State of Sweden shadowing and remote viewing and Archons is described acting in this way

Remote viewing in Real Time is reality in Sweden – From Star Trek to Mind “Scare” Trek. State of Sweden stalking you around your apartment and starts beaming music chorus or looping commercials into your apartment. When you listen to radio in Sweden they interfering, when you watch tv they interfering. Here is an example of live interference or sensitzing in LIVE tv broadcasting; When you watch live tv sport in Sweden they start fake nose breathing in real time, so they know when you watching their sport program and starts some form of sensitizing behavior.

In same way the Swedes starts fake nose breathing in TV and in real time, they talking in same way interfering way. This mean they can make stalking comment in LIVE tv broadcasting. If you write a word like crystalized the commenators using same word in same form when commentating sports, this methods is used in same they using nose breathing sensitizing. And when you walking around in your apartment they interfering.When you start exercise a neighbor start looping drum beats to interfering. State of Sweden transmit hair shampoo commercials into your apartment and when you then start washing your hair they start synchronizing this at same time you washing your hair, they start playing sound of sirens, grasstrimmer sound, looping commercials and interfering when you sitting on the toilet. Same interfering methods everyhere. So they stalking you around your apartment and people around your apartment or from apartments or state of Sweden interfeing, day and night. So this force interfering with the five senses; interfering seeinf with street theater, hearing with noise and sound torture, perception with gaslighting, taste with eating stalking interference, and when you are outdoors an exercise it smells smoke of fire here and there (interefering smell). And Archons is using the five senses to interfering.

2.30-3.00 minutes in this real time illustration they start changing colors on furniture and this could symbolize how real time interference and mind control could be. They manipulate reality and perception with interrfering in real time and this can be done in same second you doing something, watching, start make breakfast, or eating, exercise, visiting bathroom, when you washing your hair, or when you write on your blog, when you sending a mail, even when you thinking they interfering. When you opening your window someone or nearest person make some form of loud high pitch screaming.

If your brainwaves in calm, so does these gang stalkers interfering to change your emotion, thoughts, perception with constant sound harassment, constant interfering with stalking sounds, hitting sounds in floor and walls, drilling sounds, hig pith screamings, honking horns, use of power tools, looping sirens day and night, or looping commercials day and night, indoors and outdoors, sound torture and sleep deprivation. All this interfering, hijacking of mind, energy, health, sleep, perception is mind control and brainwashing and they trying to take over your mind. They looping same music chorus, using psychic driving and beaming same looping commercials for hours every day,

Here is an illustration of soundwaves; if this instead symbolize brainwaves, so does these constantly interfering and harassment of noise, sound torture, and psychic driving, voice to skull or syntethic tekepathy change and affect or infect your mind with fear, stress, terror and changing your frequencies. State of Sweden beaming several of music chorus or commercials at same time to then confuse your mind.

Swedes, neighbors, and State of Sweden is interfering everywhere. Same behaviors everywhere in Sweden – constantly interfering and imitating everything, interfering when read news and starts make hitting sounds in the floor, or state of sweden starts beaming sirens.

Remote viewing is used in psyhcological warfare, and remote viewing is used in organized gang stalking.
Remote viewing existing in Sweden and is used everywhere.
They using this abilty or method to terrorizing the mind with constant surveillance harassment. This mean they stalking the mind and trying to interfering and they harassing.

Remote viewing to terrorizing people´s minds

Sweden and remote viewing terrorizing
Either is State of Sweden using everyone how it want´s to mind control people by remote viewing or there is a Spirit that is using everyone how it want´s by remote viewing. One of these methods is real. Either State of Sweden control this Spirit or this Spirit controls Swedish citizens. One of these choices is real. So who is controlling who in State of Sweden.
These behavior can easily be studied, observed and revealed in the phenomen Organized Gang Stalking we see in today´s society.
They can in presence time reveal they are surveillance you in same second you are doing something. This Spirit is stalking, harassing, interfering, tormenting, decieving and surveillance everything and 24/7, so what kind of Spirit has interest of total mind control, total brainwashing, total interfering, total domination over others?
It seems to suddenly everyone in Sweden has the ability to interfering with you in real time and this mean they are remote viewing your life, indoors and outdoors.
Is this technology or is there a Spirit within humans?
This Spirit is stalking, harassing, interfering, tormenting, decieving and surveillance everything and 24/7
Remote viewing to terrorizing people´s minds
Sweden and remote wieving is real in Sweden

They using remote viewing in their psychological warfare and psychological torture and psychological persecution and shadowing

State of Sweden revealing themselfes that they using remote viewing has proven to be an extremely accurate and revealing “spying” in medium and Swedes interfering in real time or using different infiltration psychology

They know where you are in your apartment and when you moving around in your apartmnet

They know when you going outdoors

They can see what you reading in books

They can see what news you reading

They can see what tv programs you watch

They can see what movies you watch

They know when you falling in sleep

They know when you are awake or awakening

They know when you make breakfast or dinner

They know when you writing mail and can see when you writing mail to departments

They can see when you using your internet bank

They even know when you start thinking or they can beaming in thoughts into your mind

