State of Sweden has beaming and terrorizing 7 hours this night


Then they started 07.00 in the morning and looping anxious for one hour on and off and then started with a murderer goes free.

Targetting your mind constantly with looping worda about murderee and phedophile

Yesterday the beaming they gonna shoot you, and they beaming self destructive thoughts thqt begin with; I want kill someone or I will shoot someone, then they continue on same theme about the theme a murderer goes free and then beaming I’m not any murderer, then they beaming I’m innocent and today they beaming or somehow looping ‘here you get back the knife, here you get the knife, they beaming and looping thoughts to make you believe you thinking when they are looping this into your mind.

Then they start beaming  a murderer needs help, then beaming a pedophile needs help, little frogs need help, ice cream needs help‾

Aftwr I publish this State of Sweden started beaming and looping Why has the bananas run out? And they looping this faster and faster.

Earlier they beaming Mexico Mexico into your apartment on and off all day and when you then visiting a food store and buying Cola to drink they start beaming Mexi-Cola, Mexi-Cola into your mind. This is how State of Sweden stalking you with food products and weaving it together to Mexi-Cola. And wherever you go or buy they start beaming this into your mind. Same when you watch tv series or tv shows they start beaming this into your apartment. When you watch live sport they interfering by start fake nose breathing, and then starts beaming sport commentators voices into your apartment, same when you listen to music they start looping this into your apartment, day and night, indoors and outdoors. It not just State of Sweden that acting like this – swedes acting like aliens or robots  patrolling like they patrolling or roaring around on the streets and create interference. They acting like Archons. State of Sweden using this real time interference everywhere. They even beaming hair shampoo commercials at same time when you washing your hair. When you exercise outdoors they beaming “We control the sunlight” – this mean they control the solar plexus brain and solar plexus mean ego. Swedish healthcare informs about a brain in the stomach – solar plexus brain. They want control your dreams and informs about an existing dream guard. They have business cards in medical package. State of Sweden wants control your sleep and health and creating sleep deprivation with sound torture and psychic driving. State of Sweden even wants control your volume on your computer and using it for gaslighting and changing it or raising the volume at night so you wakening. And they shadowing and remote viewing and starts sound torture when you visiting bathroom at night.

State of Sweden want’s your life and mind. State of Sweden beaming commercials at night; “I want you” and when you are outdoors people starts playing loud music; I want your body  and day after at same place they start playing Your body your body.



They then also beaming Have you watch yourself in the mirror

When you then going outdoors and is home again they start looping; thoose eyes, thoose eyes, thoose eyes, thoose eyes, thoose eyes

They want you make be starred at

They also beaming words like unlawful and they beaming thoughts all day and night and swedes acting in same interfering way.

This organized gang stalking has going on for 7 years soon, day and night, sound torture, psychic driving at night to create sleep deprivation and cognitive thinking problems with 12-15 hours with constant looping same words.

Now State of Sweden beaming anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious

Yester State of Sweden beaming panicking panicking then I’m panicking I’m panicking. They trying stress your mind and make you thinking I’m panicking.

Then does State of Sweden beaming “THEY”gonna shoot you, THEY gonna shoot you

This is how they trying to rush up your mind with they gonna shoot you and dayafter they start beaming you need help with everything.


After I publish this post State of Sweden started anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious

Then looping thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes and then anxious thoose eyes anxious thoose eyes anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious thoose eyes thoose eyes thoose eyes

Then the beaming these and at same time beaming thoose eyes or anxious they beaming they gonna kill you they gonna kill they gonna kill you anxious anxious anxious anxious thooae eyes thoose eyes


At same time they change this they gonna kill you to a murderer a murderer a murderer goes free anxious anxious anxious

And this going on hour after hour day and night like Satan stalking you day and night and never sleeps and organized gang stalking never sleeps.

Now State of Sweden started beaming where did the bananas went? Where did the bananas went or where are the bananas?

After this they start beaming pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia, pedophilia. State of Sweden using bananas and in the swedes organized gang stalking mean pedophilia, so swedes gang stalkers walking around and place out bananas here and there and at same time you see this enviroment manipulation they start fake coughing, and this is the chaining process in organized gang stalking. So in the swedes organized gang stalking brain bananas can be used to create pedophile sensitizi g mind control and then place them in different places make them start fake coughing. This is how they place out things to create a enviroment manipulation.


And bananas mean pedophilia in State of Sweden and beeming where is the bananas.


In presence time they start beaming I going murderer you and then changing to a murderer goes free

State of Sweden beaming “They” gonna kill you” and this is normal in the swedes mind to beaming into your mind and in their minds bananas mean pedophilia and then beaming I gonna murderer you and then a murderer goes free

Now State of Sweden constantly beaming anxious anxious  every 1-2 second and at same time beaming a murderer murderer murderer anxious anxious

And they beaming a murderer is funny to see a murderer a murdeter murdeter is funny to see and then anxious anxious a murderer a murderer a murderer is funny to see anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious anxious a murderer a murderer a murderer anxious anxious

They barricading, captivating and hijacking your mind and consciousness.

This is the battle of your mind and you know who the accuser is and who the stalker is on earth roarimg around day and nightand who the tormentor is.

7 years wirh organized gang stalking

This murderer that going free in Sweden may be The government of Sweden – when you see all these methods and how they beaming “they gonna kill you” or beaming I gonna murderer you. Who murdered the swedish premier minister 1986 in Sweden

There is a murderer free in Sweden and many more people was murdered after rhis that was related to the premier minister of Sweden.

A few minutes after this post a helicopter appearing anf still hopvering around the ropfs , and at same time the helicopter appearing they started beaming anxious anxious anxious anxious. They showing anxious behavior when you write there is a premier minister murderer free in Sweden.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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