprivation
Swedish police flying around your apartment after midnight
Swedish police stalking you with helicopter when you trying to work
Swedish police stalking you several times per day sometimes
Swedish police hacking your computer during therapy
Swedish police hacking your phone during therapy
Swedish police surveillance which tv-program you watch and then mirroring content from these to reveal they surveillance you
Swedish police starts playing sirens or grasstrimmer sound when you visiting your toilet in the middle of the night

Swedish Healthcare

3. Swedish healthcare using medication ostracism (excluding you) and stops prescription for sleeping pills and this they doing during treatment for depression, and this when they noise tormenting you at night, and then there are no new times to any doctors to get new prescription for over 9 weeks (this is a planned collaboration bewteen police and healthcare to break you down – Gestapo).
And when you book a time on internet to renewal of prescription they call you and hang on when you anwser, so you have to book a new call up time.

Swedish psychiatry

4. Swedish psychiatry is political abuse of psychiatry
After my kundalini awakening started everyone started acting in a manipulated way. If a kundalini is difficult to understand when its starts it´s not make nothing easier when everyone starts playing mind-games with you, gaslighting, misleading you and then these people think you will trust on their knowledge. Here is a few examples from one year in therapy when my kundalini process started
They informs you humans have a suicide gene
I think the therapist tricked me when it was time to start the therapy. I was one hour late they say to the booked time, but he had time to start the therapy anyhow. Everything felt manipulated and constructed somehow.
Doctor changing shirt (started gaslighting process)
Then the therapist informs you there is something called dreamwatcher
Then the therapist has his business card in a medical package. He acting dreamwatcher (thought police) and medication + his business card (he is the healer)
Then the therapist starts opening his door suddenly when you sitting in the waiting room and check left and then check right and then close the door and he is doing this for several months.
Then doctors start informs you with strange information. They implement the ”kill” word when saying stress kills, and then media starts using same kill word in sports program
Another talks about a brain in the stomach (abdominal brain) and then talks about all diseases in the brain
Therapist using props. He started with a orange on his desk and then thereis a orange on the gravestone when you visiting the graveyard (here they also have started some form of collaboration again and someone – probarly swedish police). Then people starts trow orange peel on the winter streets when you hands are cold. Do you eating orange on walkways when its winter?
So here is the healthcare integrity from this therapist gone and it seems things outside the therapy now started to come inside the therapy and things from inside the therapy started to appearing outside the therapy as mind control functions. You understand after a while they surveillance you and then report to him somehow and things they implement in psychiatry appear arounds my appartment. So this therapist takes content from your life history and then starts emotional and mecication blackmailing you and people in your neighborhood starts mirroring your life.
Then they give me a prescription for 230 pills against sleeping problems
Then the therapist tells you to call and the number has expired and no longer in use (excluding – ostracism psychology
They start mirroring your life
They playing street theater in the waiting room and they using look alokes
They manipulate, mirroring, gaslighting, misleading, surveillance you and this when you are in depression and a kundalini awakening process
Doctors and theapist starts using toiletpaper on their desk (guilt psychology)
They started implement the classified wird and then pharmacies started using same word (collaboration again)
Then the doctor constructed so my journal now has the ”classified” text cross over the screen
They starts anchoring and chaining things from the therapy to outside control mechanism. People starts yelling the therapist name and people starts limping everywhere and the therapist is limping when he is walking.
They start persecution, stress, fear mongering and stalking and acting in a sneaking Big Brother paranoid way and all this when everything is with your kundalini process has started
And a day before a appointment to a doctor they started shoot firecrackers every evening before and this everytime. Who has these kind of huge firecrackers stored when they dont sell any? Swedish police. (New collaboration between psychiatry and police who had control when I have new appointments to a doctor). Why does psychiatry inform people who has firecrackers when I have a new appointment to a doctor) and wgy is helocopter flying over the roofs during therapy. Why does Swedish police have control when I´m going in therapy and then flying over the roofs? Orwell 1984 maybe.
Police helicopter starts hovering over the roof during therapy
They create a fake power break
They created a fake fire alarm during therapy (mirroring you when you alarm started when you open your owen)
Therapist starts using his computer to affect your mind and he started with having same screensaver and even it was same why does he has his computer in during therapy and then he started have a wird document open on his computer
Then there is buzzing sounds. Distractions.
They call this therapy when its political abuse of psychiatry and these methods are wickedness in high places.
This is is not healthcare it is healthscare
During the therapy it seems the therapist had started collaborated with police and others who was stalking me, and people who place out orange on a gravestone, and swedish police hacking your computer and swedish police hacking your phone and then surveillance which tv program you watch. These people are just interesting of control others life or hihjacking others life – like the Archons if you heard about them – the rulers, powers and principalities of this world

Swedish employee Agency

5. The government employee agency they manipulate computers you are provided when you search for new work. Employee word dropping and content dropping to sensitizing you.
They double speaking
They get a work for you. It is same postal service company they using for stalking you, and when its time to start up the new work they even dont have working cloths for you. And then the government helocopter stalking you when you are working. A goverment employee agency get´s you a work at government/state owned company and then the government helicopter stalking you when you are working
If you get another work-rehab to do they manipulate the enviroment. They have a police siren on their refrigerator in a christian organozations lunch room.