They know when writing on your blog even before you have publish it
This Spirit trying to interfering in every possible way.
They even start walking cris cross on the path when you exercise and start passing them and they suddenly start walking to the other side pf the path where your are running
They also slowing down their walking pace when you passing them (same when they turn of their engines and starts them when you passing them)
This Spirit trying to interfering in every possible way that existing on this planet.
They even sensitizing you when you watch live sport program and make long fake nose breathings in live broadcasting

This is Sweden and they revealing themselves every day by bangings, start make hitting sound, hammering or drilling, high pithc screaming, honking horns

They drop things on the floor or start making hitting sound in the floor

Or start fake coughing when you make breakfast or eating

They shadowing you when you visiting bathroom or toilet and starts sound of grasstrimmr, or sirens or trumpet sirens sound

They can start transmit hair shampoo commercials and then start synchronizing this when you washing your hair. This is how Sweden using this remote viewing to terrorizing your daily life. They constantly interfering and then even imitating everything you do, watch, see, read, listen to, and mirroring this. They interfering and mirroring every day and trying to hijacking your brain or mind.

This Swedish remote viewing presence revealing they shadowing, stalking, surveillance everything you do. This must be the EGO. And this make sence because even Swedish healthcare informs about brain in the stomach and then does the government stalking people transmit music chorus like; We control the Sunlight.

They remote wieving

Then they terrorizing your life with different sounds

Then they imitating, mimicking, mirrorimg everything

Then they start looping same music chorus, same trumpet sound or commercials hour after hour, day after day to building structures in your mind and trying to hijacking your mind

Then they create sleep deprivation and sound torture

Maybe this is the battle of the mind process

To free yourself from the ego mind to the soul ego you have to walk trough these frequencies

If Satan Can’t Steal Your Dreams, He Can’t Control Your Destiny

State of Sweden has beamed ” We control the sunlight”, “I want you” earlier and now the looping “We are the champs – Ole Ole Ole

They beaming We control the Sunlighjt (indoors and outdoors when you exercise). This mean they saying they control the Solar Plexus Brain or The Ego and Willpower


Here is some fatcs about Satan and Organized Gang Stalking simularities, working 24/7 and never sleeps with their harassment, stalking indoors and outdoors, day and night, anywhere and anyone can be used in organized gang stalking to covert psychological warfare or political terrorism, Satan and Organized Gang Stalking has one thing in common; neither of them exist. They are designed to not exist and they using same methods of harassment.

What is so horrifying about these predators is the quality of the pain and perceptual distortions they inflict into their victims’ brains just for the sake of intentionally wreaking havoc, discomfort, and destruction. It is like them trying to implant poison packets into their victims’ brains to deprive them of a good quality of life, their right to liberty, and their ability to pursue happiness.
The negative, innately destructive waste energy of Satan’s demons depolarizes both the normal, healthy mental state of their victims and their natural ability to defend themselves, as well. Another dangerous thing they do once inside their victims’ brains, especially those of lessastute individuals, is to block, fragment, and alter their victims’ thought patterns. They do this when the victims’ usual thought patterns flash or energize along their minds’ neurological-activity pathways to within the parts of their brains that confront or are in contact with the negative vibrating energy of Satan’s demons. Those thought-process energy waves then undergo a flash-quick transition to becoming contaminated and distorted. It can be visualized as the thought crashing against a negative warp zone field and being transformed into jargon, nonsense, and negative language.

As Satan’s demons have the capability of entering minds because minds have many defenseless openings, and as they have the ability to mimic speech in a way that allows them to project their thinking into people’s minds, the ability to contaminate and poison people’s minds, it should not be difficult to imagine why so many people are incarcerated who actually have never understood why they had acted the way that caused them ruin, castigation, and punishments.
We are not left in doubt as to who our foe is. It is the wicked one—our great adversary Satan. It is he who marshals and controls all these adverse and dissipating influences. Wherever the seed is being sown, there he is on the watch. He is never far away from the wayside hearers ; he is always watching for his opportunity to snatch away the seed; his one object is to prevent the Word, the seed of the kingdom, getting into and taking root in the heart. He cares little how much of the Word a man may have in his head, or in his mouth, so that it does not enter his heart. He knows that if the heart of any one once truly receive the Word, his power there is broken and gone. Satan cares very little about any hearing the Word, if he can only keep them as careless, inattentive, forgetful hearers. His easiest work is with the wayside hearers, for while the seed lies only on the surface it can without difficulty be snatched away. Let not any, then, be satisfied with merely hearing the Word, but let such remember that they only hoar to profit who mingle faith with hearing, who receive the incorruptible seed into their hearts.
Satan and his demonic force are waging a war against humanity and like every battle, there is a place where the battle is fought. The battle field is the mind. Looking at 2 Corinthians 10: 3-5 “For though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh: [For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;] Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” It is clearly stated that we do not war after the flesh, which means it is not a physical battle. This warfare is a spiritual warfare, which is being wage by Satan and his demonic forces every micro- second around the clock, all year around. They take no recess, break, or leave, it is a continuous warfare. The battle field is the mind.
This is a world full of people plugged into the mind control grid of the Matrix or the “Hive Mind” of Satan.
Have you ever had a series of negative events take place in your life that caused you to wonder if you could take one more problem? We all have. It’s called harassment. And that’s what this world’s system does. More specifically, that’s what Satan does. Harassment means to irritate or torment persistently; to wear out or exhaust; to impede and exhaust (an enemy) by repeated attacks or raids. And when it occurs to Christians, we say we’re under a demonic attack. The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Only Christians can have this joy, so Satan knows that if he’s going to keep you ineffective in advancing God’s Kingdom on Earth, he has to harass you with crises in order to wear you down and out. That’s his objective. We first became subject to Satan’s harassment when this world’s system was created —when Adam rebelled. As a result, God told Adam that Adam would work by the sweat of his brow all the days of his life. God also told Adam that the Earth would produce thorns and thistles. While this was literal, it was also symbolic of man’s fight with a new system which would always oppose him in this life. The world over which we were originally told to dominate had become a hostile environment toward us, and would attempt to dominate us. And ever since then, humanity has stru cd and strived to make a living and survive. Striving can be defined as expending effort, but getting little or no results. Remember that God first told Adam to increase and multiply. Now that striving was introduced to the equation, it made it much more difficult to do so. The world’s system is against you. It will use you, take advantage of you, and then throw you away. It’s deceptive, as it pretends to be there to serve you. It reels you in and then destroys you. It’s always subtle. Try this or that just once. One time isn’t going to hurt anybody. Then you come back for the second and then the third until you’re hooked. Then the trap door slams shut and you suffocate.

