State of Sweden targetting you with sounds 24/7



Swedes – State of Sweden – Swedish police is worse than the Nazi surveillance around your aparrment

Swedish police surveillance as Nazi, but swedish police is shadowing you in your apartment, they create sleep deprivation with sound torturing, they psychological torturing and they using music chorus to brainwashing in their psychological warfare and they trying to create confusion and then they close down your communications – internet and all your tv channels and then they start torturing with sounds and when you going outdoors these sadistic people stalking you with same sound torturing outdoors.  So these sadistic people and swedish police is worse than the nazi surveillance.


These people of sadistic nature don”t just create sleep deprivation and sound torturing and stalking and persecuting and targetting you with constant brainwashing soumds or music chorus – they also has ability to shadowing you from room to room and swedish police shadowing you even when you going to the toilet at night.

They have hijacking sleep and reality and your communications and created this torturing surveillance shadowing room 101 – torture chamber around your apartment. Then these people sitting and pushing sound torturing buttoms like maniacs and playing music chorus to brainwashing and sensitizing you

But it worse.

They even fear mongering and using paranoia psychology

They even lock up your apartment door during the night

They make break-ins and make a hole in your shower handle

They transmit your credit card number into your apartment

But stalking, shadowing and torturing swedes are not worse than the nazis because this is the new reality or surreality of gatekeeping in a “Twin Peaks Surreality” of hell.

State of Sweden using a transparent psychology or a paranoia psychology or a infiltration psychology


They lock up your apartment door during the night


LONDON – DECEMBER 06: In this photo illustration a man holds up some credit and debit cards on December 6, 2007 in Glasgow,Scotland.The British economy is beginning to feel the effects of the credit crisis which began this year. House prices have begun to fall and the retail sector is predicting a difficult Christmas period. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

They start using classified psychology.  Doctors start using the classified word. Then pharmacies starts using the classified. Then they construct so your journal has a classified text cross over the screen


State if Sweden healrhcare and psychiatry psychology – Orwell “Thought Police” and “Truth pill” psychology. Business card in a medical package is the swedish “Thought Police” psychology.  State of Sweden has ability to shadowing you and they have the ability to stallking by “Thought Police” psychology.

Stae of  Sweden want to be everywhere

Swedish pharmacies using Big Brother psychology.  If you bying health products they give you a transparent bag which is used for when you want to return medication you no longer using. And to create this stalking and surveillance psychology they using everywhere in Sweden they give you a transparent bag. And this psychology is the swedish “hive mind” and is like a “Thought police” mentality. And thats why everyone is police patrolling in food stores or walkways or walking with hands in their jackets and thats why cars driving around with one broken light or no lights at all.


State of Sweden wants to be the Dreamwatcher and Thought police your dreams and Swedish police playing music chorus to inform you “We control the sunlight” – and this is the solar plexus – the ego. And swedish healthcare and psychiatry informs you about a brain in the stomach and in same time talks about all diseases in the brain and they give me another secretary at the social services and her name is “SUN” ( solar plexus psychology)

State of Sweden hijacking your sleep, reality and communications and then starts mirroring and gaslighting and imitating and mimicking and gesturing and then anchoring and chaining and sensitizing every day and everywhere.   Swedish psychiatry – doctors changing shirt and they mirroring. Social services trying to make you believe you hear things. State of Sweden changing volume when you listen to music. Energy companies using street light to create a gaslighting or confusion psychology




This is the swedish total stalking and surveillance. They persecuting and stalking and shadowing and State of Sweden wants to be everywhere When you visiting toilet they shadowing you. They have make a hole in the shower handle.

State of Sweden wants to be everywhere.  They create sleep deprivation and when you start listen to music at nights and headphones – they start manipulate your music files (they hacking your computer) and then they start gaslighting by changing the volume when you trying to sleep.

Then swedish healthcare and psychiatry informs you about a existing “Dreamwatcher” and this is the swedish Big Brother psychology and then same therapist has his business card in a medical package. Swedish science based healthcare.  This is Orwell psychology – “Thought Police” and “Truth pill” psychology.

This is how State of Sweden building a room 101 – a psychological torture sound chamber. They surround your apartment with sound torturing technology and then neighbors above making constant sounds to sensitizing you all day. They making hitting sounds in floors or walls, jumping on floors, dropping things in the floor, screaming, talk loud, playing music, using water cranes to shadowing you and to sensitizing you, door slamming, banging and smashing in things, hammering in walls and drilling in walls, using power tools, leaf blowers, honking hornes and barking dogs, beeping sounds, firecrackers for 15 days, and they close your internet and they close all your tv channels and swedish police playing sirens indooes and outdoors for hours and playing music chorus to brainwashing you. And they airstalking with helicopter and when going outdoors they stalking you with same sounds and they airstalking you with heligopters every day. And when going outdoors for exercise they stalking you with same music they have brainwashing and targetting your head for hours with same music chorus


It is like Hitler surveillance you and it like Satan torturing you and it is like a cult leader brainwashing you and together they have created a Orwell sound torture chamber – room 101.

And these forces of control is the rulers, authorities and principalities and these spiritual forces is the spiritual and ongoing psychological warfare. And these people using ostracism and persecution and shadowing and sound torturing and sleep deprivation and brainwashing and sensitizing psychology.

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