State of Sweden; New computer hacking 3-4 minutes after you trying to sleep, they change the volume from 26 to 54 to create sound distractions

State of Sweden; New computer hacking 3-4 minutes after you trying to sleep, they change the volume from 26 to 54 to create sound distractions

State of Sweden don´t just want to control your sleep by creating sleep deprivation, they even want to control the volume on your speakers and using this in their psychological warfare and their organized gang stalking to create interference. And in same way they interfering by changing the volume, in same way people talking and acting in a interfering way, so it seems this is a interfering Hive Mind Spirit of some kind – roaring, stalking, shadowing, harassing, interfering, fear mongering, torturing and terrorizing 24/7 and never sleeps (changing volume at night on your computer and then transmit all forms of sounds into apartment)

10 August the Volume Control on the computer has been change from 26 to 54

11 August the Volume Control on the computer has been change from 26 to 99

NEW computer hacking 12 August the Volume Control on the computer has been change from 26 to 54. This time they change the volume 3-4 for minutes after you trying to sleep. They start transmitting sound of sirens and hacking your  computer when you trying to sleep.

This is how State of Sweden stalking Spirit harassing and sound torturing day and night.

This is maybe the famous Spirit that never sleeps and organized gang stalking never sleeps, same methods, same same spirit

And now they transmitting constant looping sound of sirens.

Government people in State of Sweden hacking peoples computer 3-4 minutes before they trying to sleep by changing the volume is not science fiction, it´s real bizarre surreality.

When you wakening in the morning they start beaming and targetting your mind with sirens.

They trying to keep you in a tunnel reality; it seems they targetting your mind with sound when you are awake. They start this “looping”  sound beaming torturing tunnel reality when you trying to sleep and then starts when you wakening up in the morning, and if you wakening up in the middle of the night and visiting toilet they start beaming and targetting your mind with sound of grasstrimmer, sound of sirens, sound of trumpet sirens.

So every night start with sound torture and sleep deprivation and every morning starts with sound torture and then going on all day, sound torture indoors and outdoors,

They trying to mind “sound” control your consciouness and targetting your mind or targetting your consciousness, and this is the battle of the mind in this world.

State of Sweden using Solar Plexus Psychology everywhere; Solar Plexus is the Solar Plexus Brain or Abdominal Brain and Solar Plexus is also the human willpower and the ego.

Swedish healthcare informs human has a brain in the stomach

State of Sweden then targetting your mind with music chorus like; “We control the Sunlight” into your apartment, and then starts beaming your mind with same music chorus outdoors when you exercise. This is the government harassment of organized gang stalking

Then they continue using same Solar Plexus theme in Swedish social “wellfare” service and give you another social service secretary and her name his “SUN”. This is how State of Sweden cris crossing mind control.

This targetting of your mind starts when your spiritual awakening starts and when your spiritual awakening begins your ego also starts transforming, so controlling the sunlight or control the ego, break down willpower (sleep deprivation and sound torture) means to hindering spriritual growth or hindering spiritual transformation. When your spiritual awakening begins it seems everyone starts targetting you with stalking, harassment, tormenting, gaslighting, manipulation, mind controlling, brainwashing, triggering, sensitizing, victimizing, trauma-basing, demonizing, dehumanising, demoralising, beaming and weaving sounds and voices into your mind indoors and outdoors, using psychic driving, looping commercials or musi chorus into your mind.

Organized Gang Stalking is psychological warfare or psychologocal and political terrorism. Organized gang stalking is covert and overt warfare and they using “sounds” as weapon and targetting the mind with constant sounds, day and night. Organized Gang Stalking is noise pollution.

The goal with organized gang stalking is to destroy the targeted individuals life; triggering negativity, create helpnessless, creating paranoia by using remote viewing and paranoia psychology and beaming and weaving in words and voices into the mind to create a paramoia/schizophrenic reality and triggering this with constant fear mongering psychology and gaslighting (to confusing), and the goal is to drive people to madness or to suicide.

Swedish healthcare informs humans has a suicide gene

Swedish healthcare informs humans has brain in the stomach

Swedish healthcare informs about an existing dream guard.

Swedis healthcare (doctors) informs you stress kills and after this the kill word begins appearing in every sport program you watch

Another doctor changing his shirt and start the gaslighting process

Therapist has business cards in a medical package (same therapist informs about an existing dream guard)

Swedish healthcare using mind control, monarch programming, mind games, street theater, mind games, gaslighting psychology or (political abuse of psychiatry)

State of Sweden is targetting your mind and create sleep deprivation with sound torture, and swedish healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression and then don´t have any new time to othr doctors for 9 weeks for prescription renewal. And when you start buying healthcare products from the swedish pharmacies even they are partcipating in organized gang stalking in Sweden. When you buying products they give you a transparent bag which is used when you returning medication you no longer using, and they using enviroment manipulation, so the alarm starts shouting when you leave the pharmacy. Here is the tranparent bag you get from the Swedish pharmacy used for when you return medication you no longer using.

They targetting your mind constantly with sounds to keep you in a tunnel reality of sounds

Total Mind Control desperation of Sweden

And they using every method to targetting your mind with sound torture, They even targetting your mind with sirens when you visiting dentist and beaming sirens into your mind bewteen the drillings. When the dentist has fix your holes in your teeth he suddenly starts drilling in another teeth which not was need of any dental care and not was included in the dental care plan, and after he has drilling in this teeth you have a hole and it´s starts paining.

This was made with purpose. Same dentist then make strange comments and saying; “This is how we do in Sweden”. This comment he does two times when you visiting the dental care. This is a covert ostrasize comment when targeted individuals are ostrasized and excluded.

Organized Gang Stalking is a evil torturing program and when they drilling holes in your teeth with purpose this shows weakness and desperation of control and lack of humanity.

In same way they working day and night to keep your mind in same tunnel reality of sound torture, in same way they creating different ways to keep you in the government system and that´s how they creating control, even if this mean they have to drill holes in your teeth with purpose. When they even hacking your computer at night for change the volume, these organized gang stalkers doing everything to gain control over your mind, life, health, reality, sleep.

They targetting your everywhere in State of Sweden; they using psychological terror psychology, gaslighting you at department to make you believe you hear things, pharmacies using enviroment manipulation, dentist drilling holes with purpose.

Swedish dentist drilling holes in your teeth with purpose, swedish healthcare informs humans have a suicide gene, doctors informs you humans has a brain in the stomach, therapist informs you about an existing dream guard and has business cards in medical package, and Swedish government gangstalkers beaming sirens into your mind when you visiting dentist

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden means Total interference everywhere to captivating the mind

Every department in Sweden participating in organized gang stalking


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