Archons or Ancient Earth Rulers and Organized Gang Stalking simularities. Gang Stalkers acting like Archons is described in Sweden

Who are the Archons? The Archons are defined as a group of beings that are very controlling, masters at manipulation who inspire and feed off of negative experiences, and the energies they generate. They can easily influence fear, anger, jealousy, disharmony, war, actions disempowering and even enslaving the masses. They have been referred to as other names by other cultures, fallen angels, djinn, demons, lower astral beings, regenerate ET’s, some greys, reptilian or serpent beings etc. When one is on the path of enlightenment the Archons will rear their ugly heads and come through every conceivable opening or way to keep you under their control. They will come through friends, family, bosses, lovers and almost every agency on the planet. They are masters at derailing your spiritual evolution. Many have willingly chosen to serve their needs, some by fear, some by ignorance, some through material attachment and some by choosing to entertain their baser emotions of the ego. Love, joy, individual freedom and prosperity, unity consciousness, and nature herself are the enemies of the Archons. Service to others with impeccable integrity over service to self, also keeps them at bay.

Archons are demonic rulers and are mentioned extensively in the Gnostic Gospels. They have been behind the scenes for millions of years, manipulating and orchestrating the movements, fears, and emotions of the collective consciousness in order to feed themselves and keep separation in place (keep human mind in a state of duality). Archons are ancient, powerful demons that live at a high frequency of power between the seventh and ninth dimensions.

They are the master liars, manipulators and double speak is their language. The Archons can come through anyone in the matrix anytime, anywhere even those closest to you who fall into the Archon matrix and wreak havoc in your life.

They also plug into and harness the energy of the emotions of human beings, using this energy to feed themselves in many and varied ways, primarily through generating and then harnessing the powerful negative energy of fear. To disconnect from this influence with understanding and ruthless compassion is to free yourself of their Matrix, a matrix designed to ensnare and trap you into systems of financial manipulation and control, media influence, fear tactics, and heartlessness.

The Seven Rulers or Planetary Ego Supports For thousands of years the human consciousness has had seven main supports for its ego structure, which over time have become living, breathing thought-forms or sentient beings. These have become planetary-level entities that create, manipulate, and feed on these archetypal forms within the human matrix. These seven living sentient beings of lust, fear, greed, envy, sloth, ignorance, and pride feed on the life force from people to keep these thought-forms alive and to keep people imprisoned within the planetary light body and incapable of expand-ing outward into their other light bodies.
All seven rulers are based on false body-mind identification, which, if not rooted out from the depths of the psyche and ego, results in us being unconsciously controlled and manipulated by forces buried deep within the collective human mind-set.

Planet Earth is a school planet, where souls incarnate to experience separation; after various life lessons they come to awareness (in dense matter) of being the consciousness that evolves into billions of individualities and in many dimensions: this self-awareness leads them to the natural love for themselves and as a consequence to respect and love for others, so to ascend to a higher level of vibration. But for millennia this evolutionary process on planet earth has been blocked by beings of other dimensions called Arconti (archons): these technologically highly evolved beings have created an electric copy of true reality.

They act on our five senses, with which we, human beings, can perceive just 5% of reality, a small layer of life that we follow in time-space from birth to death. Their game is simple, like a video game, they send us information necessary to create a life story which is normal for us, we identify with it, creating it in reality. The Archons know the universal and the quantum laws: that’s why humanity is contained in a single collective mind, a wave of unconscious energy, which creates reality in unison. For the Archons, it is easy to move human masses from one observation point to another: they send information and data to the collective mind, which by agreeing and accepting them as truth (consent), focuses his attention on these symbols, creating reality; therefore the focus of the quantum observers creates (a reality) in the matter.

