State of Sweden using two male politicians voices in their gang stalking, looping Unibet commercials, and now hamburger commercials lines “Does we do any illegal now”

30 august State of Sweden have started beaming a voice from a swedish male politician when you are in your bathroom after your exercise, then they start beaming another swedish politicians male voice into your apartment, and these male voices is from ongoing election campaigns in Sweden

31 august start transmit Unibets commercials when you sitting on the toilet and 1 september they have been looping this for hours today

1 september State of Sweden started beaming a commercials with these lines; “Doe we do anything illegal now” when you are in the bathroom after your exercise. These lines is from a hamburger commercials when they lower the prize on their hamburgers and saying something like; Does we do any illegal now?

State of Sweden beaming Unibet commercials into your apartment, even this the beaming into your bathroom and when you sitting on the toilet, then looping this constantly when you watch tv.

It seems these Gang Stalkers of the Swedish government (some form of hidden agency), then organized gang stalking donĀ“t exist, every day using new commercials, music chorus, new voices, even their own politicians voices (not the sitting government).

And when I writing this post the started beaming sound of sirens and sirens does they also transmit when you trying to sleep, when you visiting toilet, when wakening up, when eat breakfast, when you exrcise, when going to the food store, in the food store, when you visiting dentist and between the drillings theu targetting you with sound of sirens, and then starts same process every night when yoy trying to sleep. This is the swedish sound tormenting cycle or the swedish sound tunne reality they trying to keep you in, or they trying to keep you in “The Matrix”. The Spiritual warfare, psychological warfare, psychological and political terrorism starts when your spiritual awakening process starts, and they targetting your mind with same looping sound day and night.

This is State of Sweden.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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