Swedish Social services

6. Swedish – government social services are using warfare psychology in same way all other departments.
They gesturing and mirroring you (imitating something from your life) if youhave write something about mind map they have done a mind map for an example
They using psychology
They using enviroment manipulation
They trying make you doubt and trying to make you believe you hear things (gaslighting)
Social services provide walkings in groups and these are stalking groups who is sensitizing these walkings with word dropping or content dropping to sensitizing your mind
Social services provide health information and all these health themes is psychological warfare propaganda. So here they spreading their propaganda for 90 minutes and they play street theater indoors, there is beeping door alarms that´s starts and they who is partcipating acting and speaking in a manipulated way

Swedish government trucks

7. They use every form of government trucks to stalking you with.
Firetrucks, and fireworkers are place out firehoses in the woods when nothing has burned and there is a lot of small burnings here and there.
Ambulances is stalking you. They can be parked around a corner or they park a ambulance outside your apartment entrance
They using postal service cars and trucks
There is sirens indoors and outdoors for hours every day
They using all others cars and trucks to stalking you
They using helicopters and they using airplanes

Swedish State Television

8. Psychological warfare propaganda


9.  Collaborated prescription-doctors, but they are also partcipating in this psychological warfare and are mirroring – if you use a egg-timer they start using some form of egg-timer, they give you transparent bags when you buy products (bags which is used  when you return medication you nolonger use). They make comments how much you buy. They don´t alarm off when you buying products,  They acting. They fake coughing.

When a government starts a psychological warfare against someone these actions can been explained in differents ways. Here is some examples:

The Satan the Lower Ultra Ego starts all his campaigns and to do this he needs a lot of people everywhere.
Then Satan starts his hate campaign. Then Satan start his deceiving campaigns. Then Satan start his tormneting campaigns. Then Satan start his persecution campaigns. Then Satan start his fear mongering campaigns. Then Satan start his psychological noise torture campaign. Then Satan start his mind-error creating campaigns.  Then Satan start his slandering campaign. Then Satan start his accusing campaign. Then Satan start his obstructing campaign. Then Satan start his interference campaign. Then Satan start his sabotage campaign. Then Satan start his gaslighting or confusion campaign. Then Satan start his communication and noise interference. Then Satan start his ostracism and excluding campaign. Then Satan start his infiltration campaign. Then Satan start his demoralization camppaigns. Then Satan start his demonization campaign. Then Satan start his sleep deprivation campaign. All these methods are a symbole for Satan´s own perfection and others evil he thinks. Satan is demonizing others when he is the one who are a symbole for evil and working with demonic powers. Then Satan start working 24/7 campaign. This is Satan´s work and gangstalking use same methods as Satan does, and with same purpose to destroy.

This is how State Of Sweden hijacking your Life, Mind, sleep and Reality 2017 and create a Mind Prison or (Strongholds)
They destroy your brakes on your car so you can´t use it
They create sleep deprivation by hijacking your sleep (if they can control your sleep they can control your life and health)
They stop prescription for sleeping pills while they noise tormenting you at nights
Noise harassment – hijacking your silence
Then they hijacking your integrity by playing sirens when you sitting on the toilet or starts noise harassmeny when you take a bath
Then they hijacking your privacy by mirroring and imitating your life
Then they hijacking your social freedom by persecution
Then they hijacking your internet connection by closing it down
Then they hijacking all your tv-channels by closing them down
Then they lock your computer so you can´t write
Then they steal your bicycle so it will be more difficult to get to the public libary and when you using these computers they have manipulate
Then they hijacking your reality and perception by using enviroment manipulation, gaslighting in healthcare, social services, they hacking your computer and starts changing the volume, energy companies starts mixing with the street lights, they make it opposite to confuse the brain (lights off when ots dark and lights on when it´s sunshine), they using wickedness psychology and transmit sounds of a cuckoo clock into apartment and other crazy psychology, and they close internet and tv-channels to make you confused. They trying to make reality to surreality
Then they hijacking your freedom of speech when they close your internet

Satan is a obstructor
Here is more manipulation techniques they using to control all aspects of your life 24/7 as the do in gangstalking

Gangstalking is a form of obstructing with a Man-in-the-Middle Attack on every level of the targeted indiviuals life.
Obstructing psychology including control of your time
Obstructing psychology including control of your sleep (sleep deprivation)
Obstructing psychology including control of your computer – internet/software problems
Obstructing psychology including control of your minds and thoughts
Obstructing psychology including control of your feelings/emotions
Obstructing psychology including control of your privacy and integrity
Obstructing psychology including control of your inner silence of peace
Obstructing psychology including control of your future and destiny
Obstructing psychology including control of your spiritual growth
Obstructing psychology including control of your health functions
Obstructing psychology including control of your free will
Obstructing psychology including control of your morale (demoralization)
Obstructing psychology including control of your faith and knowledge
Obstructing psychology including control of your authority as a divine being
Obstructing psychology including control of your life with torture and noise harassment
Obstructing psychology including control and destuction of you with gangstalking and persecution