The archons are intrapsychic mind-parasites who access human consciousness through telepathy and simulation. They infect our imagination and use the power of make-believe for deception and confusion. Their pleasure is in deceit for its own sake, without a particular aim or purpose. They are robotic in nature, incapable of independent thought or choice, and have no particular agenda, except to live vicariously through human beings. They are bizarrely able to pretend an effect on humans, which they do not really have. For instance, they cannot access human genetics, but they can pretend to do so, in such a way that human’s fall for the pretended act, as if staged events were taken for real. In this respect, archons are the ultimate hoaxers. This is the essence of “archontic intrusion,” as I call it.

The trick is, if humanity falls under the illusion of superhuman power, it becomes as good as real, a self-fulfilling delusion. ln the cosmic perspective, the archons present a dynamic aspect of the evolutionary scenario of humankind.

When the archons created bloodlines thousands of years ago to facilitate their political, spiritual and economic control of the planet, they did not take a break. The process of control, which I like to call the hive mind, is well advanced and infiltrates every aspect of our lives, including family and relationships. Be mindful that as we attempt to raise our vibration, archontic forces will be working methodically to discourage us from attaining this alignment. They do not want us to reconnect with the universe. Don’t worry about this though because a high vibrational existence is infinitely more powerful than the low vibration of the archons. As long as we keep focused on raising our individual vibrations, everything not resonating with us will fall away.

Archons. The more self empowered, unified, and natural the less the influence. This is a generalization of course notall technology fits into this pattern, technology can be used for positive or negative depending on who is directing the technology. When one is conscious and aware of this they can actually use technology to empower and awaken the masses yet one cannot be in denial of being under the influence of the Archon program. It takes a real adept to avoid contamination and mental enslavement. On the Earth now the major use of technology is the war industry. There are also the pharmaceutical companies, which often create dependencies on harmful drugs, and lesson the health of the individual.

The chemical companies also play a major role in the dumbing down and poisoning of the masses. There are other industries developing methods of spying upon, conditioning and controlling the masses. Your television and other broadcasted frequencies are good examples. Reason this how many people are willing participants in creating, utilizing, and misusing technology in ways that go against basic human rights and universal law. How many people use technology in ways that are harmful, enslaving, invading ones right to privacy? Mind manipulation or controls outside of universal law are serving the Archons or what some refer to as the Beast.

There is a world beyond the world where we actually belong, but we are currently enslaved to the archons and their delusional order. This is the “dualistic anti-cosmic spirit” .

To reach its goal in the realm of the Father and the Son, the soul had to pass through a “Father of Evil” (or “fence of wickedness”), which is defined as “the gates of the seven archons which are shut for ever. Organized Gang Stalking is a design of “Gaslighting” and the purpose with “Gaslighting” or the purpose with Organized Gang Stalking is drive the targeted individual to madness or to suicide, so people can´t entering the Kingdom of Heaven and keep humans enslaved in the duality of the mind or the lower Ego of the mind. And oppressing, obstructing and hindering is part of the organized gang stalking spiritual warfare, psychological warfare, psychological and political terrorism, or political abuse of psychiatry. This is the Beast system and organized gang stalking is designed to not even exist, so these forces can work stealthy, disguised, covertly and secretely through the matrix and subconsciousness mind. Mind manipulation or controls outside of universal law are serving the Archons or what some refer to as the Beast.

When you study Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden today you see stalking behaviors everywhere, day and night, indoors and outdoors, surveillance behavior everywhere, mind control behavior everywhere, brainwashing behavior everywhere, interfering behavior everywhere, they using remote viewing to terrorizing the mind, they shadowing at night, they using surveillance stalking sound everywhere, they using sound of owls in paths or woods, they using stalking sound of sirens indoors and outdoors (day and night), they imitating everything and mirroring everything in your life, they playing street theater, they revealing they are stalking and then interfering, they constantly fear mongering, creating long term stress, sensitizing, slandering, victimizing, trauma-basing, dehumanising, demoralising, demonizing, using voice to skull technology, syntethic telepathy, or electro magentic frequency weapon against targeted individuals.

State of Sweden using some form of Solar Plexus Psychology. Healthcare informs human has a brain in the stomach. Government gangstalker beaming music chorus “We control the sunlight” into your apartment and then they start beaming this into your mind when you exercise and ats ame time a helicopter appearing. Solar Plexus is a symbol for the human Ego, energy, and willpower and when healthcare informs human has brain in the stomach, and informs you about an existing “dream guard”, andthey targetting your mind with music chorus chorus “We control the sunlight” they want´s control your life and ego. This force or energy State of Sweden want´s control may be related to the VRIL energy and this is energy is located in the Solar Plexus.

We control the sunlight

Swedishg Social wellfare service using same Solar Plexus Psychology and give you another social wellfare service secretary and her name is “SUN”. So State of Sweden want´s control the Sunligt, The Solar Plexus Brain, or the ego-perspctive and reality if this world.

Swedish Gang Stalkers acting like they where controlled by a Archon mentality.

