State of Sweden start transmit sirens and looping songs when you read news and start beaming sirens and songs when you visiting toilet

State of Sweden want´s control when you washing your hair or they interfering and starts beaming hair shampoo commercials at same time you washing your hair

State of Sweden using sound of owls when they stalking you outdoors and exercise

Cars driving around with one broken light on their cars and this symbolize the Horus Surveillance Eye

State of Sweden using same color on their organized stalking vehicles

Heicopter, postal service truc, ice cream truck, cleaning comapny has all same bluish color and partcipating in gang stalking

When The Swedisg empöoyment agency get some working project the working place using enviroment manipulation. same surveillance behaviors. A sirens on the refrigerator



You may then move the Swedish flag every time you move a pallet



Pharmacies using transparent bags when you buying health products. This bag iis used when you want to return medication you no longer using


Swedish healthcare informs about an existing “dream guard” (surveillance psychology dreams

Therapist has business card in a medical package (surveillance)


State of Sweden roaring, stalking, persecuting, shadowing, remote viewiing, sneaking, lurking, infiltrating, interfering

everywhere, day and night, indoors and outdoors

State of Swedern starts sirens when you read news, start sirens when you changing tv channels

Swedish healthcate informs human has a brain in the stomach (control the Solar Plexus Brain)

State of Sweden then transmit music chorus “We control the sunlight” into your apartment and then outdoors when you exercise

They interfering when you make dinner and then when you eat dinner

They stalking with helicopters everywhere

The surveillance when you trying to sleep and start sirens same minute, they know when you wakening up and shadowing you and starts sirens or looping commercials when you sitting at toilet and they know when you wakening up and starts sirens or looping commercials

They create sleep deprivation and controls when you can sleep and how many hours you can sleep – (sound torturing with grasstrimmer sound, sirens, looping commercials, looping music chorus, and beaming voices ibto your mind in the middle of the night)

When they control your sleep they also affect energy and health

They trying to control your energy and control your exercise; they targetting your mind with sounds, voices, music chorus, looping commrcials when you are outdoors and exercise They beaming music chorus; We control the sunlight (Solar Plexus Brain or The Ego) and healthcare informs humans has a brain in the stomach (Solar Plexus Brain)

They trying control your Ego, your energy and your perception with gaslighting, confusing psychology, wickedness psychlogy, mind games, doube speaking, covert communication

They captivating your seeing with street theater, clownery, mind games, imitating, mirroring,  (Organized Gang stalking)

They captivating your hearing with sound torture, communication interference, noise harassment, looping commercials and music chorus, crosstalk, non-stop babbling, distortions sound, voice to skull, syntethic telepathy, electro magnetic frequnecies (Organized Gang Stalking)

They trying control when you watch tv progams and creating distortions sound in every tv broadcasting and they even starts fake nos breathing in LIVE tv sport. This is sensitizing


Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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