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January 9, 2018

State of Sweden stalking you with psychological warfare

State of Sweden stalking you with psychological warfare

They stalking you with several psychological methods. Here is some of them;

Perscecution – They persecuting you everywhere and same people appearing everytime you are outdoors.

Persecuting and stalking. They airstalking with helicopters or small airplanes. They airstalking you when you going to the food store, they airstalking you if you exercise outdoors and they airstalking after midnight.

They persecuting you and stalking you to sensitizing your brain. They using cars, trucks, taxi-cars, postal service cars, service cars with yellow warning signals, firetrucks, ambulances and they using police sirens to stalking you but you never see any police cars and they stalking with sirens for several hours every day

Then State of Sweden stalking you with sound. They torturing your mind, brain and head by transmitting sound torturing sounds into your apartment. This sound can be sirens, grasstrimmer sound or ice cream truck song and they creating sleep deprivation with noise torture. And when you going outdoors they playing these sounds outdoors, so they stalking you with sounds in Sweden.

They targetting your mind and brain constantly with sounds. So sounds has become a mind “sound” control.

They have the ability to mind-stalking your mind and they manifest this mind “stalking” control by making different sounds – honking hornes, door-slamming, coughing, talk loud, screaming, firecrackers, beeping sounds, banging or smashing in different things to create sound distractions

From mind-stalking they also have the abilty to stalking you by shadowing you in your apartment.   They now when you are awake and they know when you sleep and they know when you leaving your apartment and they know when eating and they know when you going to the toilet and they know when you write something even before it is published. This is just the neighbors who is shadowing you – even swedish police knows if you going to the toilet at night and start playing sirens or grasstrimmer sound while you sitting on the toilet. Neighbors can start hammering in walls when you take a bath. Neighbors starts coughing when you eating. And when neighbors shadowing you they sitting and waiting to manifest their mind “stalking”  control and suddenly opens thev water cranes.

They stalking you by make things at same time as you. They can leave or arrive to the apartment at same time. And they can stand in different places to stalking you or almost bumping into you

Then targetting your mind and brain with constant brainwashing and when you going outdoors they playing same music chorus they have been brainwashing your mind for hours and playing these music chorus outdoors.

They stalking your mind and brain with anchoring and chaining psychology and this part of the total persecution and sensitizing process. These people can playing street theater or they can stalking you with psychological communication street theater psychology to affect your mind with mind control

They stalking and persecuting by mirroring your life. They playing same music you have listen to and transmit this into your apartment and then they even stalking and playing this music outdoors. If you watch youtube videos they transmit these persons voices when you are outdoors.  Now they have close down internet and close down all tv channels and when they close down this they continue playing sounds from these tv series when you no longer can watch these tv series.

They using different interference psychology to constant stalking you by doing things at same time. They using communication interference, they using noise interference, they using crosstalk and non-stop babbling or talk loud.

When they persecuting and stalking like this they hijacking your life and mind and brain and energy and health and sleep.

Even swedish healthcare are part of this stalking and persecution in State of Sweden psychological warfare.

Swedish healthcare and psychiatry informs you there is a dreamwatcher. So they even wants to stalking you in your dreams. They create sleep deprivation by sound torturing you. Then they stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression and then there is no new times to other doctors for 9 weeks.

Then swedish healthcare and psychiatry informs you about a brain in the stomach – the abdominal brain or solar plexus brain. Solar Plexus is the ego.

Then swedish police starts targetting your mind or brain or your solar plexus brain or your ego by playing a music chorus like “We control the sunlight” and this is same solar plexus psychology healthcare using. And then they give me a new secretary in the social services and her name is “SUN” and this is part of the swedish stalking and persecution.

Then they stalking your mind, brain and life by gaslighting you and they mirroring you and then they imitating you and then gesturing you and then mimicking you and then they stalking you with duplicates and then they stalking you with look alikes.

So they using all these methods every day to stalking, persecution and to sensitizing and they stalking you with wickedness psychology and this going on 24/7.

This is how this swedish force is stalking you everywhere.

And this stalking process starts every morning and they can start by playing a music chorus for hours

Then they can stalking your mind and brain with double binding,  double thinking, double speaking psychology as in Orwells “1984” and all these methods is like a Orwell society.


They stalking you with fear or fear mongering psychology and this has become a psychological warfare and a psychological witch-hunting.

And they using firecrackers in this psychological warfare and psychological witch-hunting psychology. They have been using firecrackers for 14 days.

Swedish police started with playing  music chorus before 07.00 this morning and 12 hours later they playing music chorus 19.00.

It seems this swedish hive mind force must be creating constant distractions

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