They walking around and police patrolling on streets, food stores or shopping centers

They standing with their hands behind their back and holding hands in locked positions

They walking around in hoods

They walking around with both hands in their pocket or one hand in the pocket

Cars driving around with one broken light and you see 4-8 cars every day you exercise

They using sounds of owls outdoors

They transmit sounds of sirens indoors and outdoors, day and night

When the Swedish Employment Agency get a working project for you the working place using enviroment manipulation and has sirens on their refrigerator in the lunch room, and when you working you may move the swedish flag every time you move a pallet.


Here is four vehicles in Sweden and all is used in Organized Gang Stalking and all have same bluish color. The helicopter, the psotal service truck has same stalking color, the swedish ice cream truck has same bluish color, and cleaning cpmpany has same bluish color. And thy driving around you every time you are outdoors they stalking from air, or trucks.

When the swedish government has transmit sound of sirens, using sound of owls, or beaming sound of a cuckoo clock into your apartment, or when they using barking dogs in their organized gang stalking people on the streets then imitating same sounds and start make human made sounds of sirens, owls, cuckoo clock, or barking dogs

They using all forms of sounds, beeping cars, honking horns, firecrackers, car alarms, sirens in all forms,

They have surrounded all your apartment with different sound torturing technology and starts these whenever they want, day and night. Here is an illustration how people all around my apartment walking around with hammers in their hands and drilling machines in their hands and sitting above and hammering in the floor, or sitting with a drilling machine in their hands and psychological slow drilling a few seconds here and there, drilling in concrete walls for a few seconds, ot start hammering intense in the walls, and the swedish government harassing by using their technology and beaming voices, music chorus, looping commercials to your mind, and hen you going outdoors they stalking you with same sound and beaming your mind.

Neighbors above starts fake loud coughing for 15 minutes every day and coughing in evey breath constantly for 15 minutes. Then they start using this fake coughing and shadowing your around your apartment every morning you make breakfast. They going out on the balcony and starts fake coughing at same time every morning, and then starts fake coughing when you eat your dinner, and then when you watch tv-series or movies. After this people outside yoru window starts fake coughing every time they passing. After this pharmacy workers starts fake coughing for 15 seconds. Then they start stalking you in food stores with fake ” double coughing” or around on paths when you exercise and passing them.


When you watch swedish sport tv broadcasting they start fake nose breathing to sensitizing your mind. Here is an example how it sound when a swedish sport commentators starts fake nose breathing and then they start breathing like this in every broadcasting. Then does people on the streets starts imitating even this and sitting behind you on the bus and fake nose breathing, in same way they walking around and fake double coughing, or make human made sounds of sirens, owls, cuckoo clock, barking dogs.

When you sending mail to some department (social wellfare services) neighbors starts make hitting sound in the floor, when you using your internet bank they start make hitting sound in the floor. So neighbors around acting like some form of rulers over you and stalking everything you do. They acting like interfering Archons and shadowing. They interfering when you watch tv-series or movies and interfering in real time presence and sitting above and then dropping something on the floor or start make hitting sound when something is happening in the tv-serie or movie.

State of Sweden interfering in same way and interfering and synchronizing their actions.

State of Sweden looping sound of sirens indoors and outdoors, they beaming and looping same music chorus for hours, day or night, they using psychic driving and looping same commercials for hours every day, indoors and outdoors, day and night, they sound torturing you at night and creating sleep deprivation.

Here is some example how Swedish healthcare informs you;

  • They inform human has a suicide gene
  • They informs human has a brain the stomach
  • They inform about an existing “dream guard”
  • Therapist has business cards in a medical package
  • Doctors informs stress kills and after this the kill word starts appearing in every tv sport broadcasting you watch, or your hear people saying/screaming to each other “I will kill you” when you passing them. They don´t saying it to you but they saying it so you can hear it (covert warfare psychology), This is the design of the covert aggression, it´s hidden in covert disguised double speaking

Here is some example how they creating sleep deprivation in Sweden and how they collaborate in same way they organized gang stalking does.

When all departments is particpating in organized gang stalking they collaborate in same nazi doctors collaborated with Gestapo. When the start targeted someone, they start with sound torture to create sleep deprivation. Healthcare then stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, and the have then no new times for 9 weeks. When you then start buying healthcare products from pharmacies even they particpating in organized gangstalking. You get a transparent bag when you buying products and this is used when someone want´s return medication they no longer use.

Then does they don´t alarm off the products so the alarm starts shouting when you leave the pharmacy. Then does State of Sweden hacking your computer and manipulate your music files you have in the background when they sound torturing you at night, then they start gaslighting you by changing the volume, and then they hacking your computer at night at raisning the volume so you wakening up, they walking outside and shooting firecrackers for three weeks and 3-6 hours every day. Who has resources to shoot firecrackers for hours every day and who has access to firecrackers they can start shooting late night all year when the just selling these at two times (easter times and new year times)

Solar Plexus Energy and Vril Energy

Vital Force and Physical Energy. The Solar Plexus is the source of Vital Force and Physical Energy—the great storehouse thereof, as well as its generator. You may call upon it for an increased supply thereof, and when it becomes convinced of the actual necessity therefor, it will respond. What is “Vital Force” and “Physical Energy”? You know very well what it is like when you feel it manifesting within yourself, and expressing itself in your actions. You know very well what it is like when you see it manifested by another individual, and being expressed in his actions. But find it hard to define it, or to explain it in intelligent words.

