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January 5, 2018

State of Sweden using Solar Plexus psychology

State of Sweden using Solar Plexus psychology

Solar Plexus psychology is used in swedish healthcare and psychiatry, and by swedish police and social service. They using this psychology to mind control your ego and they using this psychology to fear mongering and then mind control by fear.

Solar Plexus – is the “Solar Plexus brain” and Solar Plexus is the ego.

Why does State of Sweden using this psychology and how does they affect people with it?


State of Sweden using symbolizing psychology to mind control. Swedish psychiatry using orange to start a anchoring and chaining mind “sensitizing” control process.

Therapist have a orange on his desk during therapy. Then there is a orange on the gravestone when you visiting the graveyard. Same therapist has his business card in a medical package. Same therapist informs you there is something called dreamwatcher. And they anchoring and chaining in every swedish department to mind control your life

From therapy to this on the graveyard

And to create a daily sensitizing process people starts throw orange peel on walkways in the winter. This method is used in same way when they sensitizing with words or sensitizing the mind with colors or symbols.

Then same swedish healthcare and psychiatry continue to use this solar plexus psychology.  Then swedish psychiatry informs you about a braim in the stomach. They informs you about human have a suicide gene. They informs there is dreamwatcher.  Therapist has business cards in a medical package. Is this science and healthcare or health(s)care and political abuse of psychiatry…..?

When swedish psychiatry or the doctor informs you about the brain in the stomach he talks about all diseases in the brain.

Same doctor who informs you about a brain in the stomach and talks about all diseases in the brain also has a red t-shirt with a text logo “ouch”. So they using colors and they using text logo on t-shirts as a scientific method and they informs you about a brain in the stomach and thisvis scientific based swedish psychiatry.

Solar Plexus registers fear and swedish psychiatry is aware of the brain in the stomach and then starts fear mongering your mind with fear mongering psychology.  And then they start using this solar plexus psychology everywhere. Swedish police who is stalking you and persecuting you and torturing you with sound torture starts transmit a music chorus into your apartment -“We control the sunlight” and this is same scientific methods swedish psychiatry to inform you they control the solar plexus – the ego. Swedish police evem transmit or playing this music chorus “We control the sunlight” when you exercise outdoors.

Then they even give you a new or anorher secretary at the social services and her name is “SUN”. So State of Sweden informs you about a solar plexus brain and swedish police playing music chorus We control the sunlight to say they control the solar plexus or the ego and social services using same sun solar plexus psychology.


Here is the music chorus swedish police playing

“We control the sunlight”

Here is a letter from swedish social services and she starts with presenting herself with her name “SUN” and these are swedish stalking, mind control, and anhoring and chaining psychology.



Swedishhealthcare and swedish police collaborared in same way nazi-doctors collaborated with Gestapo and they fear mongering, terrorizing and tormenting and they collaborate with their actions.

Swedish healthcare informs you about a brain in the stomach (solar plexus brain) and swedish police playing music chorus to mind control you with “We control the sunlight” – control of solar plexus ego.

Then is swedish police torturing you with sounds and creating sleep deprivation. Then the collaborating healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills and this during treatment for depression and then they dont have any new times to other doctors for 9 weeks and swedish police continue creating sleep deprivation.

And this nazi-psychology collaborating is even worse. Swedish police surveillance when you have new appointment to healthcare and every evening before they start shooting firecrackers outside your window and this every time. So they creating sleeping problems and fear mongering with firecrackers and they surveillance the swedish healthcare system and then synchronizing actions – firecrackers and new appointments to healthcare.

In same way they collaborating with solar plexus psychology – they also collaborating when they start anchoring and chaining in psychiatry with a orange on the desk – then there is people outside the psychiatry who place a orange on the gravestone when you visiting the graveyard.

This is “Twin Peaks” psychology and this is political abuse of psychiatry.


After you publish this swedish police starts playing sirens and starts intense grasstrimmer sound. So swedish police creating sleep deprivation and they targetting and torturing your mind with sounds and they even collaborate with the landlord to surround your apartment with sound torturing technology and then the landlord close down your internet and then close down all your tv-channels, so you have to listen to this sound torturing 24/7.

And before they close down your internet swedish police hacking your computer and manipulate or destroying your music files so the music is goingv normal to higher speed.

And then they hacking your computer and starts to change the volume when you trying to sleep

They trying to destroy your health, life and mind by sleep deprivation and sound torturing and they even hacking your computer to create sleep deprivation.

When they have close down internet and all your tv channels you have to listen to sound torturing 24 and they starts hijacking your mind by transmit same music you listen at nights and transmit same music in the morning and then they starts transmit same music before you going to sleep and to make it worse they even stalking you with same music outdoors

This has nothing to do with a evil manipulated mind, it is the swedish mind. They hijacking your mind, life and sleep with mind “sound torturing” control

They trying to take over your ego or they trying hijacking your ego and they make reality to surreality.

And when I writing this the airstalking helicoper appearing

And there is something with the swedish mind that is like a stalking psychopath, because they mindstalking you and shadowing you like a demon stalking you or trying to hijacking your life.

They say Satan – the ultra ego – or lower nature of men is dwelling in the Solar Plexus and Solar Plexus means ego and Satan was cast down from heaven when he was trying to overthrowing God (the Higher Self) with Satan’ s lower self (the selfish ego). Then Satan created his selfish kingdom on Earth and Satan is the ruler of this planet. He created his selfish world on Earth he couldn’t create in Heaven.

If Satan dwells in the Solar Plexus and is this lower self ego and control this storehouse of energy Satan – this Ultra ego must be some form of demom, because Satan is demon and if Satan is this ego, so must ego, demon and Satan be same energy. And this selfish energy is the Beast energy and it seems this energy control how many of these stalking and torturing methods is actions from the rulers, authorities and principalities who contols the swedish solar plexus brain swedish psychiatry, swedish police and social services informs or saying  they control.


This ego is the The Big Brother


It seems this force get angry when you writing about how these actions going on from early morning and day and night and then starts with same action day after day for over 6 years.

It is a psychological warfare psychology.

And when you writing this people appearing outside your window and seems to sound fear mongering by start loud speaking or suddenly screaming like evil demon and this force using children to hysterical screaming and they even high pitch screaming after midnight. This is not science fiction in Sweden it is surreality of life.

When you see this the conclusion is there is some force who controls people because government dont make children going out and high pitch screaming after midnight.

After this post swedish police start playing sirens

Then they starts playing grasstrimmer sound

Then they start playing different music chorus

And when you listen to swedish music radio swedish police transmit same music chorus into your apartment and they start all these actions at same time

And they even start playing drum sounds

So they attacking your mind with constant sounds or music chorus and this is the psychological warfare

You cant listen to radio because they start using music from the radio and then playing this for a hour or hours.

So they isolate your life by close down internet and tv channels and if you listen to radio they stalking your mind with same music

And when you listen to music from your computer they starts transmit and stalking you with this music

So there must be some evil stalking force behind all these activities


Today is day 10 they shooting firecrackers outside my window


They have been shooting firecrackers from 27/12-2017 to 5/1-2018. So they have storage of firecrackers after they have been shooting firecrackers for 30-35 hours and still has firecrackers left in a low income neighborhood.

Who has a storage of firecrackers for 35 hours and for 10 days ….?

Who buys firecrackers for shooting for 35 hours and for 10 days?

This is swedish firecrackers arsenal in their psychological warfare.



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