State of Sweden starts beaming sirens when you watching tv serie “Stitchers” and then beaming a Youtube voice “Are you Saved”


Here is an example of LIVE Gang Stalking interference from State of Sweden when you watch TV -series “Snitchers”

State of Sweden mirroring every TV program you watch, or TV-serie or TV-shows and then transmit something from it into your apartment, day or night, indoors and outdoors. If you watch Tv series; Berlin Station or Westworld they transmit music from these tv-series, if you watch TV -shows; Survival they start beaming music from the Tribal voting process into your apartment and then their voices (indoors and outdoors), and if you watch tv program they start beaming these commercials from these programs into your apartment and then stalking you outdoors when you exercise. Same methods is used when you listen to music on radio or Youtube they start looping these music chorus into your apartment, day and night, indoors and outdoors.

Today I started watch tv-serie “Stitchers” and here is an example how they life interference when you watch tv series or tv programs. Swedes can interference in real time presence when you watching a tv serie. From “Stitchers” season 3 episod 1 and at 26.35 in the serie they leaving the building and the alarm starts shouting, and they standing outside with weapons, and at same time State of Sweden starts beaming sound of sirens or We are the champ ole Ole Ole and they have some version of it that sounds like a siren sound.

This is this kind of psychology envoriment State of Sweden creating every day. They stalking, harassing, interfering and terrorizing your mind with sounds in all forms, day and night, indoors and outdoors. This is the swedish hunting of organized gang stalking. This is how they stalking, hunting and fear mongering in Sweden. Then they even gaslighting you at department in State of Sweden, trying make you beleive your hear things, they gaslighting with your gmail and changing visit times to Social wellfare services, they hacking yoru copmuter and gaslighting by changing the volume on your computer for some examples.

They start siren sound interference around 13.00 today when you watch the episod 1 season 3

When you then later watching more episodes they start beaming a Youtube voice “Are you Saved” into your apartment or to your mind

This is State of Sweden 2018

State of Sweden maybe are the ones who living in the second heaven or the fourth dimension. They using a lot of psychological aggression covert aggression and psychological torture and political terrorism; State of Sweden beaming “Are you saved into your apartment – is Sweden saved or caught in the second heaven (air) or caught in the fourth dimension..? State of Sweden has earlier beamed “Jade makes people do crazy things” into your apartment and even outdoors, and it seems “Organized Gang Stalking make swedes do crazy things”.

This is a whole system that attacking your mind and life, and organized gang stalking is designed to not exist. Organized Gang Stalking is Covert aggression used in spiritual warfare, psychological warfare, political witchcraft, psychological and political terrorism, political abuse of psychiatry, and they using these methods of covert aggression and covert manipulation and covert gaslighting.

This is how this Swedish organized gang stalking psychology is working; they beaming words, voices, music chorus, or commercials, or harassing you or torturing you day and night, stalking and persecuting, sensitizing your every day, triggering negativity, triggering learned helpnessless, victimizing, trauma-basing, dehumanising, demoralising, demonizing, uisng voice to skull technology, syntethic telepathy, electro magnetic frequencies, using mind control, brainwashing, psychic driving, provoke aggression, make them look foolish, using wickedness psychology and the goal with organized gang stalking is to drive the targeted individual to madness or to suicide.

Organized Gang Stalking mean total ostracism, total persecution, total harassment, total sound torture, total communiation interfernce, total mind control, total brainwashing, total surveillance, total interference, and when you make some expression about this stalking, tormenting, psychological torture, political terrorism they start targetting you even more. And these organized gang stalking entities in State of Sweden can shadowing you and remote viewing your life. And when you using your consciousness to regulate your mind from all these daily action they start interfernce. They creating a tunnel reality and oppressing energy from expanding.

When you watch tv series: Berlin Station they start beaming this. This is how State of Sweden using fear based pscyhology to triggering fear to control you and they fear mongering outdoors. State of Sweden also shooting firecrackers for three weeks and 3-6 hours every day, or shooting firecrckers whenever they want all year. Who has reources to shooting firecrackers for three weeks and 3-6 hours every day, and who has access to firecrackers all year when they selling firecrackers at easter times and new years times. This is how Swedes walking around and fear mongering, indoors and outdoors, and they have stalking and harassing you for 7 years soon.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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