of yourself as filled with Vital Force—by confidently expecting the flow thereof into your nervous system from the Solar Plexus, and, in short by being a “positive pole,” instead of a “negative pole” in the scale of mental life. Psychic Force. There is another phase of power inherent in the Solar Plexus; which we shall merely mention here, for it concerns a subject apart from that which constitutes the purpose of this book—yet we would fall short of that purpose were we to omit all reference to this additional power. This additional phase of power is that which, for want of a better name, may be called “Psychic Power.” By “Psychic Power” is meant that peculiar force, power, or energy which when manifested by human beings is called “Odic Force,” “Human Magnetism,” “Vril,” “Prana,” “GaLama,” etc. It is the force which underlies the manifestations known as “Personal Magnet-ism,” “Thought Force,” “Mind Power,” “Telepathy,” “Thought Transference,” etc., etc.,—in fact, all forms of manifestations in which
“Human Magnetism,”; “Vril,” “Prana,” “Ga-Lama,” etc. It is the force which underlies the manifestations known as “Personal Magnetism,” “Thought Force,” “Mind Power,” “Telepathy,” “Thought Transference,” etc,—in fact, all forms of manifestations in which the Directive Thought of man seems to take upon itself a physical form, and to act with a fine physical energy, when it flows from one mind or brain to others. Its vibrations consti-tute the “body” of the “mental currents,” “thought waves,” etc., while other of its qualities constitute the energy thereof; the Directive Thought involved in the “currents,” etc., may be said to be the “soul” thereof. While we do not care to go deeply into the subject here, we feel free to say that this Psychic Power may be obtained from the Solar Plexus in precisely the same way in which one obtains Vital Force or Physical Energy from it—or as one causes it to act in the direction of the control of the emotional feelings, or in the restoration and preservation of physical health and normal functioning of the physical organs. The general principle of Awakening the Solar Plexus, and of then inducing it to send forth its latent and inherent powers, forces, and energies in the direciton indicated by you, is the same in all of the cases. Understand the principle, and acquire the “knack” of setting the subtle forces into operation, and you have the whole principle at your command.


Many great thinkers throughout history believed there is a universal force that fills the universe with currents of energy, generating life, order and progress. Many different traditions and cultures across the world believed in this form of energy which was fundamental to all life. This infinite source of power is the essence of reality.

Of the many names given it by sages over ages, I prefer “Vril,” derived from the Sumerian “Vri-il”, which means “like the gods,” or “God-like.” It has been used by several esoteric societies throughout history, including the Germanic magical order, Rosicrucians, the Illuminous Lodge and the Vril Society, as the foundation of their worldview. I will explain the runic principle behind the name WI later in the book. Every atom in the universe is made of Vril in fact, about 99.99% of each atom is Vril, which is harnessed and its natured shaped by the number of electrons rotating around its nucleus. Since everything and everyone is made of atoms, everything and everyone is made of Vril. Therefore we have it within us to tap into this universal force and control and shape it into whatever we desire, because quantum physics has determined that we have the power to change the nature of the subatomic particles within the atom. This means we have the ability to harness and shape this infinite energy and transform, not only the world around us, but ourselves. This is the secret power of Vril. The knowledge of controlling Vril is what we refer to as Vrilology—the science of Vril.

Through Vrilology, you will learn how to use to obtain everything you want: happiness, love, abundance and good health. Through the use of Vril you can do, have or be anything your heart desires. There is no limit to the things we can get through the use and understanding of Vril’s potential. Ask yourself what you desire. Love, to find that special someone to share your journey through life? Wealth and riches? A big house or a fancy car? Do you want success? Freedom and independence? Through Vrilology, you have the ability to achieve whatever you want in life. There are no limits except those you create in your own mind.

This is the great secret that has been guarded and protected by the powers in control.
Those powers that rule our society, which have ruled all societies and civilizations, know Vril by many names, and use different traditions to harness its power, but for the most pan, these ruling elites have kept the great majority they rule ignorant of this great source of power. Yes, most religions, governments and ruling classes create false systems of belief for the masses while they practice privately and secretly to tap into and control this force. People go through their lives working, worshiping, raising families, struggling to succeed, hoping to provide a better life for themselves and their loved ones, exhausting themselves on a treadmill to nowhere while those who rule over them keep the secret of Vril to themselves. This is indeed what allows them to rule.

Many men and women who knew about Vril and its potential have expressed it in their poetry, music. novels, writings and paintings. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, William Shakespeare, William Blake. Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Plato, Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagoras, Sir Isaac Newton, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jesus Christ and George Washington were just a few men and women who knew of Vril’s existence and how to use its potential to transform our lives. They understood that what you weave in life will become your destiny. They knew that you have the power to create your own destiny. This is The Law of Cause and Effect.


Everything that is manifests in your life, you have attracted through the law of cause and effect. It is drawn to you by whatever is going on in your mind: the images you have of yourself, your life and your situation in it. Those images and thoughts fill your mind and shape your destiny, creating your future. Every one of your thoughts is real and is creating a reality for you. This law was in existence at the beginning of time and is an eternal truth. It is this law that determines order in the universe, and thus serves the higher forces—the Gods. It was known to the people who lived during the Stone Age. This is why they painted images of hunters successfully hunting the wildlife of the time on the cave walls. Our Stone Age ancestors understood that if they could visualize themselves successfully hunting, their thoughts and feelings would come true. They understood there was a force our minds could tap into and use to manifest their desires in the real world.

