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December 24, 2017

State of Sweden tormenting x-mas morning

State of Sweden tormenting x-mas morning


This is how State of Sweden and swedish police is working at x-mas time


They persecution and noise tormenting 24/7


When it’s x-mas morning the swedish police has started the ongoing tormenting campaign even on x-mas. Time is now 07.58 and they have been playing sound of grasstrimmer sound and sirens.


This is reality in Sweden 2017 and they using their sound torture technology they have surrounded your apartment with and they start in the morning.


Who is thinking about tormenting in the morning at x-mas?

State of Sweden and Swedish police


And neighbors doing same thing because they are part of todays new Hive Mind and this force of tormenting is a negative and evil force and when you have seen these new swedish diffuse hive mind behaviors start in x-mas morning this force control these people.


Who starts tormenting or starts noise distractions at x-mas morning – Swedish police and the Swedish Mind


This is how surreality the swedish police are a symbol for

So they make your start of x-mas with tormenting


Somehow it is the symbol for wickedness in high places


This image illustrate how sound is working as psychological torture. It is like your mind is surrounded by noise tormenting equipment and this enviroment the swedish police state has  created when they surrounded your apartment with noise torture equipment and this become a form of sound and noise torture chamber. It is like a psychological torture room 101 as in Orwells novel “1984” and Sweden or swedish police is living in this created reality.


And this psychological torture chamber – room 101 they have created around your apartment. They transmitting all forms of noise tormening sounds as; intense grasstrimmer sound, sirens, sadistic negative music chorus, same sounds for hours and through all night, they using sounds, music, voices and everything they can use to overwhelming and bombarding the mind with constant sounds torture. And if you going outdoors they continue with these tormenting sounds even if you take a walk or if you exercise. It is like a form of sound mind control and they stalking you with these sounds to occupy your mind with walls of tormening sounds. Then they stalking you with cars and helicopters.


It is like  a cult-leader is trying to brainwashing your brain with constant noise tormening sounds. This cult-leader do what he wants and persecution and surveillance you and hijackingvyour reality. And this cult-leader or dictator of reality – make your apartment to a psychological torture chamber. And everyone doing what this cult leader wants them to do to create tormening pain and horror. This cult-leader affecting everyone to starts create a hell of pain. This cult leader starts manipulate your reality to surreality and people start gaslighting, starts confusing, starts with enviroment manipulation, and then every swedish departement starts acting in same way and then everyone starts actingvin this way. Neighbors and people on walkways or people in food stores. And all becomes a bizarre freak show of reality and become a form of Twin Peaks reality society and this is what Sweden has become. A big diffuse Hive Mind in control by a invisible dictator force and this force never sleeås or takes holiday and there is one force thats is tormenting and working 24/7 and working in this way and God is not a tormentor and God is not creating psychological tormenting chambers – it more like a hell enviroment were people persecution and tormenting in and this they doing x-mas morning as today.


They are the mind of sadistic people worse than a nazi-camp and these people in Swedish police departement sitting and pushing these elelectronical noise-tormenting-torture buttoms on x-mas day like their reality is a gameplay and these sound they transmitting is a psychological torture and its a torture because they going on 24/7

So this is the reality they have created and this is the birth of a new police state in europe

This new swedish tormenting “nazi-gestapo-torture-camp” and new birth of a swedish police state in europe has also close down your internet and the landlord who is providing free tv channels has close all your tv channels

This is the new high-handness when a police state starts acting like a invisble tormenting electronical or technological dictator worse than Hitler. This new invisible dictatorship is a results of when democracy becomes technocracy and fascism and this is the new scientific dictatorship.

This new fascism of technocracy is a dictatorship of violence and abuse of authority and power and this is Sweden.


And after I wrote this post they starts playing sirens and while I writing this it sounds like a helicopter is flying here even at x-mas. They never takes holiday these stalking and tormenting people.


In same way the new police state in europe started with grasstrimmer sound and sirens 07.58 in x-mas morning they end the day around 23.58 with play grasstrimmer sound when you visit toilet and before that they playing sirens these moral perverted people (when you visit toilet).

Wickedness in high places

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