Our ancestors thought of the Gods as the guardian who maintained order in the universe. To them, the Gods were in a constant struggle with the forces of chaos and destruction. They understood that the Gods shaped and formed this energy, Vril, into patterns that gave order and meaning to the universe, and they sought to align themselves with the Gods. What was true for them thousands of years ago is still true today. By aligning yourself with the Gods in the struggle that they are engaged in, maintaining order and progress, you can harness the power of Vril to shape every moment, so that your life will be filled with happiness, success, love and harmony. The alternative is aligning yourself with chaos and disorder. Even if you are unaware of it, every day, with every action you take and with every thought and emotion, you are aligning yourself with one or the other. If your thoughts are drawing disharmonic feelings, then your life will be filled with chaos, but if your thoughts are in alignment with the forces of order and harmony, then you will draw on these attributes and make them the essence of your existence.

Why do more people not know of this simple Law of Cause and Effect? Those who know it guard it and keep it from becoming common knowledge, and keep the masses in the dark. While millions, even billions of people go to their church or temple, or support causes, or practice personal philosophies that all lead to failure, the ruling elite practice a separate set of beliefs.

Around 96 percent of the world’s wealth is controlled by one percent of the population. Why? How is this I percent able to obtain and keep 96 percent of the wealth (and power)? What do they know that we don’t? The power of Vril. The secret of this source of power is known by such elites in all cultures. The elites teach each other this secret. Their children are brought up with a belief that they can do anything. This causes them to think differently than the rest of us. People who draw wealth and power into their lives use the Vril, consciously or unconsciously. They think of themselves as invincible, able to do anything. They know deep down that there is nothing they cannot accomplish. Their minds work differently from the rest of ours. They never waste time thinking of themselves as victims, failures, or inferior; they see themselves as capable of achieving anything they put their minds to. And their minds are disciplined, never permitting contradictory thoughts to invade. To them, wealth and power are natural, a normal pan of their lives. They cannot even perceive life without wealth and power. It is the essence of their reality. Every action in their lives is toward achieving what they desire, which means their minds shaping Vril into what they desire—wealth and power.

This process is borne out in the lives of people who have made a fortune, only to lose it all, and then, within a short period of time, amass another. The reason is that at some point, something happens to cause them to change the way they think, and they temporarily fear something, and begin to see themselves as victims. But once they are able to recover control of their minds, their thoughts and feelings, they are able to go to work, thinking themselves wealthy and powerful again. Consciously or not, they are using their mind to harness Vril, shaping it to manifest their reality. Their predominant thoughts of wealth, success and power bring to them those things. This is The Law of Cause and Effect. You attract what you are preoccupied with most. If you obsess about being a victim, about failure and losing, then your life will be that of a victim, of failing and losing. People who have lost everything have lost it because they stopped thinking of themselves as successful, and permitted fears to invade their minds. But even once they seem to have lost everything, they retain knowledge of Vril and are able to turn their thoughts back to being successful, and tip the scales from negative to positive thinking. Wealth and power return.


Remember, what you think, you are manifesting in the material world around you. Your mind is a powerful transmitter of energy. Like a radio. it is sending thoughts, which are made of Vril energy, from your brain outward into the universe. These transmissions attract like thoughts and draw them in to shape and create your future. Have you ever become preoccupied with an unhappy thought, or a disturbing situation, and not been able to stop thinking about it? The thoughts soon affect your emotions, You become obsessed If you continue to think one sustained thought long enough. your mind then acts like a magnet. attracting like thoughts to you. Eventually the negative. unhappy thoughts become a part of your Life Force. Vril, that powers every aspect about you-your body, your mind and the thoughts and feelings associated with it. And the more you think about it, the greater is the strength of the attraction- Soon these thoughts are affecting your life. creating a current that will guide you through your future pathway. In most cases. you eventually put it out of your thoughts. but without knowing it. you have stored those associated thoughts and feelings somewhere in your brain. This storehouse will oontinue to affect your life We refer to this as your Orlog It is the collection of past experiences that will help to create your future path through life. This future pathway is known as Wyrd.


We have to recondition ourselves into realizing that the universe was not created in one day or seven days, but is constantly being created. Every time an individual anywhere in the world has a thought, especially a prolonged and focused thought process, the act of creation takes place. You are creating your future by
what you are concentrating on right now. And since our brains never truly rest, we are always thinking, and thus constantly creating. Those thoughts that you focus on the hardest and longest will manifest themselves in the most powerful way in your future. This is very important and cannot be stressed enough. Because if you are happy, your thoughts will create situations that will make you happier. But if you are always complaining about something and find fault in everything, then your thoughts will create situations in your future that will cause you to complain even more and be unhappy. This is true even if you spend time listening to others vent their complaints. You might think you are sympathizing and helping your friend who needs to get something off his or her chest, but in reality, you are drawing in their negative thoughts and assimilating them into your future. Vril will reflect back whatever thoughts you let fill you.


In Norse cosmology, we mortals live in the realm of Midgard, which is the physical universe or the reality of three physical dimensions. The Gods live in the higher dimensional realm of Asgard. Communication between these two realms is by way of the “rainbow bridge” known as Bifrost. The Gods, with the exception of Thor who was too heavy, crossed Bifrost whenever they left Asgard to travel to Midgard (Earth) and other realms that existed in the cosmological cosmos known as Yggdrasill.

Most esoteric traditions claim we possess a “third eye” within our foreheads that permit communication with the higher and even lower realms that are extra-Midgardian, meaning they exist on a plane of reality that is different from our three-dimensional universe. In Vrilology we refer to this third eye as the Bifrost Gland, after the rainbow bridge.

The Bifrost Gland is a powerful conduit that helps us to channel Vril currents, harnessing its power in limitless quantities. This gland is actually the pineal and pituitary glands located in the brain, behind the forehead.
With the development of their Bifrost Gland, one can develop psychic powers, giving us a greater awareness of our relationships to the world we live in, both the Microcosm (Midgard) and the Macrocosm (Asgard) realms.

One of the fundamental goals of Vrilology is to provide exercises that will, in time, awaken your Bifrost Gland, so you can reconstruct the rainbow bridge, and through it reestablish a link between Midgard and Asgard. In this way, we are constructing lines of communication between ourselves and the Gods. We will explore how to use Runesto open the Third Eye or Bifrost Gland later in this book.


Through Vrilology, we seek to reestablish this rainbow bridge and thus permit communication between ourselves, in Midgard, and the higher powers represented by the Gods, in Asgard. In thus way we can draw on the powers of the Gods, which exist within us, to transform us. This is accomplished by a consistent regimen of meditation, chanting and visualization.

To do this properly, we must first understand something of the nature of our brain. It is within the brain that we can visualize and comprehend what we are doing and trying to accomplish. First of all, the human brain is designed differently in men and women. The brain is divided into two hemispheres—the right and the left sides. It is within the left side that we draw on our logical, analytical, mathematical, technical, problem solving, administrative, and organizational abilities. These characteristics are all pan of the conscious mind. It is this side of the brain that controls our day-to-day actions and makes us feel guilty, and suspicious of things that we cannot explain within a scientific context. The right side of the brain houses our intuitive powers of imagination, inspiration, artistic creativity, and spirituality, as well as our psychic, artistic, holistic, conceptualizing, interpersonal. musical, verbal, and novel thought abilities. It is the spark of thought and idea. It is powered by emotions, but without the left side to balance it, it would cause us to act on whatever inspired us. for good or bad. Most importantly, our ability to contact the Gods, and draw on the endless reserve Vril, is rooted in the right side of the brain. We know that Midgard. the realm of man. and Asgard, the realm of the Gods, are connected by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. These two halves of the brain speak different languages and communication between them is often murky and difficult at best. What we must do is construct a means of communication between these two halves so they can work together. This is done by constructing a bridge between them. This bridge is the rainbow bridge or Bifrost. Thus, the two halves of the brain, the left side being Midgard and the right side representing Asgard, can be taught to work together by the construction of this bridge that we refer to as the Bifrost Gland or Third Eye.

artistic, holistic, conceptualizing, interpersonal. musical, verbal, and novel thought abilities. It is the spark of thought and idea. It is powered by emotions, but without the left side to balance it, it would cause us to act on whatever inspired us. for good or bad. Most importantly, our ability to contact the Gods, and draw on the endless reserve Vril, is rooted in the right side of the brain. We know that Midgard. the realm of man. and Asgard, the realm of the Gods, are connected by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. These two halves of the brain speak different languages and communication between them is often murky and difficult at best. What we must do is construct a means of communication between these two halves so they can work together. This is done by constructing a bridge between them. This bridge is the rainbow bridge or Bifrost. Thus, the two halves of the brain, the left side being Midgard and the right side representing Asgard, can be taught to work together by the construction of this bridge that we refer to as the Bifrost Gland or Third Eye.

(Abstract Thought), which can be accomplished through meditation coupled with service work in the outer world. Because hard work stimulates the Alta Major and the construction of the antakarana, this chakra is symbolized by the spider, who works diligently to spin his web which he may speed across at any time. Here the web acts as a bridgehead or Jacob’s ladder between the upper and lower triads. Like all major chakras, the Alta Major Chakra is related to an endocrine gland, viz., the two small carotid bodies lying in the bifurcation of the external and internal carotid arteries.* As the twin vortices of Alta Major become aroused through stimulation, the effects are felt at a position lying half-way between them in a sagittal plane, and the effect is to produce a “winged wheel” which grows in size and rotational speed with spiritual unfoldment. * For complete details regarding the qualities of the Alta Major Chakra, see my work “Meditation, The Theory and Practice”, pages 35-47. A useful exercise to stimulate Alta Major, as well as provide a valuable service to Humanity, is to “breathe for another”. After aligning yourself with your higher Self (or Soul) and holding that image constant, inhale and sound inwardly, “The divine Life fills me.” Then visualize the person or concept which you wish to aid or energise and exhale, sounding inwardly, “The divine Life fills you.


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